Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew

16 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew
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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

17 June 2017
Saturday, 12:30PM

I have hopes of Filipino food to be the leading cuisine in other cities. Filipino food today is being embraced by internationally recognized chefs and hope we get more upscale Pinoy restaurants.

Anyway, what I just said don't have anything to do with Titto, a Latin themed restaurant and awesome interiors, plus has a seating capacity of more than 40. This opened last year and is the next go to for all foodies out there. Each dish is flavorful and ideal for sharing. With an average spend of P500 for one person, you'll have a good time.

What we ordered:
Nacho higante
Mexican elote
Titto's Chicharron
Gaucho Steak

Different herbs and spices especially paprika combined to give you something to remember. Chicharron or crispy pata was an overkill and could've been disregarded. My favorite is mexican elote since I am a huge fan of street food, but don't think it will be appealing to everyone since it's basically grilled corn with loads of flavor, again paprika. I'll be back to try their unlimited margarita which is out for P399 soon.

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Louie A.
4.0 Stars

This "playful Latin American" kitchen certainly romps away with gastronomic delight. Their servings are to share. Start off with Nacho el Gigante, but if you're less than 6, you can do with their "medio" servings. The steak burritos were pretty good as the meat was tender. Then if you're getting queasy with meat, try their Serena de Pescado which is corn-crusted salmon in lemon and caper butter sauce. You're entitled to one side dish, so I suggest you get the Papas Bravas which are crunchy marbled potatoes and chimichurri. Top it off with their frozen brazo de Mercedes. Skip the churassco beef salpicao. I just ate its mushrooms and crispy herbed onion, but the beef cubes are disappointing. Parking is ample, which is rare along the stretch of East Capitol Drive.

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Toy G.
4.0 Stars

So I decided to bring L J & B to have dinner here.
1st the free valet parking is a savior .
Next , if you reserve online , you get an automatic P300 off as long as your bill is at least P1k .
The portions are large-definitely to share.
Nachos el Gigante - 128165128165128165128165128165 crunchy cheezy beefy tasty just the right amount of heat . te perfect appetizer and toppd with chopped green . ayun healthy na
Chuletas - 2 big grilled porkchops . grilled well. fatty juicy served with gravy. a little bland compared to the Filipino grilled chops matinated in vinegar but a great entree 128165128165128165128165
Salpicao 128165128165128165128165 tender chunks of beef fried w mushroom buttons and with a good portion of crsped garlic . sasoned well . a little oily but worth a taste
tittos salad 128165128165128165128165128165 good for 2 with enerous bits of smoked salmon and surprising bits of caramelized banzna chips . a meal in itself
steak burrito served with sweet potato chips 128165128165128165128165128165 seemed small but turned out to be packed heavy and flavorful hot hehe
Enchalada 128165128165128165 creamy tasty but J who is very sensitive to heat found it too hot for her taste snd ate just a portion , hence the 3 stars . im gonna have this leftover for breakfast hehe
and for posting feedback you get s free dessert. a perfect pannacota cone with berry preserves . definitely 128165128165128165128165128165 id go back here just for this
we were full and happy we spent around P500 each but we had a lot of food on our table .
A good place for friends and family.
sad part. in our excitement we forgot to take pictures of the food . next time. promise

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Looking for a Latino Bar when in Kapitolyo? Titto's Latin BBQ & Brew got you covered! The place itself is impressive! Huge, high ceiling, second floor to boot with lots of wall art! A map of Latin America, colorful wall paintings that speak festivities, feel good quotes and lots of natural light fill the place. You can't help but feel happy when you're here!! The ambiance itself is a winner!

Onto the food, they had us sample quite a spread! Their menu is extensive and can get a little overwhelming too.

For starters:

| Nacho el Gigante: a loaded platter of Tortilla Chips topped with lots of beef, tomato salsa, jalapenos,shredded lettuce, chimichurri, cream and lots of cheese! It's the perfect starter!

| Dos Tipos Calamares: my favorite from the starters, do not skip this! More than just your usual calamares, the chewey swuid rings were covered in a light but crisp squid ink batter. It's then topped with sautéed calamares and served with a mayo based garlic dip! What a treat!

| Elote: this was okay. Lacking some strong spices, some liked this though.

| Titto's Wings: deep fried wings smothered with Chipotle glaze, nothing wow. Dip into the blue cheese crema to cut through the flavor of the glaze.

| For quesadilla, we had the Pollo Pizzadilla. Pretty round thing! It's an open faced Tortilla Pizza, with lots of cheese, grilled chicken chunks, chimichurri, tomatoes and pimientos topped with mixed greens. Looked so good but this was just okay.

| Ensalada: Titto's Salad! Mixed greens with patacones, kani, tomatoes, crumbled cheese in a balsamic peach-basil vinaigrette. This was good! Hints of salty and sweet, I liked this!

For the mains, we had the following:

| Lomo Saltado: tender strips of beef sirloin in a thick gravy like sauce reduction with potatoes, tomatoes and pimientos. This was tasty and best consumed with rice!

| Pollo Asado: the usual roasted chicken, done with a secret marinade, served with mango salsa and chimichurri. This was good but not wow.

| Cordero a la Parilla: grilled lamb shoulders smothered with gravy and served with chimichurri, this was a little tough.

| 18 Hours Gaucho Steak: my fave among the mains served, the tender cuts of Hanger Steak were well seasoned and tasty!

| Paella: Carne and Negra!

> Their Paella de Carne was loaded with chicken and chorizo, green peas and french beans. I found this just okay, needing some strong chicken flavor. Maybe more chicken stock would make it better?

> Arroz Negra was loaded with seafood. Squid ink rice topped with squid rings, prawns, mussels and tinapa. Better than the carne version for me.

Then for dessert, we had the following:

| Dulce de Leche Cheesecake: believe me when I say that this is one of the best Dulce de Leche Cheesecake in town! A thick slice of frozen cheesecake topped generously with dulce de leche, cornflakes, chocolate sauce and strawberry puree. So good! Happy happy dance!

| Tittos Ube Churros: this was just okay. The Churros were dry, IMO. I would love a more distinct ube flavor!

| Frozen Brazo de Mercedes: another good dessert! Buttered graham crust x vanilla ice cream x custard x meringue! Plated with some crushed Oreos, fresh strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream - each spoonful was a delight!

They also served an assortment of tacos which I wasn't able to try.

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

One of reasons why I love long weekends (aside from not working) is that everyone is out of town, meaning there's no traffic in the city! Taking advantage of this fruitful event, we ventured out to Kapitolyo to try Titto's. It only took half an hour from the coastal area to Kapitolyo. Yay!

For starters, we went for their signature
128205NACHO EL GIGANTE [P245 M • P475 L] 11088110881108811088
Tortilla chips • Beef barbacoa • Pico de Gallo • Jalapeños • Shredded lettuce • Trio of cheese • Chimichuri • Mexican crema
What makes Titto's Nachos different from everybody else is that they do not use ground beef. Instead, they use shredded beef belly! The Jalapeño added a nice kick to the whole dish.

For our main dishes, we had:
128205BEEF BARBACOA | [P155] 1108811088110881108811088
Slow-cooked beef belly • Black tortilla • Chimichuri • Pico de Gallo • Pickled onion • Slaw • Tortilla chips
This might be the best taco I've had. I'm not even kidding. I didn't believe in love at first bite but now I do. It's really really good. The beef was really tender and the flavors were spot on. Highly recommended!

12820518 HOURS GAUCHO HANGER STEAK [P550] 11088110881108811088
Hanger steak • Side veggies • Crispy onion chimichuri • Gravy • Your choice of one side dish
Flavors were great. The chimichuri gave a refreshing taste to the meat dish. However, even at medium rare, I find it a bit chewy and exhausting to eat. But my friend didn't feel the same way tho.

128205CHORIZO MAC & CHEESE [P55] 1108811088110881108811088
The steak comes with your choice of side dish and I'd recommend their mac n cheese. It's cheesy and creamy. Yum!

128205FROZEN BRAZO DE MERCEDES [P195] 11088110881108811088
Buttered grahams • custard • meringue • vanilla ice cream • crushed oreo • whipping cream • blueberry • strawberry slices
I'm a sucker for frozen brazo. Titto's version is good but Karen's Kitchen still makes the best ones. Do yourself a favor and skip the whip cream. It's bland and too dense.

General comment on the food: it's served lukewarm. That bothered me a bit since it took a while for the food to come out. Weird.

Service was quite slow and the waitress kept bumping into me (while I was seated and eating). I'm not sure if it was intentional but it started to irritate me when she bumped me the third time. I'm like, "Really? What's your problem?" 128530 But I tried to be nice just ignored it.

But overall, it was a great visit. I'd come back next time just for their tacos 128149

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Bibien T.
3.0 Stars

Brought the parentals to this place so they could appreciate and understand what Millennials like. 128514

Compared to all Kapitolyo restaurants, parking was a breeze. Having valet service will really pull customers in, especially in such a busy street as Kapitolyo.

The place was bright and colorful. I really love the wall paintings. The service though, was so-so. Some servers were friendly, while the others were kinda masungit when we were asking for our sauces to be refilled.

We ordered a lot! Unfortunately, I just found the dishes from not good to mediocre.

Arroz Negra (495 PHP) - this was the dish we liked the most. You could really taste the squid ink in the rice, and there were a lot of seafood. There wasn't any soccarat (crispy, burnt rice on the edges), though.

Costillitas (310 PHP) - Cuban Baby Back Ribs. Too sweet for my liking, only my sister liked it.

18 Hours Gaucho Steak (480 PHP) - Enticing name, but I don't recommend this at all. It was tough, bland and chewy.

Papas Bravas - Marbled Potatoes. It was just okay. The parmesan cheese was not distributed well, a lot was at the bottom of the serving bowl. We got two of these as sides for our steak and ribs.

Tittos Wings (245 PHP) - Again, it was too sweet. I liked the Blue Cheese Creama sauce though.

Salted Egg Shrimp Tacos (145 PHP) - This was just so-so. I only got a hint of the Salted Egg flavor.

Not sure if I would want to come back, but I've heard the Kare Kare Burrito was good.

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Dominique B.
2.0 Stars

Slow service. Bad service

The quesadilla said mixed greens and it comes out with one green as seen in the photo. Then when asked about the mixed greens the waiter said thats all they serve one GREEN.

Even overheard the waiter say the puro reklamo... hmmm don't advertise something if you dont plan to give it and then say the customer keeps complaining. Wth.

Also, the unlimited tacos come out so slow

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Angel S.
5.0 Stars

The place is too bright for my alcoholic self but the food is a good cure for hangover. The crew are friendly. Fast service too!

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Toy G.
4.0 Stars

Office dinner .
Great free valet service! Perfect for Pasig capitolyo. -5 years
Baby back ribs -4 stars . Good ! Enough for 2. A little too sweet
Nachos gigantes -5 stars. Good for 4-5 . Tasty cheesy w chunks ôf meat . Very good .
Grilled pork chops! Very juicy . Good.
4 stars
I got the almond juice/cinamon drink. Skip that. Yuck. 2 stars. Tasted like medicine to me.
Service. Quick & friendly. 5 stars
They have a 5+1 on local beers . Order as a set.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Yes i'm back since our class mate from the States arrived here and i just have to bring her here to meet our chef classmate. Yes. More food to try!

128204 128525nacho el gigante @315php
Its serving is big, crispy corn crisps with warm melted cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños, chimichurri, and really tender beef chunks. I like the combination of the chimichurri and jalapeño.

128204128525 18 hour gaucho steak @480php
It's the hanger steak-- suvéed 18 hours so it's really tender. We ask if we can have it rare, but too bad it's been cooked 18 hours already so what we can have is medium well nalang. We took time taking pictures of it and it went cold--the thing is it's still tender. The gravy here is peppery which i like better than the cordero a la parilla's salty gravy. It's farnished by the grilled and blanched veggies and garlic crisps.

128204128525 paella de carne @320php
Chicken and chorizo tastes really latin. The correctly spiced paella was good, more on the salty side taste. The medio size order was good for 4! Super sulit. I actually like its texture waay more than cocina peruvia's

128204papas bravas
I dont really recommend this as sides. Kulang sa lasa. Too bad the papas fritas--all of their sides were out of stock. You can ask for ketchup for the dip. They offer the three dips also (sour cream, cilantro and houtsauce--but maybe for an extra charge) but ketchup will do, really.

128204128525 frozen cheesecake
Please please please order this for dessert. It's like ice cream cheesecake!! I like the cornflakes with cocosugar--sort of-- on to of the cheesecake!!

Still, service needs more improvement. Servers are a bit clumsy and a little unhygienic (dirty hands) lol. Lest they were super courteous naman.

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Tricia Jade G.
5.0 Stars

their nachos and karekare burrito 128076🏼

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Just recently, this newly opened southern cuisine restaurant went operational from 11am-11pm. The founders of this restaurant were mainly best of friends ever since their high school days and they were all guys-- that explains very well why they chose the name for the place.

If you're gonna visit the place, you would say that everything's planned and well thought of. The tables and chairs are all styled with woodwork design, there were of course a couple of brown colored cushioned seats. I went here around 12pm and it was just the right time to appreciate the place. I think the peak hour is dinner time.

Parking was just breezy for me. I spotted the front yard parking where there are about 4 cars can park--i would not want to park at their side yard because parking there would be one car after the other--not really advisable especially when you are dining alone-- would nOt want to be disturbed in the middle of your dining experience.

There's a separate comfort room at the ground floor and a common CR at the second floor. I opted to stay at the ground floor floor. I was surprised to see it one of its staff using the CR to do his shaving.

The ambience is hip latin. I sat where good lighting was. I was trying to avoid spots where there's no adequate lighting. Their menu (considering it's new) was clean and prepared well. They serve from appetizers, soups, to desserts. Before hand i was given the menu for preview and it was between the fish and lamb to choose from.

128204128525 cordero a la parilla @395php
--since this protein is not commonly served at restaurants. I was mazed to see how big it is. I was just thinking if riblets. The server forgot to ask me its doneness, it's a good thing i called their attention just right before firing the lamb.
I asked medium rare. Amazed that it was served to me in 15 minutes, but it was a little rare. The correct doneness was only at the rib shaft part. Anyway, i still ate it and like it. It's served with gravy, blanched vegetables (carrots, butter gourd, and string beans) and grilled veggies (cherry tomatoes, garlic, and shallots). The gravy was salty. I actually prefer mint paste to go with my lamb.
128204128525 chorizo mac and cheese
The order cones with a free side-- this is the side that i would recommend. It's smoky because of the chorizos and got thick cheese in it. It is mildly spiced as well.

128204 Ube churros @210php
Upon previewing the menu, this postre caught my attention and did not bother to look at anything else. This is freshly done as well, but throw away the idea that's gonna look purple outside, because as we all know, churros is being fried and the purple batter turned into brown--nonetheless it's purple inside--very mushy and stuffed. It does not taste Ibe that much, it's overpowered by the caramel and chocolate syrups. It's 7-piece per serving so it's good to share.

I did go to the second floor to find more seats and an al fresco area! It's a little funny to see an office area on the second floor as well. I like the are where you can eat as a group. Oh, there's no wifi. Maybe that's one thing lacking in this place. This is also, since the name implies, a good hangout for chillout sessions. They offer cervesas like brew kettle, negra, smb's and corona.

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