Toby's Estate Coffee

Whitespace Manila, 2314 Chino Roces Ave. Ext., Chino Roces, Makati, Metro Manila

Toby's Estate Coffee
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Earl J.
5.0 Stars

This branch seems to have the friendliest staff. There enough parking slots for about 20-25 cars and is very very private. The coffee shop itself is about 50-70 meters off the main road so it's really quiet here :)

Everything you need for your perfect coffee spot, they have it all here. Don't forget to try their seasonal menu! 128076🏻128513

-Salcedo Blend-
It has notes of guava, smooth chocolate, and toasted hazelnut with a sweet muscovado finish. This blend NEEDS NO SUGAR 128076🏻 It's naturally and satisfyingly sweet 128588🏻 I had mine in flat white (P150.00).

-Black Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese-
This one is fixed on their menu. They have several bagels but their black sesame seems to be the most striking. Kinda nutty and strong. They have about 3 variants of cream cheese: bacon, jalapeño, and classic. I had classic on this one because the bagel itself is already packed with flavor so a neutral spread would be perfect. (P95.00)

-Corned Beef and Hash-
It has three layers of goodness! First one is the very very very crispy but moist HASH BROWN. Middle layer is a bounteous serving of CORNED BEEF (it's super chunky, promise!). For the top layer, two EGGS seasoned with paprika and some herbs. (P350.00)

-Mushroom Pasta-
Mushrooms were never this interesting! It was like eating rare to well done steaks! Each piece is different from the other. Great texture, generous serving, perfect with cold brew. 128079🏻

-Braised Chicken in Wine-
Pair this latest addition to the Toby's Estate seasonal menu with your flat white or latte! Their chicken is so soft that it melts in your mouth. Mashed potatoes was beyond creamy. The different kinds of mushroom gives this dish its needed texture. Serving is good for 1.5 (P350.00).

-Salami and Cheese Croissant-
Pepper Salami, Manchego, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Alfalfa in Freshly Baked Butter Croissant! You might think it's a light meal, IT'S NOT! Nakakabusog 128588🏻(P290.00).

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

It's a privilege to be a part of TE's coffee tasting of the new set of Single Origin launched just this Monday.

Say good by to Ethiopian Conga, Costa Rica and Jaguar, and
Mt. Kalatungan... but of course they have replaced it with new single origin as follows.
128204 Kenya Asali AA
Among the three, this is the most acidic i can say, appreciate the winey after taste.
128204 Panama FST
This is more of round chocolate flavor, it got a little note of honey sweetness. But i still consider this a little acidic.
This is my favorite. I could say closer to filipino taste bud because of the muscovado sweetness it got. The acidity does not sting much (that's why i like this best)

Are you having a hard time distinguishing the flavor? Try brewing it by chemex, it will give off more flavor than your kalifa wave brewing. I suggest you try it cold brew it's more refreshing.

NEW PASTRY (July, 2017)
128204128525 Apple pie @250PhP
The BEST apple pie ever! Slices of sweet baked apples in a thin crispy crust! Served with whipped cream and walnut crumble!! Well, it's a bit pricey but the serving size is good for 2!

For every SALCEDO BLEND flatwhite you order, get one bagel for only 195PhP!!
This is so sulit i tell you. What i enjoyed was the variety of bagel and cream cheeses that you can choose from.
bagel options
128204 Plain
128204 Wheat
128204128525 Sun dried tomato
128204128525 Black olives
Cream cheese options
128204 Plain
128204128525 Garlic and Chives
128204128525 Scallion and Cream
128204128525 Jalapeño Cheddar
128204128525 Cheddar and Bacon
Their bagel and cream cheeses are so much better than SB.
Oh.. the promo will last until AUGUST 31. So hurry up and get this cool deal.

The place here is big. Can accommodate about 50 pax. The CR can be found adjacent to the bar where there's a graffiti designed wall. I kinda did not like the interior. The green hills branch got better interior. Parking here is not a problem on weekends.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

There's a new blend in Toby's Estate that's worth your while - Salcedo Blend. It's the first ever blend produced by Toby's Estate PH. Named after the place where they opened their first store, their only full pledged restaurant in the country, this blend was launched across all branches yesterday.

The Salcedo Blend is made of beans from Brazil, Sumatra and Africa. We had the chance to see their roasting process in their commissary x roasting place x head quarters x cafe in White Space Makati. Then the GM of Toby's had us try the Base and Highlight of the Salcedo Blend. The base coffee was Brazilian with a strong finish, full bodied, very strong dark chocolate flavor, nutty and a little fruity. The highlight was a total opposite though. A belnd of Sumatran and African coffee beans, it was light with a very fruity finish and an almost wine like after taste. When mixed together, the result is the Salcedo Blend!

You can ask your barista to use Salcedo Blend for the espresso part of your favorite Toby's Estate coffee drink. Latte, cappuccino, flat white, gibraltar or maybe just a simple long black. I had my first Salcedo Blend cup in Long Black form to fully appreciate the flavors and I do not regret the decision a bit. The blend is easy on the palate. Medium bodied, with a dark chocolate flavor profile, some fruity notes comparable to ripe guava, nutty like that of hazelnut and a slightly sweet finish. I enjoyed this sans the sugar and cream!

Soon to launch in all branches as well is their new tart - APPLE TART! If you're not a fan of cinnamon, this one's for you. Slices of apples in a pudding-like filling with some custard, this one's not too sweet at all. Served with a side of streusel, some chopped nuts and whipped cream, get a portion of each with the apple tart and enjoy! The contrast of soft and crunchy was knock out!

More reasons to love Toby's Estate!

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Heading out for meetings used to be so much fun. It would mean a break from being in front of the computer and chit chatting with colleagues (on the way to wherever) without it being a frowned upon situation. But with the hellish Manila traffic, there's no place like office... from 9 am to 6 pm. Then again, if you're the only person in your marketing department, going out for meetings with partners and suppliers is inevitable. At least I get to spot new restaurants or cafés on the way and this is how I ended up in Toby's Estate, Whitespace Manila.

Hello, Toby's Estate!

I accidentally discovered this very chic branch on my way out of Cibo's commissary office. Since I had to wait for my ride back to work, I decided to grab a cold cup of Iced Mocha (PHP170, medium) to help cool me down on a scorching Tuesday afternoon.

I can't help admire this coffee shop's interiors while waiting for the barista to call my name. I took a few snapshots while shrugging off the odd looks from the other patrons. (Despite its hidden location, the place was pretty packed when I went.)

My drink was ready in less than 5 minutes and it was definitely not love at first sip. It was not cold at all. I'm not sure if the store was running out of ice but it seemed like I ordered lukewarm mocha instead of iced mocha. I managed to put my disappointment aside and focused on the taste.

I've been hearing and reading a lot of positive reviews about Toby's Estate's iced mocha and true enough, it was good; but not spectacular. There was a subtle dark chocolate taste but it was overpowered by coffee. I like my mocha with a more balanced taste between my two loves.

Overall though, the ambiance made up for drink's lack of wow factor. I just wish the place is a bit colder. It was quite warm when I went. (Unless my fats are keeping me too warm.)

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Robert B.
2.0 Stars

It's our second time here, the first time was for lunch. Having lunch there is like bringing your college crush for a non-date day meal. The portions are explicitly small and the prices are high. Positioning itself as your not-cheap-place to be seen in public. We vowed never to have lunch there again...
We never vowed not to have coffee though... My first Toby's was in Salcedo, found the coffee great but they forgot my croissant order and service recovery was non-existent.
On our second visit at Whitespace, ordered our coffees' and a couple of desserts that looked appealing. Three bars and a cookie. The bourbon bar reeked of "amag". What irritated me more was he explained that maybe I wasn't accustomed to the bourbon in the dessert. It was unmistakeable, the bar itself was bone dry, smelled and tasted like amag as verified by my two other companions. We didn't gang up on it, we just looked at each other and mentioned the same opinions after the first bite. Unlike the Salcedo branch though the supervisor here was spectacular in recovery. (The first person wasn't). She offered a replacement of any item, when I chose a cookie, she didn't hesitate in giving us two even if it was about P10 over the original bar. I was so impressed by her gesture that we didn't bother to mention that one of the cookies also smelled like "amag". I cannot fault them entirely of this, being an outlet that didn't have the turnover of the other branches. They mentioned that those were just delivered, I surmised that these concessionaire suppliers sometimes rotate old stock to give the establishment the excuse that it's new because it was just delivered when in reality it's the leftover of another store.
I will still go back as their coffee is good as any within a kilometer radius from any and their magazines rock! Plus I like their interiors...

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Ayen P.
4.0 Stars

The only bad thing that happened that day was when the waitress forgot to bring me the bill so it took me 15mins to pay. 128547

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