Tokyo Bubble Tea

Westgate Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd. cor. Filinvest Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Tokyo Bubble Tea
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₱80 - ₱295

Most Recent Reviews

Faye A.
4.0 Stars

Never thought Milk tea could get along with Sushi and I mean Royal Milk Tea. Tried this Sushi boat which has (if im not mistaken) 4 types of sushi, none of them weren't good. Every bite results to either a nod or a DAMN word.128076128077

Whoever thought of closing their branch in Westgate Alabang, im begging, please re-open!!! 128078

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Jamie G.
3.0 Stars

Table for two? No, actually, the whole place for you! I see this happens to us because we choose the perfect time (5pm). We were accompanied by all of the Sun's glorious rays. They occupied the whole restaurant, except
for the spot beside the cashier, which we took, obviously because the place was blinding!

The Potato Salad (150Php) was drowned in dressing. Yummy, but too wet.

The Takoyaki (175Php) looked really appetizing, check the picture out! I couldn't wait to eat it! After downing one ball, I felt like it has been sitting for a while before it was served to us because the outer layer was rock hard, the inside wasn't hot. It had a teeny weeny tako. Sauce was oh-so-good though. So all-in-all, takoyaki, fairly good. Maybe the next time I come I should ask them to make it fresh.

The Jasmine Green Tea with pearls? HEAVENLY! Best I've tried so far! Worth all 95Php for it!

(Didn't take a sip on the Coconut milk tea *125Php* because I'm not a fan)

The Teriyaki Chicken Wasabi Burger (245Php) took a while to prepare. Maybe because they grilled the bun? Maybe because they poured all their wasabi sauce there? (It dripped like tap. Ok, I exaggerate.) He said it tasted gooood, but I didn't dare take a bite for fear of nosebleed. Don't laugh! I'm serious, my nose has bled far too many times from wasabi, and no, I don't snort it.

When the sun finally left the place, the crew's "crewz" came to hangout. They "chilled" like there weren't customers there. The servers chatted, used their cellphones, etc. What started out as a good experience ended up being spoilt:(

Why does this happen to me? WHY???

Anyway, I'm still coming back for their JGT and/or takoyaki!

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Kirk P.
3.0 Stars

The food was ok. Not extraordinarily great but it was good nonetheless. I would have rated this at 4 stars but the fact that the waitress forgot my girlfriends order and we had to wait another 15 mins for her order to be served dropped my rating down to 3 stars.

The drinks were great and something to comeback for.

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Magoo D.
4.0 Stars

The interiors are bright. Tasteful JPop and JRpck music playing at a comfortable volume level so as not to make it hard To converse, but loud enough to hear the music playing.

The food was pretty good for the price range. I ordered the Osaka BBq plate and an order of Takuyaki. The BBQ was soft and succulent, it wasn't Dry and the sauce was perfectly tangy and sweet but not overbearing. However I found the takuyaki cold and the octopus they used seemed to be tough, the kind that seems to be dried then soaked in water. It still tastes good though.

Definitely going back!

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Madz P.
5.0 Stars

I highly recommend their Royal Milk Tea! It costs a little too expensive but it's worth your money. :-)

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Phoebe R.
4.0 Stars

Have only tried their cakes here. Wuz goodddd! Will be back to try their dishes and milk tea :)

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Donna K.
5.0 Stars

I seriously love this place. Not only do they serve milk tea and other tea variants they have food too!

I have chosen this place as my new 'study' area.

Today I had the Lemon Tea Slush and it is amazinnnng!

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Rosh C.
5.0 Stars

I LOVE MILK TEA...!!!! 100841008410084
Whatever brand, wherever... WHENEVER!

Its my 2nd time here at TOKYO BUBBLE TEA, cozy place, cute interior and their 7 pages (back-to-back) MENU are loaded of japanese dish to choose from.. Sushi, Sashimi, Rice dish, Donburi, noodles/Ramen & their famous Maki-Sushi... They even have sandwiches, pasta & burgers in Japanese style.. With tempting photos of each kind! (Gives me a hard time choosing what to order!)128521

Whats impress me is when they serve the Kani Salad Sandwich i ordered.. The servings are huge & plenty compare to the picture..
( i regret, i should have ordered sashimi or maki baka mas marami pa.. Hahaha!)

For Milk tea: ....for me its ROYAL MILK TEA. I've tried it the first time i came hir, although they hv a Japanese green milk tea (which i love at starbucks) & lots of variations/flavors on their menu... i dnt wanna risk tryin the flavored one so i settled for the usual milk tea.. But i never regret ordering ROYAL MILK TEA...! 128077128077

Definitely will come back to try again some tempting dish they have & might try other milk tea's for a change..!

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