Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

1/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

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Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

My dad is a huge cheese fan. I gave him Tokyo Milk Cheese crackers one time and he saved it so he could bring them with him as he traveled abroad. He was eating them in his hotel room lol.

So I knew he had to try this expensive AF cow cow ice cream. But that also meant I’d get to try a scoop of it hehe.

Aaaand omg this is really good you guys. Denise J and Pam L you guys were right. This is delicious! I got my dad the mixed milk and cheese topped with the cheesecake and it’s like an upgraded version of Milkcow! (*cue Milkcow haterz* lol)

The cheesecake reminded me of the LeTao one which I had the pleasure of trying thanks to Abe C haha! Yung LeThaw natin lol Norman Lester T Midz S Christina R

Overall, this is a good dessert. Premium price but not to worry, the taste is also premium. Quits lang hehe.

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

So yummy! I’ll go back again. Ang sarap ng soft serve ice cream.

I got the mix of milk and cheese for 150 and it was smooth and creamy. Perfect combination of flavors

  • No. of Comments: 6
5.0 Stars

The. Best. Ice. Cream. And. Cheesecake. Ever 128525

  • No. of Comments: 8
Jackie S.
4.0 Stars

So I gave in to the hype and tried this expensive soft serve Ice cream.

They offer 3 flavors: Milk, Cheese and Mix (half milk & half cheese). A cup of milk costs P130 while the other 2 flavors are sold for P150. You have an option to add a slice of Cheescake (P100) or a piece of Salt and Camembert cookies (P50).

Their best seller was the Cheese Ice cream so I ordered it during my first visit with 2 cookies as an add on. The cookies as always were delicious but the cheese ice cream was so-so for me. Like their cheescake it was a bland and lacked that cheese flavor. The cookies saved it.

On my next visit I tried their Mix flavor, still with 2 cookies. And it was good! It was sweeter and creamier. You'll be able to taste the contrast of the 2 flavors. I didn't feel as bad like the first time for spending so much for a cup of ice cream.


  • No. of Comments: 8
Bella J.
4.0 Stars

When the youngest of my three sisters goes out with her friends, yours truly usually ends up as the dakilang chaperone. Hahaha. Which was pretty much the reason why I found myself in Rockwell last Saturday. With all the renovations ongoing, the mall is smaller than it already is so while I was waiting for my sister, I was eager to go around and find something to do.

But since it was a Saturday afternoon, the restaurants and cafes I had in mind were already full. I ended up passing the Tokyo Milk Cheese branch here and I got super curious about Cow Cow Jee or the soft serve ice cream.

There are three different flavors you can go for:

MILK (Php 130) – made from cow milk and mascarpone cheese from Hokkaido

CHEESE (Php 150) – made from cream cheese and gouda from Hokkaido

MIX (Php 150) – combination of Milk and Cheese

You can also opt to have a slice of Cheesecake (Php 100) and/or the Salt and Camembert biscuit (Php 50 per piece) as add-ons to your ice cream.

I went for the Cheese ice cream with a slice of Cheesecake so the whole thing set me back 250 bucks. Yep, pretty steep.

I enjoyed the ice cream though! The cheese flavor was definitely there, though it wasn’t as pronounced as I would’ve wanted it to be. The blend of cream cheese and gouda is really yummy. Texture-wise, it was smooth, silky, and really light.

The Cheesecake I probably could’ve gone without. But I liked the difference in texture that it provided. But overall, really good ice cream. I’d probably go back for another cup soon!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Zaela J.
4.0 Stars

Woah it tastes really good!! It tastes like Php150 (I ordered the Cheese flavor) but I was hoping it was creamier and fuller. Quality wise, its like a fast food soft serve ice cream.

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars


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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

I love to eat this ice cream!But it is very expensive for 1 scoop.


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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

One, twice, three times....Gaano kadalas ka mag-ice cream???

This is a question i ask myself whenever i let curiosity get the better of me. Haw-Haw de carabao did it happen? I saw Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's IG post and i felt good old curiosity clouding my judgement.

So here i am, contemplating if spending Php 150 for a small cup of ice cream is reasonable. I was gawking at the menu intently...

| Php 130 for Milk Soft Serve
| Php 150 for Cheese
| Php 150 if you prefer milk x cheese

| Php 50 for a small slice of cheesecake
| Php 10 for a piece of ze biscuit

And there is a cup that is priced at Php 280. I doughnut know, maybe there's gold in it or something.

Cheese Soft Serve. The frozen TREEat sports pail yellow hue. And get this, no waffle cone Man! They settled with good ole fashioned cup. I have mixed feelings about the cup.

- It is practical as it prevents spillage.
- I feel a lil shortchanged. They could've added a cone considering the price tag.

I wheel try my best to provide an objective opinion, remove my bias and forget that i am head over heels in Lava with Lava.

The flavor is not too "in your face". I guess this has something to do with the type of cheese they use. The texture is just right, not too thick and NUT too airy.

Verdict. This falls under the just okay category. The flavor is too subtle. And let us not forget the hefty price tag.

WHEEL i go back? There is a high PHObabilty that i might. Me want to try the milk variant.

So, gaano nga kadalas???

I dont know! I lost count.


  • No. of Comments: 4
Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is Japanese Brand who opened it doors to the Filipino food scene a couple of months back. Everyone got giddy and wanted to get first dibs on dem Cheese It-Thingys 128514

Well, i was one of the few who got giddy and spent working-class dough on pricey biscuits. Bought the cheapest one for my lola and it was love at first byte. She loved it so much, sushi decided to finish everything in one sitting.

Lettuce stop the digression and start with ze review, shall we? Okay, so i tried their Milk Cheese Cake one day and it was pretty amaizing!

This round thing is made of French and Hokkaido cream cheese blended with Hokkaido fresh cream and milk. Taco 'bout cheese overload eh? The wonderful mixture has a mousse like texture - light years lighter that the usual cheesecake. The flavor is sophisticated and delicate. It is soft, airy and reeks of cheese goodness. Man, this cheesecake is Pho real! Each bite will leave you wonton for more.

-review ends here-


I cannoli imagine how corny it sounds but it is all for love of puns!

That's a wrap, folks!


  • No. of Comments: 12
Nicole C.
5.0 Stars

We were just on our way to catch lunch when we spotted Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. We weren't aware that they had a new pop-up store located in Power Plant, so we were pleasantly surprised when we saw it. Anyway, I've heard a lot about their cookies, so after sampling some, my mom and I bought 2 boxes - 1 salt and camembert and 1 honey and gorgonzola.

Each box contains 10 cookies, and there's no option to buy the cookies per piece. You can only buy them as a set - 1 box.

The Salt and camembert (580 pesos; 10 pcs) cookies are their best seller. We liked this one a lot, and the cookie seems to just melt once you take a bite. We do prefer their Honey and Gorgonzola (620 pesos) cookies though, as there's a hint of sweetness in them which meshes well with the salty aspect (?? what haha). Still, if you're not paying that much attention, the difference between the 2 flavors are subtle so you might not be able to tell the two apart! 128514128514

I also got to try their Porcini and Gouda cookies (620 pesos), but didn't like it so we didn't buy a box of this.

I think they also have cakes for sale,but we did not get them. Prices are a bit on the high side, but ingredients they used are of high quality (apparently they use Hokkaido milk! Hehe, the only ingredient I know of lolol 128514), so that's understandable. They also have long shelf life - the cookies we bought expires on June, but I don't think it'll last that long - we're halfway through with our loot na nga e lolol. According to their staff, there's also no need to keep the cookies inside the fridge, just don't place 'em in a really warm place, I guess lolol.

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