Tokyo Tempura

Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue, Cebu

Tokyo Tempura
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Most Recent Reviews

Muffy T.
2.0 Stars

Soggy batter and weird tasting sauce. Wasnt a big fan of this inexpensive tempura.

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Angela Marie C.
2.0 Stars

Yey! The boyfriend is here in Cebu and it means it's happier foodie nights because I get to go with my person! 128571

Our first meal was in this joint. I have been bugging J to try dining in this joint in Manila but never got around it. I was pleasantly surprised that they opened a branch already here in Cebu! Their spot here in Parkmall is really nice too, alfresco and easy to find.

We didn't want to get super stuffed because we had Extreme Aeropark next on our itinerary, so we went for their 9 piece Shrimp Tempura Bucket and 5 piece Kani Tempura. Both were... bleh. 128569 I thought the breading had potential, as in similar to a legit Japanese one just because they appear similar to the ones from Saisaki. Omeged, sobrang hindi! 128569 The batter they were using tasted something like a pancake batter of some sort. It was kinda sweet, typically killing the taste of the shrimp, if there was any. 128576

The sauce that came with it didn't help either. It was like a watered down Kikoman. As in what? Kaloka. And to think I wanted to dine here for a while now. It just looked good, pero hindi po siya masarap. Huhubells. 128575

A for effort I guess? The place for dining was good. I'm giving 2 stars just cause it's accessible to me now. But yeah, not coming back po... 128569

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