Tokyo Tokyo

LG/F Worldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Blvd. cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Tokyo Tokyo
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Fast Food

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Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱75 - ₱225

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Parking Lot
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Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
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Most Recent Reviews

Neb A.
4.0 Stars

As a birthday treat to myself, I decided to have breakfast at one of my favorites. Good thing there's now a 24-hour Tokyo Tokyo just a stone's throw away from my residence.

Location and ambiance: 4 due to the fact that it is nearby, well-kept, and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Meals in order of consumption:
Signature Red Iced Tea: 5 because as a favorite, nothing has changed and it has always met my expectations.
Kani Salad: 4. Serving size visibly became small, but taste still the same. Would have been better if they stayed with the original serving size and just increased the price instead. Veggies are important to me.
Miso soup: 4. It's almost perfect, but I fail to overlook the salty nature.
Sriracha Donburi: 3. I like the fact that it is spicy because i love spicy food and I specifically have cravings for one now. But the rice was too oily that it almost overpowered the entire donburi. Will only order this again if they will accept special requests to halve the oil used in cooking this. The beef was tasty, to be fair.
Almond Jelly: 4. As far as all almond jellies go, this is okay
Overall experience: 4. I will always return to this store. Maski para umorder lang ng Red Iced Tea. 128522

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Neb A.
4.0 Stars

Tokyo Tokyo is a favorite for me. Heck I can go visit and be totally satisfied just with their signature red iced tea! But for some reason, with the advent of other Japanese restaurants and specialty Ramen houses in the metro, visiting Tokyo Tokyo has been rare.

Now that I have, I will try to be fair with the review and concentrate on what I actually have ordered.

With the store now delving into Ramen and trying to get a market share of the product or maybe join with the bandwagon and hype, I ordered their classic spicy chicken Ramen, bundled as a meal set with max sized red iced tea and gyoza for 250php net. Not bad because at an average, this was the average amount I spent years ago on their regular meals.

Will start with red iced tea which has absolutely not changed at all in flavor. Five stars without a doubt. Just the right sweetness. The only apparent difference i see is the absence of a lemon slice, which in my opinion is just for appearance and does not in a way affect my favorite drink's taste.

The gyoza add-on were three pieces of what you might be able to get from any regular Japanese food joint. Am not wowed, but they aren't bad. The sauce, though, I have tasted better. 3 stars.

The main meal, spicy chicken ramen, is an enigma to me. Really hard to figure it out. But to be honest, I was still able to eat the whole large serving. The spicy chicken pieces were satisfying but with me into spicy food, I expected a kick... but did not get even a slight sting. The soup is legit but cannot be put head to head with those served at high end ramen houses. Their noodles need improving though. 3.5 stars.

Service improved. Staff from the order taker to the server are very courteous and accommodating. More nihongo being said. And these aren't for show. 5 stars.

Overall, I give the experience a 4 star rating. The place is small at its air-conditioned section, but wide at the open aired second level. Not much foot traffic because I went in late morning. The area being a BPO hub, I figure it gets more visits in the evening.

Definitely worth further visits. 128522

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Kara G.
4.0 Stars

Yay for beef misono!!! Ugh no more going to far away Megamall for my Tokyo Tokyo fix 128522

Downside: not enough seats in the airconditioned part. The extension is on the roof where the smokers hang out and it's not too good for asthmatics like moi - or for anyone who doesn't like smoke.

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