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Tomatito Manila
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Most Recent Reviews

Marie H.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been wanting to eat here for the longest time, but whenever I’m in the area they’re fully booked or I’m rushing to a meeting. The opportunity finally presented itself when a friend invited me to watch a matinee showing of Spamalot at the Maybank theatre which is just a few blocks away from Tomatito. So we decided to eat here for lunch before the play and ordered these:

1. Salmon TNT. Explosive smoked salmon with honey and truffle. All the reviews I read raved about this and we loved it too. We loved it so much, we ordered a second serving.

2. Filete con airbag. Cheese and tenderloin steak air baguettes. These were also delicious. This is the meaty counterpart of the Salmon TNT.

3. Croquetas de chorizo y jamon Iberico. Iberian chorizo and ham croquettes. Lovely smooth croquettes that sadly we’re gone so quickly.

4. Pulpo a la Tomatito. Octopus with baby potatoes and Iberian ham. We weren’t sure if we’d order this because of some not-so-good reviews about the octopus, but we loved it. Or it could be all the alcohol we were drinking had gone to our heads since we loved everything we ordered.

5. Las Locuras de Carlos. Sexy mixed dessert platter. It had chocolate cake squares, spherical brownies, Oreo cheesecakes, vanilla ice cream, berry sorbet, caramelised popcorn, Lego-shaped chocolate wafers, Chantilly cream, fruit jellies, and berries. This was a good mix of sweet and sour and salty. I don’t know where the “sexy” was since I’m sure this packed a lot of calories.

Service started well, but we noticed that there weren’t that many wait staff. When more people started arriving for lunch, it took a bit of effort to catch the attention of the servers. But our food and drinks arrived at a good pace. Of course, it goes without saying that dishes here are on the pricier side. Still, I’d love to go back and try more of their tapas and perhaps the paella.

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

The usual part of having an overseas based relative here in Manila is to show them the good food Manila has to offer. So, was surprised that my wife’s cousin kept asking me for the food spots that they should go to.  This will be a series of reviews to showcase those restaurants we went to –

Restaurant # 1 is Tomatito!

I won’t talk about Tomatito’s back-ground anymore and its history since I’ve done that in my first review there, I’ll focus straight on the food this time. People often complain that food here is on the pricey side, but more than it being pricey – in my opinion – as long as your food is good and it’s consistent, you can get away with it!

Here’s what we ordered:


Chipirones ala Andaluza – Fried baby squid with chipotle cream and aioli

Croquetas de Chorizo y Jamon Iberico – Iberian Chorizo and ham croquettes

Salmon TNT – Smoked Salmon with honey and truffle – BOOM!


Vegetales ala Parilla – Grilled vegetables with chimichurri sauce

Paella Valenciana – Dry paella with chicken, rosemary and snow beans

For the appetizers, they’re bite sized treats so downing them in one go is the way to go.

I really appreciated the fried baby squid since to begin with, degutting squid is hard, let alone baby squid. It’s also easy to over-do squid since it is very easily cooked – so it easily becomes rubbery! This was cooked and seasoned well – so good job on this!

The croquetas was a house specialty and I can see why, it’s similar to the Salmon TNT having that filling that just bursts in flavor as you’re eating it.

The salmon TNT will always be everyone’s favorite. Smoked silky salmon with the honey and truffle filling is “the Bomb” with that explosion of flavor and smooth texture.

For the mains, the paella is made just about right for 3 folks in my opinion or 2 really hungry ones.  So in our case, it was just right for 3. Cooked like how it should be, I love the bottom parts which is sort-of half toasted, but has all the flavor on it.  Of course we ended up ordering the Valenciana with my allergies but man that was good too.

Even the vegetables, which normally tastes very “vegetable-ly” went great with the chimichurri. We finished the entire plate of bell peppers, mushrooms and onions and it made eating vegetables an “every-man-for-himself” scenario with all 3 of us getting bits and pieces of it.

Service in Tomatito, in my opinion, will always good since they do know that they charge a premium for their dining experience, ambiance also good since it’s a mix of locals, foreigners and tourists – all seeking the same amount of quality food passing tough scrutiny of it’s diners. I’ve dined in for the 2nd time, and maybe the next time we will host some friends again – it’s worth going back to for another visit!

- kwokie -

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

Happy anniversary, Tomatito Manila!

Tomatito is a sexy tapas bar in BGC. They celebrated their first anniversary recently and it was a success! I first tried Tomatito during an event and absolutely loved everything I had. My favorite would be their Salmon TNT. It’s just so perfect. 128517

Tomatito is from the same group that set up Las Flores and La Lola. Its space is relatively huge. I love their interiors - neon lights, rugged designs and furnitures, and colorful walls and couches. It’s perfect for dates and night caps with friends.

During their anniversary night, we were treated to overflowing alcohol. Name it - from whiskey to champagne, from sangria to wine, beer to cocktails. My first drink was Chivas on the rocks. It’s just a pretty good welcome drink. Then I had Lolea. Then champagne. Them back to Lolea. Surely, I had fun.

The music that night was truly lively. Everyone had fun dancing and drinking.

I wasn’t able to try the food that were served that night but I saw they served cold cuts and cheese, and sandwiches too!

Thanks Tomatito and |ooloo! 128153 I’ll definitely be back here for Salmon TNT. 🙂

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Happy 1st anniversary Tomatito!

Last February 8, 2018 Tomatito celebrated their one year anniversary in BGC. The owners and their patrons enjoyed the night away with overflowing drinks and delicious food. The place was packed and it was truly a success!

Great music was played all night long while the crowd dance with drinks on their hand. I will surely go back to try their food since I wasn’t able to try some of the food served.

Thank you Tomatito team and Looloo team for having us.

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Zef A.
4.0 Stars

Cosy, Casual

Can’t remember na the name ng food. 128514

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Karla C.
4.0 Stars

We went here on a Monday and we went back again the following day. That was how much we liked the place. The service was superb. They have very attentive and pleasant servers. Truly commendable.
The place was aptly decorated. The vibe was great even though there weren't many people when we visited (probably because it was a weekday. I guess they get packed on Fridays and weekends). The crowd was more mature--mostly yuppies and professionals wanting to unwind after a long day at the office. They close late so that's also a plus.
We just went here for drinks so I still need to try their food some other time. I wouldn't mind going back just for the drinks alone. Their sangria is a real must try. 127865

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Lia B.
4.0 Stars

A Spanish themed resto that plays loud music. Service was attentive and food was flavorful. Liked their Salmon TNT and Chorizo croquettes, Spinach salad, and Premium Tenderloin Steak. Seafood paella was ok.

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars

Paella negro and sangria 128077🏻

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

Another winning concept from the La Lola Group! This visit was my second attempt - the first time I tried, they were waaaay too packed and I was way too hungry to have been able to wait to be seated. Haha.
I think this one has to be the prettiest restaurant they’ve ever opened. And that’s not to say their other concepts aren’t pretty! Just take a look at the on point branding for La Lola Churreria or Las Flores’s interior.

I went on a Saturday afternoon at like 2PM or something so I’d get higher chances of not having to wait to be seated. Turns out, it’s the perfect time to visit!

Got their Chiporones a la Andaluza Php 245 (aka calamari hehe) and it was perfectly crispy! I finished it in less than 10 mins.

I also ordered heir Patatas bravas Php 210 (traditional potatoes with spicy sauce and aioli. This was good but too carby for my taste. This took a bit longer for me to finish. Maybe 15 mins haha.

For my main dish, I picked the Steamed Maya Maya fillet with sautéed vegetables and green mojo sauce. It was too late when I realized this was the most expensive fish dish in the fish section menu at Php 695. Haha. Good thing it was delicious!

You can tell they use high quality ingredients here. I loved everything I ordered. Service was good, too! A perfect match for their beautimous restaurant. Will definitely be back!

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5.0 Stars

Glad we were able to finally try Tomatito and we seriously loved all the tapas! Best for me, was the octopus! Thank god it wasn't overcooked. The Paellas were great and had the crunchy bottom part, if you like crispy and burnt flavor like a true pinoy🤣. Paella is probably good for 4-5pax? Not so hungry ones, okay? Not in photo was the meatball and the ceviche. Really good meatballs! We loved it too but the dessert had to take the photo spot. As for the dessert, leche Flan with orange rind? Amazing! The other two was just as awesome! Can't wait to go back and try the drinks too. 128523

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Ginny B.
4.0 Stars

Celebrated my birthday salubong here! Love the vibe of the place. Don't remember the names of the dishes we ordered but most were good. All dishes were interesting and out of the ordinary! Perfect place for times when you just want to eat the right amount of food and not be bloated busog. It's mostly tapas/pika-pika + paella, washed down with sangria. Like! 🖒

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

On one of our quick nightcap, Ateng and I were seemingly caught by the reddish glows of Tomatito, seems like a kiddie pronounciation of Thomasino for me, hehehe128518128518128518

We were entertained by a foreign server, her face looked familiar from Rambla, and she told us that the place was inspired from the famous Spanish flamenco guitarist, Jose Fernandez Torres, also known as Tomatito 12852210084128077🏻

Rambla, Las Flores and the La Lola Group ( yes the churreria ) well ....for sure, you'll also love the 80's Latino-themed, sexy tapas bar/ el matador vibe going on 12852210084 Though I love the fiesta vibe by the simple string of lights at the ceiling and their open kitchen... where you could see all the culinary action!

Mientras esperas....Refreshing #rebujito for me made from Fino Cherry spritzer, the classic Tio Pepe! Despite the pale color, I loved the nutty aroma and how this fine tasting wine turned into a mocktail drink 12852210084128077🏻

Una cerveza por favor....on this legendary, personal 11oz. sized #inedit for Ateng as our slowdown from a busy day....Inedit has been our all time favorite, crafted by award winning chef Ferran Adria and Damm has this sweet sensation that goes well with any kind of food 100841008410084

Moving on to our dessert, we chose the Las Locuras de Carlos, a sexy kind of madness with all the sweet symphonies in this wonderful plate :) Popcorn, caramel, berries, fruity sauces, helado, cheescake, cream, choco-coated wafer blocks and more! Distinct flavors made even more unique when you mix and match them in every bite...mmm exquisite crossovers! :)

Truly another lifestyle treasure...ay, ay, ay, Arriba!!! for Tomatito Manila 12852210084128077🏻

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Sexy tapas bar. Vibrant, fighting bull red restaurant. Their name in big, bold lettered neon lights. I’m especially loving the toro wall paper. They say they're 80s inspired but not sure where that decade comes in here, except for the Tomatito sign and the vinyl covers. I was a kid in the 80s so my recollection of that era could be wrong.

Positioning themselves as a sexy tapas bar in BGC, (Solenn Heusaff is one of the owners, who I did see the night we visited, and it can’t be a sexy tapas bar without a good looking spokesperson, right?), the boys who set up Rambla, Las Flores and La Lola partnered with Chef Willy Moreno, a Spanish chef who is at the helm of several restaurants in Shanghai. He opened Tomatito in 2014 and his first expansion opened in BGC mid December 2016.

We visited Tomatito on the first week it opened. A reservation made sure we got enough seats at the time we wanted for our party. We celebrated my aunt’s birthday here, which is right before Christmas. At 7:30, we came in with the restaurant full. I didn’t see any line, just a short wait for those that were coming in as a lot came in for a quick dinner. There was a good energy inside and it certainly made me want to order a lot of alcohol.

We ordered a lot of food. But here’s what I liked the most:

127919Salmon TNT. 595.
Explosive Balik smoked salmon with honey and truffle… BOOM!!!
Must try, must be eaten in one bite. You’ll get exactly whats written in what seems to be a form of puff pastry. Really good. 

127919Boquerones. 580.
Marinated white anchovies with pickled chilies and gazpacho shot.
Not fishy at all. Was a surprise for me as i thought I wouldn't like it. I love the sour from the chilies which brighten up the bite, especially when you’ve been eating tapas that are more on the richer side.

127919Pimientos rellenos de costilla, setas y Manchego. 450.
Stuffed piquillo peppers with slow cooked short rib, mushrooms and Manchego cheese.
Peppers were soft, cheese gave that salty flavor. Not a lot of beef, but still enjoyed this.

Got myself a La Bamba which was ok. It took several follow ups to get my drink. Tita loved her big glass of gin cocktail, crafted especially for her when she asked the bartender to wow her.

It certainly is pricy, but considering the prime location, it’s expected. Some I found bang for the buck, like the Fuagras (foie gras, 690) with its generous serving of the liver on each toast. The paellas are good for 3-5 people, but if you want tikim lang then you can double the serving. I especially found the 5-piece cochinillo slivers at 995 just way too expensive. If anyone remembers the delicious cochinillo from El Comedor, where they use a plate to slice the pig to show how crisp and tender it is, mejo malayo. Tomatito says they're the affordable version of Las Flores. Not so sure about that, especially when you come in with an empty stomach.

I’d say a 4.0 for food. Most were pretty good, some dishes were just ok for me, like the pulpo which I found dry. Service was friendly and pleasant, but frantic. They were definitely undermanned and you could see the girls walking bristly to make sure they served everyone. I wouldn’t mind bumping my rating to a 5, if not for the service. Owners were also there going around to help out, some of our orders were served by them.

I can see myself coming back here, for tapas and drinks before or after dinner. Great place to catch up with friends and loved ones.

PS. Tomatito is not a Spanish word for a small tomato.

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