Tomo Japanese Dining

137 Araullo St., Addition Hills, San Juan, Metro Manila

Tomo Japanese Dining
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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

After three weeks of not being able to see each other due to our hectic schedules, Josh and I finally got the chance to have lunch together yesterday! 128588127881

As always, I wanted to eat at a new restaurant. Knowing I love Japanese food, Josh suggested that we eat at Tomo Japanese Dining. I read a couple of reviews, and decided to reserve a table through Zomato, since most of the reviews said it can be a bit jampacked during peak hours. 128516

We got there a bit early, but they led us to our seats anyway. They handed us the menu, and here's what we ordered for yesterday's splurge:

✔ SALMON (SHAKE) SASHIMI (Php 395) - 11088110881108811088
Our staple order in every Japanese restaurant we visit, Tomo's version was a bit expensive for its quantity (only 5 slices). But the salmon slices were quite thick at about 1/2 inch each (which I like), and were so fresh they tasted sweet. They were not frozen, and the texture was firm.

✔ UNI (SEA URCHIN) SASHIMI (Php 325) - 1108811088110881108811088
It's Josh's first time to eat Uni Sashimi! He ordered this for a change, different from what we usually get. His verdict? "Uni (Sea Urchin) is like a grosser but much tastier version of oyster and everyone should try it at least once." HAHA. 128586 As for me, I loved Tomo's Uni! It has got to be the freshest uni I have tasted, to date. Sweet, and it had no off odor or aftertaste. 128077

✔ TENDON (Php 270) - 110881108811088
This was Josh's order. It comes with a bowl of miso soup (Josh gave it to me since he said that I'm a bigger fan of miso soup than he is). I didn't get to taste it, but he thought it was just okay. According to him, the shrimp was plump and juicy and the sauce was okay. But there's not much sauce in it, and the tempura is too soggy.

✔ ASARI WAFUU PASTA (Php 410) - 1108811088110881108811088
This is part of the additional menu they gave us, which consisted of the new menu items that were added last April. At first, I was hesitant to order this since it was sooo pricey! But my blogger self compelled me to get something from the new menu, so here I am. I DID NOT REGRET IT! 128156127837 It was absolutely delicious!!! The noodles were something in between spaghetti noodles and ramen noodles -- super al dente and had the best pasta texture ever! According to their menu, these are fresh pasta flown in from Japan. (No wonder this is so expensive HEHEHE) It was very light, with plenty of spinach,garlic flakes, and clams in every bite. I'm not sure what the base was, but it wasn't as oily as the oil-based Italian pastas. AGAIN, I LOOOOVED IT! It was so guiltlessly good 128076128586

The service was okay, but servers seems a bit rattled when the lunch crowd came in. The ambiance was perfect! 128077 Whether you're dining with family or with your significant other, Tomo will surely make you feel like you're having your meal in Japan. 128513

Tip: You may request for their hot house green tea to wash down the food! 128076127861

Awesome food + great company and conversations = A happy weekend! 128525128156


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Anne K.
4.0 Stars

Tomo is one of the newest restaurants in our area. Whenever I pass by it, I always see the parking lot full of cars. I've heard good reviews about it but I also heard that it is quite pricey.

Finally, I got to try Tomo yesterday. 128525 On a rainy weekday night, I was surprised it was still full. Crispy dilis and cold tea were served while we were still trying to decide on our orders.

Hiyayako (cold tofu) was something different from the usual tofu dishes I order in restaurants. For P 185, it wasn't that bad. Five round shaped tofu slices were served on crushed ice. There was also a cherry on top, which made it look like a dessert 128513 Bonito flakes and scallions accompanied the dish. The server also told me to put some soy sauce on the tofu. I wasn't sure if there was a right way to eat this dish. I just poured the soy sauce and sprinkled the bonito flakes and scallions on top of the tofu. As a tofu lover, I liked this appetizer.

The thick cuts of salmon sashimi (P 365) were creamy, juicy and fresh. I really felt that they used a high grade of salmon because every bite of that sashimi was heavenly.

For P 300, I felt that the Dynamite roll could have been bigger. However, the taste made up for the lack of size. Spicy tuna and salmon sashimi and cucumber in the sushi roll tasted fresh and  the flavors were on point.

For dessert, we had two scoops of green tea ice cream with red bean and homemade mochi. The green tea flavor was very evident in the ice cream and it wasn't too fragrant or sweet. The red bean and mochi also added texture and flavor to the dessert.

We payed almost 900/person, which was a bit expensive. The quality of the food was excellent and I would highly recommend their sashimi and sushi. If you're willing to pay for quality japanese food, then you can try this resto out. You won't be disappointed. 128521

Price: 2/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Taste: 4/5

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

We celebrated mom's birthday here. I reserved 3 days before because I knew how jam packed it would get especially on the weekends. This place really gets filled quick.

The staff were really approachable and attentive. They served real quick despite the resto being so full of guests.

We enjoyed their Beef Gyudon, Katsudon, Kani Maki, Spicy Salmon, Chicken Teriyaki and Gyoza.

Thank you so much for the good food and amazing service. I will come back real soon 128077🏻

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Meg M.
1.0 Stars

I was really disappointed with my visit last night. After a long wait, they just told us that they don't have maki anymore. 128545 So I just ordered unagi fried rice and wagyu stick. I love the fried rice but very displeased with the so called wagyu. Nakakahiya para tawaging "wagyu" eh. As in! I should've just ate Spam at home.

The kaki cheese oysters were good. Buti na lang.

We also ordered ebi tempura and salmon sashimi. Pero wala, super bad trip with the so-called wagyu stick.

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Meg M.
5.0 Stars

I love residential homes turned into restaurants. 10084️ I love their maki so much. Legit Japanese! It's so fresh and clean. 128525 Which is what sushi is supposed to be diba? 128522 Plus the place is so nice! You can rarely find restos nowadays with a superb ambiance. Their service is great too. Everything is so good kaya I went back after a few days lang! 128541 5 stars on all the dishes that we ordered most especially the dynamite maki! 128525

I forgot to take a pic of the katsu curry. It's quite small compared to other katsus but the curry is superb. 10084️ Then the miso soup that comes with the set has clams soooo winner na! Hahaha

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Carmina A.
4.0 Stars

Exterior and Interiors of the place are well maintained. The place was well lighted perfect for enjoying your food 128523

We went there on a monday and didn't get to try salmon :( Food was good, not great, but has very good value for money. The whole experience (ambience, food, etc) is worth the visit. The oyster (kaki cheese yaki) is a must try. We also enjoyed the mackerel (aji tataki) and curry.

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Kriselle L.
1.0 Stars

Avoid! My dad visited two weeks ago, and 3 hrs later, he had a stomachache and started vomiting. We suspect it was the funny tasting beef tenderloin and somewhat raw tao-ge/ beansprouts with it

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Wennifer C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Reena C.
4.0 Stars

Tomo restaurant is a hidden gem in Mandaluyong/Wilson area. Parking always get full inside but you can still park along the streets outside of the gate.

We ordered the recommended Wan Mono soup (145) and were surprised when it was served in a teapot! You have to pour the soup in the small cover and drink it like sake!! When the soup is finished, you can open the pot and eat the mushrooms and seafood inside. The taste of the soup was normal, like seafood broth but the presentation made it worth ordering.

The unagi fried rice was tasty! It can be split into 2 as long as you are not starving. Each order comes with 4 small slices of unagi on top.

For dessert, we ordered coffee jelly and green tea cheesecake. Our total bill was around 2k for 7 items.

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

ebi tempura 128077128077128077128077 eat it while it's hot
yasai itame 128077128077128077128077 the veggies were still crunchy
kari kari kari 128077128077128077128077 sugi's version is still better
hamachi jaw 128077128077128077128077128077
soft shell crab maki 128077128077128077128077
tomo iced tea shake 128077 get the regular tomo iced tea

frozen braso 128077128077128077128077128077
decaffeinated coffee 128077128077128077128077

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

First time to try this place out! Woot woot finally! It is always jam packed even if it isn't like on a commercial spot at all.

What is so good with this place? You might wonder?!? Actually, I heard the head chef here used to work for Sugi-- another famous Jap resto which used to be at GH and is now in Makati.

I tried a lot in their menu. From Tempura, Katsudon, Sauteed Beansprouts, Ramen, Vinegar Chicken and Coffee Jelly!

I super loved the food. I can't say anything bad with it. And the service is pretty awesome as well! The staff were attentive and service was quick.

I also liked the decors here. It is simple and even though I personally haven't been to Japan, I feel like I am there with all the ambience and decors from the outside till you get in.

They even have function rooms for those who want some privacy.

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Cherisse Y.
4.0 Stars

The ambiance was really nice!

I was super hungry so I was super excited to eat here but...

They didn't have salmon??? I know it's a Monday but you should always have it available. I know mababaw lang reason ko for one less star but salmon is lyf.

Anyway, The food was amazing naman!! Definitely gonna go back.

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

I went to eat with my family at Tomo Japanese Restaurant last May 20 for dinner and May 22 for lunch.

The place is in San Juan or Mandaluyong.It used to be a ordinary house.The owner bought, renovate this place and turn the place into restaurant.It is very hard to find a parking if there are many customers eating at this restaurant.You can park outside or side streets outside the restaurant.

We ordered California Maki, Kani Salad, Fried Fish Head, Baked Oysters, Teppanyaki Oysters and Fried Mushrooms.All the food are good.

The price is not expensive.Just right.The mode of payment for restaurant is cash only with 10% discount.No credit card payment yet.

The place is big.It has a 2nd floor and has garden space for outside events.

The service is good.You will see the owner serving food or giving the bill to his customers.

I recommend you this place if you are interested to eat Japanese food.If you get a table walk in, you will wait for 10-20 mins for a table.I suggest that you should reserve for a table the day before.You have to be early if you want a parking in the restaurant parking slots.If you don't have a parking inside the parking slots of restaurant, you have to park outside the restaurant or streets.

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Tucked hidden in Mandaluyong is a new Japanese dining destination. The venue is fenced within high walls and a metal gate. They do not even have a signage announcing the name of the place. The only indication that one has reached the place are the huge red Japanese lanterns bedecked along their tall concrete fence. This is Tomo Japanese Dining.

Albeit still being on soft opening and being under the foodie social-media radar, it is quite surprising that getting a table reservation at this place can be quite of a challenge. Word of mouth from the Mandaluyong -San Juan residents have made this place packed daily for both lunch and dinner. Its popularity among the residents can be traced to the fact that Tomo's kitchen is under the helm of a Japanese Chef formerly from Sugi (it is said that he used to head the defunct Sugi Greenhills branch).

The fenced venue opens into a huge sloping tree lined property (it used to be a home prior to being converted into a restaurant). The restaurant is a white modern looking 2-storey structure decked with huge red Japanese lanterns and bamboo accents. A coi pond adds to the Japanese touch. From the parking area, guests climb a flight of stairs under a huge Tori arch to get to Tomo's main entrance.

It's interiors carry that modern Japanese vibe. With wood , glass, and Japanese accents.

"Tomo" loosely means "friends".

This visit was for a friend's birthday lunch. Our host said that reservations were made as early as 3 weeks ago. It was quite evident that reservations were a must (all the tables literally had "reserved" signs with the names of the parties holding the said reservations).

Their menu is quite extensive. The stand outs from this visit were:

-their sashimi/nigiri sets: I must say that their seafoods were quite fresh and sweet (loved the salmon, tuna, unagi, uni,ebi, ika).

-their Tori Karaage was also quite good: perfect crunch of the batter and right levels of seasoning and sweetness.

-I also enjoyed their mixed Tempura (quite reminiscent indeed of Sugi's)

-their Uni Yakisoba was also divine. The rich creamy Uni sauce perfectly mixed with the thick chewy Yakisoba noodles.

- their Kaki Cheese Yaki (grilled oysters with cheese) was also perfect.

-not to miss is their Frozen Brazo. Though being "out of place" in a Japanese restaurant, I must say that their Frozen Brazo perfectly caps a filling Japanese meal (and their claim that this was a best seller dessert is quite justified).

The only underwhelming dish that I tasted was their Grilled Salmon with Wasabi Cream. The dish was under seasoned and the Wasabi-Cream lacked the wasabi kick.

Since they are on soft opening and at this point is still forgivable , improvement on service is desired. Their staff is quite friendly but needs some fine tuning specially with food service:

-We had to ask for wasabi for our sashimi/nigiri.
- we were served with a wrong dish that had to be replaced.

As a whole, Tomo Japanese Dining can easily be considered as a must-visit for Foodies who love Japanese cuisine.

As of this writing, should you do plan to dine at Tomo, I highly recommend that you call them earlier to book and secure a table (specially for weekend dining). It was sad to personally see that there were 2 huge separate groups of diners who decided to check the place out without reservations and were turned away.

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

Nestled in the quiet residential neighborhood of San Juan along M. Araullo St. corner P. Burgos, you can easily miss this place if not for the red Japanese lanterns outside the compound...As is the trend nowadays, this place is a house converted into a restaurant.

A month old and still on its soft opening, they are offering 20% off until tomorrow, May 31. Cash basis only. We arrived at 11am on a Sunday without any reservation and was told the place was booked for lunch as well as dinner 128513 Miss Apol (in charge of reservations) was kind enough to give us a table provided we finish before 12:30.

I like the ambiance instantly, Cute design, very Japanese, the servers were all nice and chatty. It's a fairly big house with quite a few parking slots and a garden area, dining area on the ground floor and more seats upstairs, I was told they can accommodate between 130-150. I spotted the Japanese Chef (sushi chef from Sugi i was told) was at his station getting ready for the crowd 128522 Now, onto the food we tried...

🇯🇵 Kaki Cheese Yaki (Robata) @320 - 5 pcs of Oysters with cheese and vegetable agemono - This was soooo good 128523 grilled to perfection and super tasty 5/5

🇯🇵 Kani Pomelo Salad @295 - this one one just ok, very typical... It had a generous amount of pomelo though 4/5

🇯🇵 Chicken Teriyaki Gozen @580 - bento set served with soup and salad. I loved this one as well, the chicken was crispy yet tender, the sashimi fresh 128077🏼 5/5

Overall very happy with this place, definitely worth a visit although Prices are a bit steep 128513 but food was good sooooo.... 128557128184128184128184

I'll be back... there are still lots of dishes to try 128055 Service was ok since we were early, I just don't know how they'd fare during peak took awhile for the bill though and they forgot to put wasabi for our take out order of Chirashi 128514 blame it on the dry run for now!

Please reserve a table before going specially during weekends...


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