Tondol Beach House

Tondol, Anda, Pangasinan

Tondol Beach House
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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

I've read positive reviews about this beach located in Anda, Pangasinan. I've visited beautiful beaches in the country, but Tondol Beach has its own unique qualities.

If you're coming from Manila, Be prepared because it will take almost 8 hours to get here. The place is far from Pangasinan City, but you will be wowed upon seeing this white sand beach.

Tondol Beach may not have the glitz of Boracay where parties are everywhere, may not have a sand as white as pulvoron, but it offers a jaw-droppingly beautiful long coast of white sand beach set in a very peaceful village.

Kayaking is one of the things that you can do here. I would recommend to on Kayaking early in the morning because the water is so calm then island hopping, and send a statement by wearing swimwear attire to show your bods during the afternoon. For non-pro swimmers, don't worry because the water is neck level (pag nakatuwad lol) so,you're safe here.

Aaah! One thing I notice is the food. I don't eat seafood!!! (Saklap)
I asked the caretaker where I can buy some food that is outta sea world, he accompanied me to find one. The food here is very cheap. You can rent a cottage that price ranges from 300-500 pesos (depends on your charm lol).The entrance fee is just 15.00 but since they don't give my change, I paid 100 pesos(yun lang).

This "Boracay of the North" is definitely a place to relax, unwind, and swim. I'm amazed that the locals here are very concern about maintaining the cleanliness of the place. It's lovely to see some foreigners roaming around. Just don't forget to bring your ootd, sunblock, sunglass.Oh! Don't miss the sunset! It's very stunning. See that photo above, it's absolutely a sight to behold! don't forget to bring bottles of beer:) Expect many visitors on wekendend. You'll see some locals swimming and cooling-off. I don't mind if it takes me so long to get here because It's definitely worth it. I'll definitely comeback for more. Oh Yah!

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Sean M.
3.0 Stars

I got to stay here with a friend of mine who has relatives that live in one of the houses just before the beach, so I was able to visit here! There's an island you can walk to when it is low-tide, I think to rent out one of those kubos is 500p. It's real quiet in the evening so it is relaxing, I think just locals mainly come here. There are also seafood restaurants, and even rooms to rent out and I think videoke rooms too. From here it's maybe an hour drive to Patar Beach in Bolinao, which I like better :P and along the way are many resorts once you reach Bolinao.

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Miss H.
5.0 Stars

Hello there beautiful Pangasinan!

My rating would be very bias since this place is my Mum's hometown and there's never a day that we wouldn't want to be here!

Since my 95-year old grandma is ill, my Mum decided that we head north and visit her home and at the same time, find time to relax in our family's rest house to let go of my stress the past few weeks. Cool parents, aren't they?

So let me introduce you to our hometown, Pangasinan.

Tondol Beach House is located in Tondol, Pangasinan. It is part of Anda, Pangasinan, an hour away from Hundred Islands. The beach itself isn't as white as other beaches but the water is clean and clear. It is a very silent beach, no life at all at night, the way our family wants it to be.

There are different resorts along the stretch and most are owned by natives of Pangasinan. Most peeps who go here are from Pangasinan and few tourists know about the place. The place is child-friendly since it is low-tide at times that you can walk from the island to another simply by walking. And yes, you can find fresh seafoods here! One of my fave is Octopus! Grilled it fresh, and it would really hit the spot! And our coconut trees won't disappoint. I can sip and eat young buko meat and juice anytime! This is love!

Sometimes, we open our family's resthouse to tourists when other resorts get packed. But we limit it to few so the place won't be exploited. Lol.

Downside is only Smart has signal on this place but hey, when you're on vacation technology shouldn't be at top of your mind. Lol. Thank God for my prepaid mobile wifi, I can Looloo all the way. Contradicting, eh. Hehe

The place is really far and it will take 30 minutes or more before we can reach the market etc but everything is worth it!

This place always gives me the opportunity to think, relax and give myself a check on how I deal with life the past few months.

Nothing but good hopes for the next months! Thanks, Pangasinan! :)

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