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Most Recent Reviews

Bella J.
5.0 Stars

Roby and I went to Venice Grand Canal Mall last night for dinner and since he really wanted to stick to the whole Italy vibe, we looked for an Italian restaurant for dinner. We landed here after going through the entire mall to check our options.

We opted for the outdoor dining area and sat right next to the canal. I tell you, it's the perfect date place because it's just really romantic with the view and all. I often got distracted by the gondolas passing by since I really liked watching them and hearing a tune every now and then from the ones steering the gondolas.

Anyway, here's what we ordered:

| 6 CHEESE PIZZA - We both got intrigued by this because it's not often you find something that goes beyond five cheeses. Though since we opted for the white sauce option (which is basically cheese sauce), ours was probably 6+ cheeses.

Anyway, this one has gorgonzola, mozzarella, pecorino, parmigiano, scamorza, and tellagio. I really, really enjoyed this one. Probably my favorite between the two we ordered. It wasn't nakakaumay and the blend of cheeses worked well together. The pizza was cooked in a brickfire oven too so the crust had that charred look to it and was chewy.

| SEAFOOD PASTA - You can choose between red sauce and olive oil for this one. We opted for the latter. This one was okay for me. I actually appreciated the spicy kick, especially the fact that if wasn't too much for me to handle.

I'd definitely come back. Probably with my boyfriend again too. Haha

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Migs C.
4.0 Stars

In photo: Devil's pizza, smoked bacon pasta, 5-cheese lasagna, and t&s chicken wings.

Individually, they were good, really good - but this might not have been be a good combination because almost everything we ordered were either super loaded with cream.. or cheese. So naturally, the umay sinked in fast.

The bacon chunks in the pasta were suuuuuperrr salty. And tough.

The pizza would probably be my favorite though - I've never tasted anything fresher.

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Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

This photo of the 5-Cheese Lasagna doesn't do justice to the amazing explosion of flavors that combine Italy's most famous cheeses in one delicious dish. Mascarpone, gorgonzola, talleggio, parmigiano and pecorino perfectly blend in this one!128076

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Fe P.
5.0 Stars

If you love Italian food but don't want to spend as much, this is one of the best place to go. The view is really close to the real thing and the food is ahhhmazing! I'm not a pizza lover but it captured my taste buds! The pasta in truffle oil became instantly my favorite! The chicken wings is different. It has that blend of sweetness and just a hint of spice and truly matches the blu cheese dip! Customer service was good and they are very attentive. I brought my mom and son for a 2nd visit and they also loved it! Must try!

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Edison A.
4.0 Stars

This place is a must try!
I was looking for a restaurant near my workplace for a quick catch up lunch break with my friend but couldnt find anything new in Venice Piazza. We were walking around inside the half empty mall when we saw this italian resto with a lot of customers. The staff are friendly saying the place was fairly new when I asked why its not a popular search online. Waiters are singing their own version of Happy Birthday on one table which instantly made us smile. We ordered the Devil's Pizza and the Paella Dela Casa. We are eating on a limited time - good thing the waiters are attentive and they managed to set our expectations on when the food will be served. They are actually pretty quick in preparing it. The pizza has a little kick of spice and you can enjoy the melted mozarella and tasty salame while its hot. The paella is also good, you can eat the rice alone with all the seafood taste in it - its a seafood party in your tongue. The serving is quite big for 2 if youre ordering more than 1. Two thumbs up for Toni & Sergio! Ill definitely come back for more.

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

It was my first time at the newly renovated Venice Grand Canal mall, though I worked in the area before the "jeje bridge" era hahaha.

Looking for a place to eat after the obligatory pics (no selfie for me 128539) at the jeje bridge for us first-timers, we inmediately noticed what seemed like an Italian dude making pizza by the oven at Toni & Sergio. Boom! Pizza for lunch it is! We also wanted to check out how authentic it was. And by the look and smell of what everyone else ordered, it looked like we made a good choice.

We had the truffle cream, margherita, and 6 cheese pizza. And the margherita was free care of the 2 pizzas get 1 free promo on that day woohooo! Now i knew if they did the margherita well, that would be an indicator of how good the other 2 more complex pizzas were going to be. And thank God the margherita was fantastic! Well balanced flavors from the tomato sauce, cheese, and basil, and a thin chewy crust. Bellissima!!!

The truffle cream pizza was aromatic as they come. You could already smell the truffle as the server was approaching your table. I like how they made a ring around the inner crust using truffle essence. Aesthetically pleasing but was that also strategic? Hhhmmm. The egg in the center was a nice touch as well.

And my favorite... the 6 cheese pizza! SIX cheese! The more the merrier 128517 Wanted to pair this with the 5 cheese lasagna we saw on the menu but the umay factor from all that cheese is something we probably wouldn't be able to handle. We couldn't decide whether to have it with white or red sauce, so we had both in halves. Plus points to T&S for accommodating the request! Personally loved it with red pizza sauce. A classic combo of tangy tomato and salty, creamy, gooey cheese!!! This one is a must. Apologies, i didn't note nor do i remember what 6 cheeses went into this pizza but i'm pretty sure those 6 went awesome together, or the pizza wouldnt be this good!

Looking forward to coming back and hopefully trying the other stuff on their menu other than the pizza. 5 cheese lasagna i'm coming back for you!!!

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Gem D.
4.0 Stars

They have reasonable prize. I love the mushroom truffle pasta (sorry, no photo) and white pizza! Their paella though is not made of sticky rice and instead made with ordinary rice which makes it taste like sinangag rather that paella. Seating was a bit crowded but overall, their food is good.

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Chachi L.
4.0 Stars

It was our first time to dine out at the Venice Grand Canal Mall. Since the whole mall was making us feel like we were really in Venice, we decided to give Toni and Sergio a try to conplete the whole Italian vibe.

The restaurant has an outside seating area where you can see the man-made grand canal and appreciate the Venetian facade. A lighted lamp is placed at the table and made the whole experience more awesome

We ordered 2 pasta dishes, Porcini & Truffle Cream Pasta and Pasta Pomodoro and Meatballs and a Tre Salsiccia pizza as recommended by the waiter as their best seller. Their pasta serving was enough for two people although since their pasta dishes were really delicious it wouldn't hurt if you would order 1 for yourself. Pizza was also delicious and my friend Michelle D even commended the waiter since she was really delighted with the food's taste. Prices are affordable and not too expensive considering that the place and ambience is grand. Overall, the experience that we had in this restaurant is good and would definitely come back for another try.

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4.0 Stars

I went to Toni and Sergio one weekday afternoon for an early dinner. The people behind Toni and Sergio is the same team who established Parmigiana at Newport Mall. Toni and Sergio is situated in Venice Grand Canal Mall, which serves Spanish cuisines with Italian inspired concept.

The decors and interior of the place is very homey that makes you feel "you are very welcome" to enter the place. The servers are very approachable too.

Dining alone, I got Cotoletto Di Pollo (3pcs golden fried chicken breast served with aglio olio pasta and side salad) for Php320.00 and Golden Risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano (Rice) for Php230.00.

While waiting the waiter serves complimentary Focaccia Bread served with Balsamic Vinegar mixed with Olive Oil and Parmesan Cheese.

Cotoletto Di Pollo - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Aglio Olio - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Golden Risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Complimentary Bread - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

The service was superb. They know how to put water in your glass without even asking. They also served fast on that day.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Two visits to Toni & Sergio and I'm still excited to try their other dishes. It's a pretty good thing to say, considering I just walked in their resto a couple of weeks ago, without really venturing to read about their offerings. Named after Italian siblings Toni & Sergio Iapino, you'll see some pictures of them on the wall decor. It seems Toni is into the food business in Italy while younger brother Sergio is a known TV director in Italy, Spain and Argentina. No wonder this place is a Gastro Italiano that also serves Spanish dishes! Why not? These two magnificent countries have Latin based languages, boast of some of the finest wines and use olive oil & cheese in many of their dishes! 

My first visit to them was after a hard day's work on a weeknight in May; their waitress highly recommended that we order their Paella dela Casa, their own take of paella. Generously filled with seafood (prawns, mussels, oysterd) plus chicken, olives, artichokes, and chorizo, I absolutely loved this gem of a dish, because it was not the wet kind of paella that I've tried in places like Las Flores and Arrozeria. It was more cooked, and had crunchy bits of rice on top. Perfecto! And who could resist the crunchy parts at the bottom? Loved the flavor of this dish. I know that different parts of Spain yield different types of paella, but I'm really digging this kind more than the wet paella. Though the color of the mussels could use some sprucing up, their prawns were perfect. P490 for a dish that's good for two hungry people or maybe 3-4 if ordering other dishes. Pretty decent price. Rating: 4.5/5 A must try!

T&S Chicken Wings P285

24 hour marinated wings, another highly recommended dish. Served with spicy aoili bleu cheese & marinara, this dish is a bit on the spicy side. Bursting with saltiness and spices, I liked the touch of the two types of sauces. I liked the aioili bleu cheese dip more. The flavor on these wings were good, though a tad on the oily side. I find this is a good pulutan tyoe of dish, so best ordered with beer. They have plenty other options of pollo from which to choose next visit. These are decent, though I prefer either the buffalo wings flavor of Bugsy's or the lemon pepper wings of Wingstop. Rating: a solid 3.5/5

Calamares P275

Crunchy breaded squid rings. Theirs are fine, though forgettable, meaning nothing stood out. Service size is good for its price. You usually can't go wrong with this. 3.5/5

These orders was from my first visit, where we sat at the booth side of T&S, with the magazine and tabloid pictures of Sergio posted on the wall. For the paella alone, I'd rate this first visit a 5.

For my visit last Fri night, we were seated at the other side, where bigger groups can sit. It felt a bit cramped because they awkwardly placed hundreds of pizza boxes at the end of the resto. I hope that's temporary because it kinda ruined the spacing and ambiance.

Our orders were totally different this time around.

Prawns in Garlic P400

Stir fried shrimp in garlic confit, garlic chips, chorizo and olives. I didn't notice that there were chorizo and olives unless they were finely chopped, but it's hard to miss the many bits and pieces of garlic and what I believe to be cut up pieces of button mushroom. Absolutely loved the form of this dish, with 5 decent sized shrimp (I wouldn't call them prawns given the size) curled halfway inside a glass jar that's dripping with olive oil and garlic. Great touch to have left the shrimp heads, I'd say, especially for those who, um, love to get the stuff inside those bad boys. Hate to admit it, but the excess garlic and olive oil were easy to finish off, both with their complimentary bread and atop the last slice of pizza. #whoscountingcalories At P400, this was an absolute home run. 5/5

Pizza Margherita 

A staple Italian pizza flavor, with only tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. P310 with eight slices of just right thickness of pizza. Perfect. The price is good for the size and quality. They know their pizza, for sure. Rating: 5/5

I also tried my friend's order of Vongole Pasta (P330) which wad well cooked olive oil base spaghetti with clams, and T&S' take on the Osso Bucco ala T&S (P690), which is a traditional Milanese dish, though theirs has stewed beef with bone marrow served with their golden (read: cheese) risotto. Both were quite good. Rating 4/5

Not in the photographs is their gem of a dish for dessert, Pannacotta. They serve this with strawberry coulis. This was heavenly, not just gelatinous but also had a feel of creaminess. Fantastic find. If thsir pannacotta was like this, I'm for sure curious as to how good their tiramisu is. Next visit coz we were so full already. (I added a glass of cabernet sauvignon before dessert, lol).

Overall, I loved my two visits in Toni & Sergio. Their resto is situated right by the Venice Grance Canal, the interior gas a casual dining feel to it, and their service is very good. The price of their dishes are good for the quality and service size. Expect to spend P500 to P1k per head. Their set up is flexible enough for family gatherings, colleagues post work drinks and even dates. (Speaking of dates, who turned out to be on a date beside my table but Ruth S, HELLO there! Super serious with the picture taking. Hahaha.)

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

What will you do when you survived a very stressful week? EAT!!! Eat!!! Eat!!! And Enjoy!!! 128055128055

Right after work, went straight to Mckinley to meet with Ony. Walked around Piazza and decided we wanted to try Toni & Sergio. From the outside, it doesn't look that inviting and all but with the number of customers eating, we felt like we needed to try this place. Plus, we were really hungry already. 128517

Anyway, so when we entered the place, we were surprised that it was just small and not that spacious. First 2 things you'll see -- the bar and of course, the highlight of almost all Italian restaurants, the brick oven. If you just stand from the entrance, you'll see them prepare their pizza and other dishes here. Nakakatakam when you see and smell their freshly made pizza!!! 128525128525128525 But since you'll be blocking the way, you'll have to sit and find a table. The tables are on the side so you don't really get to appreciate the bar and the oven that much.

The place is filled with a lot of picture frames and posters. For me, it's like an Italian diner. 128517 Hmm, since it wasn't that spacious, it felt too crowded and pilit. If you're not that maarte or you don't need aircon, it's better to stay and eat outside and appreciate the sky and the grand canal. 128521128077🏼

While browsing the menu, you'll see the usual Italian specialties -- pasta and pizza. But aside from that, they also have Spanish dishes like Paella which are according to some reviews are good, as well. Toni & Sergio both serve Italian and Spanish dishes.

According to our server, their bestseller is the 6 cheese pizza. I just want the Margherita but Ony insisted we try it.

6 cheese (with White or Red Sauce; 430)
- gorgonzola, mozzarella, pecorino, parmigiano, scamorxa, and taleggio. Not familiar with most of them but 6 different types of cheese!!! Not 3, not 5 but 6 cheeses!!! I know right!!!! I was so excited to try this one, with that much cheese used, one would be expecting a really cheesy and oh so yummy pizza.

After around 15-20minutes, they served our pizza. Fresh and hot and with all the melted cheesy goodness. The crust was thin and soft with some burnt parts (but in a good way). You have the option to have it with either white or red sauce or half/half.

First bite of the pizza with white sauce and it was good. It was cheesy and bursting with so much cheesy comforting goodness. Enjoyed my first slice as I really find comfort in any cheesy dish. Added chili flakes to add a bit of spiciness and I enjoyed it even more. I liked the one with white sauce more than the one with the red sauce.

BUT.... 128529

When it wasn't that hot anymore, the pizza tasted too ordinary. Nothing really special. Like I would rather have Greenwich's pizza. Ony even said "lasang eden cheese na lang". 128518128546 So it's best to eat this while still hot. Bawal iwan ng matagal!!! 128518

After around 15 minutes of waiting, they served us with our pasta.

Lasagna bolognese (390 pesos)
- traditional oven baked sheets of pasta layered with béchamel sauce, bolognese, mozzarella, and parmesan. It took them a while before serving this to us maybe because they prepared this in the oven as well? When served, we were surprised with how big and generous the serving was. Still hot and fresh from the oven, Ony tasted it right away.. No comment from him so I decided to try it.

Layers of lasagna, overflowing with tomato sauce and melted cheese and 3 meatballs on top. Hmmm, the sauce tasted almost like the one from Casa Italia. The taste is more on the sour side - tomato-ish? It was good but we like our lasagna cheesy and meaty. I guess we are not really into lasagnas done the Italian way. 128517

Overall, it was just an OKAY dinner. The pizza was good but best to eat and finish it right away. Add chili flakes for added spiciness and goodness. 128521 For the pasta, maybe try the other options available. 128517

For the service, it was just okay as well. Serving time was not as fast. Servers weren't that helpful and friendly. Oh well.

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Yvonne M.
5.0 Stars

As promised, I went back to Toni & Sergio to try their other dishes. During my first visit, I liked their seafood pasta, and the pizza was just ok. My intention was to have some light meal, in preparation for some drinking sessions with my friends.

This time, I still got the seafood pasta, but I also ordered one dish that intrigued me: T&S Chicken Wings – they said they marinated the chicken for 24 hours. They served it with spicy aioli bleu cheese and marinara. The key word is cheese. I love everything that is cheese, or anything that has cheese in or on it. Wait, let me say that once more: I love everything that is cheese…. except the politician! Hahahaha…corny!!!

I said my intention was to have a light meal. But the different taste and spicy flavor of the chicken wings made me order a bowl of rice. Yes, a bowl of rice after I ate the seafood pasta! You see, I don’t eat in order, or in accordance with what is socially acceptable order of eating. I can eat my salad and soup last, and I can eat dessert before the main course. Who cares? I eat to enjoy, to chill, to relax, to have fun. I don’t want to be boxed inside the norm. But I digress.

Going back to the chicken wings - I think this is a must try. I am not good at describing food, but I can definitely share my opinion, my feelings, and my experience. It has a different taste, but I say that in a good way. It definitely was not like your ordinary American chicken wings like they serve in TGIF. I can recognize the Spanish flavor; and the spicy bleu cheese made the flavor even extraordinary. Maybe I am exaggerating, but that’s how I felt at that time. I finished the seafood pasta and the chicken wings. And in fairness to me, I only finished half of the bowl of rice I ordered.

Sir Andrew, the restaurant manager I met the first time I visited T&S was there. He was very busy (the owners were there, serving some customers too), but he made sure to drop by my table 2x to make sure that I am ok.
Good food, good service, friendly staff, nice ambience (the grand canal in Venice). How can I not be ok?!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

McKinley is turning into a foodie destination with its new restaurants and beautiful still-under-construction Venice Grand Canal Mall. I decided to reserve a table at Toni & Sergio, a new Italian-Spanish restaurant in the new mall for Mother’s Day after reading about a positive review about the place.

Hello, Toni & Sergio.

We got to the place half an hour earlier than my reservation but we were graciously accommodated by the staff and directed us to the corner table with a couch. Since the place was a bit dark though, we moved to the one near the window for some natural light. 9728

With grumbling tummies, we quickly ordered the following: Truffle Cream Soup (PHP150), Creamy Baked Spinach (PHP200), Paella dela Casa (PHP490) and Lasagna 6 Cheese (PHP520).

While waiting for our food, I admired the restaurant's nice interiors and beautiful tiles.

The bowl of truffle cream soup was served first and it was not as creamy as I thought. It was quite light in texture but it was definitely flavorful. However, I think it would have been better with some croutons as the soup was a tad too salty to be enjoyed in one sitting. I had to split the bowl with my mom.

The Creamy Baked Spinach was served next and it was delightful. It was just like the one from Cyma. Creamy, cheesy and spinach-y if there is such a term. It was a wonderful dip or topping for the toasted bread. We loved it so much that we asked for more bread which they gave for free. 128518

The paella was served soon after and it was pretty big and definitely good for more than 2 persons. (The menu says that it is just good for 2.)

It had a nice tangy taste that went well with the prawns, mussels, clams, chicken, chorizo, marinated artichokes, black olives. I loved the harmony of the textures and the rice was definitely cooked to perfection. My only negative remark on this is that the mussels and clams were a bit small. 128534

Last served was my sister’s 6 cheese lasagna. It was huge and looked very sinful with the butter around the sides.

The layers of pasta was al dente and each bite was packed with cheesy flavor. It wouldn’t be a surprise though given that the lasagna is made with cheeses like Mascarpone, Talleggio, Gorgonzola and Parmigiano Regiano e Pecorino. If you are a fan of cheese, this is a must order. But one order is good for 3 unless you really love cheese and do not mind the calories and cholesterol.

Since Toni & Sergio is still new, they usually give demo receipts. But you can ask one of the servers for an official receipt and they will give you one in no time.

I’ll surely be back to try paella negra and other pasta and pizza dishes. 128523

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

After watching Eat Pray Love I started dreaming about living in Italy. After overdosing from Latinovela when I was kid, I started dreaming about learning the Spanish language. I’m not sure how this is going to work, but at least with Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano, the combination does work. Toni & Sergio is an Italian gastro pub with a Spanish twist and it is one of the restaurants that you can check out when you visit the Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill, Taguig.

If you are curious who Toni and Sergio are, well they are brothers. Toni Iapino is a businessman who owned a few restaurants and pubs in Italy while Sergio Iapino is a popular TV director in Spain, Italy, and Argentina. The brothers’ love for Italian and Spanish cuisines were the inspiration for the T&G’s fusion concept.

T&G is established by Toni’s son, Giulius Ceazar Iapino, president of Eatalian Inc. It follows the success of one of their other business ventures, Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria at Resorts World Manila.

“We are targeting to expand our market. In Parmigiano, we serve business executives and families from the upscale homes. Here, we aim to please the middle class and their families who deserve good food and drinks while having good times with each other. We will be serving quality dishes that are affordable, but without any shortcuts,” said Giulius.

I haven’t been to Parmigiano, but who cares? I went to Toni & Sergio with an empty stomach, a clear indication of my excitement to sample their dishes. Here’s a rundown of the dishes that I’ve tried.

We all know paella, that Spanish rice dish with all those toppings you could think of, sometimes chicken or beef, most of the time seafood. Whatever toppings it has, the first thing you would notice about the rice is that it is covered in red sauce. That's good but it's boring, so how about trying the one with black sauce? That’s right, black. T&G uses the black ink of squid for Black Ink Paella (PHP 425-USD 9.04). Not only does it look interesting, it is also exquisite. The consistency is not as sticky as the red paella but for me, it tastes better. The calamari was a delightful addition, but the cut was slightly smaller compared with those shown in the picture below. By the way, make sure to squeeze the lemon over it because it does wonders to the flavor.

But if you prefer the traditional then you would love their Paella dela Casa (PHP 445-USD 9.46). It has prawns, mussels, boiled eggs, clams, chicken, chorizo, marinated artichokes, and black olives.

That 24-hour marinating process may be the secret, or maybe it’s the spicy aioli bleu cheese and marinara that go with it. Whatever it is, it sure worked because T&S Chicken Wings (PHP 285-USD 6.06) doesn’t disappoint. It is served with coleslaw, some mayo and pesto.

They offer brick-oven pizza and if you like them thin and chewy, you will appreciate T&G’s version. The Pizza Gamberetti (PHP 380- USD 8.08) is perfect for you if like veggies on your pizza. It is made with red sauce, topped with pieces of shrimp, shreds of mozzarella cheese, and leaves of rocula (salad rocket).

If you like it simple with lots of cheese, then try their 5 Cheese (PHP 380- USD 8.08) pizza, that’s right, not three, not four, but five types of cheese: gorgonzola (veined Italian blue cheese), mozzarella (southern Italian cheese), pecorino (a hard and salty Italian cheese), parmigiana (a.k.a. parmesan cheese), and scamorza (Italian’s cow’s milk cheese). You may have it in white sauce or red sauce; we tried the former. According to one of the staff, he liked the red version better. Something to look forward to next time.

One thing I noticed about their pizza is that it tastes good regardless if its hot or cold. We weren’t able to finish the pizza so I had a takeaway. Some pizza don’t taste as good if you eat them the next day, but not T&G pizza. Just put them in the oven with a cup of water and they’re as good as newly cooked.

When you’ve had your fill, why not order a cup of espresso? I don’t drink my coffee black but I’ve had a small sip of it sans the sugar and milk and it was awesome.

Better yet, why not try their iced coffee especially now that the weather is oppressive. Iced Ciocolacino (PHP 120-USD 2.55) is basically iced coffee infused with chocolate. The flavor is not as full-bodied as those you can find in more popular cafes, but it was good enough to merit a suggestion.

Still have room for desserts? Try their cakes-in-a-jar. Tiramisu (PHP 260-USD 5.53) or that traditional Italian dessert of layers of mascarpone cheese, lady fingers, and espresso and cacao powder is a good option. Most of the tiramisu I’ve had tastes more coffee than cacao. Don't get me wrong, I love coffee, but there's a reason we mix them with water you know. But on this one, the combination of the two flavors was impeccable.

But if there is one dessert I’d endorse it’s the Panna Cotta. T&G’s version is so far the best one I’ve ever had. Once you have a spoon of it, you wouldn’t want to share. It’s practically a jar of happiness; fleeting but memorable.

There are over 70 Italian and Spanish dishes on their menu but for the first-timers, they recommend that you try their brick oven pizza. I say don’t just stop with pizza, try their paella, try their chicken wings, and most of all, try their pannacotta for that complete T&G experience.

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Cindz C.
4.0 Stars

One of their best sellers. The paella mariscos. The Paella is good balance in taste and serving for 480.00 ++ you can see the prawns and they really put fresh ingridients in their paella. It would be better if they added a little more of saffron to make it smell and taste better but all in all a good paella for me. Will try their other list some other time. Bon apetito.

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Yvonne M.
5.0 Stars

I have been checking out the Venice Grand Canal in McKinley Hill, The Fort for any new resto or food stall from time to time, and promised myself to try any new store that will open.
Just today, I was invited to the newest kid in the block – Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano. While the name connotes an Italian vibe, T&S is actually a fusion of Italian and Spanish Cuisine. They have, in their menu, the usual Italian Pasta and Pizza; and they also offer authentic Spanish Paella, among others.

We were not really hungry but we wanted to try it, so we settled for the traditional Pasta and Pizza. We ordered Seafood Pasta, and Pizza Tre Salsiccia (3 sausage pizza), which, according to the very friendly server, is one of their best sellers. We did think that their seafood pasta was really great. We could tell that the pasta used was of good quality, definitely al dente, and very tasty. The seafood were fresh and tender, cooked just right. Five Stars for the Pasta!

Now the pizza: When the server said it is one of their best-sellers, I felt excited and waited with so much anticipation. Unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. I really thought it was good, but it can be better. So when the server asked if we liked the food – I shared with him my verdict, in all sincerity. He was thankful and apologetic.
After a couple of minutes, I was surprised when the store manager, Sir Andrew, and their Italian Chef, Chef David approached our table to ask about the food and what exactly I did not like in their pizza. I told them I do like their pizza, but it did not meet my expectations. I gave them constructive feedback on how they could probably improve on the pizza and assured them that it was good, but can be better. Sir Andrew and Chef David took my comments seriously; they listened attentively and thanked me for the feedback. And to my surprise, they offered to change the pizza. They wanted to prepare another one, a better pizza according to my expectations. As we were not really hungry and felt full already, we politely declined. They insisted. Maybe to vindicate themselves, so we finally agreed and waited for the next pizza.

After some few minutes, there it was- a newly prepared pizza: hot and cheesy, and a lot tastier than the previous one. It was also better-looking than the first one, more appetizing and palatable. Now that’s what pizza should be.

Sir Andrew and Chef David went back to our table and asked for feedback. I could only give them 2 thumbs up as my mouth was busy chewing the hot new pizza.

Excellent customer service, clean store, nice ambience, good food. Will definitely come back to try their other dishes.

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