TonTon Massage

2/F Sapphire Residences, 31 St. cor. 2nd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

TonTon Massage
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Massage Parlor
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Reopens: 12:00p - 1:00a


  • Sunday
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Payment Options

Cash, MasterCard, Visa

Price Range

₱195 - ₱600

Most Recent Reviews

Cheska G.
1.0 Stars

Hubby and I looove massage but I think Tonton's isn't for us. Instead of being relaxed, we felt (esp. hubby) tortured. We realized Thai massage isn't for us.

This place is recommended for people who gets relaxed by having massage with lots of pressure points, stretching, kneading, etc. and not the usual himas-himas. :)

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Martin P.
5.0 Stars

If you're not a fan of Thai massage, I bet, you won't enjoy their massage here. As their sign says upon you enter the place, they are focused on pressure points. That means that it's more "pressing" that they do, and the usual soothing massage you get from a swedish massage place or your traditional "hilot".

For me, it was really relaxing and I even fell asleep at some point. If the pressure is really hard on you, you could easily tell the masseu to ease a bit so that your muscles won't get sore.

Not bad at all for 350 pesos of an hour worth of massage.

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Monique A.
2.0 Stars

Thai massage isn't for me
I was so tortured

Going home to mend my broken limbs128532

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John T.
5.0 Stars

Been here more than 5 times already and always come out relaxed and chilled. The best no non-sense full body massage for one hour at only 350 pesos. Just when you are about to say ouch, the message pressure turns into a heavenly feeling. And true to Thai massage, no oils are used so it's the closest to having one in Bangkok.

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Jennifer N.
2.0 Stars

The massage area was too dark, even the reception area was dimly lit too. Didn't like the curtained room setup, it felt too exposed.

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Peanut D.
2.0 Stars

I go get a massage to feel RELAXED. Not to be IN PAIN. Call me a weakling but this whole Thai massage business just isn’t for me.

I had my thighs kneaded by someone’s feet, the soles of my own feet stepped on and my entire body twisted so much and so quickly that I thought my limbs would fall off my body.

I understand that some people actually want this kind of pain. I suppose that’s understandable… masochists. Haha.

I went to TonTon after doing yoga and about 20% of the Insanity workout (Hi Ina d) to get rid of the soreness. Horrible decision. I couldn’t stretch for the next 3-4 days because my non-athletic thighs and calf muscles felt so… torn inside. Literally. But hey, at least +1 looloo review?

Also, Lesley Ardelle E was right about the place. Don’t expect spa-like ambiance here. This is like going to a dark, almost dingy place with cots on the floor and curtains that separate each room. This is like the time you went to your cousin’s house and they didn’t have a bed for you so they brought out an extra mattress so you can sleep on the floor. I mean it’s not THAT bad especially for the price (their menu is on looloo hehe). If the massage wasn’t such a torture, I’d probably be okay with it.

My cot was beside the bathroom, too. I could hear people flushing the toilet.

At one point, a Japanese dude (I could hear him talking first that’s why I knew he was Japanese) went inside the bathroom and farted like there’s no tomorrow. PRRROOOOT! It was the quick and loud kind.

I didn’t know what to feel: pain, because someone’s currently stepping on me or disgust because someone just farted and I was imagining how it would smell like lol. I decided it’s hilarious. Someone’s farting while I’m wincing in pain. Bahahaha. NAT. 128534

Lots of foreigners go here btw. Koreans, Americans, and Japanese folks. Mostly dudes it seems. One American guy was in the stall next to mine. He was screaming in pain.


*bones cracking*


Ahhh, the sound of serenity…

I probably won’t go back. I will leave this for the hardcore Thai massage enthusiasts. In the meantime, I’ll just stick to my free Bruno’s Barbers massage when I get my foot spa.

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Lesley Ardelle V.
4.0 Stars

Having a massage after a very stressful day is like finding water in the dessert, or eating your first pasta dish at the end of a South Beach Diet.

Your battered mind, heart and body are yearning for it, and once they are given this luxury: AHHHH, PARADISE. All of the strain in your muscles just magically releases. You know the feeling of releasing your breath after holding it for far too long?

That is why I am thankful for these kinds of massage places that cater to the battered office workers of Manila. It's unlike those fancy spas that use fancy oils and scrubs and whatnot; it's straightforward massage. If you need a quick fix, then this is the place to go. 128522 And I mean this in the most wholesome way possible. 128516

As I mentioned above, don't expect anything fancy. They give Thai dry massage, so it involves a lot of stretching and some kneading. For the shy types, don't worry, you are fully-clothed throughout. 128516 They give you a set of pajamas to wear for the session.

They offer massage packages in 30-60-90-120 minute lengths. You can do foot or back massage for as short as 30 minutes (Php 200) or choose from foot/back/body for an hour or 1.5 hour massage (Php 350/450). You can also opt for a combo package of 30-minute back/foot/body plus 1 hour back/foot/body. Just mix and match for only Php 500! The 1-hour combos cost Php 400 while the 2-hour combos cost Php 650.

I got a combination foot and body massage, so before leading me to the booth with the bed, they first led me to a makeshift area with chairs scattered around...for my foot massage. 128563 This is where they clean the feet of those who will go for the body massage, too. A hygienic purpose that is laudable, but I wish they placed it near the reception area instead. They had to guide me past all of the other booths to reach this area. It isn't very fun to walk around in the dark. 128563

The body massage is nice. They say Thai traditional massage is "Lazy man's yoga" because the therapists support you in stretches that are yoga poses. How cool is that? Haha. I didn't notice that they were yoga poses, though, because I was asleep for more than half of the duration. Hahaha. 128564 Sarap.

It's very quiet inside, except for the "spa music" that plays on a loop. Very relaxing nature sounds. 128564 It's so quiet and it's so relaxing so don't be surprised if you hear some snoring from the other booths. LOL. But hopefully, you'll be far off into dreamland before you hear, nocturnal sounds. 128522

What I didn't like about the place was the LAYOUT. This branch was too "magulo," like they just squeezed in the booths (with curtain dividers) wherever they will fit. It's pretty dark inside so having an efficient layout is important. And I wish they would put in floor lights at least, to guide people to the booths. I know they didn't put much care in the aesthetics of the place because it's dark and clients could hardly see anything, but it's important for them to take ergonomics into consideration, still.

Oh well. Like I said, nothing fancy. The important thing here is that I felt refreshed and relaxed (and not oily!) afterward. 128077 And they're open till 2 am! Perfect for an after-work / after-work-out stress-reliever!

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