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Torch Restaurant
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

After watching a play in Greenbelt, the first showing of the international renowned play, Silent Sky, we scrambled to look for a place for a late night dinner. We ended up here in Torch, a restaurant that serves primarily steak, pizza, and sushi. The menu is quite extensive, making them a go-to place if you have no craving whatsoever or wanting to have a number of dishes.

I was with my girlfriend’s family, and we shared a simple, delicious and filling meal together. Since we had dinner previously, we only settled for cheesy and thinly prepared Margherita Pizza, uniquely made Bacon Maki with cream cheese and our choice of drinks. I had a lightly flavored, in season, Strawberry Shake.

I look forward to another visit here when we are in the area. There are a lot more worth indulging in as I browsed in the menu.

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars


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Adnad S.
5.0 Stars

One of our faves in Greenbelt 5

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Arvee L.
4.0 Stars

Buffalo Asian Wings for the win! 128077🏻

The ultimate torch burger( but I love the chips and the dip) and the steak panizza are just so-so for me.

Place is a bit crowded perhaps because it’s a Payday Friday (for them, not to me!lols)
Service is commendable. They have served our food really fast.
The staff is attentive and courteous.
But I find the price of the food a bit too costly.

Food: 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Place: 🙂🙂🙂
Service: 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Value for money: 🙂🙂🙂

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Kaycee G.
3.0 Stars

128149Date for Two: Chicken Pesto, Bacon Roll Pizza – Half Gambas, Half Philly Cheesesteak
128140Total: P945

Overall: Food is okay, nothing special so we find this really expensive. Bacon Roll is worth trying though because hey, it’s bacon!! 128521128055

Value for money: Too expensive.

#DateForTwo at Torch

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April Ann P.
2.0 Stars

A better service and good serving size. The crew could have been more organized.

It was not a first for us to visit Torch. We usuall visit Torch Molito Branch and we commend their service there. But as for Greenbelt branch, we were very disturbed with the idea that they prepare the food without using gloves and masks. We were seated next to their kitchen area that made it so visible for us how unhygeinic it was.

Also, we handed them two senior ID’s but to our suprise, after waiting for our change, no discount was made. So waited for another while. It seems that they were not systematic and organized at all.

But we commend one of their servers, Reyna, for being so accomodatinf and child-friendly (we had a toddler with us).

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Torch is easily my go-to restaurant in Greenbelt. Always delivers with good food and fast service. They revamped their menu with a whole lot of new offerings, and expanded the steak area which I will come back next time.

For this visit we tried their Oriental Wings. It’s 8 pcs of wings in both oriental and spicy flavoring. Wing sizes are good, and the flavor is not only on the outer skin but you can taste it from within. Quite a good appetizer to start of you meal. Besides their staple pasta, they now have a “make-your-own” pasta going on. We chose ours as chicken alfredo for Php 299 I think. Various toppings are available such as chicken, meat or shrimps. With oil, red, and white base as sauces and spaghetti or fettuccine for the choice of pasta. It comes with a garlic bread.

As for the pizzas, you can split two flavors in one pizza which allows you to try their different flavors. We had my all time favorite philly cheesesteak and gambas. The cheese never fails. It’s still cheesy as always but somehow with lesser meat this time. Huhu. But the crust are still crunchy and I swear, the cheese always gets me. We also had the Torch Signature roll which is version of their maki. It’s tasty and taste like bibimbap.

The service is always prompt, and the staffs are accommodating. Very consistent every since for Torch. And I am looking forward for their steak menu on my next visit.

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DC l.
2.0 Stars

The beef belly was good but it was served only slightly warm. Like it was re-heated lang.

Their new dish- Japanese tacos were overpriced. 200 pesos for one and it's just mostly rice inside.

The shrimp popcorn was the worst I've had. My cook at home makes better shrimp popcorn.

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Bea Patricia J.
5.0 Stars

(3rd attempt to post) 128557 OK - so ive been seeing a lot of pizza posts lately #triggered 🤣 So here’s mine but with maki and other stuff on the side!!

This review is for folks near greenbelt / planning to go to greenbelt —
▫️fresh grad hires / migrants from ortigas/qc/taguig to makati
▫️indecisive lunch buddies
▫️family / bffs who have different preferences in cuisine
▫️the bahala na gang
▫️workbuddies having a “happy lunch” (P300+ alocated budget)
▫️the HANGRY girlfriend or preggy wife
▫️the curious and easy to please

Here’s my list :
127858 SOUP
Gives you a warm, homey feeling and a delightful slurp of autumn - ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP! Creamy, and spiced just right! Quite close to Cibo’s, but not as pricey!

Skip - Mmmm...Not giving a solid reco here as I am not really a salad person when in a restaurant (I prefer making my own, thanks! Only exeption is salad stop or Outback’s Shrimp Parmesan Salad) . The GRILLED CHICKEN QUINOA though IS worth trying! (No photo cause I was infatuated for a while) Blaming the sesame dressing! Posted above is Tofu Salad that’s literally just tofu, cherry tomatoes and lettuce

127857 MAKI
Everything with cream cheese is just 10x better! Deep fried for a light crunch, with BONITO FLAKES!! (Okonomiyaki feels) I have a thing for spices and herbs so this one’s a tug in the heart. PLUS UNAGI SAUCE and JAPANESE MAYO on the side!!! I have strong feelings for dips too 128557 sarap guys

Signature because of all stars except for salmon and tuna - soft shell crab, unagi, tempura, & ebi! Also includes Cucumber, and Ripe Mangoes for a sweet kick. This wins the crunch and texture award!

Will never go wrong with Gooey mozarella cheese on top!!! But I guess that’s just it. With only tempura and tamago inside - it’s the simplest with an oomph. LOOLOO TIP : ask for extra terriyaki sauce!

If you’re torn between the three and you just have to order one, ask yourself if you want cream cheese or not :)

I love thin, rollable soft crusts because - GREENS!!! Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla, and Pazzo Rollo are my staples! But here - only the Panizza comes with UNLIMITED arrugula and alfalfa sprouts! So if you’re like me, indulge all you can!!! Take note that the pizza is a bit thicker, and doesnt come with greens! So if you want panizza, go for these two :
▫️SEAFOOD PANIZZA / GAMBAS PIZZA - roasted shrimp, garlic and cheese! Simple but heavenly!!
▫️STEAK PANIZZA / PHILLY CHEESESTEAK PIZZA - get this if you’re a cream cheese baby like me! Angus beef strips were tasty!
But should you want pizza,
▫️PROSCIUTTO ARUGULA is a party in your mouth! White sauce (creamy!!! White over red talaga ako), thin films of Prosciutto (ughhh bakit ba nawala project pie), Rocket baby arugula (this one has a more vivid leafy aftertaste i love!!!) and balsamic vinegrette!!! *passes out

▫️NACHOS GALORE for groupies! Hindi tipid sa toppings ‘to, promise!
▫️RAMEN - nope, just nope!

SULIT MEALS (less than 200)
Yup!! #tagtipidDiscovery All means come with a complimentary drink, and the serving is big!!!
▫️ FISHER’S BANGUS with garlic rice + egg
▫️US ANGUS BEEF TAPA guyssss it’s tapa!
▫️HIGH RIBS BREAKFAST hello it’s ribs :O

* Al fresco at night isn’t as enjoyable (?) because it’s too dark parin
* Not for 10+ family / groups who want to sit beside each other (long table style)
* A bit cramped inside, but still ok!

* usually “laggy” for some odd reason. Ate here a lot of times already and it’s the same banana.

That’s all folks! Natapos din -_- app crashed 3x! Huhu


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Pat D.
3.0 Stars

Torch’s 128293 US Angus Tenderloin Salpicao Medallion with bacon + garlic parsley rice 💯128076🏻. A bit pricy but it was worth it. Not a fan of their truffle fries and beef belly short plate (minus 1 star). Service can be better (minus 1 star) but over all it was a nice experience.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Torch serves all day breakfast! But not daily!

We all got the beef tapa with garlic rice and sunny side up egg. You can choose to change the garlic to plain and sunny side up to scrambled.

When I saw the plate, I thought the tapa served was too little. But the flavor was so intense that you would need a spoonful of rice with a small piece of the tapa. Egg was cooked nicely.

Got 10% discount for cash transaction because my friend is an alumnus of Xavier School.

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Louie A.
2.0 Stars

Probably because it was a Sunday which is why service is so slow. Also, I always gauge the efficiency and attentiveness of a waiter or waitress if he or she remembers who ordered what fare. The waitress who was serving our table, kept asking who ordered the food that she was bringing to our table. I had high expectations from a restaurant whose food prices are not actually inexpensive.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Family dinner. Sure is this is one of the lower end restaurants at greenbelt5 line up of restaurants, but i think the food is considerably good!

128204128525 jabanero baby back ribs @485PhP
This is worth the 500PhP, so id really recommend this to to you. This is half slab of fall off the bones ribs. Dear Plank, eto yung meaty na sinasabi niyo. The mango chipotle barbecue sauce with it tastes a little sweet. The garmlic parsley rice was good. Blanched french beans and carrots for your veggie servings. If there's one thing to improve, can you give sauce at the sides?

128204128525 buffalo asian chicken wings @325PhP
Crispy and lightly spiced.

128204128525 salpicao medallion @480PhP
Two chunks of very good beef. Bacon rolled, set into medium rare, it's continuously being cooked. It's soft but tasted a little bland.

128204 Smoked Chicken Curry @325PhP
The presentation was ugly. There was a small amount of curry sauce. But the taste was just okay.

128204128525 chicken yakitori @385PhP
Bacon rolled boneless chicken skewers. Special garlic teriyaki sauce.

Sorry i couldn't get the photos they ate it immediately.

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Gayla b.
4.0 Stars

Soft-Shell Crab Salad FTW!!

A must try!!!


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DC l.
3.0 Stars

We were a group of 15 people. I was able to try most of the dishes we ordered.
Soft shell crab salad - 4/5
Philly steak pizza - 3.5/5
Margherita pizza - 3.5/5
Prosciutto pizza - 3/5
Salpicao steak - 3.5/5
Burger mac and cheese - 3/5
Torch roll (like Japanese roll) - 3.5/5
Clam chowder - 3/5
Popcorn shrimp 3/5
Vongole pasta 3/5

Everything was average. Wouldn't be too keen on going back.
They couldn't even grant a simple request of swapping chips with rice. Almost all restaurants I've been to are happy to do that.

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Lia B.
3.0 Stars

Tried their gambas pizza, prosciutto arugula pizza and blackened chicken alfredo pasta. Liked the prosciutto and the others were just ok. Seems popular to the lunch crowd.

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Anna d.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Torch is a familiar restaurant to most people given that it has been open for quite some time now, and it has opened more branches in Metro Manila.

That's me. I've known Torch ever since it first opened its doors, and everytime I've thought about trying it out, something just comes up that hinders me from doing so, until this month.

Torch has a menu that is quite broad, which I found a bit weird, since it offers "fusion" food that meant that they serve food across cuisines. Okay, so there's sushi on one side of the menu and pizza on the other, wait, what? 128518

Upon sitting down, we were provided with a cup of long, thin, fried, salted strips that seemed like noodles. These were good to munch while waiting for your orders, although it was oily. I even saw one customer wrap each strip in a tissue before eating. I'm not sure if it's refillable though because the servers didn't refill ours (although we also didn't request for it).

I don't order salmon rolls very often because I don't eat raw, but my sister ordered one so I figured I should give it a try, and it was good. The sushi was fried which is why the salmon bits weren't really raw. They also had big chunks of cream cheese in there, which made dipping it in soy sauce too salty. So I prefer it without 128522 I just found the slices of the sushi too thick.

Our favorite! Two big pieces of tenderloin meat that is cooked medium rare (that's the "default" according to their server), served with some vegetables and your choice of either mashed potato or rice. The meat was sooooo scrumptious and juicy! I can't say that it's very tender but for the price, size and taste of that thing, who would even complain? The mashed potato wasn't too good, though. It lacked flavor and creaminess, so I let my sister have it 128518

•Salmon•Unagi Citrus Sauce•Mango Salsa•Garlic-Parsley Rice•
The salmon was cooked perfectly that the texture wasn't flaky although it also wasn't cooked well done. It was a bit bland without the glaze, but the glaze didn't taste too good so I removed it still. I can say I preferred the salmon a bit bland (yes, only a bit) instead of it not being bland but with the glaze 128513 The mango salsa was a good addition to eating the salmon and rice together since it adds flavors with the mangoes, tomatoes and onions in there. The rice was just rice topped with some garlic and parsley.

•Fettuccine•Alfredo•Grilled Cajun Chicken•Garlic toast•
We just ordered this dish to add some carbs in our orders, just in case we don't feel full from the first three. We were wrong, and we had to take this home, but not without me trying it first 128517 I found the pasta okay. Its chicken had rosemaries in it and was a bit dry. It's a typical alfredo pasta.

127744MANGO DAIQUIRI P269.95
My sister ordered this as a drink. We were wondering why it costs that much, until it was served to us. It was freaking huge! Too bad for her because I don't drink alcohol so I can't share it with her. She said she didn't taste much of the rum, and it tasted more of a mango shake. She didn't finish it, although she left it almost empty 128518

I love their lovely ambiance. There's a "grass wall", modern lighting designs, wooden furnitures and several orange bulls that hung on their walls.

It's good to finally try this restaurant after so long. I'm definitely coming back to try their pizzas as well, since I noticed that most tables have them. I think it's also one of their highly recommended dishes.

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Friday nights are meant for catching up with friends and unwinding after a long week of work. Since it can be really traffic everywhere on a weeknight, we decided to just stay close to our office. Greenbelt 5 was just a bridge away so it's no big surprise that we're here again at Torch. Yay! 127881
127844VOLCANO ROLL | [P370] 1108811088110881108811088
I LOVED this. It has everything that I want in a maki. Freshly baked sushi roll filled with tempura, tamago and Japanese cucumber, and topped with spice-baked US scallops. The blend of the ingredients used was perfect but what I really loved about this was the sauce that went on top of with it. It was just so creamy and cheesy yet the cheese flavor is not overpowering at all. Definitely a must try❗️
127829WHITE TRUFFLE SAUSAGE PIZZA [P450] 11088110881108811088
A sumptuous topping of sautéed fresh mushrooms and grilled Italian sausages, topped with a blend of Fontina and mozzarella cheese, drizzled with truffle oil. This is a good alternative if you want to steer away from the usual tomato based pizzas. There was a generous serving of cheese on top and you can definitely taste the truffle flavor. The mushrooms and sausages were enough that you get to have a small portion in every bite. The crust was thin and crispy – perfect.
128046STEAK PANIZZA | [P350] 1108811088110881108811088
U.S. Angus Beef strips on a fresh, oven-baked panizza topped with mozzarella and cream cheese. As mentioned in my last review, I really do love this one. The Angus Beef strips were very juicy and flavorful. The panizza is oven-baked so it’s not oily while the alfalfa and salsa that came with it were fresh. I loved how the mozzarella and cream cheese made the whole dish even more flavorful. I liked how the bread itself was very thin and how guilt-free this dish makes me feel.
Directions for eating: Layer the alfalfa and tomato salsa on top of the panizza then roll it. Enjoy! 128516
127812TARTUFO PASTA [P550] 11088110881108811088
Creamy truffle mushroom pasta in fettuccini. A great dish 128077🏻

🌶APPETIZER SAMPLER [P495] 110881108811088
Buffalo Asian Wings (4pcs) • Chili Cheese Crispers (3pcs) • Chicken Skin (3pcs) • Truffle Fries
When I saw this being served on other tables during my previous visits, I knew I had to try it soon. I was a bit disappointed the moment I tried it though. Presentation looks great but the taste was average. Personally not a fan of chicken wings so I did not even taste it. The truffle fries did not even have a hint of truffle flavor. It just tasted like normal thick cut fries. What I did like were the Chili Cheese Crispers and Chicken Skin. Crispers were not too spicy but still flavorful while the Chicken Skin was crispy and perfect with the vinegar sauce that went along with it.

Unagi Citrus sauce • Mango salsa • Garlic Parsley Rice
There was a HUGE difference between the photo on the menu and the dish served to us. Salmon was bland. It just felt so sad eating this. 128532
🎖SALPICAO MEDALLION | [P580]1108811088110881108811088
The crowd favorite - medallions of certified Angus Beef, wrapped with bacon and served with mashed potatoes and sautéed French beans. The salty bacon added that savory salty flavor to the tender and juicy beef 128069 Mashed potato was smooth and brought balance to the saltiness of the dish. Really loved this one! Also, this was served on a granite stone and therefore, would continue cooking until you reach preferred doneness. Do put it on your plate immediately if you want a rarer doneness.
For dessert, we ordered BREAD PUDDING WITH SABAYON SAUCE (P150), FROZEN BRAZO DE MERCEDES (P235) and CRÈME BRULE CAKE (P220). They don't have the best range and flavors for desserts so I suggest getting dessert someplace else. It's pretty average for the same price range.

It's always been great dining here. The servers were very accommodating and food was great except for one 128517 Will definitely keep coming back for their great comfort food.
1. Salpicao Medallion
2. Volcano Roll
3. Steak Panizza
4. Tartufo Pasta
5. White truffle sausage pizza
6. Smoked Jaberno Glazed Salmon
7. Brazo de Mercedes & Creme Brûlée Cake
8. Bread pudding with Sabayon sauce
*Sorry the appetizer sampler's photo turned out bad 128557

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

It's been about four months since my best friend and I had a meal together. We wanted to eat somewhere close to our office and opted to dine at Torch in Greenbelt 5.


Soft Shell Crab - Fresh mixed greens with crispy breaded soft-shell crab, ripe mangoes and black grapes, served with Pomegranate and Torch's signature dressing. This is one of my favorite dishes in Torch. The soft shell crab is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. The fruits and dressing really balanced the dish well too. This could be the perfect meal for you if you're looking for something light.

Steak Panizza - U.S. Angus Beef on a fresh, oven baked panizza topped with mozzarella and cream cheese. This was really good as well. The beef was cooked to perfection: seasoned well and juicy. You actually need to roll this with the greens, tomatoes and onions inside and eat it like a sandwich. I must say that I was really satisfied with it. Because this was baked, it was not oily like regular pizzas. The bread was very thin and everything just went well together. I love a little bit of spice in my food so I added a few drops of their hot sauce to balance everything out. Overall, this is a wonderful dish.

Torch's signature roll - sushi roll filled with softshell crab, ebi tempura, tamago and Japanese cucumber, topped with wakame seaweed, kani and ripe mango. To be honest, this is nothing special. I did not taste the soft shell crab and ebi tempura at all. I was kind of disappointed since out of the three dishes we ordered, this was the most expensive.

The overall experience was great as the servers were attentive and friendly. The ambience was good as well. Most diners were coming over from work (like us) since it was a Thursday night. We were both ladies so 3 dishes was a bit too much. We almost did not finish everything. 128514 But we'll definitely be back to try their other dishes.

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