Torch Restaurant

Molito Complex, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang-Zapote Rd., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Torch Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

Paul E.
3.0 Stars

Food was okay. Kinda fancier than it should be (seems loke they focused on making the dishes more Instagram-mable than actually focusing on the taste). Service was baaaad, especially when the place is full.

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Paolo S.
3.0 Stars

I'm frankly on the fence with this one. I've read positive reviews about Torch across the board, so maybe it was a matter of not ordering the right things. Thats also the problem with having such an expansive fusion menu that spans several pages and includes a mish mash of so many influences.

Specialties daw are the sushi, steak, and pizza. So alright, we proceeded to order the steak fondue, white truffle sausage pizza, salmon cream cheese maki (wanted sana the signature torch roll but my dad's allergic to shrimp and crab), and a chicken yakitori for good measure!

The yakitori was good and flavorful. And so was the chahan fried rice it was served with. Kaso... for yakitori there's places in BF Homes, and also Nanbantei thats 5 mins away. The white truffle pizza definitely had the scent of truffle but i couldn't taste very much of it. I think the volume cheese overpowered the truffle. Plus points though for being gooey and cheesy! But the amount of sausage on the pizza was quite sparse, like 1 bite of sausage per slice sparse. 128529

The steak fondue was decent. The serving was quite limited. But the beef was really tender and went well with the red wine sauce. Out of the 5 sauces that came with it, thats the one we collectively liked the most. The amount of sauce it was served with was overkill though compared to the amount of beef. As you can see in the pic: a ratio of 5 full shot glasses of dipping sauce to barely half a bowl of beef.

The winner for me was the salmon cream cheese maki. Now that was gooooood! I'd order this again a second time around. Big slices of breaded sushi rolls with a generous amount of cream cheese and salmon inside. It went well with the sauce and the bonito flakes on the side.

For some reason i left the place feeling very oily (inside and out), and i think thats also because of what we ordered that evening. All in all it was just okay. I wasnt too impressed but feel Torch deserves a second visit before i give a final verdict and close my book on this place.

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Sunday family lunch at torch and they loved it! We were there at around 1130 so just a few occupied tables. We got a bunch of stuff like their bottomless nachos, bacon cream roll, salmon cream roll, chicken fingers (which were more like fried chicken cos they were huge!), 2 kinds of pizzas and a pasta dish. Sad though cos they didn't have their burger Mac and cheese. Out of stock daw. Out of stock e kaka bukas nyo Lang? I guess out of stock is not the right term, more of not available yeah?
Food was great and almost no waiting time. Service was also good but serving per se needs a bit of polishing IMO. They kept on spilling the nachos and whenever a new dish arrived, they would just put it down anywhere and not make enough space for it on the table.
Also, since it it was a Sunday, they had balloon twists for the kids. BUT, they were still learning how to do it so the balloons kept on popping 128563 not a good idea because the kids who got their swords and stuff kept on running around the resto.
Will still go back though and I hope they have the Mac and cheese next time.

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Had lunch at torch before my flight last week cos I wanted something hearty and because i didn't want to buy food at the airport 128570
It was just the hubby and I and we ordered the salmon roll, cheesteak pizza and cheesy mashed potatoes. Forgot how big the servings were so we had too much food!
The rolls were good, very generous with the cream cheese and bonito flakes 128077🏼 the pizza came next and it was very tasty! Wish the crust was crispier though. The cheesy mashed potatoes was a random add on, I thought it would be small but when it arrived it was another platter! Delish mashed potatoes ladled with cheese, kids would like this.
Unfortunately, it took a while for our bill to come. There were only 2 other occupied tables and when I went to the cash register to check, the bill hasn't been processed yet (after 10mins) 🙄. Apparently, the server got the payment and just left the folder on th counter. Tsk tsk. Of course I called this out when the bill finally came. They apologized but still, time is gold! Also, a lot of tambay crew around the staircase where they are very visibly joking around etc, i do not like.
Food is great but I hope these couple of things could be improved.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

I've always wanted to try torch but the nearest one was in greenbelt! So I was super excited when I learned that the old uncle cheffy in molito would be replaced by torch! Yay!
They just opened a couple of weeks ago and they are still on soft opening. Got the chance to have a lunch meeting there yesterday and we ordered the bacon roll, volcano roll, half and half gambas pizza and cheesesteak pizza and the burger Mac and cheese. Mind you there were just three of us 128540
Servers were polite and attentive, was just about to as for a tea light cos there was a fly and our server was already there with the tea light floating in a cute jar. Loved the interiors too, a mix of homey + industrial chic with some greens (faux) mixed in.
Our rolls arrived first. The volcano rolls were amayzze! Ebi rolls with a special tangy sauce and torched cheese on top, yum! The bacon rolls were good too and I think I liked this more. Rolls rolled in sesame with bacon and cream cheese. They were very generous with the cheese too!
Pizza arrives next and it was super thin and crispy! The gambas side really tasted like gambas and the philly cheesesteak side really tastes like Philly cheesesteak!
We almost forgot that we ordered Mac and cheese until this glorious skillet arrived! Maybe they should just call it cheese and cheese cos there was a ton of cheese on top, inside and under the macaroni. The burger in the middle was good too, tasted homemade and fresh.
Needless to say we didn't finish our food and may baon pako 128513
Super happy with our experience and will definitely go back!

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