Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar

G/F Net Quad Bldg., 31st St. cor. 4th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar
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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

I’ve read a lot of positive reviews here on | about Tori Ichi for their SM Moa branch. This branch in BGC is a bit obscure. With Japanese chefs manning their kitchen, you can have a pleasant dining experience here.

Their yakitori is good. Chef Matsunaga kept reminding us, to take pictures as quickly as possible as the skewers are best eaten right when they’re brought to your table. Of course I loved the mushrooms the most.

They offered us some nankotsu/ chicken cartilage. It was a weird experience. While some liked it, I just can’t get myself to enjoy it.

Tried the hokkigai / surf clam for the first time. It was a bit chewy, and I think I prefer my usual sashimi.

Very enthusiastic group of people behind Tori Ichi.

| Looloo Rendezvoos

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Yakitori.. unlike a well known yakitori tori place...(next review) this place has fairly priced and better yakitori. The place was comfortable, well lit and clean.

Yakitories here are somehow better priced and quality is good.

Matcha ice cream was good as well.

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

I’ve stayed in this area of BGC for a few months but I haven’t noticed Tori Ichi in Net Quad. Bummer. But I’m happy I got an invite from Peanut and was able to “discover” Tori Ichi. We were told to skip lunch because they’ll be serving a lot. Yep, they were right. Got super full after! Here’s why:

The team from Tori Ichi first presented their specialty - Yakitori sets. They served us their Meijin Set which includes 20pcs of yakitori. Their yakitori sticks mostly include different parts of chicken and bacon-wrapped stuff. All the chicken parts are worth the try. Though most of it are not that flavorful, there are some that has interesting texture like the Chicken Heart (Kokoro) and Chicken Cartilage (Nankotsu). I was a bit indifferent to try the heart but it was okay; the “meat” was soft and melts right away. The cartilage was a bit intimidating because it’s one of the parts that you set aside when eating fried chicken. Didn’t know these can be eaten. It had little to no taste but all that I remembered was that it was crunchy. Among the bacon-wrapped yakitori sticks, I liked the Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus (Asparagus Bacon) and Bacon-Wrapped Japanese Skewers (Mochi Bacon). The asparagus was within expectations but the mochi killed it. I liked how the mochi’s sweetness blended so well with the savory taste of the bacon. Another yakitori that’s worth the mention is their Seasoned Rib-eye (Yakiniku).

Next on the menu is their sushi rolls. They served Shake Kawa Maki and Spicy Deep Fried Tuna Maki. The Shake Kawa Maki was really good. I liked how the initial note was soft and the back note was crunchiness coming from the salmon in the middle. The best part is that it’s only 140 pesos for 6pcs. The second sushi roll is Spicy Deep Fried Tuna Maki. I thought that the crunchy sides will also give me the same crunchiness as the first sushi roll but it didn’t. I also prepared for the spiciness of the sushi given its name but it wasn’t spicy at all. This is coming from someone who’s not into spicy food.

Third to be served is their sashimi. The Tori Ichi team served Mackerel and Surf Clam. The mackerel was okay. It’s not malansa (fishy?) but I can’t finish it without the sauce. The surf clam had an interesting texture (the white one had a similar texture with a squid, the red/orange one was a bit makunat/tensile/chewy) and had no taste. Fourth on the list is their Tojidon (Shrimp Tempura with Egg over Rice). The tempura was okay. Nothing special about the dish.

We ended our meal with Matcha Ice Cream and Sake. The matcha ice cream was served with sweet red beans. I think the ice cream lacks the matcha flavor and the red beans were so-so. The Sake had a strong kick but it’s my first time so I’m not sure if it’s within expectations or not.

Thank you for having us Tori Ichi and Peanut D!! :)
Nice to see you again Reich T Clarissa P Mary Love S Christina R Abe C Ruth S
Nice meeting you Denise A Kwokie K

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Tori Ichi is the neighborhood yakitori & Japanese resto bar in BGC, tucked away at the G/F of Net Quad building at 4th Ave cor. 31st St. across Kuppa. Finding it may be a bit tough to find, as their corner facade is covered by this building's statues, and, considering I'd been living in BGC for almost 2 years, I never heard about this place, though I almost ate here once as a walk in, but thought it was closed (hence the dilemma of their front facade being hidden, and having a locked door, while the real entrance is a few feet to the left). So I was happy to know that I'd be getting to try their yakitori and so much more in a recent looloo Rendezvoos.

Tori Ichi is part of the Epicurean Partners Exchange, Inc. group, or more commonly known at the Kenny Rogers Roasters (and Seattle's Best) group. This is a local concept that's deeply rooted in the Japanese art of yakitori, particularly in the Kyoto region, where this restaurant's practices are taken from its yakitori chef, Chef Matsunaga. They use premium charcoal, called Binchotan and imported from Japan, when cooking the yakitori's to give the meat the smoky taste without the odd burnt taste.

There's attention to detail here from a food prep and quality of ingredients standpoint, plus I can see the premium feel of the place upon entry. The spaciousness, traditional Japanese decor mixed in with some industrial elements, gives it an updated look. It may give an expensive vibe but, really, when you look at some of their prices, it's not that high after all.

My ratings below would be a combination of my rendezvoos experience plus an actual return to Tori Ichi 2 or 3 days later with my wife for her to try their yakitori's, too (or kushiyaki's which, in the strictest sense, is the better term since yakitori refers more to poultry related items, while kushiyaki's encompass both poultry and non-poultry items).

Tori Ichi, at a Glance:
> Food & Beverage: 127775127775127775127775
> Service (Dine-In): 127775127775127775127775
> Kitchen Service: 1277751277751277751/2 (this is a solid 4 to 4.5 with their yakitori's but less 1 for the less than stellar modern maki's and dessert)
> Ambience: 127775127775127775127775 (it's well designed, more updated than those Little Tokyo restos, Haru's, or Nanbantei's but not as kick ass modern as Ooma or Mitsuyado)
> Value for Money: 1277751277751277751/2 (some Maki's are well priced below P200, but their yakitori's individually can be average to pricey unless you order the package ones with really high discounts)
OVERALL: 1277751277751277751/2 round up to 4 128522
> Worth a try - Yes, especially if you work or live in BGC and love good Japanese food. Tori Ichi is more classic than modern Japanese food.
> Worth a return - Sure, I already have in fact.128518 But there are so many choices for Japanese, it'll have tough competition for reason to continually patronize beyond those in the neighborhood. For me, while they serve the whole gamut of choices, it's a great strategy according to Mackis, their Marketing Mgr, to highlight their yakitori's as their point of differentiation. It's just unfortunate that I have a benchmark yakitori choice in San Juan's Tori Tori, which is cheaper but more of a hole-in-the-wall. Tori Ichi is a decent alternative, plus they have branches in MOA, Festival Alabang, and the newly opened Pasig mall, Ayala the 30th. And I like it more than Nanbantei.

> TIPS: Like I said, it's hard to find, ironically for such a huge resto, no thanks to that huge statue in front. Otherwise, that permanently closed entrance I mentioned fooled me before, thinking the resto's closed. Their entrance is around the corner, along 4th Ave. Parking is available at this building or along 3rd Ave, or in St. Luke's across 32nd St.

For their food, I recommend the following dishes:
> Tail (Chicken Tail) - Ohhhhhh, those melt in your mouth itsy bitsy tails. Fatty, rich, I was thinking to myself, myyyyyyy precious.... P50 only. Perfect for drinking or just by itself. Haha. 127775127775127775127775127775
> Butabara (pork belly), PhP75. Awesome especially while it's hot, coz it's super soft. For Tori Ichi's version, you can get either salted or with tare sauce (sweet n salty like our local bbq); I didn't like it the first time I tried it coz it got cold after all our picture taking. 2nd time's the charm, OMG it's soooo good. Pork Belly that's not as fatty as my staple in Tori Tori. Either salted or with tare, I liked it a lot! They serve it with karashi (mustard) which, for me, is nice, but not a must to use. 1277751277751277751277751/2 (refer to the 8th pic for Butabara with tare sauce vs. salt)
> Hasami (chicken and scallions), PhP75, take this with tare sauce. Yummmmm, super moist and sweet salty chicken. Scallions give it a nice texture and clean complementary taste. 127775127775127775127775
> Kawa (chicken skin), PhP35. Crunchy awesome stuff.
> Yakiniku (seasoned ribeye), PhP85 great, soft and flavorful.
> Bacon wrapped Enoki mushrooms PhP160
> Mochi Bacon, PhP115, a new twist, the Bacon wrapped Japanese rice cake

For their sashimi's, I recommend their Shimisaba (mackerel), PhP195, which I've eaten before but haven't tried in a few years. It's pickled, to preserve the flavor and keep it edible. I liked it, highly recommended. And it's under P200! Nice. It's a refreshing twist to the usual maguro or salmon sashimi. 127775127775127775127775127775

> VERDICT: Tori Ichi proves to me that, like Haru, Kamameshi, Omakase, Sensei Sushi, Ooma, etc., you don't have to bring international brands to bring legit and quality Japanese food here, just the right ingredients and the right chefs. But they are concentrating on their yakitori's and they have quite a variety of choices, I recommend you order the packaged ones so you know which ones you'll like, plus you'll save some money, too.

The location in BGC might need improvement (or wait for the 2 buildings to open, too), or awareness needs to improve, still. Talking to looloo is a step in that direction.

Tori Ichi is positioning itself through its yakitori's, which I think should work for them. They're already there insofar as quality ingredients, disciplined cooking, and a good variety of their kushiyaki's. Pretty solid. Some are priced average to just above average, but others are reasonable. So awareness is their only issue, perhaps.

Aside from my reco's, here are the others that we tried:
> Asparagus Bacon 127775127775127775
> Corn with ponzu butter 127775127775127775127775
> Quail egg with Bacon 127775127775127775
> Quail egg (didn't try)
> Chicken heart 127775127775127775
> Cartilage ummm, no... Too chewy 127775
> Shiitake (mushroom) 127775127775127775127775
> Chicken gizzard 127775127775127775
> Chicken wings 127775127775 (I prefer it glazed with Tare)

Tori Ichi also serves sashimi's, sushi, and modern maki's that are pretty affordable, cheaper, in fact than my staple Omakase. Though portions tend to be slightly smaller. They served us a decent spicy tuna maki which, at P140, was not bad at 6 pieces. But not memorable either. 127775127775127775

Ditto for their Crispy Salmon Skin Sushi Roll which failed to live up to the crispy part. 1277751277751/2 so it needs improvement, on the sushi side of things. Apologies to Chef Suzuki, but you've got your work cut out for you, sir.

But the aforementioned mackerel sashimi pulled the Makis' underwhelming experience back up. I loved that they made us try non traditional sashimi's. Shimisaba sashimi (mackerel)127775127775127775127775127775

The Hokkigai (surf clam) is certainly a different experience. The red part is slightly chewy, like squid, but lacked taste, while the pale part a bit slimy, but while I loved the something new experience, I'd rate this just a 127775127775127775 and won't order it anytime soon.

We were so full already at this point, but they served us tojidon (ebi tempura Donburi) too. It was pretty good but I like my Tempura crunchy so this style of egg, sauce and tempura on rice is just fine for me. 1277751277751277751/2

The Nigori Sake is pretty good. At about P500 a bottle with maybe 8 shots, it's a good entry level sake (Japanese rice wine). 127775127775127775127775 Perfect to try with the yakitori's. But they also serve Hibiki's, Yamazaki's, both established Japanese whiskies, along with western alcoholic drinks, too. And beer, of course.

Dessert served green tea ice cream with red bean (PhP80) was awesome! 127775127775127775127775 this Rendezvoos but the Satsumaimo, PhP120 (sliced sweet potato served with vanilla ice cream drizzled with honey) I had upon my return could have been so much better if the sweet potato was really crunchy instead of barely crunchy. 127775127775

Upon my return, I tried their new Tonkotsu Ramen, PhP330, and it was a big bust, flavor - wise but it was otherwise well done, ingredient-wise e.g. noodles, pork, etc., so they need improvement there. 127775127775

Admittedly, the Rendezvoos experience had its (mostly) ups & downs, but, and especially upon returning here and trying their yakitori's newly cooked, I did enjoy their yakitori's as a whole. And I wouldn't mind adding this to my Japanese repertoire for these bad boys!

Thanks Peanut D for the invite, and good to see looloo friends Christina R, Kwokie K, Mary Love S, Camille S, inaanak Denise A (leche!) and da usual suspects, Reich T, Clarissa P and Ruth S. Thanks also to the Mackis and the Epicurean group for the invite.

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Denise A.
3.0 Stars

The past few months at work had been so tough that I kept declining our queen P Peanut D invitation to attend Looloo Rendezvooz but thank God finally I was able to join this one. I was too busy that I rarely even eat out 🙁 so when I got invited to dine at Tori Ichi I just thought finally, a much needed quick break. Break = eating out, LOL!

Tori ichi short for Yakitori Ichiban is a Japanese Restaurant which specializes in Yakitori but also offers a wide range of Japanese food like Sashimi, Sushi and Ramen! I've never been to a Yakitori place ever in my life so I am really curios and a little bit embarrased that i've never tried Yakitoris before. I'm fond of the Filipino Version Tusok Tusok like isaw, bbq, dugo etc. so my first time at Tori Ichi is a like a new foodventure.

Tori ichi uses BINCHO-TAN (White Charcoal) for grilling and this is a type of coal which is usually used in Japanese cooking. It doesn't release unpleasant odors and it doesn't leave a charcoal taste to the food being heated.

Tori Ichi has a very extensive yakitori menu. We were served 20 different kinds and these are my favorites:
* TIP: Best with Tare (Japanese Dipping Sauce - Made of Soy Sauce, Chicken Broth and other seasoning)

127842Asparagus Bacon
- Thanks to ze Bacon I was able to eat the Aspragus. Love the crispyness of the Bacon!

127842Uzura Tamago with Bacon
- probably the best Combo. Quail Egg + Bacon = Death by Cholesterol 128517 The Quail egg was overcooked though.

- I surprisingly ENJOYED eating the Corn. I thought it was going to be an ordinary corn like those that can be bought from street vendors but the there's this smokiness in taste gave it a little kick made. Not bad!

127842Kawa (Chicken Skin)
- SHET. I love this. I've never tried Chicken Skin alone in Skewer form and I like how the thinness gave it a VERY CRISPY and CRUNCHY TEXTURE. Sarap! Bagay sa Beer!

127842Mochi Bacon
- Interesting! Never thought Mochi can be eaten in Savory form. Lol when I hear Mochi I think of Desserts. I liked this for the reason that it was really interesting to eat. Something new that you can find just anywhere! Sticky Mochi!

127842Enoki Mushroom Bacon
- Again, nothing will go wrong with BACON!

127842Kokoro (Chicken Heart)
- Oooh! This one's really interesting. It's has this crunchy cartilagey (is this even a word?) texture when eaten. Gummy and Crunchy at the same time. Can't even find the right Adjective to describe it. How can this be edible? Haha! But 'twas good!

Others which were served for the night:
127843Spicy Tuna Roll (4/5)
127843Crispy Salmon Skin Sushi Roll (3.5/5)
As mentioned by Abe C., this probably needs to be more crispy. It looks crispy but didn't really feel crispy at all, Was expecting more crunchiness to it.

127844Tojidon (Shrimp Tempura with egg over Rice) 3/5
It's just a typical tempura over rice like Katsudon. The Tempura lacked in taste but I loved how the egg was cooked! Shmexshy egg 127859

128031 Shimisaba Mackerel
- I've never tried Mackerel EVER! I don't eat Sashimi cause I don't like raw fish and the fishy taste it often has but I was suprised that this tasted Clean. Tastes good with soysauce too. Props for the beautiful presentation.

128026Hokigai Surf Clam
- Hokigai has this chewey texture but it taste blant so pairing it with a soysauce is a MUST.

127846Matcha Ice Cream with Red Beans
- LUUURVE ANYTHING WITH MATCHA. Their matcha ice cream is not home made and it tastes like Big Scoop's Matcha lol. But still delicious with red beans.

127866127866127866NIGORI SAKE127866127866127866
This is a variety of sake (rice wine) - an alchoholic beverage produced from rice. In PH, we call it 'AM'. Usually Sake's are filtered but this one is not. It has this cloudy texture milky white in color and tastes a little sweet.
This is recommended for begginers as it only has 10% alchohol, it's not strong enough to make you drunk. Japanese People sometimes drink it warm during the cold season.
LOVE THIS! I think I can finish one bottle in one sitting and it's not that expensive at all.

It was a wonderful FIRST again for me and I will always thank Looloo and Pea for the experience. Really learned a lot from
the Marketing Team, Chef Matsunaga and Chef Suzuki.
Thank you for having us!

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

My affinity with tusok-tusok started with isaw and good old fashioned barbeque. And i have grown to love them since. I like skewers of all nationalities, from kebabs down to yakitori.

Who would have thought that there is a restaurant that specializes in yakitori in BGC???? Nope, not the one in Aura. I am talking about Tori Ichi! And yass, i get to bring my yakitori loving self for a sponsored dinner

Thursday Night + Yakitori Night + |oo|oo Rendezvooz = One night of food and fun!

Tori Ichi set up shop in BGC a couple of years back, 2015 to be exact. This is a local brand but the concept originated from Kyoto. Everything but the brand is from the Land of the Rising Sun - the chef, the decor, the dipping sauce...even the charcoal they use! How cool is that???

They currently have 4 branches:

| Ayala The 30th.
| MoA
| Filinvest Mall

I did say that they use charcoal from Japan, yes? Alright, ill share a thing or two about it. Tori Ichi only uses Binchotan in cooking their Yakitori. The Japanese charcoal is made of oakwood that is very aromatic. This sets apart Tori Ichi's yakitori among the rest. Usage of binchotan brings a smokey x aromatic element to ze skewers. Oh, ze dipping sauce they use is called Tare (made of soy sauce, chicken broth - made the old school way and good old fashioned rice wine)

Long intro eh? My bad, i am summoning my inner Milan Kundera and trying my very own Stream of Consciousness style.

For those who dig is gonna be a long night, baby!

For those who don't, well...cant force you.

Kushi - skewer (steel or bamboo), grill over charcoal.

Out generous host served 20 sticks for starters...yeah.... Twenty man!

Meijin Set

| Tsukune
| Asparagus Bacon
| Yakiniku
| Tebasaki
| Butabara
| Hasami
| Uzura Tamago with Bacon
| Sunazuri
| Kimo
| Corn
| Kawa
| Kokoro
| Tail
| Mochi Bacon
| Nankotsu
| Enoki Bacon
| Uzura Tamago
| Momomi Wasabi
| Shitake
| Sasami Negiroshi

Long list! Anyway, my favorites are Butabara (Pork Belly Skewers) as the meat is really tender and seasoned perfectly. I would have preferred my pork belly with a lil fat (Korni kapag walang taba 128514) to add a lil danger and edge to the skewer.

Tail. Isol y'all! This is the most under appreciated part of the chicken. It is fatty, tender and really good when dipped in Tare.

Sunazuri (Chicken Gizzard), Kimo (Chicken Liver) and Kokoro (Chicken Heart). This is a personal preference as i am forever in love with Grams' adobo. The aforementioned elements are always present. I grew up liking them.

Other stuff they served.
| Spicy Tuna Roll
| Crispy Salmon Skin Sushi Roll

Both the rolls need improvement as the taste falls under the "just okay" category. Case in point, when you use an adjective crispy, it means you have to deliver.

| Ebi Tempura Donburi. The tempura is okay but the donburi lacks seasoning.

| Mackerel Sashimi
| Surf Clams Sashimi

And the Mackerel saves the day! Pardon my ignorance but i think of canned sardines whenever i hear mackerel. No, i aint kidding. Those tv advertisement made a huge impact. Anyway, the mackerel is one of the best sashimi I've had in a while. The flavor is clean and has no "fishy" aftertaste.

The clams on the other hand doesnt have any flavor hence i strongly suggest to dip 'em in soy x wasabi. It is fun to eat though as the texture resembles squid.

| Matcha Red Bean Ice Cream. I bleed green! I live and breathe for matcha. #RepeatTillFade #AdInfinitum

| Nigori Sake. Okay i am not that cultured when it comes to rice wine. Wikipedia to the rescue!

Nigori loosely translates to "cloudy" because if its appearance. It is generally the sweetest of all sakes, with a fruity nose and a mild flavor, making a great drink to complement spicy foods or as a dessert wine.

I agree! The mild and semi sweet flavor of the sake helps in removing the residue of wasabi in my palate. Would i start drinking sake anytime soon? Probably not as i still prefer a glass of red.

Tori Ichi is a nice addition to the list restaurants in the BGC area. I hope that tweak some of their skewers to enhance the flavor to the nth power.

The verdict: 3 stars for the food and additional 2 star for the ever enthusiastic Marketing Team.

Thank you for having us, Tori Ichi!

Thank you Peanut D for the invite

P.S. The sheet mask is awesome 128512128512128512

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I once passed by this new yakitori restaurant on my home one time and took a mental note to visit it soon. But food gods had other plans and made my visit sooner. And sweeter too as it was a sponsored eat up by Epicurean Partners Exchange, Inc. and looloo (hiii Peanut D). We were told to skip lunch as it was bound to be a very festive night for the tummy and it sure was!

Hello, Tori Ichi!

It would be easy to miss this two-story Japanese restaurant located at the corner of 4th Avenue across Kuppa as a huge metal sculpture blocks its facade. But no art can go in between me and my love for Japanese food.

I was warmly greeted by high ceiling with drop lights, wooden furniture and comfy-looking seats with lovely prints. I headed up to the function room on the second floor and I was welcomed by Mackis of Tori Ichi and the looloo gang.

We were given a quick overview of Tori Ichi before indulging in some of their bestsellers and we were all surprised to find out that this place isn’t that new at all. It has been on the exact same spot for two years now. But everyone, even those who work and/or live in BGC, had an impression that this place is new as we’ve never seen it before. We all figured that it must be that huge sculpture.

Mackis also gave us a rundown of Tori Ichi’s offerings and what makes it different from the other yakitori places. First off, Tori Ichi uses premium wood-turned-charcoal called binchotan allowing the yakitori to be grilled to perfection without the nasty burnt smokey taste. Second, Tori Ichi has specialties per location despite having the same menu. Its BGC branch specializes on yakitori while its MOA branch focuses more on sushi. With that said, Tori Ichi positions itself to be not just a yakitori place but a destination that would satisfy your Japanese food cravings. And we were invited to find out if it will satiate ours.

We first shared and sampled the Meijin Set (PHP950) which comes with 20 various yakitori. Among the bunch of options to choose from, my favorites were Asparagus Bacon, Yakiniku, Chicken Tail, Enoki Bacon, Mochi Bacon and Corn on Cob.

I have to admit, I’m quite biased with the ones with bacon because... come on, it’s bacon! The asparagus had that delightful crunch I love from fresh stalks. The enoki was just as enjoyable but some strands got stuck in between my teeth and it bothered me for several minutes.

Yakiniku was something I’d expect to like in yakitori shops. And true enough, Tori Ichi offers good beef yakitori. Just make sure to eat it right away to enjoy it at its best texture.

I’ve never had chicken tail (or butt) before and I was surprised that I actually liked it. Who knew chicken butt could be so yummy? I love the soft, chewy and crunchy texture of it and I would have eaten the whole thing plus 5 more sticks if I was dining alone.

But the biggest surprise for me was the corn on cob. At first, no one was really minding it as it was a bit messy to eat it. But since I was hungry, I picked one up and ate it. And it was the buttery salty kind of corn that made me turn into a cob monster.

Next served were the new maki rolls Spicy Deep Fried Tuna Maki (PHP185) and Shake Kawa Maki (PHP140).

I was excited to sample the two as I was picturing a beautiful contrast of soft and crunchy textures. However, only the Shake Kawa Maki was able to deliver. The Spicy Deep Fried Tuna Maki wasn’t spicy at all and that means a lot coming from someone with very low spice tolerance. It would have been more enjoyable if it was spicier and if the batter or seaweed is covered by tempura flakes for crunch.

The Shake Kawa Maki had nice crunchy salmon skin bits and for PHP140, it was bang for the buck.

We didn’t have to hurry taking photos of the next set of dishes as these ones are best eaten cold. Yes, up next were Hokkigai (PHP420) and Shimisaba (PHP195).

You might be thinking, Hoki-what and Shimisimba? To be honest, I’ve never heard of these too but it turns out that these are surf clam and mackerel. (I usually just call mackerel as saba).

Though I prefer my mackerel fried rather than cold, I was impressed that this dish didn’t have a strong fishy taste. Texture-wise, it was different from the ones I’m used to and I couldn’t say that I liked it.

I prefer the surf clams more as it has that slight chewy texture that I enjoy from munching octopus and squid. The taste though was too delicate that it’d be too bland without the soy sauce and wasabi.

Last savory dish served was the Tojidon (PHP375) or shrimp tempura with egg over rice. It was like your usual katsudon bowl but instead of pork cutlet, this one had tempura. It was good but nothing spectacular for me. But the others enjoyed it and some even went crazy with the chili powder. Maybe it’s better if spicy?

We capped the night with some Matcha Ice Cream with red beans (PHP80/scoop) and it was pretty good! I loved that the matcha taste was evident yet well balanced by the sweet red beans.

Some of us also got a sip of Gekkeikan Nigori sake (PHP550/300ml) to welcome the long weekend and let’s just say I’m not a fan of sake.

Overall, it was a good meal and fun company. I’d definitely go back for more of the bacon yakitori but I think I’d swing by its MOA branch to try its sushi and sashimi.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Masarap ba sa Tori Ichi? Pwede na? Worth it i-try?

Honestly, I don't know how to answer but I think they're worth the visit especially if you're looking for a decent budget-friendly Japanese restaurant.

TORI ICHI is located in Net Quad, in the spot where Silk (Thai restaurant) used to be. This is right across Kuppa and Kanteen, near Army Navy and Dell's. If you're familiar with the area, it wouldn't be that hard finding this one but if you're not, best to use Waze or ask for directions.

We were able to sample a lot of different dishes from the yakitori sticks, sashimi, sushi rolls, rice bowl, ice cream to a sake shot and my favorites are the following:

▪️ Bacon wrapped Mochi - unique, something we don't usually get to eat.
▪️Cartilage - surprisingly good and very tasty!
▪️Egg - ebi tempura donburi was bland but the EGG was cooked so well I loved it! 128541127859
▪️ Mackerel - fresh and no lansa at all! Super good and I loved this a lot! 128155

The other dishes were just okay, kind of forgettable. But can still be improved. Other dishes worth trying are the sushi rolls, they're not the best but with the price, they can easily satisfy your cravings without hurting your wallet that much. 128521

Thanks, Peanut D for the invite! Can't wait to see Erwan 128530.... I mean you guys again next time!! 128541

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Japanese cuisine has been well accepted and loved by Filipinos. Almost anywhere you go, you'll see a Japanese restaurant. Katsu, donburi, sukiyaki, sushi, sashimi, yakiniku, ramen, okonomiyaki, yakitori, etc etc. Name it, we have it somewhere in the Metro!

There aren't a lot of Yakitori places that I know in the Metro, more so in BGC. It's not really my kind of Japanese food. I only know one in SM Aura & another in BGC Central. That's why it came as a surprise when I learned that there is one in Net Quad! Thanks to |oo|oo, I was introduced to Tori Ichi!

Just before we went on a 4 day weekend, we went to Tori Ichi for a sponsored dinner.

Tori Ichi is a local brand but the concept originated in Kyoto Japan. The concept, the menu, the look of the restaurants and even the head chefs were from this place.

Tori Ichi is located just across Kuppa. The area used to be a pleasant place to visit but because of all the constructions going on, it somehow became a little chaotic. That's why it's such a relief to find something like Tori Ichi there.

When you get inside, you'll be transported to a peaceful place that looks like it was taken out of Japan. High ceiling, well-lit, Japanese lanterns, open kitchen, wooden floor and furnishings, bamboo accents, cubicles and even a mezzanine area with sliding door partitions that's perfect for small groups wanting more privacy.

We tried their Meijin Yakitori Set that has 20 different pieces of skewers.

Tsukune - Chicken Meatballs
Asparagus Bacon
Yakiniku - Seasoned Rib-eye
Tebasaki - Chicken Wings
Butabara - Pork Belly
Hasami - Chicken & Scallion
Uzura Tamago w/ Bacon - Quail Eggs wrapped in Bacon
Sunazuri - Chicken Gizzard
Kimo - Chicken Liver
Kawa - Chicken Skin
Kokoro - Chicken Heart
Tail - Chicken Tail
Mochi Bacon
Nankotsu - Chicken Cartilage
Enoki Bacon
Uzura Tamago
Momomi Wasabi - Chicken Thigh
Sasami Negiroshi

| I liked the Mochi Wrapped in Bacon because it's different and it's a good different. I'll replicate this at home with Tikoy ahahhaha

| I also liked the Yakiniku with the tender and flavorful chunks of Rib-eye.

| Asparagus Bacon and Enoki Bacon were good too but IMO, needs more sauce.

| Butabara can be improved by maybe adding a bit more fat in between the meat. It was too lean.

| Tail and Momomi were tasty and juicy and the corn was delicious!

According to the Marketing Head of Tori Ichi, they pride themselves in using Binchotan - a kind of charcoal made of oakwood. They import theirs from Japan. Binchotan has a distinct smoky flavor that's not burnt and it's not sooty as well. You can definitely tell the difference when you try their skewers.

Aside from the Yakitori, we also tried the following:

| Spicy Tuna Roll - not spicy at all. This was okay considering the price of 140Php for 6 rolls. Maybe they could add more tuna and increase the price a bit?

| Crispy Salmon Skin Sushi Roll didn't deliver. Needs more crunch for it to live up to it's name.

| Ebi Tempura Donburi was okay. It was bland, needing more sauce.

| Makerel Sahimi was good! There was no fishy smell and taste - very clean too!

| Surf Clams Sashimi came in next and they were gorgeous! Beautiful red color! I haven't tried this so I was pretty amused. It didn't have any flavor that strongly stood out. It was more like squid in texture but more chewy. I enjoyed this best with the soy sauce and wasabi.

| Matcha and Red Bean Ice Cream for dessert was good. The Matcha ice cream leaned towards the "lasang parayer meeting" side but not too much. Mix it up with the red beans for a more enjoyable cold treat.

| Nigori Sake - they also had us try this. It was the unrefined type of Sake, from the first washing of Japanese rice. Lower alcohol content, milder, was milkier too compared to the usual Sake. I liked this!

Overall, I would say that their skewers need a little something more to make them standout. Maybe offering some side sauces for those who prefer more pronounce flavors. Wondering how the other dishes in their menu would play out though.

Rating this 3.5 but rounding up to a generous 4 because the service was good, the place and ambiance = great and the members of their marketing team really valued or suggestions. Passionate with what they do, I know that they will do some improvements soon!

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Kwokie K.
3.0 Stars

Another #looloorendezvoos!

Was invited to join this rendezvous with the crazy bunch here at Tori Ichi, really enjoying these events meeting up with other foodies, practically talking about food the entire night!

Let's get the actual review started with the formalities.
127860 Dinner was sponsored by Epicurean Partners Exchange (Thank you!)
127830 The specialty is yakitori, but the restaurant also serves sushi, sashimi & donburi
127862 They're also a sake bar!

When I got the invite, I was excited that this place would be serving yakitori. I'm one of those diners who loves yakitori since I'm the type who likes tasting different things while eating. The type who would be very choosy in a buffet, not really going there to eat a lot but enjoys the selection more than anything.

The first course was the "Meijin Set" of yakitori sticks, it's the restaurant promo of getting 20 sticks for Php950 with a set selection. We divided the yakitori further to chunks to fit the whole group and started eating, early favorites are the yakiniku and the butabara. (Yakitori classics) what makes the yakiniku good for me was the tenderness of the ribeye, tasty and not gummy! The tebasaki (chicken wing) is also good, but what surprised me were the kokoro & the nonkotsu. (Chicken heart & cartilage) Those 2 were totally new to me, the chicken heart reminds me of a cleaner version of 'isaw,' but the cartilage was a revelation - wasn't expecting the nonkotsu to be crunchy! What I found to be unique to the place too was the mochi-bacon wrapped yakitori which was also a stand-out!

Served next was the sushi sets, the first was the crispy salmon skin sushi roll (shake kawa) and the second was the spicy tuna roll which didn't quite live up to its billing. Among these 2 I liked the shake kawa more, eating up a whole order by myself, using that as my carb for the entire meal. Maybe if the other roll was served with tempura flakes, it would have given it the crunch every one was looking for.

The tojidon (ebi tempura donburi) was served next, last was the matcha ice cream with red bean topping and the nigori sake. (I'll leave those 3 out as I didn't really get to try them owing it to my allergies and dairy intolerance.)

The place itself was well thought of, you can see the theme well going into the restaurant. Service was good, you could tell that they really gave a different level with a team explaining each and every dish, watching out for every whim whether it's water or tea or even a change of plates. What's special about the yakitori for me for the night was none of them had the overwhelming "smokey taste," this is because the yakitori was grilled using imported "binchotan," charcoal from Japan which is specialized to lose the smoke while maintaining the hotness of the charcoal. I'm attributing the difference in the taste of the yakiniku to that fact!

Now, you might be wondering why it's 3 stars - the biggest factor to why I gave it that rating was the fact that yakitori was the main theme, but they were pretty much just normal. It's good that you taste the flavor, but other than the main sticks of yakiniku, butabara and tebasaki, the others had nothing special to them. Another thing to highlight for me was, I couldn't really spot a dish in the lot that we ate that really stood out!

What stood out was the yakiniku (and the mochi-bacon yakitori as the lone other one) but it can't be just about that. Every yakitori place should have good beef yakitori and you can't go to the restaurant just to try the mochi-bacon yakitori - it was unique but it wasn't "too-good-to-go-there-just-for-that."

Or perhaps I was comparing it too much to the yakitori I get from Tori-Tori, that hole-in-wall by Wilson who gives better yakitori and better value for money. I've said in my past reviews that I don't mind paying for expensive meals if the taste commensurates to what you get - sadly, despite this being a sponsored meal, you don't get the "wow factor!!" I thought of how much I would have paid for - it totalled to 2.5x the price in Tori-Tori for less enjoyment.

Other musings, I was surprised too that this place has been open since December 2015. Me and the wife eat in the McKinley, BGC and Uptown area practically every Monday and Friday, and we never came across this place! It doesn't help with the road blocks because of ShangriLa BGC blocking what would be regular traffic flow to the area. They are also behind an art statue of Net Quad - which almost made me miss the restaurant while I was looking for it!

Good thing that they have the company behind them to make things better, we suggested other promos and tips to make the experience a lot better and I do hope and wish for the best for them!

P.S. The area we stayed in was a consumable area, maybe getting the area advertised for small functions and get togethers would help too!

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Nikki T.
5.0 Stars

Their cha soba was so good and so big! Definitely worth the price you're paying. They have a buy 1 take 1 for their yakitori 'til 6 when we visited. It was ok, just your ordinary bbq i guess. Aside from my order, my friends enjoyed theirs as well. For 150Pesos you can have the omellete/okonomiyaki (i forgot the name) which is a big serving size for the prize. We were so full after definitely worth it! You can have the free tea (hot or cold) but its not a japanese one. Although I think this place is very legit since they have their japanese chef mostly making the orders 128077🏼128522

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Angel U.
4.0 Stars

This place is my favorite when i need to wind down, the 1-1 promotion always a good deal from 02:00-06:00pm (weekday)

Cover draft beer from P1h abd all yakitori sticks start frm P35-p95

The choices really alot and the service really good 128525128525128521

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

I've been to this restaurant twice already, but this will be my first review. 128584

Tori Ichi and Yakitori Bar is a Japanese restaurant near Net Quad. I remember my first visit here was a bit disappointment as the food here are really pricey + slow service. They charge yakitori per stick. Now that they have set meals, dining here is much easier on the pocket.

I ordered their Yakitori meal set for 380php. It contains butabara, hasami, buta tamago, asparagus bacon, egg rice, miso soup, and matcha ice cream. Sulit for me! Generous serving of rice, which I liked. Lol. I liked the asparagus bacon and hasami with tare sauce.

My Kuya ordered their rice meal, Nikudon (325php). It's beef with egg over rice. The beef was tender and yummy as well. However I find it too much for the price considering the amount of beef in it. 128584 Cindy S ordered their Mochi bacon (115php).

The matcha ice cream that came with my set meal was heavenly. 127846

The service was pretty good too. The servers' favorite expression? "My pleasure." After taking a group pic, of course we thanked the server. Her reply, "my pleasure." We asked for water, she said, "my pleasure." Lol. 128517

P.S. They serve anchovies as appetizer, while waiting for the orders. Super yummy! 128031

100th review, yeeha. 128541

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Great lunch place! Had a quick lunch with the wife and as usual we ordered a lot!
We ordered the ft:
Tempura lunch set at 450. Came with miso soup and rice w poached egg. Wife lived it!
Yakitori set which consisted of 4 yakitori soup and rice. Loved it.
Quail egg and bacon yakitori. Awesome
Bacon wrapped enoki pretty good
Rive eye yakitori really small but tasty. Hey, it was 85 pesos.
All in all we spent 1200. A little pricey for lunch but the ingredients and quality was top notch. Remember you are paying a premium at the fort hence the higher prices. Cheers everyone!

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Susan M.
4.0 Stars

Service was quick. Yakitori was delicious though a bit pricey! Loved their salad with crab stick! Had a good yakitori meal!

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Jeffrey S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Nino C.
1.0 Stars

Servings were amazingly small considering how much they were charging. Service was really slow, took an hour before our orders were served. When we followed up for our orders, the service crew didn't seem to know what it was or the current status.

Disorganized, average tasting, expensive.

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