Tori Tori Kushiyaki Snack Bar

197 Wilson St., Sta. Lucia, San Juan, Metro Manila

Tori Tori Kushiyaki Snack Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Jaja R.
4.0 Stars

Tonight we were early so there were still a lot of vacant tables! (Yay! Usually kasi punuan dito!)

Bacon Egg Rice - P115
Dragon Roll - 8 pcs @ P365
Gyoza - 4 pcs @ P140
Chicken Wings - 2pcs @ P55
Butabara - P45
Angus Belly - P60
Bacon Quail Egg - P55

BOGO promo for San Mig Light and Pale Pilsen every Mondays - Wednesdays (all day) @ P85

Overall Rating:

Food - 🧡🧡🧡🧡
Ambiance - 🧡🧡🧡
Service - 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

Good stuff!!! I think I like Kikufuji better, but I love the wide variety of sticks they have here. Lol I don’t know the Japanese term for those sticks. Anyway, we got to try the butabara (pork), chicken thigh, wagyu beef cubes, sausage, bacon wrapped quail eggs, and eggplant.

They all have a super mild barbecue taste. I enjoyed the wagyu beef cubes the best, but they weren’t the best I’ve tried. The white sauce that they have for the sticks is a good addition, but I didn’t try the orange one because it was spicy.

The rice was the winner! Super soft, but parang a little undercooked. Hehe we still ate it tho and ordered extra rice pa!

We also got spicy tuna salad for appetizer. My first time to try! And I surprisingly like raw tuna, as long as it’s flavored, like in this case! 128523128523128523

Cant wait to be back! I want more wagyu cubes! But huhu mahal!

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

Tori Tori is now one of our go-to spots whenever we don’t have food at home. So for today’s visit, I was with my mom and my sister. We ordered Spicy Tuna Sashimi for sharing. It was okay, the spiciness was very tolerable especially for me who has low tolerance for anything spicy. I got my “usual” kushiyaki favorites - Butabara (Pork Belly), Angus Belly and Japanese Wagyu. I really liked how the Butabara is so tender that it almost melts inside my mouth, especially the fat part. The Angus belly had the same texture with the Butabara, only that it’s beef. The only downside I see for the Angus belly is that the end of the sticks are usually burnt. The Japanese Wagyu cubes were delicious. It melts in your mouth a different way than the Butabara and the Angus Belly. All three sticks were best partnered with steamed rice.

Aside from this, I try to make it a habit that for every visit in the same restaurant, I try to order something new. We already have the Spicy Tuna Sashimi and it didn’t fail. I got another kushiyaki - (Taiwan) Sausage. I think it’s Taiwan Sausage because its taste and texture reminded me of the one I had in Taiwan. It was like Chinese chorizo also but not that sweet. I wish Tori Tori had a spicy version of the sausage. This way, it might add more excitement and avoid cloying.

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Vic M.
4.0 Stars

We ordered quite a bit...Wagyu sticks, bacon enoki, the kani salad and uni...I would come back for!

Be warned, parking is always a pain! 128515

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Anna D.
4.0 Stars

Musts: butabara, bacon enoki, chicken skin, and wagyu. Afforable yakitori plus cheap beer? Would definitely come back.

Tip: they have a corkage fee of 450. They have wine glasses available so not bad, all things considered.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

After my errands at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, I was looking for a place to have lunch that was on the way home. I didn't bring my car so it would have to be walkable. Then I found that Tori Tori was just at the end of Wilson 128077🏼

I ordered so much 128514 For one person.
2 sticks of Wagyu
1 stick sausage
1 stick of enoki bacon
1 Ninja Roll
1 bacon rice

... I finished everything. 128584 Well, the last piece of the roll and the rice took a bit of pushing at the end but I still finished everything. The bill was quite expensive for one but that was because of my "takaw-tingin" 128586

The kushiyaki sticks were good. It would be great to have set menu though, since it can be pretty pricey if you order a lot of sticks. 128517 Their bacon was SPOT ON! So yummy! 10084️ They also had this Japanese glaze on the bacon - not sure what it's called but it's a bit sweet and salty 128077🏼 I love that glaze. The Ninja roll had 6 pieces - kani, tamago and cream cheese!!! 128525 Huge chunk of cream cheese inside 10084️ Yum yum!

The place is quite small and has this Japanese bar-like vibe. I noticed some people just dropped by for take outs but the lunch crowd started to thicken at around 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM on a Friday. Good for small groups.

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HungryManila P.
5.0 Stars

Oh, i love this place. Although a little bit pricey, it's worth all your money. The bacon rice is the bomb and I'm recommending it to everyone.
Don't forget to order kushiyaki. For first timers, try chicken thigh and wagyu cubes.

  • No. of Comments: 8
Camille S.
4.0 Stars

Tori Tori is one of the most “matunog” names when it comes to yakitori. This place is a bit hard to locate if you’re not familiar with the Wilson/P. Guevarra stretch and the parking’s good enough for 2-3 cars. Better to commute or take public transportation and walk.

Business looks really good for Tori Tori because it has now expanded their space (renting/buying/getting the space beside it). More space means more tables and chairs for the customers.

Onto the food… I got a stick each of Chicken Thigh and Japanese Wagyu and one bowl of rice. I found the chicken a bit dry but the wagyu stick was super good! It was soft, tender, flavorful and seasoned well. Will definitely go back for the wagyu cubes!!

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Bae G.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Denise J.
5.0 Stars

All of my self-control goes out of the window when I’m at Tori Tori. So many different kinds of meat-on-a-stick here! Fortunately, the prices aren’t too bad so it’s ok if you go a little wild. 127842127841127842

I’ve tried the Sausage, Bacon Quail Egg, and Angus Belly and they’re all pretty good. But the Butabara is on a different level! I feel my eyeballs rolling back into their sockets whenever I go in for another bite. It’s perfectly seasoned and oh so soft and juicy! It’s amazing on its own but eating it with their moist, sticky rice makes it soooo much more indulgent. 128076🏽

Definitely coming back for their Japanese Wagyu Cubes! I’ll also try having the meat wrapped in tortilla instead of eating them with rice next time. #maibalang 128514

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

After 2 failed attempts, we finally made it here. Right after dinner at Pound, mah homies and I went here for some "snacks". Yes, I was also surprised that I can still eat after eating a lot. I guess our tummies are limitless whenever we're together!! 128518128541

As recommended by Abe C., we must order the JAPANESE WAGYU BEEF and BUTABARA at the very least. And so we ordered them plus the ANGUS BELLY and the BACON ENOKI. 127842127841

🔶 TASTE. Very Good!! The wagyu was tender and flavorful. The other sticks were also very tasty and seasoned well. 128077🏼
🔶 PRICE. Affordable and Budget-friendly. Prices are very reasonable. Nothing that will make your wallet cry. 128521

Definitely coming back for more of the yakitori sticks and to try the other dishes available! 128077🏼

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Tori Tori Kushiyaki Snack Bar, finally!

I can't remember when I added this to my Must Try List. But last week, I was finally able to visit with my homies from @foodsocietyph (on Instagram) after a looloo rendezvoos (ganyan talaga spelling, #doubleOforbranding 128518).

As suggested by Abe C, we had the following and ordered 2 sticks each:

🔹 Butabara
🔹 Angus Belly
🔹 Japanese Wagyu

Everything was good, as in. I need to go back ASAP.

  • No. of Comments: 5
Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Our weary feet and insatiable tummies brought us to Tori Tori (note: This is right after our sponsored dinner at Pound in Megamall). Yeah, this is how we roll!

This place is highly recommended by one of the #Suspects - Abe C The place is small and has that hole-in-the-wall vibe. The facade reeks of Japanese. From the wooden door down to the Japanese Lanterns. The interior is not as fancy as the other Japanese restaurant joints i visited but the simplicity draws visitors in.

Since we are still full from ze magnificent burgers we had, we decided to get some skewers

We got two of each - yes we are still full 128514128514128514

Japanese Wagyu (Php 125)
Butabara (Php 45)
Angus Belly (Php 60)
Bacon Enoki (Php 60)

The Wagyu is magnificent as expected. Juicy and tender cubes grilled to perfection.

I liked the Butabara too! The pork is really tender and seasoned well. I taste all the pork goodness on each bite.

Angus Belly is nice too. Give me some of that fatty belly!

The Bacon Enoki is mediocre as it lacks the "wow" factor. This is probably due to the fact that i ate wagyu first. The succeeding skewered meats will be substandard! Har-Har.

A word of advise: Skip the mayo as it tastes a lil odd when paired with the yakitori.

Overall, we enjoyed our quickie stopover at Tori Tori. I shall come back for that juicy wagyu.

Peace Out!


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Reg G.
5.0 Stars

Tori Tori never disappoints! Happy to find that they have an actual sushi and sashimi selection. Tuna sashimi was nice and fresh even if there were only 5 slices at P230.

Must order again on our next visit:
- Japanese oysters
- Angus beef belly
- Bacon Quail egg
- Chicken Skin (but well done)
- Shiitake Mushrooms

The Wagyu cubes are good but we didn't order this time because we had just grabbed 2 packs at a recent Japanese Grocery visit.

Mr. Steady and I had a Kirin and an Asahi each to go with our food. Perfect! They also have a good selection of Japanese whiskeys with minimal mark-ups on market price. Definitely going drinking here with friends soon.

Warning: bring cash! They still don't accept credit cards which is good for business I suppose.

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Chiara C.
4.0 Stars

Great tasting japanese food, open at unusual times. I've eaten here at 11pm and at 3pm when most good restaurants are on break. This time we had for two people


Japanese wagyu - 3
Angus belly - 2


Spicy tuna maki
Salmon cheese roll (meh)

Ans 2 cups of rice. Love the sticks (but then i am an unapologetic fat-lover). Spicy tuna maki was good, just wish it was stuffed more (it was small and airy). Don't order salmon cheese roll.

I think Tori Tori is one of the best restaurants in the area if you find yourself eating a late lunch or late dinner. We ate 540php per person worth of food, but can probably be full at 300 per person.

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Mark L.
3.0 Stars

dinner with the panganay..

place was a bit full.
crazy maki 128077128077128077
bacon rice 128077128077128077 wish the bacon was more cooked
wagyu beef cubes 128077128077128077128077
angus steak 128077128077128077128077128077
bacon quail eggs 128077128077128077128077128077

service was slow. we waited for 40-60 minutes for our main course

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

I went to lunch with my family today.There was no line because we went to the restaurant early.

The restaurant is very small and can accommodate up to party of 6 persons per table.There are only 4 tables of 6 people.The kitchen is very small.There is a place for grilling all food.

I tried to eat grilled Fish Tofu, Angus Belly, Japanese Wagyu Beef, Chicken liver, wings, eggplant, shiitake mushroom and Japanese scallops.All the food in the restaurant are good and not too expensive.

The ambiance of the restaurant is good.The place feels like you are eating Yakitori in Japan.

The restaurant accepts credit card and cash.The restaurant opens at 11am until 12 midnight everyday.

I recommend this restaurant who is interested to eat Japanese food on sticks or in short Yakitori.If you want to get a table and good parking, you should be at the restaurant around 11am to 1130am.I will go back to this restaurant to try their other dishes.

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Crichelle F.
4.0 Stars

bacon rice ftw! 127834

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

"Wrap it Up"

Alternatively, your kushiyaki / yakitori can be wrapped in soft tortilla. Imagine, P85 for the Butabara (Pork belly) grilled to perfection, placed with cabbage salad, with your choice of garlic mayo, spicy mayo or sesame sauce) served on a soft open tortilla bread. 5/5


When you don't feel like rice, have this instead. Won't disappoint.

Addendum to my review yesterday.

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Fabulous hole in the wall in San Juan (another of my familiar stomping ground with places with North Park, the HK store, the original Everything At Steak, Little China Store, Bubble Tea, Hai Kang, La Creperie, and Co/op, etc. in the area; not to mention Greenhills 2 km away).

Tori Tori is a yakitori (Japanese skewers) place that's quite affordable but very very delicious. One that my wife and I keep coming back to since we were introduced to it about Sept last year.

Having recently re-opened after buying the property next door (FYI Edwin I), thus doubling its seating capacity, my wife and I didn't hesitate spending lunch there with my Mom, Ate and nephew. Despite its doubling in size, it still retains its hole in the wall charm, and it reminds me of those Japanese resto finds in Tokyo or Osaka in a suburban part of town. Come to think of it, absent of the yakitori bar set up, it almost reminds me of those Yakitori places where the Japanese drink their sake after work near the Tokyo Station.

Off to the food...

Hands down, the Butabara (Pork belly; upper pic) is the consensus favorite yakitori. At P40 (or P45) per skewer, it's certainly affordable. A bit too much fat for my Mom's taste, it's universally good, but it may not be for everyone given health concerns or sensitivity to fat. But the crunchy exterior, with the flavorful pork belly and good seasoning, you can't go wrong with this one. 5/5

Chicken Thigh (boneless P40@; lower right pic) is absolutely good, too. Soft, moist and flavorful. 4.5/5

Japanese Wagyu P125@ (lower left pic) is that perfectly cooked, melt in your mouth small chunks of beef. It's not as flavorful as the Butabara, Thigh or Angus Belly but it's the most premium priced yakitori for a reason. You can't question quality beef with the yakitori seasoning. Wow! 5/5

Angus Belly - pretty good. P60@. Flavorful beef. 4/5

Bacon Enoki - bacon wrapped Enoki veggie. Decent but I only order this from time to time. Depends on your taste. 3.5/5

Bacon Rice - at P100, vs P50 for plain rice, it's a tad pricey. But damn, it's good. Generous bacon bits on plain rice that's been drizzled with sauce. After having it for so long, it may be good to try plain rice for a change. 4.5/5

Crab Salad - with sesame dressing. Yummy! 4/5

Dressing: 3 choices. Japanese Mayo or Spicy Version are the ones they will give you, that is, it's in a dispenser. Ask for the sesame mayo if you want to try a 3rd option (I got that from Edwin I, i believe); for dipping the yakitori's, this 3rd option best compliments.

Service usually excellent. I've been here maybe 10 times. Only once did they mix up my order. 4.5/5

A fantastic place to drink your sake or Yamazaki whiskey, too. Wrap review next time.

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