Tori's Paradise

Dumanhog, Siquijor, Siquijor

Tori's Paradise
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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

During our outing last July, my officemates and I went to the beautiful island of Siquijor. Since we were travelling in a big (43 pax) group, we needed a place that can accommodate us all at a cheap rate. After checking through numerous places, we finally came across Tori’s Paradise.

Tori’s Paradise offered us 11 rooms with one dormitory for that can accommodate up to nine people. However, the dormitory does not have air conditioning so we gave that room to the boys 128514 Some rooms could house four people while others up to seven. The rooms were actually quite big, simple and clean but there was only one bathroom per room so it did take a while for everyone to finish showering 128704🏻 I have to apologize that I forgot to take photos of the room 128532

Tori’s Paradise has a lovely beach front and a big pool 127946🏻 with a slide for their guests to enjoy. Too bad though, the pool was under treatment during our two-day stay there. I do need to comment that the place was quite big. We even held an amazing race activity there 128681

They also have a beach volleyball court 🏐 that is available when the tides are low. The beach is almost flat wherein you could walk half a kilometer of the beach before your feet touches water during low tides. It was fun to walk and discover tiny sea creatures 🦀128026 that lived under the wet sand. However, do note that the sand is not fine so make sure to wear slippers or aqua shoes if you don’t want to hurt your feet.

What I didn’t like was that the accommodation is not inclusive of breakfast even if they did have an in-house restaurant. To be frank, Siquijor accommodations are quite expensive and Tori’s Paradise is already considered cheap. We paid a total of P45,400 for 43 people, which is around P530 per person for TWO nights. Definitely a good bargain.

I loved that this place tables and chairs to appreciate our picturesque sea and sunset. Sometimes, it’s good to just sit around and take time to thank God for the beautiful gifts He’s given us. Do wait for the sunset as the sunset here is stunning. I have a panorama of the sunset but looloo doesn't allow photos that are not squared so I'm sorry 128532 Also, Tori’s Paradise is only three kilometers away from the port but it can be quite far from the other tourist attractions so make sure to book a van for easy access 128652 I believe it's around P3,500 to P4,000 for a whole day rent which is good for 10-12 people.

For future trips in Siquijor, I'd definitely recommend Tori's Paradise especially if you're on a budget 128077🏻

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Christa U.
5.0 Stars

Booking a hotel/resort last minute, during the summer season, has to be one of the most stressful things to do. Especially when you're making reservations in a place that's known to have unstable phone and landline service.

That's what happened when the plan for me and my cousins to go to Siquijor was delayed, and preparations for it were all up in the air. When we finally decided to go, and there were more of us than we initially planned, booking a place that was okay, affordable, and could fit all of us was a nightmare!

So many calls, tripadvisor websites, photos, and Bisaya conversations later, we finally reserved a place that could fit all 7 of us and would not cost us an arm and a leg, albeit delaying our trip a day later so the room we wanted would be free.

Tori's Paradise, was way better than we imagined it would be. On a small road off the highway, it could be an easy place to miss if you weren't watching out for it, or if you weren't following the GPS dot on Google Maps. Hahaa. I was so surprised to find that it had a wonderful beachfront property, with immediate access to the beach, white sand, and close enough to see fish and corals. Also, it had a swimming pool with a slide! Sad to say that our itinerary kept us busy so we were not able to enjoy the pool, and didn't get to swim in its beach, but we were more than satisfied with the accommodations and the service.

Our reservation at Tori's Paradise was for a family room (P3200) that fit 6 people, with an additional P300 for an extra person. The room was very neat and clean, very large, and very comfortable. The only problem we came to realise later on was that we all had to share just ONE bathroom. But other than that, the queen sized beds were amazing, so there was more than enough room to fit 2 people per bed.

Reservations at Tori's Paradise don't come with a free breakfast, but the adjoining resort restaurant provided more than enough food choices to choose from - such as sandwiches, rice meals, even pizza! The food wasn't exemplary, but it was satisfying enough, and the view in the mornings and afternoons add to the overall experience. Price-wise, it's good to note that it's a resort, so be prepared to shell about 200pesos per meal.

Service was quite exemplary here! Even though there was a bit of a signal problem when I called the owner - Ria, she was very welcoming and accommodating of my questions. I also mentioned that I had preferred to pay the resort the room fee when we got to the hotel, instead of paying by Agoda, and she was very much okay with it! My calling about 3 days before the intended trip, on a weekend, also played a part as we couldn't make deposits via a bank.

On my next trip to Siquijor, I would definitely consider staying here if I could and was on a budget. The staff are warm and nice, the location is more than okay. The only dilemma to consider is that it's quite far off from the usual tourist spots, so unless you book a van ahead of time or bring your own car/motor, it would be hard to get around.

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