Tower Restaurant

53 Sct. Rallos St., Laging Handa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Tower Restaurant
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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I always get so excited whenever I go to Quezon City for a food trip as I’d always discover a gem waiting to be found. One of which is this Filipino restaurant with a name far from being thought of as an establishment that offers Pinoy favorites.

Hello, Tower Restaurant.

This fancy looking restaurant that exudes a vibe of offering French dishes is actually named as such because it is located on the ground floor of UAP (United Architects of the Philippines) building which happens to have a radio tower on top.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I stepped in was the predominant use of white and red for the interiors which confused me even more as it gave an impression of being a Chinese restaurant. But we were quickly corrected by the friendly owner, Architect Jojo, who also conceptualized some of the dishes offered to us during our visit.

They initially offered various cuisines when they first started but eventually stuck with Filipino dishes when they noticed that these sell more than the rest. They have also designed the restaurant to be an events venue to cater to life milestones as well as corporate events and even fans’ day, being near the two giant networks, ABS-CBN and GMA Network.

While waiting for our food to arrive, the servers asked us for our drinks. Seeing that most went with Kamias Shake (PHP126), I went with that tangy chilled beverage as well. R, on the other hand, was intrigued by Sapphire Twist (PHP126) which uses lychee as one of its base fruits. I liked R’s drink more as it had a more refreshing taste.

For appetizers, we sampled Tinapa Roll (PHP180) and Sipa (PHP126). The Tinapa Roll was your usual smoked fish, shredded and stuffed inside a lumpia wrapper. It had a slight dry texture so make sure that you dip it in its sauce.

Sipa on the other hand reminded me of fried siomai. I wasn’t too fond of this one though as the meat was sweet and it weirded me out.

I next sampled this seafood soup with thick white broth which warmed me up on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. The seafood used were fresh and added a lovely slight sweet taste.

The Seafood Kare-Kare (PHP450) was pretty good too. I loved its thick sauce and abundant mussels and prawns. We later found out that Tower Restaurant used salted egg instead of fish sauce in cooking its kare-kare and that explains the thickness and richness of the sauce.

I wasn’t able to try the Binukadkad na Tilapia (PHP270) but I got a forkful of Pinaputok na Pampano (PHP450). I’m not really a fan of pampano but this one’s pretty good. It had a slight crunch which I liked.

R and I shared a piece of Deep Fried Liempo (PHP360) and it was just your usual sinful liempo. I paired it with some Pinakbet (PHP180) which was good but nothing extraordinary as well.

One of my favorite dishes here was Kaldereta (PHP360). I was a bit iffy in getting a huge chunk of meat as I was worried that it’ll be tough to chew. I was pleasantly surprised though that it was very tender. The dish was also rich in flavor and I liked its cheesy taste.

We also feasted on some of Tower Restaurant’s Bagoong Rice and Crab Rice (both at PHP270). The bagoong rice had nice flavor and would go well with fried dishes but I was swept by the crab rice with its generous serving of crab meat.

To cap our meal, we were given some Suman Latik (PHP126) which was again, your usual suman with coconut jam.

Overall, this restaurant offers usual Filipino dishes with some having a bit of twist to it. This place is a good option when you have foreign business partners around. You get to let them taste something local in a fancy looking place for that much needed good impression.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Second time around here was something i expected: classy, elegant, and a bit cold. Thanks for the event on the ground floor it made the place a little bit warmer. We were situated on the second floor in their mini function room (at that time seemingly exclusive for us) andnew faces (for me) and warm greetings from Ruth D Paulo Jose L Marco Jose L
Filipino food comfort food as i remember the words of the restauranteer the last time I dined here. Well, i was comfortable enough in my seat. Uael C since he has strong filipino culture taste, ordered most of our xishes tonight.
128204tinapa roll - the smoked fish is strong. A bit spicy with those green bell peppers.
128204kinilaw na tanigue - ginger, green chilli, onions, vinegar and the half cooked tanigue.. I was wrong to put it all together in my spoon and gobbled it. I guess i got too excited to try it and realized that my tongue was feeling burnt by those acid and chilli.. Too much not to distinguish if it was mayo or coconut milk incorporated in the dish.
128204seafood karekare
You like seafood? Then You SHOULD get this. However, i just think it was too much seafood taste. About 70-30 ratio of crab versus peanut taste. It has crabs, mussels, shrimp, squid, kangkong, string beans, eggplant. It also has chopped peanuts. Sauce was not too thick. Just right.
128204128525tower fried rice
Medley rice. One of their own. I just suggest you getting this since you cant find this anywere.. For me it tasted more like chinese. It's sauteed with dried chorizo, eggs and ham
128204Vigan rice
This rice tastes like breakfast rice. The meet in the rice tasted like toasted tapa. But i think the dish was trying to say i'm vigan longganisa.
I kinda like the sweet taste. This place is nuts about nuts cause the humba they serve got peanuts too. Well it kinda work, but we know humba's pork should be like as adobo pork... Here they made the pork into thin slices like as asado similar to cold cuts.
128204128525crispy pata
I like this. Crispy and meaty filipino dish. They got this right! Crispy. Kristin A couldn't disagree with me in this.
128204128525tower chicken
Again, i would recommend this cause this one's special. The marinade tells it all. It's one happy fried chicken. Marc David M did not hesitate to get another serving.
I think it's a filipino merry christmas for this batch of hungry people. The place is still kinda undecided wether its open for all. It does still look intimidating to enter. I noticed a decline of warmth in their service. I'm guessing because they were all busy. I saw jay-r and was busy too. Just dont forget to be more warm with the customers. I'm still giving it a 4 cause i cant give a 3.6 or 3.7 stars. Hahaha. I also think the place needs to give their menu a little bit of twist. The food was kinda expected already. Cannot thrive with others if you dont make a standout, right? 128540

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Paulo Jose L.
3.0 Stars

It's always fun exploring new restos within the Metro and since this is just a few mins drive from home, I decided to give in upon the invitation of Jayson J (our looloo host 128514).

To start off, this resto reminded me of semi-formal dining on top of Empire State except that there's no skyscraper view. Bitin. But the food was delectable... Not that striking but it was OK, and I could find more unique Filipino dishes.

128298seafood kare-kare
128298crispy pata
128298tinapa roll
128298tower chicken
128298tower rice and vigan rice

Til the next review! Pressure, dami kong hahabulin. Haha!

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Uael C.
3.0 Stars

It takes guts to brave the EDSA traffic this yuletide season, so coming from Makati to QC can be quite daunting but what kept us going is the prospect of trying a new place which Jayson J vehemently recommended to the group. So here's what we've experienced at Tower Restaurant along Scout Rallos:

128204 Tinapa roll 127775127775127775127775
This piece is flavour-packed. It comes with a sulang pinakurat, which gives it an extra kick and balances out the smokiness of tinapa. Quite good.

128204 Kinilaw malasugue 127775127775127775127775
It is typical ceviche but the dressing has mayonnaise in it. No wonder it had this unique creamy-whiteness if its dressing.

128204 Seafood kare-kare 127775127775127775
No need for bagoong. The peanut sauce is infused with aligue. It has squid, shrimp, mussels, fish, and crab.

128204 Humba127775
Sorry, not good. I grew up in Mindanao, and humba is our adobo, so I know the elements that make a perfect humba. The cut of the pork used is wrong. Tasted much like asado to me.

128204 Tower chicken 127775127775127775127775
We expected a unique presentation given the dish's name. But yeah, its normal fried chicken. But the marinade used really went into the chicken, giving it a savoury punch in every bite.

128204 Boneless crispy pata 127775127775127775
Not boneless at all (see pic), but it is satisfactory.

Overall, its a fair experience at the Tower Restaurant. I heard they just opened, so I'm patient with the staff. It's really challenging to review a filipino resto, because as filipino, we have benchmarks, and I was waiting for that wow factor which unfortunately didn't come. But it isn't bad at all. 3 stars! 127775127775127775

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

This is a new restaurant along Sct. Rallos near Tomas Morato. Just beside Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop. It is called Tower Restaurant because... the owner is a Ted Mosby (architect, How I Met Your Mother reference) who's into the tallest buildings in the world? Just guessing haha! The place was okay. It looked a little fancy. We were seated on the 2nd floor because there was a party on the 1st. It was a bit dark, probably because of the curtains.

I expected more of an international cuisine but what we had were all Filipino dishes. I am just confused with the concept and branding of this restaurant.

Anyway, we had Tinapa Roll, Kinilaw, Pork Humba, Crispy Pata, Seafood Kare-Kare, Tower Fried Chicken, Tower Rice, and Vigan Rice. Overall, they were pretty okay but I liked the Kare-kare and Crispy Pata the most.

Service was good since there were servers assigned on the 2nd floor. They were helpful when we asked about their bestsellers.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Tower restaurant is a newly opened fusion restaurant at the morato strip. Located along scout rallos just before mr. Grahams (if you are coming from tomas morato),tower restaurant is not quite obvious, because it is greeted by a grandiose terraced cement and below a towering infrastructure (United Architects of the Philippines Headquarters). Many would actually think it is a hotel's reception. But to help you out, it's name conceptualized from where it is located. Yes, simply tower restaurant because it's the base of a towering infrastructure. Its logo is a simple 'tower' lettering that resembles the tower of paris with letterings of 'restaurant' below. Its grand opening will be on the 4th of November.

Buildings. Upon entering, you would see a well decorated interior, high ceiling. Some sort of simple but elegant chandelier would hang. A painted comparison of the world's tallest buildings, and a mezzanine for around thirty pax could dine. All these efforts wouldn't realize without the work of its architect John Fernandez, who happens to be its owner, and who happens to be present during my visit. John, or Jojo, basically wants the place to be simple yet elegant. He did not fail to realize it. The table and utensil arrangements, the red and maroon colors were just royal. The table napkins as to "add to the volume" of the plates... But Jojo also wants to impart that compared to other elegant restos, his prices would be affordable. Music ambiance was more likely for parties and I suggest to change it to a more calming music. Classical would do. You could also rent the function room for 9 thousand consumable and the mezzanine for 18 thousand consumable. The temperature really was not cold cause he told me that they turn off the air conditioning during 3-5pm. Besides, if it were too cold, the food, since there was only me dining at that time, would become cold and soggy.

The menu as I have noticed is not yet fully finalized as it was just inserted in some red clearbook. Jojo told me that he has nothing in mind during the menu formation. He just had four wonderful chefs who would gladly cook their best filipino dishes from appetizers to desserts. I noticed also that 90% of it were orders good for 2-3 pax. Its prices as well will be very much affordable if shared. Knowing this, i only ordered:
128204Tinapa roll: 6 pieces. This is one of a kind as it is cooked and prepared like the lumpiang shanghai--only the inside was a mixture or minced tinapa, celery, green chili, tomatoes, and i spotted some string bean. It was mildly spicy. There was this some kind of pinakurat dip for the appetizer.
128204128525Tower fried chicken: whole fried chick.. honestly, this is one of the best tasting chicken i've ever tasted. The meat was never dry.. Especially the breast part. The skin was thin and crispy... No thick breading at all.. I think it was really healthy too. And oh. It was cooked perfectly. Not a single tinge of blood. I also took some home cause its too many for me. Served with some ok gravy and ok atchara... For me, even without these, the chicken would taste really good already.
128204Mango pana cotta (on the house, thanks Jojo). It is quite off the filipino menu (much more elegant and western), but Jojo decided to include this as the palate cleanser. It did its job for me. I find the dessert good but too sweet. Mango syrup on top while the jelly itself was formed, and texture was great. I suggest to lower down the sweetness a bit.
As for the rest, these are Jojo's suggestions if you should visit the place. In which i will be, soon.
128204Balbakwa soup (not sure if i spelled that right) - beef tuhod (knee part)
128204tower soup - seafood cream base soup like as boullabaise
128204Boneless crispy pata - for people who really want to just eat and chew. The bones are especially taken off for you.
128204kare kare - towalya... Plus their Peanut D sauce comes with ITLOG NA MAALAT. Very interesting.
128204Seafood kare kare for those who do not eat oxen parts...
128204laing : this is the best among their veggie menu. This laing is wet. Not like the dry bicol laing
128204cheesecake : another off of the filipino menu. It's an original flavored cheesecake. Jojo mentioned that this cheesecake has special effects on the throat.. Heehee.
128204suman latik: finally a filipino favorite. Sugar? Latik? Eat it how you like it.

Jojo got me thinking of coming back to try some of this. And a fun part in the menu:
128204Adobo ni lolo128116
128204Adobo ni lola128117
What's the difference? Lolo128116 got some eggs in his adobo while lola128117 got some Peanut D in her adobo.. I kinda wonder what lola's adobo taste like.. 128518 i know right. I'm serious here. (cause it is unusual for me)

So he mentioned too about having food good for one.. One of which is the baby back ribs.. He is just in the stage of finalizing it and hopfully to launch it very soon.. Maybe in the grand opening?

I also met Jojo's partner Jay-r (and kinda resembles dingdong dantes) who is also handling the operations part.. The waiters (i noticed male dominance) were all courteous and accomodating. They got this cool black and red uniform too. However they were quite noisy at that time. It kinda ruined the ambiance. Jay-r please tell them. Nevertheless the experience was more on a 4 over 5.

"Come, taste our flavors" as what tower restaurant invites us all

... #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway 128518

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