Trampoline Park

The Portal, Greenfield District, Shaw Blvd. cor. Mayflower St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Trampoline Park
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Keisha R.
4.0 Stars

You will definitely burn a lot of calories in this place!...

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Aside from running around the oval, or going for a treadmill bout, or a frenzy stationary cycling-- there's another alternative and fun way to lose those calories. And no, it cannot be found in a gym premise. Get ready your bunny mood, and your leg and core muscles for tiring fun afternoon.

I think entrance here is a little bellow 200PhP. You get one hour of jumping inside the trampoline filled park. But, the catch is you still have to buy special socks and rental of locker is not yet included in the entrance fee.

9757🏻️remember that the socks is important. It has a portion of rubber soles so you don't slip when you land on the trampoline

9757🏻️don't wear the special socks over your normal socks like i did--- upon jumping into a foam filled area, the special socks came loose and i lost it in the sea of foams 128557

9757🏻️bring extra clothing with you. We just consumed 15 minutes of jumping and my, my cloth is already full of sweat.

9757🏻️don't wear jeans. My friend tore his jeans (at the knee part) wear jogging pants or shorts!

9757🏻️bring water with you. Water inside the vicinity is a little pricier. There's a 7/11 nearby.

9757🏻️eyeglasses? Try wearing contact lenses

9757🏻️ don't jump together in a trampoline. Sweet kayo? Accident ang abutin niyo. Only one person per trampoline at a time.

The place is ventilated by huge air conditions but if you really sweat a lot, it's of no use. I did not enjoy jumping in the foam pit. It's a little stinky. Imagine it's a dryer for those who are wet from jumping on the trampolines. There's also a complete volleyball "court" but i doubt if you can really play a legit game in that.

Stamina and endurance will be tested.

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Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

Purchased a deal from Metrodeal. 160 pesos for an hour which is not bad at all. The deal was 50 off, original price was 320 pesos.

I came here with a close friend of mine and we had a blast! One hour of jumping feels like 10000 calories has burned off your body. The park was spacious. I enjoyed the trampoline volleyball court too! I got to also play with the other kids I was with.

I definitely recommend this activity to those who haven't tried ! You won't go wrong with this!

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Lorraine A.
5.0 Stars

101% guaranteed fun!! Highly recommended for kids and kids at heart! 127775127775127775127775127775
Check metrodeal, they have discounted vouchers. Better get the 2-hour voucher.

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

So I've never really been on a real trampoline. The closest was my parents' springy bed, which is nothing at all like this. Wow. i've been missing out!!! Why didn't I do this sooner? I wish they had this when I was a kid!

I was not prepared for tonight's Jump Zumba class. I figured you bounce around a little music. Easy right? No. No. It's so much more than that. This has to be one of the most challenging workouts I've done. But gosh. SO MUCH FUN. I sweating buckets afterwards and laughing through the entire workout like a crazy person. I will definitely be back!!!!

Note: if you are afraid of heights and/or get motion sickness, this may be a little challenging for you (like it was for me). I got a little woozy so I took it easy and didn't try any crazy stunts since it was my first time.

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

I wanted to do something a bit different yesterday so the bf and I opted to go check out Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong.128077

You pay depending on how long you want to stay. We opted for one hour which cost us about 300 php. You also have to have grip socks. If you don't, you have to pay 80 php for a pair.

To start off, they show you a quick video about do's and don'ts inside the trampoline area and offer open lockers for your stuff.

The trampoline area itself is lined with trampolines. There are also basketball hoops, a volleyball net, a foam pit and a bunch of balls. There are also staff inside to assist you if need be.

You'd think jumping around would be easy but I was definitely tired after 5 minutes 128514128514128514

Downsides would have to be that it gets really hot and stuffy inside, ventilation is kind of poor. Plus, the food and drinks that they offer inside is way overpriced! 128581

It was pretty fun though and was a nice experience/workout haha.

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Luisa E.
4.0 Stars

With our metrodeal coupons we paid for PHP190 for the one hour pass, originally at PHP350. We had a great time! But our "tita" bodies could not fully max out that hour of jumping up and down haha! 4 stars only because the food bar could've been better maintained at least. You must bring grip socks or buy theirs for PHP80 if you don't have any.

Pic by Patsy C mag active ka naaaa hihi

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Ann Margaret L.
5.0 Stars

Right beside Starbucks is our first trampoline park – an American concept brought here in our country! Yey! This park is great for de-stressing. Time to get your hands off your smartphones or any gadgets and you get to have a fun-filled healthy activity with your friends or family 128077🏼

The regular ticket price here for weekends is 350/hr but we bought vouchers on MetroDeal so we got it for only 190/hr. Awesome! And 320/hr during weekdays. Then you have to bring your own grip socks, but if you don't have one, you are required to buy at the counter for 80/pair.

I suggest you book a reservation because the park gets packed quickly and you can't just enter whenever you want. They have schedule for every batch that will use the park. It's not like other amusement parks in which you can enter immediately after buying your ticket.

There's a second floor called view deck and there are open lockers there for your shoes or other things. This is also a waiting area. You can deposit your things downstairs if you don't feel like leaving it in the open lockers. Just ask for assistance.

Before entering, they will brief each batch about the dos and donts inside the park. There are watch guards around the park to ensure safety at all times. They'll whistle on you if what you're doing is prohibited.

Inside the trampoline park, activities you can do are play dodgeball, volleyball, and basketball. There's also a foam pit filled with foam cubes. They offer different sessions such as Gravity Fitness, AeroDance and Parkour.

Also, every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, the lights go down and the dj turns the music up! Voilà! The park becomes a disco trampoline park 128514

It's been 5 minutes since I entered and started jumping, but I was already sweating a lot! Great for the body! 128077🏼128522 I really had a great time here.

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Abby M.
4.0 Stars

There were a lot of confusion between this Trampoline Park, and the one in Jump Yard. Just to clarify, Jump Yard is also a trampoline park, located in Pasig, while this Trampoline Park is in Mandaluyong. Take note of the capitalization.

We got our deal here at Metrodeal. Around Php150 per head per hour versus the regular 300pesos. 150 is a good price for jumping, while 300 is too pricey for just jumping. I thought it would be easy, but nooooo. Jumping is a good exercise.

There's the regular trampoline - squares, and the long one for tricks. Trampoline on walls too for exhibitions. Then, there are areas for basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball. What I like though is this foam pool. Better if they made this bigger or you can jump from somewhere else (right now, you can only jump from one side of the pool).

Fun day!

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