Trattoria Altrov'e

858 Tropical Ave., BF International, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

Trattoria Altrov'e
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Most Recent Reviews

Marti M.
4.0 Stars

First time to visit Trattoria Altrov’e, though it has been recommended by Chili G ages ago! Quite surprised as they offered shoe boxes as we entered, saka ko palang naalala that we have to take our shoes off.

Cool place! We visited dinner time so everything was dim, and it goes with the mood that the place wants to convey - calmness - beach-like and a bit romantic. There’s even live piano music to liven up the mood, playing songs my parents would love to hear 128517

The Trattoria house specialty pizza was quite pricey at around P700+ so we just got the Margherita (@ around P400). Pizza was cooked just right. The pizza cooking area is open for all to see. Loved the brick oven!

We also got the Caesar’s Salad (@around P200) and Pesto Pasta (around P300). Food was good but we didn’t appreciate how it really looked as the lighting of the place was really really dim.

I do recommend the veggie juice (around P150 per liter). It was so refreshing!

Kids loved the place as they can walk around barefoot! Service was good! Parking was also adequate, can accommodate around 8-10 cars (which is really a plus here at BF!) Excited to visit this place at daytime 128521

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Allan D.
4.0 Stars

The fambam was craving for street food and the wifey didnt have the energy to cook for our dinner...

Thus we braved the streets of the south and explored the nook and corner of my hometown, BF Homes pque.

Seems everything is back to normal as traffic and chaos were evident everywhere in BF.

Decided to buy some BBq in el grande/jerusalem as we.discussed where to eat...

Then Altrove popped up in my mind and so we headed here for the first.time..

Felt bad writing this review and realizing Altrove is listed in Eatigo as reviewed by Chili...

However they didnt offer any discount today.. boo!

Anyhow, as we entered we were requested to remove our footwears and was given a claim stub.

We were early thus we were the first customers, we decided to eat at the gazebo where we were sitted on the floor.

Realized that the place had no AC because of its rustic/beach ambience..good thing they had elec fans and the weather was cool.

We ordered the following

Insalata di calamari
Pizza Bianca (cheese, garlic and oregano)
Quattro Staggioni (4 kinds of toppings)
Penne Ragu bolognese
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara
Lamb chop (Cotolleta D Agnello)
2 glasses of Merlot cadis
Mango shake
3 bottled water

Total Bill P3.6k

As we were waiting for our food, we.were given free appetizer of flat bread and.balsamic dip.

We initially ate the BBq we bought earlier to tickle our famished tummies..

As food.arrive one after the other, we immediately grabbed the pizza and it's the same.quality as in their.palawan branch where we.first fell in love w.this resto.

Oven crust was divine, the toppings were filled and.they didnt skimp on the quality ingredients on their pizza.

The pizzas were reasonably priced around P350-P720 per order.

The only downside on our part for this visit is they were charging extra for requesting more parmesan cheese.for our pastas.

The lambchops according to my son was good but he prefers it cooked the french way rather than the!

The owner was courteously asking us of and how was our experience...It's good to see hands on owners in a resto as this shows their passion in overseeing their operations and making sure.customers are happy .

Service was a breeze and was always at our beck and call.

Dinner was complimented by house.musician.of a piano and saxophone.duo who played romantic music that appealed to us.while drinking our poison.

This place is at par w Mama Lous but more affordable..downside would be if You eat here during summer season..not sure if they open up their aircon units on upon request.

Parking was ample for 8 -10 cars i guards though

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Wow, finally back after more than a year! Been wanting to go back for sometime but the hot weather always dissuaded us. But now that the cool December breeze is finally here, we decided to give it a shot.
Arrived around 6:30PM and thanks to eatigo, we got a 20% discount on our bill, yay! 128079
We got our fave pomodoro appetizer, the saliccia pizza (if I'm not mistaken) and pesto with spaghetti noodles. Ambience was quiet and refreshing, really a haven compared to the hustle and bustle in aguirre. Our appetizers arrived first and the mozzarella was so deliciously fresh! Really love this! Our pizza arrived soon after and I fell in love all over again 128525 I'm sure others would argue that other places have better pizzas but for us, this is the best and it's the closest in taste to the ones we've tried in Savona.
The pasta was served al dente and the sauce didn't overpower the dish at all.
Overall another great experience at Altrove! Promise I'll get a whole pizza for myself next time 128514

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Haven't been back to trattoria in a while and I was extra excited cos I was introducing it to my friends. Since it was a Saturday night, made reservations just to be sure 128522 was warmly greeted at the entrance as usual and we were led to our table.
We got two pizzas- the pizza Bianca and the truffle prosciutto. We also got their mushroom risotto, carpaccio and a new chicken dish that i forgot.
Pizzas arrived right away and they were outstanding! Talagang Na miss ko to 128523 the risotto was also super creamy and tasty, meant to be shared because I think it's a bit too rich for just one person. The carpaccio was also good but it arrived with still some ice crystals on it? Straight from the freezer I guess. The chicken dish was just meh for me.
Less one star though because they now accept events and when we went, it was super noisy! As in kids running around type of noisy 🙄 I cannot! Their ambience is one of the things that I like the most and it just wasn't there that night.

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4.0 Stars

It was errand day for us and just as when we thought we were entering one of bf homes cozy, laid back restaus we were greeted by the foreign owner, was asked to remove our slippers before we enter the restau and as we did, there was a pianist playing. We wouldn't mind really if we weren't in our everyday clothes but we didn't want to ruin the other guests dinner by gracing them our dusty selves128514 It's not fancy schmancy kind but it was a romantic and decent place. Very coron and islandish feels. So anyway, as our hunger gave us the confidence to proceed, we were able to try their delicious gamberetti pasta which was really tasty & seasoned well. The lobster salad was really good, didn't like the canned fruit salad mix though as I think it demeans the potential of the dish just a notch lower. The anchovy pizza was awesome, had good cheese and toppings ratio, I think it was cooked in a brick oven too. My only concern here is that since it was served first & though the server apologized for it, maybe it made the dough super tough after it cooled down a bit. Like literally jaw exercise kind. The dessert is yummy too, esp the dark gelato. Man it was almost like real chocolate! The pannacotta is good too but I've had better. As for the service and ambience it's awesome, this place is def another added gem for BF.

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Chachi L.
4.0 Stars

Trattoria Altrove is an Italian resto in El Nido and is one of the most recommended places to eat while staying in the island. They only have one branch in the island so it was a total surprise for me that they flew in a franchise to BF for Manileños to try.

It is situated along Tropical Avenue in BF Homes (same street where Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen is located). Their location is big compared to the original branch in El Nido and parking spaces are available too. To give you an El Nido feel, one will be asked to also take off their shoes to be placed in a basket which you can claim after eating. Place is open until 11pm

We ordered the ff. during our visit.

Pomodori - Tomatoes topped with Mozzarella cheese and olive oil. This one is a good starter meal since it is just light especially if you like tomatoes

Allacarsica - We were curious about the Carst's style pasta so we gave it a try. It is a cream based pasta topped with bacon, which I really enjoyed. This was ordered by my sister and we loved it because it is creamy and delicious.

Pesto alla Genovese - I didn't quite feel the pesto-ness of the sauce. I had to put some salt, pepper and parmesan to add taste in my order.

The pasta dishes are good for sharing especially if you'd also want to order in some pizza.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Aaaand we're back! Been craving for their pizza for the past few weeks and finally found time to go back last weekend. Went for early dinner to avoid the crowds (dami ng Tao every time we pass by).
Really love the vibe of the place especially at dusk where you can really appreciate the garden setting and the relaxed atmosphere.
Got our fave Bianca pizza and we tried the arrabiata with spaghetti noodles. Also got an appetizer, the baked tomatoes w mozzarella but of course I forgot the name 128516
Food was great as usual 10084️ yabang ko pa I said I could finish the pizza by myself lol Hindi pala.
Sayang we ate a bit early, mr piano playing man starts at 7PM pa pala. Saw him e so I asked what time he starts, really love live piano playing!

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

Trattoria Altrove is a casual dining restaurant that takes pride in their made from scratch pasta, brick-oven pizza and wine. Having its roots in Palawan and hailed as one of the “it” restaurant, Trattoria Altrove is starting to have a following here in BF Homes, Paranaque.

Trattoria Altrove offers a relaxed ambiance with its natural ventilation, beautiful garden setting and dimly lit place.

Gamberi e Olio d’ Oliva 128536128536
Pasta is perfectly kneaded, cooked and flavored. I love the generous serving of the ingredients.

Margherita Pizza 128522
Thin crust, served straight from the oven topped with fresh mozzarella and basil, definitely two thumbs up for me.

I definitely enjoyed the food, the service and the atmosphere.

No shoe policy inside the restaurant so make sure no smelly feet. 128521

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

After reading some good reviews from the south peeps about this place, I suggested to my friend that its about time to try it out. Trattoria Altrove is a Palawan (El Nido and Coron) original. I'm happy how they were able to bring the calm island vibe of palawan into BF. This place really resembles the palawan branches. This resto felt like a spa. Candlelight dim level of lighting. Kubokubo alfresco style dining. A very refreshing kind of resto to find in the metro.

For the food we decide to try out one pasta and one pizza.

127829Margherita Pizza - Their pizza here is brickoven thin crust. I love the freshness of the pizza. The mozarella cheese use on this one was also very good. I love the texture of it. At first bite you will think that theres a ham inside but its all cheese. Fresh basil brings just the right additional flavor for the pizza to be perfect. Make sure to eat the pizza while its hot. Medjo makunat once it cooldown.

127837Gamberi de Olio - if you are a shrimp lover for sure you'll love this one. Flavorful Gambas on your preffered pasta noodle tossed with sundried tomato, parmesan cheese and virgin oil. I love the simple look of this dish but the shrimp flavor was right on. If you are in a hurry avoid penne noodle. They freshly make the noodle once you order it and penne takes more time to make.

Overall I love this place and its really starting to get popular in BF foodscene. Food and service wise everything was all good. If you also have some issue with your back avoid sitting on the indian seat table. The backrest are not that comfortable. 128522128077

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

I finally got to try Palawan's best pizza!!! Albeit in the close comfort of nearby BF Homes haha!

One thing different is they'll ask you to take your shoes off before entering. I guess its their way of keeping the beach vibe? Dining is al fresco so expect to be bothered a bit by flies... 128542 I honestly think an enclosed and airconditioned space would improve the dining experience immensely.

And the food verdict? Delicious! Had the 4 seasons (olives, artichokes, mushrooms, ham) and this other pizza with truffle oil and prosciutto. The pizza's were cooked in a brick oven and looked absolutely 'bellissimo'!

The mushroom risotto was creamy and flavorful. The carbonara was the real deal 128077128076. No shortcuts using cream! The pasta sauce was made of pure egg and the execution was so on point, such that the result was a creamy consistency nevertheless! The pan fried chicken breast was also a winner - not dry, lots of flavor, and topped with melted mozzarella.

Its right near the more established Mama Lou's... so if you're up for something different but still Italian, you're just a few meters away from this gem.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

There are a lot of Italian Restaurants in the Metro but most, according to those who know what Italian food is all about, do not deliver authentic Italian food. Their dishes are mostly sweet, pizza overly loaded or pasta with too much sauce. Then there’s this Italian Restaurant in El Nido that is said to be the best in the area. It became one of the “must visit” restaurants there and people have been raving about it.

Trattoria Al Trove – from Palawan to BF Homes. It was such a delight when I heard that they opened up a branch in the Metro and it’s in the South! Jai told me about it and hubby originally planned to take the family there for my birthday lunch but during that time, they’re only open starting 5PM. But then we had our anniversary set days after so hubby took me there for a dinner date. I must say that I’m glad he did.

Trattoria Al Trove is one of the few restaurants in the Metro that dared to be different. The entire area had a garden setting, open air with no AC room at all. Such a breather to be surrounded by nature – lush greens, flowers, fountains. It was as if we were not in the Metro! They don’t have wifi and promotes face to face interaction instead of social media bonding. Also, upon entering the restaurant, they’ll ask you to take off your foot wear but you can leave your socks on if you want.

I tell you, we fell in love with the place. The ambiance was so relaxed and romantic, candle lit dinner with soulful music from a pianist. Since it’s located in a not so commercialized area of BF, the place was so quiet and peaceful. They even have this elevated area with low tables and pillows so you’ll have to sit on the wooden floor and we opted to stay there. The servers were nice and helpful, suggesting dishes to try.

We got the following ---

> Aragosta – 300Php/100 grams

Husband wanted some lobster that night and he was lucky to spot this pasta in their menu. The sauce was simple – red sauce with garlic, olive oil and chopped sun dried tomatoes. We chose penne as the pasta. The star was the lobster sitting on top of the pasta. They already took out the meat for us but included the whole lobster into the plating. The flavors in the sauce were subtle and there was just enough to coat each penne. The lobster was excellent! It was sweet, succulent and juicy! We wished there was more! We paid 1200Php for this pasta alone because of the lobster.

For pizza, we got half and half of two flavors: Procuito Crudo Con Tartufo and Pizza Bianca

> Procuito Crudo Con Tartufo (720Php whole pizza)

Prosciutto and Tartufo are our favorite Italian ingredients. Pizza or pasta, we should always order something with them when going Italian. Hubby loves the saltiness of the prosciutto and I love the earthy, strong and distinct taste of truffle oil. This pizza had slices of air-dried parma ham that were salty and savory on a pizza base of Italian truffle mushroom cream and mozzarella. It’s finished off with freshly chopped arugula leaves. The pizza was kinda a dry. Set on a thin crust, it lacked some wow factor. We asked for olive oil and drizzled away which made it better.

> Pizza Bianca (420Php whole pizza)

According to the server, this is a best seller. It was rather simple – non-tomato base with bacon, garlic, mozzarella and a dash of oregano. We asked for additional anchovies for this half. Again, pizza was dry with very subtle flavors. The anchovies definitely made it better with its characteristic saltiness. We needed to drizzle olive oil to enjoy this.

For dessert, I opted to get a Panacota for 150Php. They didn’t have much in their dessert list – gelato, gelato with fruits, mixed fruits and panacota which was most appealing. Before they served our dessert, they gave us two bowls of warm water, calamansi slices and towels to wash off our hands and remove the strong smell of the lobster. Great! The panacota was okay. Served in a huge platter, topped with blueberry sauce and a side of pureed mango, it was rich and creamy but I’ve tried better ones like that in Italianni’s.

Customer service was top notch here. A server was always ready to help even though the place was a little packed. Also loved that you can request for a song and the pianist would willingly play it as long as he knows it. Very romantic place, I tell you. The manager is a foreigner and made sure we were having a great time. We also had a chance to talk to the owner, a foreigner as well. I asked about the dry pizza and he willingly explained. So it’s true. Italian pizzas are simple and not loaded. If you want the usual American Style Pizza, you can add some more toppings for additional cost. The owner explained that a whole pizza is usually not for sharing in Italy and it serves as a complete meal.

I would still say that overall, it was a good experience. I would give this place five stars for the ambiance alone but only four stars for the food. Still willing to go back and try more of their dishes.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

As promised, we are back! Hehehe 128513 after catching a
Movie, we headed to BF for an early dinner. Hubby and I were both so excited!
We chose to get a half and half pizza, half Margherita and half Bianca. We also got the pesto with spaghetti noodles. This time we chose to sit at the back of the resto, it was a bit brighter and airier 128522 our server was very pleasant. Gamely took photos and even gave us some off lotion for the mosquitos.
The pizza arrived first and as you can see in the pic, took a bite first before I remembered to take a decent picture 128518 the Bianca was delicious! Might get this next time just for myself. The pasta tastes super fresh, just oil and herbs, delicioso! The lady owner approached us again and thanked us for coming back. She said that they started to open for lunch service but only from 12-2 on weekends.
We can't pass up dessert so had their gelato again, perfect way to end our great meal 128077🏼

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David S.
4.0 Stars

This is a cute new Italian restaurant located near Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen. When you get to the restaurant you need to remove your shoes and use their slippers when go inside. It's like entering a spa. The interiors are similar to an old Filipino house. For anyone who's not comfortable taking off their shoes, a word of caution.

The place is also not airconditioned and very open. Please bring mosquito repellent lotion.

Now to the food:

As you can see their kitchen is very simple. Kitchen equipment is like cooking in a dirty kitchen at home. Staff don't wear hairnet.

They use alot of McCormick spices, arborio rice for risotto, and imported canned tomato. They also have a wood fired brick oven which is nice.

Ordered their Vongole Pasta, Truffle Risotto, and Margherita pizza.

The Clams in the vongole were very fresh with a hint of lemon. The risotto was huge. The pizza was also good.

The owner Martin was very accomodating. He even went to our table had had a small chat after eating. He even gave us extra cigarettes.

They have a piano player every night so that adds to the experience.

It tends to get warm after having a glass of wine since the place is not airconditioned.

Overall it's a nice experience dining at this cute new Italian restaurant.

Average spend is 550-600/guest

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Even though I've so many reviews lined up, I'm doing this first cos it just gave me so much happiness! After having dinner and dessert in BF, we decided to go the 'long way around' (Aguirre-El Grande-Tropical-Concha) just to see what's new. Saw that Sam won is DEFINITELY closed and is now replaced with behrouz. Huhubells.
Along tropical we saw a new place on the left side and upon closer inspection of the sign, I saw that it was Trattoria Altrove! My heart literally leapt! Made a u-turn 'just to ask' if it's the same one in el Nido and it is! Ohemgee! So even though we've had dinner AND dessert, we parked just to check the place out.
Same as in el Nido, they ask you to take off your shoes upon entering. Loved the laid back/beachy/garden-y interiors. Air flows freely everywhere and it wasn't that hot even though it was summer. We were greeted right away by the Italian owner and I told him that we really loved our experience in el Nido and he said this place is so much better cos of the space.
We tried the pizza with sausage (forgot the name). Since everything is made from scratch, we waited around 15mins. You won't get bored because there is an actual piano player which adds so much to the atmosphere. We were also served some complimentary bread with oil and balsamic vinegar.
When our pizza arrived I was giddy with excitement! And my first bite brought me all the way back to savona! Seriously, it is just so good. The crust is thin and crispy but not flaky, the cheese is just heavenly and we can distinguish the nuttiness of the olive oil on top. The sausage added just the right amount of spice. Php435 but well worth it imo.
I truly believe (based on experience as well) that this is the most authentic Italian resto in the metro (that I've tried). I'm so happy they chose the south!
During the meal we chatted some more w the owner and the wife and I really said that I was crying with joy! 128518
After paying, they gave us some heavenly gelato on the house! Second dessert!
They just opened last March 8 so they are still on soft-opening, cards not accepted yet. Service was good as well.
Will be back next week!

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Last saturday night, on our way to Aguirre, Ony and I saw this newly opened place. Since we haven't decided yet where we'll have dinner, we agreed to try this place. If we were not looking at their side, we wouldn't notice this new place at all. The location is very unusual. This is beside the school and opposite the store that sells jumbo shrimps/prawns and other seafood. The only restaurant in the area (but still kind of near Mama Lou's). There aren't that much lights and the place itself is kind of dark, as well. No one will ever think that a restaurant is located here.

So we stopped and went here. No huge bright signage to attract customers just a simple tarpaulin that says: "Brick Oven pizza" "The best Italian restaurant in El Nido"


For a restaurant to claim itself as the best Italian restaurant, the food must be really really good and hopefully, "authentic".

So we went inside and we were welcomed by (probably) the owner and the wife (or friend? Partner? Haha). In the "receiving area" they ask their customers to do 2 things: (1) remove and leave their shoes (and if they're uncomfortable with just walking barefoot, they have house slippers for sale). And (2), aside from not having any wifi connection and a very very low/weak phone signal, they highly discourage phone usage (well they allow you to use your phone to take pictures). They encourage people to talk and have real conversations. Because that's how it is supposed to be. 9786

We left our shoes and was directed to our tables right away. For a new place (they just opened last week), the place was full. A lot of couples, group of friends, and families were having dinner. The place is simple and plain but it is cozy and very romantic. There's a piano and they play good music. Perfect for family dinners or date nights w your friends or significant other. 128521978610084️ They open at 5pm until 10 or 11pm. Al fresco with a calm, chill and relaxed beach feels. Wooden chairs and tables, but you can opt to have the area at the center where you can sit on the floor (they have pillows!), very simple decorations, few paintings, plus there's a garden, and at the corner is the brick oven. Since the owners were extra nice, we had the chance to see it. Mini tour! The place is really nice. 128076🏼

We were given the menu and I was so tempted to search for reviews online just so I know what to order. It's weird when I don't have any idea about the place. Baka mali yung maorder ko. Baka hindi masarap. Baka fail and so on. But since I can't, I asked our server what are their recommended/must try dishes. He, himself, was not sure with what to recommend but upon scanning the menu, he suggested we try the vongole pasta and pizza bianca.

We followed his suggestion and ordered half Pizza Bianca and half Margherita pizza. But for our pasta, we tried the Pesto Pasta.

While waiting, we were served with complimentary bread with salsa. The bread was soft and tasty even without the salsa. But would be better if it was still warm when served to us.

After around 30 minutes, our orders arrived.

Pesto Pasta (270)
- there are 3 options for the pasta -- spaghetti, fettuccine, and penne. I love penne! And I exactly don't know why. 128517 Maybe because it's the easiest and less messy kind of pasta to eat! So yup, we chose Penne. 128077🏼
- The pasta was just okay. The penne was cooked al dente but it would have been so much better and yummy if the pesto taste/flavor was stronger. It felt bitin and kulang. 128563

Pizza (Half Pizza Bianca + Half Margherita) (385)
- Since their pizza are all freshly made, you have to wait for at least 30 minutes but they guarantee you that it is worth the wait. After the wait, we were finally served with their "famous" brick oven pizza. The size was big and can be shared by 3 (or 4) persons.
- the pizza was just okay. It was good but we weren't that "impressed". 128546
- between the two, we liked the pizza bianca more than the margherita since it is more flavorful with the bacon, garlic, oregano, parsley and of course, mozarella!! 128155

Service was just okay. It was slow and kinda confusing. Some of the tables who came in after us were served with their order before we were with our orders. Our server wasn't that familiar with the menu. And some were hard to call. But given that they're still new, it's forgivable (for now). I think the staffs are all still adjusting. Another concern is despite having "katol" placed in every corner, there are still a lot of flies in the area. It would be better if they can address that issue. 128529

Just a week old, there is still a lot of things to improve and fix but overall, we still enjoyed the night, the food and for the nice and "unique" experience. 9786128077🏼

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