Trattoria Altrov'e

Calle Hama St., Buena Suerte, El Nido, Palawan

Trattoria Altrov'e
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Ron M.
5.0 Stars

This was the very first thing we did upon arrival in El Nido, it took us 6 long hours of land travel all the way from Puerto Princesa and so we were all exhausted and not to mention hangry 128514 since our lunch was a bit of a struggle, we only ate at a quaint carinderia that served food that we weren't confortable eating and so this made our Altrov'e experience more memorable 128514128514128514

Their place has boho interiors with dim lights to compliment the theme and you have to leave your footwear behind as they strictly implement walking barefoot in their floors, and the dining area is on the second floor of a wooden house by the way. As early as 6:30pm there was already a queue outside, we were second in line, their pizza station is on the ground floor so while waiting in line you get to see the cooks kneading the pizza, which made us more eager to try their pizza, we were twelve in the group so it took quite a while for us to be seated but since the place is full we just decided to split the group in half so it wouldn't take longer to find a place for us.

And yes having a huge group meant one thing, lots of varieties! Pastas are good for 2-3pax and pizza is roughly 14" with eight slices

Margherita 127829127829127829127829127829
Ugh the dough is so good! Crust is crispy while the pizza had soft and chewy texture, i love it to death!

Con Tonno 127829127829127829127829127829
The basic tomato sauce and mozarella cheese topped with tuna and corn, this also tasted good and their crust is consistently great

Ragú Bolognese 127837127837127837127837
The noodles were cooked perfectly and the sauce was overwhelming, it was very beefy and slightly tangy

Gamberi e olio d'oliva 127844127844127844127844127844
Loved this one, olive oil based pasta with shrimps, olives, and sun dried tomatoes with a pinch of crushed pepper flakes on top sprinkled with parmesan cheese

Frutti di Mare 127844127844127844127844127844
Tomato based pasta with garlic buttered squid, shrimps, and some garlic bits, this one is the favorite of the bunch

Alla Carbonara 🥓🥓🥓🥓
Oh this one is special, i though all carbonaras taste good but this one is better, it has the basic beschamelnsauce mixed with bacon, mozarella, parmesan and.... egg yolk for that extra creamy texture

Oh i feel so lucky they have a branch in Manila (BF Parañaque to be exact) can't wait to eat some of their pizza and pasta again

Ps. Wasn't able to take a photo on all our orders since most of us already started grabbing some servings and yeah bad angles due to time constraint, everyone was too eager to eat 128514

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Since dinner was not part of the tour package, my sister went ahead and searched the must try places here in El Nido. Trattoria Altrov’e is listed as number two in trip advisor and apparently, it was only a ten minute walk away from our hotel!
By the time we got there, it was barely five thirty in the afternoon. My aunt suggested to go for a walk by the beach to watch the sunset before coming back. After thirty minutes or so, there was already a line! We had to wait for another thirty minutes to get seated but the wait was definitely worth it.
We were asked to remove our shoes/ slippers before heading up. The restaurant was a barefoot area. We were given the choice to leave our slippers on the shoe rack downstairs or to bring it up. A bag will be provided if you decide to bring it up. Do note that they will not be liable for any lost slippers.
Upon arrival, we were greeted with a candle lit, romantic dinner kind of ambiance. Despite not having any air condition, the place was cool. We decided to order an appetizer, one pizza and one pasta for four people.
CARPACCIO DI MANZO [P230] 11088110881108811088
Beef tenderloin • lemon • bread • parmesan cheese
When the plate arrived, I was surprised to see the meat completely raw. I was actually expecting it to be charred on the sides. But anyway, tenderloin was pounded very thinly to make it melt in your mouth. There was not a hint of “malansa” taste in it either. My sisters enjoyed the sliced bread very much. We even asked for extra bread and some olive oil with balsamic vinegar to finish it off.
PIZZA MARGHERITA [P320] 11088110881108811088
Handmade pizza topped with crushed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. The dough was rolled pretty thin to give way to the flavorful toppings. Simple yet delicious!
ALL’ ARRABBIATA [P300] 11088110881108811088
A classic Lazio style pasta with tomato, bacon, garlic, chili, paprika, and parmesan cheese. Flavors were spot on. However, the pasta was slightly overcooked as it did not have that nice bite to it. But not bad since it was not soggy yet.
MANGO SHAKE [P100] 11088110881108811088
A fresh, clean taste to cleanse the palate after all those flavors. It was not too sweet but not bland either. I do wish they added a bit more crushed ice to cool the drink.
LEMON JUICE [P100] 110881108811088
It was a perfect dinner with the wonderful flavors and lovely ambiance. Definitely a good place to catch up and enjoy the night 128149

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Diane S.
4.0 Stars

Pizza and pasta as their specialty :) you go into the roofdeck to have a barefooted meal within the town proper of El Nido, just a street after the beach front :) very cozy indeed! It was raining when we got to the place, so we felt very sheltered while we ate our food. It's candlelit and the ambiance that time was romantic :)

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Such a nice place. I learned from Dennis O that this is the original branch. So we came and took off our slippers. Note that they are not responsible for lost slippers. Lol.

The place was romantic in a was. Dark (not dim) and full of candles. Could be a little creepy if ikaw lang mag-isa but that will never happen because this place is a hit! Good thing we went here early.

128204128525 quattro stagioni @450php
This pizza is really good. The crust itself pwedeng ipang tapat sa mga high class italian restaurants. There were olives, artichokes, ham and mushrooms. The tomato paste was not that tasty (aww) but the cheese was there!

128204 alla carbonara @270php
We had this spaghetti style. The cream was average thick. It was aldente. Above average taste.

128204 gamberi e olio d'oliva @310php
We had this penne pasta. It's olive oil base and the prawns were tasty. This pasta is tasteless without the prawns. But i tell you it's really aldente.

There's no wifi here and so stated in their menu to keep talking with each other instead of using your gadgets-- but the trattoria itself is a pokéstop!! So we enjoyed putting lure on it and enjoyed talking about pokemons that we catch. 128513128513

I forgot to ask about their CR. The service was quite fast. The servers were not that warm because their busy --well, i believe they are friendly nmn. They're just busy. Try this original and authentic itaian restaurant 128521128077🏼

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Darlene M.
4.0 Stars

This place came highly recommended by friends who have been to El Nido before. They all warned me to be at the restaurant early because there would always be a long queue. So imagine my surprise when there wasn't a line sticking out of the entrance and that the dining wasn't even full with customers.

Perks of traveling during the rainy season I guess.

Guests are required to remove their shoes and slippers at the entrance. This is also where the brick oven is as well as the pizza preparation area. The dining area is on the second level and is dimly lit. The interiors is made mostly of wood. We got lucky that one group had just left the platform seating so we were able to transfer there. Low tables and Thai floor pillows were the main draw of the platform seating. Sitting indian-style, we eagerly awaited our pizza. We ordered the Con Prosciutto for sharing among us three as well as drinks.

Looking around, one would notice that Westerners tend to order one pizza for one person. So we just chuckled to ourselves that we have small appetites.

The pizza was simple, with Parma ham, olives, and other ingredients on a thin crispy crust. One slice and I understood why people would queue up for it. It's a damn good pizza.

Drinks are a bit pricey though.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Tratorria is a quiant Italian restaurant in El Nido.  I've heard raves about this joint hence I made a promise to myself that i will never leave the island without dining here. 

We failed during our first try,  it took us a while to locate the place.  The signage is not that noticeable and one would think that it's a pension house.  After circling around twice,  we finally located it.  Not gonna say Eureka as it will be half-baked.  No available tables and there are 10 people waiting to be seated.  I waved the white flag and took a mental note to swing by tomorrow after our island hopping thingy.

I was so determined to visit the place, we arrived a couple of hours early.  The server said,  they open at 5pm.  Oh Goodie!  We have to time to rinse off all the sand and saltwater.  We went back after freshening up and we had our game face on.

We ordered the following:

| Vongole.  Spaghetti alle Vongole is part of Neapolitan Cuisine.  This is prepared two ways:

~ In Bianco.  Garlic,  oil,  parsley,  a splash of white wine.
~ In Rosso.  Same ingredients as above with the addition of tomatoes and fresh basil.

I picked In Bianco.  Not sure if  In Rosso is listed on their menu. And oh,  you can customise the noodles,  i picked penne.  We were graced by a beautifully plated pasta dish a couple of minutes after.  The noodles are perfectly cooked.  The flavor is on point,  i taste wine,  garlic and clams.  A simple dish executed well.  This is by far the best pasta dish I've ever tasted. 

| Pizza Margherita.  A classic Neapolitan Cuisine.   Handmade pizza dough topped with generous amounts of tomatoes,  mozzarella and basil.   Don't let the minimalist vibe of this dish discourse you as each bite packs a punch.   The menage a trois of gastronomic proportions.  The pizza dough is the star of the show, it's chewy and extremely addicting.  This is best paired with a glass of red.

| Gelato (combination of white and dark chocolate).   One of the best frozen treats I've had in a while.   I like the fact that it is frozen as it kinda resembles a cake.  Subtle sweetness and creamy texture. 

I got a chance to chat with the owner.   Well,  i was acting like a total fangirl,  i was dishing out praises about their food for x number of minutes.   He laughed when I said that i will never leave the island without dining here and will never forgive myself.  


They have a branch in BF.  Woo-hoo,  no need to book for a flight for a taste of heaven,  you just have to endure traffic.

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Erica A.
5.0 Stars

Everything was delicious and authentic! Cool ambience too. People who come here are mostly foreigners looking for good italian food. Don't ever miss going here when you visit Coron. You'll never be disappointed. Babalik balikan! Two thumbs up!

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Who would have thought the island of El Nido boasts one of the best Italian restaurants? Enter Tratorria Altrov'e.

It's a slovenian owned place popular for their pizza and pasta dishes. The restaurant is located on the second floor of a building next to a gym. You have to remove your shoes/slippers to enter. On the first floor you'll find a couple of guys busy cooking pizzas in a brick oven.

Most people love their pizza but I find it a bit salty. The photo shows their mango flavored gelato. When you say gelato I say Bono. Probably why it didn’t get much love as I expected. The highlight of the place would be their pasta. I visited the place twice and it was more that what I would want it to be. Most of the pasta from Italian restaurants that I tried tends to be a bit makunat. Tratorria’s pasta is my kind of al dente. It’s perfectly cooked.

They import their sauce all the way from Italy but it doesn’t get too sour. I’m being redundant but again it’s just perfect. So if you happen to be in the last frontier I urge you to try and experience Tratorria Altrov'e.


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Glenn E.
5.0 Stars

Our 3rd night in El Nido.

It's rainy Sunday night went we here after hearing the mass. No long lines coz it was raining that night, we second on the line but still waited for a couple minutes nefore getting a seat.

The place was cozy and romantic. You need to leave your footwears and ascend to the dining area barefoot. They don't have flourescent lights so you're gonna have a candlelight dinner instead, sweet!

We ordered 2 types of pasta and pizza, and everyone was right - they have the best pizza in the country. What can I say, the pizza was cooked to perfection via brick oven. The pastas were good too, you can tell that good quality of ingredients were used on the dish.

Good service and definitely go back when in El Nido. Too bad, to far from the Metro. 128557

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Chie R.
5.0 Stars

I visited this twice, and enjoyed both visits. I'm in lust :p with their pizza, both times we waited for around 30-45 minutes because the place is always full but since their food is worth the wait, my friends and I don't mind the waiting. The prices are reasonable too, their cocktails ranges from 150-200 if I'm not mistaken and cheaper compared to the other places we visited in el nido. I am so going back to this place when I go back to El nido, hopefully next year!

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Found this lovely place almost a year ago when We were in El Nido. I swear on all that's holy, their pizza is the most delicious pizza I've had in my whole life. It's amazing-tears-in-your-eyes kind of delicious. It's just sad that they're all the way in El Nido. The place is downright romantic, candlelight dinner and the guests are barefoot. Wishin' to be back here. 10084

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

So I've found the most delicious pizza in the country and it's all the way in El Nido... Why???128553128553128553
Even before our trip, I've done some research and decided that we will have my birthday dinner here since this seems to be the classiest place on the island. It's about a 5min walk from our hotel.
Dining area is on the second floor. Read that you should come early as the place fills up quickly. Well it wasn't a problem for us since we always eat early for some reason 128517
We got the tomatoes with mozzarella for our appetizers. Prosciutto pizza (in picture) and carbonara. They also ask you what type of noodles you like. Service was relatively quick.
Seriously, it felt like we were transported back to Savona! The crust was thin but tasty, cheese and sauce perfectly combined. With a drizzle of olive oil to round everything up! Almost forgot about the carbonara haha! The appetizer was great too considering we were in the middle of an island!
Total bill 800+ with 2 drinks so definitely not bad!
Hay now where to find something like this in Manila without breaking the bank??

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Adrianne S.
5.0 Stars

Their pizza and pasta are to die for. Gellato, not so much. People line up to eat there.

Worth it!

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Debi C.
5.0 Stars

Pizza bianca is the best 127775127775127775127775127775
Gellato 127775127775127775127775127775
Good service 127775127775127775127775
Price127775127775127775 127775
I suggest you come early, ang hirap na makakuha ng table. Laging puno din tong resto just like Art Cafe. All in all highly recommended, if I come back in El Nido I will go here again. 12807710084128522

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Bianca T.
4.0 Stars

Dim lighting and nice set up. It's just kind of hot.

Really good vongole.

They're pizza Bianca is also different from the ones I've had before. Good food.

It's a real gem in the middle of a small town.

Service is not so good especially when it's the girl serving.

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praise l.
5.0 Stars

If there's one El Nido must-eat I will recommend it's Trattoria Altrov'é. Absolutely delicious! And the ambiance is so laidback. It's owned by an expat who converted his house into this resto. 127775127775127775127775127775

We got the (L-R) Carpaccio Di Manzo (190), Fetuccine Arrabiata (230), and a half/half Con Prosciutto Crudo and Pizza Bianca (375). For dessert, their Chocolate Gelato (150) is something else. 10084️ it was topped with an orange slice that i thought was just a garnish but when I tried to combine it with the gelato = love! The pizza is baked in this brick oven and you can't enter with your slippers on. Try to get the low japanese tables, where you sit on the floor, for a more laidback, chill feeling. 128077

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Aix M.
5.0 Stars

To further illustrate my point about Altrove (and also because we're still at the airport waiting for our ride home ha ha!) here's a photo of the Vangole pasta.

It'd be so difficult to top this place! 128076

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Aix M.
5.0 Stars

You haven't really been to El Nido if you haven't eaten at Trattoria Altrove! 128521

This was where we had our first dinner in the town and it was a far cry from any form of disappointment. Owned by a Slovenian, this restaurant offers the best brick oven Italian pizzas and pastas in town (probably topping the charts along with stellar Italian restos in Manila).

For our first visit, we ordered two pizzas: Con Prosciutto Crudo and Hungarian Salsiccia, pizzas cooked to perfection. We downed them in minutes and promised we'd eat there again before we fly back to Manila.

On our second visit, we ordered Vangole Pasta (clams cooked in white wine, olive oil, parsley, and lemon), another Hungarian Salsiccia Pizza, quatro Straggioni Pizza, and the most memorable of all, Pizza Bianca (mozarella, bacon, garlic, oregano and parsley)!128076128076128079128079128079128079

We talked about bringing some to Manila. But forgot about the plan after being so full. 128522128525128588

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Neb A.
5.0 Stars

The place opens in the evening and it is well known for requiring everyone to leave all footwear at their receiving area before ascending the stairs to the dining area. Went here on recommendation that their pizzas are the best here in EL Nido. Ordered Hungarian Pizza. I like that they serve thin crust. Yes it tasted great and the serving size made up for its price. We also ordered their Frutti di Mare. They give you the option of having either Spaghetti, Penne or Fettucine. One thing to note is that they are very open to customization. When I asked for my order to be done spicy, they just nodded and prepared one. Very satisfied in this visit. Must try for El Nido visitors.

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Leica C.
3.0 Stars

They say people line up here for freshly made pizza and I understand why. Its the only Italian resto in El Nido and they serve good food. The ambience is homey but I think it was a bit expensive for Italian food like that. They also don't serve service water so you're forced to buy drinks.

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