Tree Top Adventure

Loakan Rd., Camp John Hay, Baguio, Benguet

Tree Top Adventure
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Gen S.
5.0 Stars

Bought a voucher in metrodeal to try this out. It was fun, exciting but at the same time relaxing activity in Baguio. This is not for you if you are afraid of heights, cause every activity is indeed done in a tree top. This will make you closer to nature. I would love to try this again if I visit Baguio soon.

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Dheybert P.
5.0 Stars

The canopy is the best!

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Hazel M.
3.0 Stars

Tried Tree Top in Baguio even though there is one near us, Subic. 128514 I think it is also better here because of Baguio's weather.

We tried the Hiking, superman ride, the silver surfer( ekoj i forgot what it is called) and the canopy ride.

The view and the ride was breathtaking. 10084

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Germaine Ann I.
5.0 Stars

It was a day full of fun. We only availed the canopy, superman and tree top drop. Others looks fun too but our time and budget was limited. Nonetheless, it still gives us the best experience possible :-) maybe in the future we might visit it again and try the other rides that we missed.

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Cheryl V.
2.0 Stars

Giving in to my companions who wants to try zipline, we go to Treetop Adventure in Baguio just a few walks away from our hotel "The Manor".

Staffs are not that accommodating, and won't entertain much of your question. They aslo give quite inappropriate estimate of queueing time for rides. Good thing one who was been there told us that there's no queue, and indeed there's none! 128513

I think the setup of rides inside is not that good, even skywalk won't give you much of spectacular view. I have been to Treetop Subic branch and it's much better in there :)

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

I tried all the activites at Tree Top Adventure in Subic except for the Tree Drop. When I was in Baguio last month, I surely did not want to let the opportunity pass.

I paid 250 pesos for the entrance fee and the activity. You will also handed with a waiver to sign - Last will and testament.

60FT drop and it would only take 2 seconds to get to the ground. It was the best 2seconds of my life! Haha.

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Janine S.
5.0 Stars

If you're looking for some outdoor activities in Baguio and find horseback riding or biking quite overrated, then Tree Top Adventure is for you! Since I already got to try everything in Subic years ago, I just went for trekking/skywalk and tree drop.

Don't expect for an extreme trekking because the trail is just 500 meters! 128514 The annoying part about this activity is you don't get to have a guide! We got lost to a small trail going to God knows where and after 3 minutes of walking there was a barking dog running into us!!! When we finally saw a crew member, he said that's not part of their property anymore. Uhhmmm, putting up a sign board would help?! *Z snap* And can save lives too! 128557128548 At the end of the trail you'll reach the Skywalk where you can see a breathtaking view of the mountains of Itogon, Benguet. (See the photo for reference)

While trekking/skywalk is the least extreme activity in Tree Top Adventure, Tree Drop is the total opposite. You will be dropped from a 60 ft. tower in just 2 seconds! I literally left my heart and soul up there! 128584

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Cherisse Y.
4.0 Stars

F U N!
Pero ang bagal ng mga tao. Please lang.
The first ride was called the canopy and it carries 4 people at a time. There was already a long line and there we were (my bro and I) waiting for our turn. We were behind the line so there was still a long way to go. THEN I see the man handling the canopy allow two people to go while two seats were emtpy.


Then next a father and son requested to go alone.

I don't mean to be mean pero sistema naman... ang rami ng tao nakapila. KAYO LANG BA??

But overall, fun experience with family and friends!

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Spent the morning here with the wifey! I gotta say we had lots of fun and were completely exhausted!
My wife got the package F while I got package G. Our total bill was 1800.
The best of them all was the superman! That was heart pumping adrenaline rush! Some rides were boring and their were a couple of steep climbs but hey... It is a mountain.
Great way to spend an hour in baguio... Highly recommended!

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Carla M.
5.0 Stars

128070128563 Yup, that's me and my sister swinging 70 feet above the ground. 128514

I've been wanting to go to Treetop Adventure in Camp John Hay since last year. I'm kinda scared of heights so this was really a challenge for me. During our trip last weekend, my sister said she's game to try, I had no choice but to go with her. 128534

All visitors must undergo a briefing before they pay the P100 entrance fee which is consumable. It will be deducted to the price of the activities you want to avail. We were supposed to try the Superman Zipline but when they told us that it involves trekking to reach the zipline tower, we changed our mind. Hahaha, too tiring. 128517 We finally settled to just try the Silver Surfer ride. This was way better than the Superman zipline. For only P200, you'll get the adrenaline rush that you are looking for! 128076

You will be secured on a ledge with your partner and will be rocked back and forth for about 2.5 minutes. It was windy that morning which made the ride more exciting. The first drop was the scariest but eventually you'll get used it. You'll enjoy the second and third swing. Don't close your eyes and enjoy the nice view of the city (and the ravine 128514 hahaha).

Glad I didn't chicken out. I'm willing to do this again. Would love to try the other exciting rides too. 128516 A must try for those going to Baguio!

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Von F.
5.0 Stars

I did not know that we can review other kind of establishment here aside from restaurants until I searched for somewhere to eat again in Baguio. Anyway, been here last month when my sister went back to Philippines for a vacation. Our first plan was to jog around Camp John Hay (as you can see I'm wearing my jog shorts, drifit shirt and running shoes in the pic, thats why) but then my brother-in-law told us that we can go for a zipline instead. As a fan of zipline, my sister compulsively said yes and told our driver to drop us there. It was about 4pm that time and the weather is not that good so the staff in the entrance told us that we should avail it now before the rain started to pour or else they'll be forced to close the park. We availed of the Package 4 (i think) which includes Tree drop, Silver surfer, Skywalk and Superman. It was all adrenaline rush, the silver surfer, superman and tree drop except the skywalk. The place is not really for faint hearted. The tree drop was the best, I think. A free fall from a height of two-story or three-story building. I did not just survived it once, but TWICE since my dad and my sis backed out last minute! Haha! I'm so hyped with it that I'm even willing to do it third time if the rain just didn't started to pour. Overall, our experience there was great. Nice family getaway for those adventure-seeking peeps!

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

It's a cloudy afternoon & we're informed that we might get wet during the adventure ... Yay ... So ready for some fun127881127881128077

These eco-friendly adventure activities are great for the body and mind, and gentle on the environment.

Definitely a must do! If u think ur fit or up for a challenge... Specially if ur an "adrenaline Junkie "... GO FOR IT!!!9786128079128079

Screams of excitement and joy ring out from high in the branches as friends experience the lines on offer. I myself feel like Jane with Tarzan deep in the jungle ... Loool... Or I've watched too much movies 128541

Canopy is comprised of a series of courses linking tree platform to tree platform... Think this is the only ride for the faint of heart .. Seated on hanging chairs , ur feet dangles above the tree top... Scare factor 1128561 fun factor 3✳️✳️✳️

Furnicular ... Seated on a tram type car ... Going up or down a rail.... So slow ... Boring 0128561 1✳️128164128164

Superman .. Hanging horizontally .. Zipping tru the line fast ... Very fast ... Like flying... And when u tot ur there... They zap u back where uve started 4128561128561128561128561... 5✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️

Silver surfer ... Standing vertically in pairs & being zapped back and forth 2 points... Soo fun... Yiiipee 3128561128561128561.. 4✳️✳️✳️✳️ ... I can feel the rain ... Yikes ... Panic attack ... Lol128541

Tree drop .... Wooooohoooooo!! 5128561128561128561128561128561。5✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️ 20metrs free fall.... Boooommmm
Staff were great 4✳️✳️✳️✳️ and the intro/safely briefing was spot on. I had a great time ... Raining again ... Time to run to the car974897489748

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Diane S.
5.0 Stars

Baguio adventure 127794127794

We arrived almost 4pm in baguio 128533 so i though wala na kami magagawa but we still tried our luck sa camp john hay para may masabing may na.accomplish kami sa 1st day namen 128522

And lucky open pa sila 128522 we took a cab on our way there para mapahinga naman ung nagdrive and grabe ang mura ng cab dun (sorry na.amaze ako, sa manila kasi ginto e 128584)
Anyyyway, we availed the package for the canopy & funicular ride and silver surfer.
since we're running out of time. Well most of the rides are types of zipline lang din naman.

canopy and funicular ride is a slow moving ride it transports you from one place to another so every stop kelangan mag change ng sasakyan to go to another station.
It's fun even though it's slow because the trees looks like you're in twilight (hahah sorry twilight fan128584) 127794127794127794

Then the silver surfer is where you're facing each other then parang isswing swing nila kayo?128514
Basta un it's fun kasi nakakalula 128514 and nakakatakot 128514 (so fun pala un para sakin128514)
aside from going to point a to point b nagsswing din ung tinatayuan niyo 128522

Had so much fun here with sister and lovey 128522127794128149

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Angel J.
5.0 Stars

THE TREE TOP ADVENTURE WAS SUPER FUN! Your Baguio experience won't be complete if you don't try their tree top adventure!

WE GO HERE EVERY YEAR! Perfect place to YOLO everything and a place where you can let all your feelings out. You can almost do everything here like for example do a quick photo shoot! Rightttt? You won't go wrong with those lovely pine trees :)

For the lovebirds (mmhhhm mmhhhhm) this is a perfect getaway for you guys. You can do your wedding proposals here for all the brave adventurous hearts out there hehehehe

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Shin G.
4.0 Stars

Love the idea that Tree Top is not that extreme. Ideal for scared first timers and families :) Safe and responsible crew. Just follow the rules and regulations and youll be ok! Expect looong walks and trails -- perfect for Baguio weather, and what do you expect? Baguio is a mountain province where everything is hilly :)

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Edwin I.
2.0 Stars

Not for the faint of heart. Zip line, free fall, and other pulse-raising activities for adrenaline rush crazies all at Tree Top Adventure Baguio inside Camp John Hay.

First off, my rating of 2 stars has nothing to do with the facilities. They were very safe and expertly run. I just wasn't ok with heights.

It was by sheer accident that we stumbled into this place. After having breakfast , we decided to drive around the side streets inside Camp John Hay. I've seen (not done) the Subic Tree Top Adventure before and was surprised that they opened a facility in Baguio.

Unfortunately, I was with a group of friends who were insanely adrenaline rush freaks or some who were fast approaching 2nd childhood. They all excitedly decided to try the facility. I originally said that I was going to just wait for them at the car. But, insistence and a firm group pact short of bending my arm made me reluctantly agree to join my friends.

I have an extreme fear of heights. Anything that had to do with simulated free fall, open -air height structures----was beyond my league. I'm comfy with water, speed, and the deep sea. But heights----sorry. That said, zip lining /free fall/ sky diving/ bungee diving, sky walk were never even in my bucket list.

Anyone physically able is welcome to try the facilities. Children are also encouraged (just as long as they fall above the minimum height level).

The adventure starts with a short briefing of the various activities one could choose ranging from tree canopy rides, free fall, zip line, etc. I could tell that this organization is run well and safety of customers are put a prime priority.They also had adventure packages where choices of combined adventures could be bought. While my crazy friends settled for the combined packages, I was allowed to choose one which I thought was the "safest"---- the Superman (zip line ).

Once the tickets have been purchased and after signing the waiver form (oh my lord), we were led to the orientation area where safety , do's and dont's were discussed. Each "ride" had a station. The stations were set up within the pine tree forest. Since my friends chose the combi package (free fall+zip line), we proceeded to the free fall area. I watched them harnessed, helmeted , geared, and dropped some 90 feet. Whew!

It was a l-o-n-g walk to the zip line area. The nice thing was it was a hike within a heavy pine tree forest. It was shaded, nice breeze ....but still a long walk on a narrow hiking trail. The path was well marked with signs where to go. And yes, as we neared the zip line, my heart beat seemed to get faster and faster.

We reached the zip line. Since the zip can only accommodate 2 people at a time, we broke off into pairs. We had to climb up a tall metal structure. When we reached the top, we were briefed, harnessed, helmeted , and secured. The line runs through a clearing way above the pine tree tops and a land drop. The height ranges some 150-300 feet.

After being tied to the zip harness face down, we had to cling two bars(one at arm area and the other at the shin area). I did cling to the arm bar for my dear life. They did a countdown, and we were flung into space. It's one of those fearful experiences where you can't even shout. I then noticed as we were zipping between the drop, that if I looked at the horizon instead of straight down, the experience wouldn't be as scary. I guess that's how I survived the ride.

Back at the zip line station, I was unharnessed and my legs felt like jelly. My arms hurt from my tight arm grip around the bar. It didn't help that we again had to hike back to the main station. Back at the main station, they had a booth where you could buy your souvenir photos captured during the adventure/s.

My friends enjoyed. Me? Lets just say I survived the ordeal. Nope, I won't do something like that again. Been there, done thanks.

But I highly recommend this to people with the thirst for adrenaline rush. Something uniquely different to do while vacationing in Baguio. If you have kids who may want to do this, I leave that to your discretion. But I can say that the "rides" , the equipment , and the operators are all highly qualified , trained, and safe.

Thank goodness there was a street vendor selling Strawberry Taho right by the entrance gate! Manong's taho evened things out. My tension and tiredness from the hike and ride was rewarded with a glass of warm yummy strawberry Taho. What's special about Manong's php 10 Taho? It had real strawberry bits in the syrup! . I'm guessing that Strawberry Taho is the same anywhere in Baguio. After all, they do grow strawberries. This taho was really good! And yes, something a foodie should never miss.

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