Tropical Hut Hamburger

G/F Shoppesville, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila

Tropical Hut Hamburger
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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

Before anything - props, recognition and accolade must be given to Tropical Hut for surviving and hanging on in the face of Fast Food greats like McDs and JBee. Seriously. Tropical Hut is an institution. Have some respect. Put away the critiques and accept Tropical Hut for what it is.

T.Hut is a piece of my childhood. Alongside Cindy's Chicken (which is gone now, rip), My parents used to bring me here. It's far from gourmet but its close to my heart. Boyfriend and I went for our weekly Fridate. Not so romantic I know but we both had a great time. It was my first time back as an adult. The tropical hut cheeseburger is decent, I enjoyed it. Their fries are crisp and tasty! Their chicken, tastes ok but would taste infinitely better if it was freshly cooked (not reheated). I guess its cuz we went during an off hour. Best thing is that it is cheaper than the major chains, we paid P265 for all our food. I'm coming back to order the spaghetti, chicken salad and other offerings.

Man. Call it nostalgia or whatever but I love this place. It's nice to be back home.

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Rose C.
4.0 Stars

i really miss this fastfood chain! i thought wala nang tropical.... 128514128514128514128514

so, together with my sister, her hubby and my childhood friend... kahit busog pa kami, we ordered classic burger for take out just to have that throwback burger bite.

so juicy!
i love the patty 128514128514128514128514
and the bun was soooo soft just the way i want it.

and ang dami na palang food choices!

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Hannah V.
4.0 Stars

4star for the old school classic burger!!!It's been a long time. . .128523

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Butch G.
4.0 Stars

My favorite here is the daing na bangus breakfast!

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Jacque B.
4.0 Stars

Gosh I'm so early today for work at 8:30!
Since Greenhills Shoppesville Mall is still close and my allowable tenant entry is at 9:30, I still have an hour to eat my breakfast.

Nearest to my branch is Tropical Hut. Before I met Ronald Mc Donald's and Jollibee, I met this burger chain. In my childhood days, their burger, spaghetti and fried chicken were my favorites.

As I aged, I fell in love with their green salad, Hawaiian burger (better than aloha) and spring chicken (better than Max's).

It's still affordable as ever yet the secret recipe didn't changed even yummier!

Comparing to their old Menu board, today it's more colorful and they added several products to give depth to their product offerings. Saw the counter topper that they are now serving chili burger, looks big and delicious, wanna try that next visit.

For breakfast, my only favorite is Bangus meal, perfectly cooked the way I like; not too dry but crispy, sunny side up egg(malasado), and fried rice plus a cup of hot chocolate or coffee for only P115, had a good burp!

Less 1 11088️ service is a little bit slow.

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Faith M.
4.0 Stars

All restaurants were full! 128532 people were really busy shopping for Christmas (and I am one of them) that's why some of the restaurants were also jam packed! Hehe. We had no choice but to eat here. Well, I am a fan of their fruit salad, spring fried chicken and their burger except for their spaghetti. 128514

Their Spring fried chicken were juicy & I enjoyed it! The fruit salad, well, it's also yummy! Suddenly crave for it. 128514 and tipid pa! 128077128077128077

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Julie G.
4.0 Stars

Tapa , burger, chicken, spagetti. All are typical pinoys favorite. A great place for sweet lovers of their main dish with rice. Delish!

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Gilbert T.
4.0 Stars

before Ronald, the bee, and miss w came into the Frey, this burger place was the famous place during the 70s and 80s. the time when the only burger joint was this and some other trailer type burger joint.
even now, their food is still good. taste and flavor still like the old days.
I always loved their burger, clubhouse sandwich, spaghetti, and chicken.
they were not as aggressive in marketing as the one I mentioned earlier but I am pretty sure, there is a branch near you!

oh by the way, try their spring chicken. I am sure it will make "the house that chicken built" in shame!

sorry. I just had to say it! 128540

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