Tropical Hut Hamburger

Panay Ave. cor. Sct. Borromeo St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Tropical Hut Hamburger
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Fast Food
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Open 24 Hours

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₱65 - ₱550

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2.0 Stars

Carbo loading dinner last week with my friend Jaymar. We could not think of anything to eat. I wanted something of fastfood but Jollibee or McDonald's weren't an option. So we landed just at the right spot - Tropical Hut!

But instead of burgers, I ordered their combo meal that includes rice, spaghetti, chicken, shanghai, soup, dessert of your choice (to which I ordered macaroni salad), and a glass of pineapple juice. Not bad! Carbo combo!

Hmmmm. Everything was bland. Was not at all satisfied with what I ate. Though I know Tropical Hut is a classic and it really is delicious but...not for this meal I think. Chicken and spaghetti felt dry. Dry and cold. Their spaghetti had that feeling of the ketchup spaghettis in carinderias, but of course this one's way better. It just felt like it. Lumpiang shanghai saved me though because it was tasty. Liked their macaroni salad too.

I remember I ate at Tropical Hut I just don't remember when and I know I ordered chicken and I liked it. Hmmm. Can you tell me what's the best to order here? I'm willing to go back and give it another try.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

10084️ tropical hut after all these years! Their burgers have big juicy patties and generous toppings!128522

Joy Vee A thanks for reminding us to go visit!128522

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Binky B.
4.0 Stars

Tropical Hut is what started my burger love! Still tastes the same as when I first tried it. The patty is nice and juicy, and though the cheese looks like the normal processes slices, it goes really well with their burgers! I also always add ketchup and mustard (they put way too much mayo, but I just scrape it off).

I don't like their fries, but I ate them anyway haha! Sulit prices as well. 128077

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Ayen P.
4.0 Stars

I knowwwww!!!!! 128561128561128561

I cant believe I'm doing this. Hahaha I hate Tropic Hut, I dont know why. Maybe because our Strama papers in school are always about them. *if you know what I mean* lol 128517

But when I had lunch with my boss. He choses to have this so wala na ako magawa hahaha. He ordered someone to buy us a takeout of the Hawaiian Hamburger that comes with fries and coke so that we dont have to leave the office.

When we had it, I was impressed by its size. 128563 and when I took a bite, it was undeniably good! 128563128563128563128162128165128165128165

Their fries were dry and small so I gave it to somebody else. Hehe

For only Php115 you could have this good tasting burger! 128076

I seriously hope they reinvent their business, sayang eh.128532

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Paula P.
4.0 Stars

This place brings back the memories of my childhood. Yep. Not a fan of Jolibee or McDonalds because I have this fear of mascots and clown, too. 128534

I've always loved TH's chicken. Big and crispy in a very affordable price. The place is classic, too. Good thing I saw this branch coz I'm a bit traumatized with their QC Circle branch. Its dirty: tables and chairs are not clean, there's a cockroach crawling on them. Yes! Kadiri to death! 128544 But this branch is great. Clean tables and classic couch. Its great that they serve 24hours so we've able to dine in after drinking few shots at Black Kings Bar.

Back to the chicken, its big and tasty (MCDO?) and crispy! There's a lot of breading but i still love eeeeet! I can't resist but to eat all of them. 128518

Will try their burgers and sandwiches next time. 128077

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Albert S.
5.0 Stars

Amazing food especially ung "Clubhouse" nila :)

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Joshua C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Erik Y.
4.0 Stars

Ang sarap pala ng spring chicken nila at namiss ko ang lasa ng farmer's burger...tsalap!

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