Truefood Indian Cuisine

Station 2, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Truefood Indian Cuisine
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Yvonne M.
4.0 Stars

Let's see, shall we have curry, curry or curry? Sige na nga, curry na lang! 128516

Second time in this place,. Still the same nice, laid-back ambience. Food is good, very flavorful. Service is quick and friendly. My favorite Indian food place in these islands! 128077🏼128077🏼

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Gracie T.
3.0 Stars

Day 2: Dinner

If not for the spicyness of most of the dishes, Im sure I wouldve enjoyed it even more! Funny, because I was trying to offset the spicyness of the viands by eating rice, not knowing, that even THAT was hot 128517

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Bee F.
5.0 Stars

Oh. Wow. Unexpected. Pleasant surprise.

Best Indian food I have tried in the Philippines thus far. They obliged and upped the spice when I asked nicely.

Lamb Rogan Josh : nice soft lamb enfolded in yum and spice. I ate this too quickly and had my eyes watering. Excited.

Followed by a shrimp dish I can't remember the name of in my food coma state.

Chicken biryani was drowning in rice but when is that a negative in the Philippines?

Raita, naan, roti and gulab jamun.

The food was great. The view and breeze upstairs enjoyable but special mention goes to the lady who attended to us. She was a superstar from hello to dessert.

If you are in Bora and up for some real Indian cuisine then this is the place to go.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Have you ever seen this beach front restaurant along Station 2 that plays non-stop Bollywood music with lovely lighting at night and comfy looking set-up with foreigners enjoying themselves? We have passed by True Food Indian Cuisine several times during our first and our recent trip to Boracay but always hesitated to try it out since it's not everyday that we fancy Indian food.

On our third day in Boracay, I started to get bored of the usual food stops lining up in stations 1 to 2. I wanted something that I won't find in the Metro and I wanted something out of the usual sea food island cuisine. Good thing hubby asked if I wanted to finally give True Food a try. It has been in my list but I was not so thrilled about it.

I loved their setting though - al fresco by the beach with lots of fluffy and soft pillows. Tables were really low and didn't have chairs so you have to sit on the floor.

Their menu was extensive and we tried to stick to dishes that we already know.

128205Vegetable Sumosa - fried dumplings with mixed veggies inside. It had some mashed potato, chickpeas, green peas, raisins and some curry. It was served with a tamarind dip. It was crunchy with a mushy filling and a not too strong curry flavor. The tamarind dip gave the dumplings an interesting sour blend.

128205Chicken Biryani - good enough for two! Bismati rice cooked with some chicken and an assortment of spices. The chicken pieces were huge, hiding beneath the pile of rice. The dish was spicy (curry spicy) and had a strong taste of some other spices. It also came in with hard boiled egg. I also loved the perfectly cooked long grains of Bismati rice.

128205Cheese Naan - I love bread and this one got me. It was served warm, enveloped in a colorful cloth to keep it's temperature and freshness. I liked that it was soft and really chewy. The cheese inside was mozzarella and it added to the chewiness of the bread. This also came in with a curry based dip that did not have a very strong 5/6 flavor (compliments to Jairus d for the term! Pak na pak!).

128205Mango Fruit Lassie - yogurt drink that was blended with fresh ripe mangoes. It was refreshing and the perfect pair for the spicy Biryani! It tasted more like Nestle fruit selection yogurt.

Overall, I liked the ambiance of the place and the quality of the food they serve. The flavors were strong and the servings were generous. You just have to bare with your smell once you step out of the resto 128518128548128540 Though I wish that we have stayed on their second floor since there were a lot of sand particles lingering around while we were eating. Talk about fine sand and windy day! 128557

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