The Boutique Bed & Breakfast Hotel, 45 Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay, Cavite

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Our 7th stop calls for an afternoon snack. There's no better place to be especially when traffic is already forming outside.

Find a good place to relax and eat good "chocolate-infused" foods here at tsokolateria.

128204 tsokolate e chilli blends
I recently knew the difference between O and E. The tsokolate Eh is bitter and a little thick while O is sweeter and thinner. The chilli is separated from the drink, which is good because you get to adjust its mildness. I added two pieces of those chopped chilis and it was tolerable. The chilli will be felt in the throat area right after the chocolate taste

Again, the sizzling champorado was good as before. Better cause im with great company. Wifi is fast here.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Let me tell you how wowed i am at the beautiful scenery and ambience of this restaurant at tagaytay. For those who do not know, this branch is its second of its kind. The first one is at Baguio (well, to be honest i have not been to Baguio!) thank God it has a branch here so i can finally taste its chocolatey offerings!

This branch is inside the Botique Bed and Breakfast Hotel and there is about 4-5 parking space just outside. (Just in case there's no more slot, you could try the Ayala Serin Mall in front of it.

The ambience is very lovely! Given the blue skies and cool breeze of tagaytay, the place got fancy-gypsy-comfy couches and curtains al fresco! No questions asked-- i have to stay outside to experience the ambience fully even though it's 2 in the afternoon.

The server quickly took notice of me rainbow puking at the place and asked me right away where i wish to be seated. I quickly took a shaded table, but mentioned that i will be needing his assistance later to transfer my food to a beautiful spot somewhere near the terrace couches.

128204128525 sizzling champorado @240ish php
This was the waiter's recommendation to me. I quickly agreed because i just want to have a quick afternoon snack rather than having a meal (which they also offer). The order came in about 10 minutes. I actually rainbow puked again as i encounter for the first time a sizzling champorado. It really was sizzling! With that order comes a mouthful of dried fish (tuyo) and chicharon! Boy! The chicharon got meaty parts too! Ask for a small bowl as you cannot eat it right from the very hot palayok. Pour the milk over the sizzling (boiling!) tablea based champorado. They use black mountain rice which is absolutely healthy, i don't mind eating a lot of it. The chicharon and tuyo PERFECT pair for the snack! I am absolutely speechless. Let me give the verdict as the best champorado ive tasted by far! This is good for two!

128204 tsokolate eh @160php
This was recommended as well. A very solid tablea based chocolate drink. It's not right away thick to taste. It was rather thin and sweet at first then it becomes richer and darker as you drink more of it! The order was again good for two. Too bad i was alone that time-- felt greedy and at the same time guilty of consuming more than enough. Hehe.
I would not recommend this if you will be ordering the champorado already as it tastes just the same. I would suggest the one with the chocolate chicharon disc that melts as you pour over your chocolate (good for 1) or the tsokolate eh with chili (to spice things up)

I enjoyed my whole stay. It was a little let down to smell cigarette smoke from some customers sharing the ambience with me. Well at least i really get to like the food offerings and am willing to go back for some more chocolatey dishes.

Yes, there's a washroom if you turn right right after you enter the hotel reception area. Wifi is fast.
I totally spoiled myself with this experience! 128077🏼

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Tsokolateria Artisanal Cafe. Famous for everything Cacao & Everything local.

2nd stop of our Tagaytay foodtrip last July 22 was at Tsokolateria. A romantic place for chocoholics like us to enjoy each others company. Located inside The Boutique Bed & Breakfast Tagaytay. It has an amazing view of Tagaytay and close to nature, leafy ambience.127793127811127807

Because of the cold weather and it was raining that early evening , we got their best seller tablea house blend. It's good for the two of us, hubby and I loved this drink. Hand made the old fashioned way.1278519749️drinks are the most popular to order here in Tsokolateria.

More than just drinks, Tsokolateria has a lot of chocolate infused dishes in its extensive menu. I tried their Banana, Peanut butter, Casuy, & Chocnit Churros waffle. It's a double waffle so it's hard to finish it. It's good for two persons already. I'm so full that time, if you loved waffle you'll surely enjoy it. Hubby got the waffle with salad.

Foodies are given more dessert options and variety that could spice up their out of town visit. Granted that chocolates dishes might be overly sweet, it is done perfectly and executed well enough to enjoy the meal here at Tsokolateria.

They have wifi here and service was good. Try it here for more chocolatier experience 127851

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