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Joy Vee A.
3.0 Stars

It was smooth, balanced matcha, not too sweet red beans, but im not really a fan of toasted brown rice eww! 128517 It was just ok for me. It was kinda expensive for kahit it was a treat 128521 haha!

But the two seemed to enjoy their matcha date 128154

I had high expectations, but, thanks for the experience Tsujiri. 128513

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5.0 Stars

A dream come true for matcha and green tea lovers! Did not disappoint at all 128149

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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

It was the first day of class, and as a tradition, my bff and I will go out! Yay. But since the schedule was shifted from morning to afternoon, I suggested dinner.
We headed to MOA not knowing where we should eat. Then she mentioned the 155-year old japanese brand we both barely remember the name.
We headed to S. Maison and being first timers, we do not know where to go. Few minutes after wandering, we found Tsujiri, just beside BLK15. I was itching to try BLK last week so I was having the confusion whether to try BLK or Tsujiri. But we proceeded with what we both love - matcha.
We. Do. Not. Know. What. To. Order.
We spent around fifteen minutes reading reviews and looking for the best dessert but it still left us clueless. I suggested we go to the counter and make spontaneous decision there or just take recommendation from the staff.
We asked the staff what's their best seller. Being an awkward person is difficult, you know. A crew suggested the sundae, sabi pa niya, "pag natikman niyo yan, maam, lilipad kayo sa sarap." I laughed. He also recommended to try their lava cakes. But too pricey talaga and I thought it will not be worth the price. He knew it's our first time so he helped us lighten the mood. Plus points. Hahaha
He gave us a soft serve on cone for tasting. Proof daw na masarap ung matcha. Yes, it is!
So we ordered the Sundae and Shaved ice.
Both are pricey but good. I loved the little mochi balls and the red beans, although I think the red beans were too much for a single serve. Especially in the sundae.
While eating, the crew asked us how it went. He asked if it was too bitter for us.
Honestly, we both love Matcha... the ice cream experience is good but matcha drinks (in general) are waaaay better. The shaved ice was great too! Halo-halo style and it's not really easy to finish it when you're not into too much ice. But since it's matcha, I managed to finish.
When I saw the lava cake on their tv screen, I instantly regretted not ordering the lava cake. ☹️
I was thinking about recklessly spend more for the lava cake but then I remember we haven't had our dinner yet. So we left the place with happy faces.
We used to have dessert after dinner until we realize... who needs dinner? Charot.
We're thinking of coming back for their drinks and lava cake. I hope it won't disappoint.

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

Matcha here is LEGIT 128154 I will definitely be coming back to try the other offerings! But that Tsujiri Sundae, oh man, best matcha soft serve I've had. The cherry blossom cracker was the "cherry on top". And the hot matcha latte... gosh I think every other matcha latte in Manila will start to disappoint me moving forward. They got that perfect balance of bitterness, creaminess, sweetness, and matcha flavor that would be hard to replicate.

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Thea Gil B.
3.0 Stars

Their sundae & ice blended are heavenly for any matcha lover but not for those whose hearts aren't for matcha.

Their shaved ice was tall & was only placed in a relatively small bowl. Quite difficult to dig in. What we did was remove some ice & placed on one of their trays. Be patient in digging. That's how you'll find the hidden gem 128521

Place was rather small which isn't good news if you plan to order their shaved ice as it is only available for dine-in. We almost didn't order it as there was no seat available. Glad that before the cashier was able to end our transaction, there was a vacant table

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Reicell P.
5.0 Stars

Tsujiri Float -210
Itnis my new favorite Matcha Place !!! You can really tell that the Greentea(Matcha) is authentic and feels like i tasted Japan already!!
Very thick Icecream and not that sweet . Has a balance kind of taste!! #MatchaLover

  • No. of Comments: 7
Midz S.
4.0 Stars

After envying almost anyone who has tried Tsujiri for weeks, I finally had the chance to try this store that's located conveniently close to my office!

Tsujiri is the newest addition to the establishments trying to meet the people's increasing demand for a healthier after-meal treat, and of course, the matcha craze.

Honestly, I wanted to try almost one of each of the categories on their menu, but there's just too many and we (me and my cousin) won't be able to finish them. So, we ordered their Tsujiri Sundae (best seller), their yuzu is citrus float and their matcha lava cake.

|Tsujiri Sundae P285
Matcha ice cream lined with roasted brown rice, with a layer of red bean paste, and topped with shiratama (mochi balls), chestnut and belgian waffle (because the pink, flower cracker wasn't available). I actually didn't find anything special about their sundae. The roasted brown rice was also the one thing I hated about it. I guess a little of it would have been okay, or if it was evenly distributed in the dessert, then that's fine. I just didn't appreciate having too much of it with too little ice cream left. It's tasted a bit off.

|Yuzu Citron Float P200
We liked the citrus drink. It tasted a bit different to the usual lemon drinks we have. It had the perfect balance of sweet and citrus.

|Matcha Lava Cake P250
Sufficiently (close to moist lol) moist matcha lava cake with a thin matcha chocolate disc and vanilla soft serve on top. We loved this one. Each ingredient kept the other in balance, so make sure to have a bit of everything in one bite.

Oh, and their matcha soft serve had the right, creamy consistency for me. It was also bitter, which is what I always look for in a matcha dish.

I'm a bit reluctant to spend money on any of Tsujiri's products again (because they're pricey), but part of me still wants to come back to try the others. I guess I'll be having the cake (available on weekends), choux creme, and latte next time 128517

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars


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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Reigning for 155 years of anything matcha (and counting), Tsujiri has now landed in the Philippines! I visited early this May while they were still on their soft opening and I was amazed by the loooooong line 128563 I actually felt bad for BLK (who's neighbors with Tsujiri) for a minute then but I did think the craze would die down eventually. Truth be told, I was right. I visited two weeks later during the same time on a weekend and there was no line.
Anyway, on to the review. I ordered the Shiratama Sundae [P265] 1108811088110881108811088️ and loved it! The ice cream had a very strong Matcha flavor just the way I like it and the mochi balls complimented it very well. It was really fun to chew on while I enjoyed authentic Matcha flavors dancing on my tongue. Although I did found the prices to be high considering the serving size. The cup was even smaller than mcdo’s sundaes. On the other hand, I saw the serving of their shaved ice and it was huge! I might try that next time.
Other than desserts, Tusjiri also offers cold and hot drinks. My friend got the O-Matcha [P130] and with one look, I knew it wasn’t worth the price. The serving was too little. I could finish it in two gulps 128528

I liked the overall ambiance of the place. It's had a modern Japanese cafe style to it while still maintaining it's authenticity. It had a small space. Maybe five tables for four people each at most. But like BLK, people who purchase from Tsujiri usually just buy and go.

Now, let’s talk about service. I think it’s because of their soft opening and the long queue outside that the staff seem flustered and slow. It took ten minutes for one sundae to be served.

Overall, I think Tsujiri is worth the try but I’m still debating if it’s worth the return.

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4.0 Stars

Tsujiri is a Japanese matcha brand from Kyoto, Japan. Established in 1860. The 155 year old matcha store has several branches worldwide from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, United Kingdom and recently, in the Philippines, which Tsujiri had a Grand Launch this month in S'Maison Mall, SM MOA Complex, Pasay City.

For Php285.00, I got the bestseller Tsujiri Sundae. Aside from matcha soft serve it has red bean, mochi, roasted rice crisp and edible sakura flower. Gorgeously served and presented to me.

127800Tsujiri Sundae - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Seriously, I find it expensive. But once you've tasted it "Japan-japan na yung lasa". I like the combination of red bean, roasted rice crisp and matcha soft serve. The ingredients compliment each other. Masarap!"

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

  • No. of Comments: 9
Reich T.
5.0 Stars

The first time i saw the post about Tsujiri opening its first branch in Manila made me sick.

Matcha Frenzy (noun)
- a rare psychological disorder that affects people who like matcha.
- brings uncontrollable hallucinations about anything and everything matcha
- people affected by this disorder are not dangerous. They are sociable but tends to speak Matcha every now and then.

I made that up. Har-Har

Tsujiri! What took you so long??? Impatience aside, i was really really excited when i heard that they are finally opening their doors to Manila's Matcha deprived. I ignored the heat and made my way to S Maison.

The space they occupy is on the second level (beside BLK 513). I didn't have the chance to scrutinize the interior as there were no seats available and there was a line when i arrived. One thing is for sure, the space they occupy is small, i count 5 tables (give or take). I guess they didn't anticipate that there's a sizable amount of matcha enthusiasts in Manila.

The crew managed the line in an efficient manner. One is assigned to get the orders, present the piece of paper on the counter. It took me massive amounts of self-control not to order a lot. I finally settled on one of their bestsellers.

Tsujiri Matcha Sundae (Php 285). This beautiful cup comprises of matcha soft serve, shiratama ball, chesnut, roasted rice crispies, red bean paste and a pink sakura wafer on top. The matcha soft serve is creamy and smooth but lacks the matcha kick i am looking for. It was good, nonetheless. The red bean paste reeks of sweeteners, i guess this overpowered the matcha in a way. I am not a fan of the rice crispies at the bottom as the flavor is too strong, it tastes a little bitter and overpowers the matcha. I love the chesnut and the shiratama ball though! And the sakura wafer? It is pink and tasteless.

I guess i have to customize my sundae on my next visit, skip the rice crispies, less red bean paste. Or better yet, stick with the matcha soft serve.

I am still giving them a five for making my matcha dreams come true.

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Bea A.
4.0 Stars

Tsujiri specializes in all things matcha, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were opening their first branch in Manila. Phone calls and car pool plans were immediately made 🤣🤣They use uji matcha in all of their ice creams and cakes, and this matcha is carefully chosen and imported from Japan.

My hands down favorite item is the Tsujiri sundae. On the bottom of the cup is a layer of crunchy roasted brown rice, which adds a unique flavor and texture. A thick layer of red bean paste is plopped right in the middle to add a second texture. This is then topped with a generous serving of their creamy and "not too sweet" vanilla soft serve. To complete the dessert, a sakura-shaped cookie and mochi pieces are plopped on top, making for a total of five different, but complementary textures.

We chose the vanilla soft serve because everything else we tried was already heavily matcha based, but anything with either of the two soft serves (matcha or vanilla) is aces in my book. The soft serve alone is worth a trip all the way to this area 128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars


This is a must-visit for you guys!!! If I only I could check-in that restaurant like hotel check-in, I would, just to get a taste of all the matcha products they have. 128525

After a few weeks of waiting, I finally got to visit. (Yey summer break away from medschool and transes!!!)

The matcha addict in me made me not eat lunch first after arriving at 11am. #priorities

Hmmm, took me 10 minutes to decide on what to order. A lot of willpower needed not to order each one ☹️

The bestseller and the best I've tried in MNL so far. Matcha kick was good, I've tasted stronger tasting matcha, i liked either because MATCHAAAA! The sundae, I am more inclined calling parfait, was composed of the (heavenly) matcha soft serve ice cream, roasted rice crispies at the bottom, red bean paste at the middle, a piece of chestnut, one shiratama ball, and that pink sakura wafer. Overall I can give it a 5. BUT i found the red bean paste very very sweet, the moment I mixed it with the matcha ice cream, made the whole thing really sweet and the matcha flavor got dominated by it. Props to the roasted rice crispies for adding a good contrast to the dessert - smoky and crispy! The chestnut piece was new to me, weird tbh, but an okay. Shiratama balls, i have to say must've been thawed a bit more cos it was a bit hard at the middle. Lastly, prices quite steep at 285.00 ☹️

OVERALL A 5 11088️ for the best tasting matcha in the MNL for me 128077🏻

Grand opening pn May 25, if I remember it right. That's why the green tea powder and leaves are not for sale yet.

  • No. of Comments: 9
Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

#MATCHArap #iloveyousoMATCHA #MATCHAmazing

I can probably think lots of matcha-related puns but none of them could describe the yumminess of Tsujiri Philippines' wide range of matcha offerings.

Tsujiri is a 155-year-old traditional tea brand and is a pioneer in matcha desserts. They have several branches all over Asia, also in Australia and Canada.

Me, being a lover of anything matcha (even before it was cool, lol) was super ecstatic at the news that they've finally opened thier first branch here in the Philippines! 128154

Finally had the chance to visit them this weekend with my fellow matcha obssessed friends, we had the following:

128154 Tsujiri Sundae
128154 Shiratama Sundae
128154 O-Matcha
128154 Tsujiri Ice Blended
128154 Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Soft-Serve Ice Cream
128154 Matcha Lava Cake with Vanilla Soft-Serve Ice Cream

There were just three of us but we were so overwhelmed that we kinda went overboard and ordered every bit of everything! 128514 My favorites would be the O-Matcha and the Tsujiri Sundae.

It is true that a great drink will hit your soul on the first sip. That's how I felt upon my first sip of O-Matcha. It was legitimately the best matcha drink I ever had! The Tsujiri Sundae for me would be the king of all matcha desserts! A combination of matcha soft-serve, red bean, rice crispies, mochi, genmai and a cherry blossom rice cake. Unfortunately the cherry blossom rice cake wasn't avalailable for today so they've put a waffle biscuit instead. You'd definitely taste the bittery matcha goodness, it was balanced by the sweetness of the red bean and the rice crispies was a nice kick.

I'd probably have to go back to try the other matcha items on the menu! It is a matcha lover's heaven! Though some of the desserts are waaayyy too pricey, the drinks on the other hand were reasonably priced.

One thing I have to note is that their place is kinda small, I thought it was a lot bigger based on the pictures I saw online. Also, the line could get busy at the latter part of the day and we were lucky to score a nice spot when we visited. Their staff is very friendly and quite helpful in explaining the differences between the items on the menu.

If you're a matcha monster, you NEED to visit this place! 128154

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Patrick V.
3.0 Stars

I ordered a full-leaf iced Houjicha and my friend and I shared a soft serve ice cream. For P130, the soft serve was good and rich in flavor. However, for the price I was expecting a little bit more. I liked the Houjicha(P115), I just wish I asked for less ice as the flavor was watered down after a few minutes.

I would probably try other stuff next time kapag napadpad ulit ng S Maison as I believe in second chances. Char!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Tsujiri one of the staple in Japan Matcha Scene is finally here. I visited S Maison during the labor weekend. Less traffic and less crowd. I was able to order immediately. I was drooling while browsing their menu it was Matcha Haven. I setlle for the O-Matcha Cappuccino to have a taste of the real matcha feel. I observe how they prepare the matcha and how the whisking is done. The result was perfect! I love the rich milkiness of the matcha. It was light and frothy. Love the bittersweet flavor of it.

Got to try the desserts next time! They all look so yummy!!!128525

  • No. of Comments: 1
Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

The 155y/o matcha deal is now here in manila. Here at the moment to try more. I heard from Giovan T tsujiri offers more than shaved ice and soft served ice cream. But how can i complain, at least it's here!

Tsujiri branch here was brought buy a Chinese family (whut??! Who run the world?, Chinese, Chinese 127926) i saw them running the store last night. Last night was a crazy night. 10pm na ang haba pa ng line. I could give them a 2.9 stars for the service alone. Today, wla pa mashado, pero may konting line na.

128204128525 soft serve ice cream @130PhP
Really good. Mas matapang sa starbucks original green tea ng starbucks. BUT mas matapang ung TEAVANA ng starbucks. Gets? Iba kasi yung matcha powder that SB uses. But this one tastes just fine. I'd go back for more levels.

128204 o-matcha cold @130PhP
This can be hot option. They use 1 small scoop of their green tea, whisk it in front of you,.... then voila. If you like the ceremonial tea, get this rather than the commercialized matcha.

128204128525 tsujiri shaved ice @295PhP
Now getting to try their shaved ice. The ice is not fine but i dont care cause the matcha tastes really fine. It got 2pvs shiratama, red bean paste, chestnut, topped with green tea ice cream. Ill recommend this to you if you want to try all tsujiri offers.

That's it.
I hope they get to release mga matcha inspired pastries too. Ill give 4.2 for now

PS. Blk513, do something. Tinabihan na kayo. Haha

And tsujiri's dine in shaved ice (sunrise/sunset) is HUGE. Try it!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Now on soft opening, Tsujiri in S Maison is a matcha lovers dream! They have a small space with ample seating. They have varied choices from drinks, hot and cold and other sweet treats (watch out for their pastries coming this May 2017). I ordered the Houjicha Matcha Float. The houjicha is a departure from more traditionally steamed green tea. It is roasted giving it its distinct flavor. Topped with matcha, the soft, somewhat gritty swirl is as i have expected. Natural sweetness! It mixed well together. Michelle the front staff is such a sweetheart, she was very patient in explaining and cordial to all customers curious to try their varied menu. Line was not crazy long, just a couple of curious shoppers forming a small beeline. I am looking forward to my next visit. Recommended.

No receipt issued. There was an issue with the POS when i was paying but did not inform me of the non issuance of receipt. I ordered Medium but it looked like Small to me.

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