Tsuru Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

J. Camus St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Tsuru Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
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Charlene C.
5.0 Stars

Japanese food again! 10084

Best japanese food quality in davao! Hahaha. I guess. 128514

What we ordered here is their sushi which is the "Ganii" or the crab meat which is served coldy (*ahh i just wanna say that it really taste good*), the next we also ordered their tempura shrimp (taste good because the flour that they put is just the right amount -- not too flouryy) 128077, also the beef teppan (i also like it because when its still hot the beef is so tender/soft that makes it more good. Yum!), we also ordered chawanmusi steam egg (NEGATIVE feedback about this: The steam egg has a lot of water in it & the other egg were not that were soft yung meron pa ding matigas na part tsk tskk), the next is their chicken terriyaki ( i love it but not so much, i prefer the chicken terryaki in nonki* nothing special about the taste i guess? hahaha. & the last is their friend rice! *i guess its called Kamameshi (?) the taste of it is so good, you can feel the taste of ancho butter mixed with beef carrots. Soo yummy! 128077

Overall, i just want to say that i'm not much satisfy with the food today zzz maybe it wasn't cooked properly that's why may ibang lasa. Or maybe ng iba na ang chef? Hahaha. But the place is still nice & big. Sadly the staff's were not so accomadating psh & too think wala naman msydong customers nung time na nag dine in kami. Zzz By the way, all the food that we ordered was all tax & vat added psh why this resto is like this? Hahaha. Zzzzz Hoping to improve it soon! 128513

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Charlene C.
5.0 Stars

I'm so into their desserts here hahaha. I recently saw this in other people's posts on ig *drooling for their greentea cake psh! & it's in tsuru!!

We ordered the cake for dessertssss! First impression bite - i just wanna say that this is just the bomb!! 127856128163 so much goodness hahaha. The taste of the green tea is not that sweet but the original taste of greentea is there (good thing) paired with the greentea powder! ugh just loved it! 128069 been wanting to come back for more haha. 128514

Psh, but this cost orginally 160pesos but there still vat + tax so already costs 190 (?) I guess tsk tsk, too much charging haha. BUT WORTH IT THOUGH! 128077

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Chantal C.
3.0 Stars

Out with my mom again. Tsuru's one of our favorite restaurants. But tonight, we were a bit disappointed.

Mom ordered Gyudon. She didn't enjoy the meal much because the beef were all the fat parts. So "nakakaumay talaga". My order was Beef Ramen. It was okay for me. It was just an ordinary ramen. Nothing really special. Lastly, the Volcano Roll. AAAAAHHH i think i found my new favorite sushi. It was good.12807610084️ it's really spicy, for me. Mom also enjoyed the Volcano Roll. Something new because we always order California Maki 128513

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Jennifer T.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Charlene C.
5.0 Stars

Long time no looloo-ing. I missed this hee-hee. 9786

It's a late post, but still i have to brag about it. We ate here together with my parents on May 30! :) & of course it was my achie's bday, but sadly it she wasn't here to celebrate it with us because she have tons of work to do, But this is her treat to us! Yay!!! Grace C 128521 Also, it was eat all you can!! Ohmy golly. :D

This restaurant is all about Japan! - Japanese! & i really loved it, it only cost 788 & you get to choose lots of variety of food. Yay!

But, what i liked the most was their Tempura and Beef Teppan! It tasted heaven. 128149128061 hihi you should try eating there, the place is very great and their staffs were very accommodating. 128522

Just a happy customer here! 128079128076
P.S: eat all you can only happens every 15 & 30 on every month only. Mark your calendars hihi. 10024128149

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Jenny T.
4.0 Stars

The Grand Buffet is back! Back to back japanese and vietnamese cuisine! Its been awhile since our last visit! I like it when the food is light but filling! Just don't sit near the tempura station its so hot there!

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