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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Food and service were good. There weren't a lot of diners when we went though so the place was quiet, which is highly appreciated after a long day at work.

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Serena M.
2.0 Stars

Not my type of ramen... not worth to be called a Michelin-Starred Ramen. Kamo Paitan not that good..

Staff not attentive and not consistent.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

127836 I know I'm no gourmet diner (I'm more of a gourmand 128516) so I had once this initial impression of a Michelin-starred restaurant as deluxe, expensive and fancy, requiring you to arrive in your Sunday's best or requiring you to be a connoisseur.

But most of these perceptions were finally shattered when I was invited to a three-part FOODEEcrawl x |ooloo rendezvoos last October. The third and last installment, Tsuta, was the first Michelin-starred restaurant I went to. Tokyo-based Tsuta is the first ramen restaurant to receive such a prestigious distinction. Manila had the honor of launching Tsuta's first Philippine branch last 2017, which opened to great fanfare among foodies.

But the moment I actually got to enter Tsuta's premises along with the other |ooloo reviewers, it was just like any other ramen place. Nothing classy, high-end or intimidating; in fact, the atmosphere exuded a more casual feel. But the place looked nice enough. There was a ramen bar as well as the usual tables-and-chairs setting. On my first time here at Tsuta, I immediately began to feel sort of relaxed knowing that anyone can eat here.

Looking at Tsuta's menu, expect it to command premium prices as typical of most Michelin-starred restaurants. But surprisingly, they're not also too expensive. Rather, the prices are reasonable and you'll get first-rate quality and flavor from their dishes. Tsuta's founder Chef Yuki Oniki ensures the freshness of the ingredients and the naturalness in taste of their dishes to satisfy diners. This is proven by its ramen's and other noodle dishes' rich and umami flavors, which are skillfully achieved even without using MSG (and that's commendable).

Well anyway, the |ooloo posse was introduced to Tsuta's newest creations, Teriyaki Chicken Soba, as well as "Yuki Originals," Chef Yuki's take on Japanese staples.

| Chicken Teriyaki Soba

Available in regular and spicy. I chose the spicy one. Although it definitely had heat, I was still able to catch the flavorful broth brought about by hours of cooking and infusing traditional Japanese ingredients into it. The addition of sweet-ish chicken teriyaki, corn kernels, daikon radish and baby leaves, plus the Ajitama tamago (add-on by request) provided a different dimension to the soba's texture and flavor. Despite the bulk of ingredients and toppings in this dish, the broth remained delightfully light but flavorful.

| Yuki Originals:

→ Edamame - Steamed and lightly salted soy beans. I think it was my first time to try edamame and I enjoyed munching on them.

→ Gyoza - I'm a fan of gyoza! Obviously, I loved it. It was not too oily.

→ Karaage - Crispy on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside. For a bit of Pinoy touch, it was served with a sliced kalamansi for garnish as well as for condiment.

→ Matcha Bravado - As a fan of matcha, I absolutely enjoyed this dessert. Matcha-flavored pudding served with whipped cream and sweet adzuki red beans provided a great ending to our food crawl. My only issue: small servings. It left me wanting more!

Thank you to Tsuta Philippines, Foodee Global Concepts and |ooloo app for this wonderful rendezvoos that left us super sated and happy! 128522

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Unshakablefoodie L.
4.0 Stars

For years now, I've become a fan to so many Japanese foods.
Looloo rendezvoos played a big role in making my Japanese food cravings met. Thank you guys!

Tsuta in BGC, the last but not the least on our rendezvoos, is the first branch in the Philippines.
They carry a Michelin starred Ramen.

Japanese Ramen also known as the Japanese comfort food were instantly a hit to the Filipinos especially when it's raining or we feel like sipping on a hot soup.

I honestly love eating Noodle soup more than rice meals. Though I was literally full during our visit here, I tried my best to enjoy it as much. I ate everything I could. I liked the Chicken Teriyaki Soba. It's different and lighter than normal thick Ramen we usually have but this one's also satisfying as well. It was served hot and prepared in the show kitchen.
It is creamy and rich in new concoction from Chef Onishi Yuki.
They have three soup base choices...Shoyu, Shio and Miso base soup. All starts at P390.

This is what they served us...

Aside from the Chicken Teriyaki Soba,
2. Gyoza
I'm a fan of Gyoza, really!
3. Karaage
Perfectly fried Chicken...128525
4. Matcha Bravado
With a strong matcha flavor dessert. It's delicious!

Thank you so much! @loolooapp @roegan @jessica for having me!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Our last stop for Looloo x FooDee Crawl in BGC. We went to Tsuta and enjoyed their newest ramen variant.

It is my first time visiting this restaurant and looked forward to tasting their food. By this time, most of us were already full and probably had a hard time digesting food. Di na po kami bata.

Started off with Gyoza (Php 220) and Karaage (Php 220). I love how crispy the exterior of their gyoza and have a tender and juicy meat in the middle. Their karaage was perfectly seasoned not too bland nor too salty.

Their latest ramen is Chicken Teriyaki Soba (Php 390). The thickest and creamiest broth among their ramen. Using Chicken Teriyaki gave it a balance of savory and sweet broth. Topped with kikurage (sliced mushrooms), chopped onions, baby leaves and sweet corn - interesting robust flavors in a bowl.

We ended our meal with Tsuta's Matcha Bravado (Php 90). It is the only dessert available on their menu. Intense matcha pudding flavor in a small serving of glass bowl which was beautifully presented.

I would love to try their Shoyu ramen next time since it's their signature dish plus I enjoyed the idea of freshly made noodles which a difference with quality of ramen.

Nom nom lobo lobo thanks to Roegan T and Jessica G 128514

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Christmas is fast approaching and its cool night breeze never fails to make me crave for a hot bowl of soup or ramen. And I sure am glad that Tsuta was our last stop for our FOODEE Crawl.

Hello again, Tsuta.

Tsuta has been one of the most talked about ramen joints since it opened last December. It was hard not to be curious about this place given it is the first ever ramen shop to earn a prestigious Michelin star.

Its light broth made with natural ingredients have received both praise and disappointment from the market. I loved it though as I'm not a fan of strong flavors. But for those who do, Tsuta developed Sang La Tan Tan Soba which is a rich blend of different flavors influenced by our very own local dishes.

For this visit, we sampled Tsuta's newest creation, Teriyaki Chicken Soba (PHP390). Available in regular and spicy, I went with regular and added tamago for that creamier slurp.

While waiting for our bowls, we munched on some beautifully seasoned Edamame (PHP90). We were also served with plates of Gyoza (PHP220) and Karaage (PHP220).

I skipped the Japanese dumpling and tried Karaage instead. And it was light, crisp and would delight any fried chicken lover. I also loved it drizzled with calamansi juice for that nice zest and contrast.

Soon, our Teriyaki Chicken Soba bowls were served.

Its broth is still lighter compared to its competitors but I found it richer than the signature Shoyu.

The sweet and savory chicken teriyaki made the dish a lot more savory. Its dashi (broth) was cooked for 5 hours for that beautiful bold flavor and the Shoyu tare makes it distinctly Tsuta. The sweet corn, button mushroom and baby leaves gave it more complex texture and lovely sweet and earthy flavors.

We capped our meal with Matcha Bavaro (PHP90), a green tea pudding topped with whipped cream and azuki beans. Its delicate flavor made it the perfect dish to end our meal and FOODEE Crawl.

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

The third installment of the #FoodeeCrawl hosted by Foodee Global Concepts ,Tsuta Philippines and Looloo App is an early dinner at Tsuta.

Tsuta is a Japanese Ramen Brand that earned Michelin Star grade and Foodee Global is known for bringing internationally acclaimed food brands in the Philippine shores.Not my first time here at Tsuta but my intial trial on ramen which they served on this food crawl.

1. Chicken Teriyaki Soba- a compendium of traditional Japanese flavors infused into the broth,hours of boiling to create that lovely flavorful dashi broth thus amplifying that umami taste.The roasted teriyaki chicken added a more concrete flair flavorwise with the roasted fatty flavor of the skin.It was garnished with corn kernels,grated daikon and baby leaves.The noodles are firm and nice to the bite.I had mine with Ajitama and it can be ordered as spicy or as regular.I chose the non spicy to identify the purity of the taste.128024

2. Gyoza- pan fried Japanese dumplings,made of ground pork,soy bean curd,chives and ohba leaves.Their version is very good not too oily on the palate,I can finish one order in a matter of minutes.128024

3. Karaage-chicken cutlets fried in crispy batter , marinated in their secret recipe.The meat is tender ,very tasty ,the juices of the chicken arises whenever you sink your teeth unto it.128024

4. Matcha Bravado- this dessert good nice bitterness on the much which was is a good indication for me,the adzuki red beans added the sweet element and balanced for this item.

5.Edamame - blanched and salted .

As a fan of light broth noodle soup dishes ,Tsuta is one of my favorite ramen place.In my book and humble opinion it still one of the contenders in the Manila Ramen Wars.

Thanks to Foodee Global Concepts ,Tsuta Philippines and Looloo App people for this wonderful rendezvoos.128077

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Tsuta: 1st Michelin-Starred Ramen 127836 from Tokyo 🇯🇵

Third stop 🛑 of our Looloo FOODEE CRAWL yesterday afternoon. Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles . From Tokyo Japan 🇯🇵 Singapore 🇸🇬 Hongkong and now in Manila Philippines 🇵🇭. The first Michelin Rated Ramen127836

The Founder of Tsuta was Yuki Onishi. He carefully selects homebreds chicken, varieties of vegetables, seafood and other natural ingredients.to make the soup of his Signature dishes into higher dimension .

They are located at C3 Upper Ground Level 7th Avenue in BGC and this is their only branch in Manila .

This is my first time at Tsuta and glad I made it here for the the last stop of FOODEE Crawl in BGC.🍽

These are the dishes served to us that afternoon.

Yuki Originals:

Edarmame- this is my first time to try this . Blanched and lightly salted . Price is 90 pesos .

127831 karaage - I loved chicken karaage every time I dine at any Japanese restaurant and the mayo dip was different from the others . 5 pcs of succulent chicken cutlet marinated in Tsutas signature Shoyu Tare for only 220 pesos .

Gyoza -Minced Pork moment tofu,ohba leaves ,chives and tengaiten salt,boiled or pan fried . Better when pan fried . Price is 220 pesos .. It was big compare to other Japanese cuisine and taste was good really 128077

Matcha 127861 Bavaro- this is our dessert. Creamy and matcha pudding topped with adsuki beans and light whipped cream for 90 pesos . I’m not matcha fan but when I tried it , I finished all of it !

127836 Teriyaki Chicken Soba - savoury dish 5 hours dashi with roasted teriyaki chicken garnisheed with sweet corn 127805 button mushrooms 127812 agad baby leaves 127809Price starts at 390 pesos . I chose the Original one and some got spicy 🌶.Add 60 pesos for Ajitama flavoured egg 🥚 . The Bowl was so big , can be for sharing . I feel so full , burp 128523 I liked the broth .

To sum it all , it was a nice Tsuta experience. Staffs are very accommodating and it was a good service and place was nice also .

Thank you Looloo 128153 Roegan T Jessica G
And to FOODEE Global Concepts and Tsuta Philippines . ありがとうございました

#loolooapp @tsutaphilippines @loolooapp

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Raisa Z.
5.0 Stars

And our finaaaal stop is.... Tsuta Ramen128205

It is a michelin starred ramen from Tokyo.

The following items were served:

Edamame 🥜
While waiting for the side dishes, they served us a cup of tea and some edamame. Personally, I am a fan since my parents always order this when we dine in Japanese restos

Gyoza 🥟
You can order gyoza, either steamed or pan fried. We got the pan fried, it was good! Just the right amount of meat and tofu inside the gyoza

Karaage 127831
The chicken karaage was served with calamansi on the side, is it just me or that was a bit weird? Haha also it was served with a yummy dip that tasted wasabi-ish. It was ok but I had better karaage.

Teriyaki Chicken Spicy Soba 127836
I like the how perfect ajitama egg was cooked. So creamy. And I swear, I really like the quality of their noodles. So heavy. And their broth is the exact opposite, it was light which is something I like. I would go back and try other flavors.

Matcha Bavaro 127847
Matcha pudding served with red beans and a little cream on top. It tasted fine, but maybe not something I would order again.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Back again in Tsuta. This time I tried their new ramen, the Teriyaki Chicken Soba. Love this new ramen. Light creamy broth with a spicy kick in it. The roasted chicken was very flavorful and got that nice roasted flavor in it. Tsuta always got the best meat in its ramen for me. Edamame on the side included when you order this. 390PHP per bowl.

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Teriyaki Chicken Soba - a lot creamier than the their original offerings. Mainly due to the additional collagen from the Chicken Paitan while still bordering on the delicate taste that they are known for. The teriyaki chicken adds a sweet burnt taste to the mix while the always perfect tamago increases the creaminess further.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Im not a ramen connoisseur but this one i like the taste. This is their Shio Char Shiu. I like everything in it especially the truffle taste. What made this less a star is their price. Mabigat siya for everyday tlga.

I went here 6PM and there were only 2 customers (including me) 128064

Very shittable CR. Toto brand.

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Will C.
2.0 Stars

My first time here was okay. I do understand their version of ramen. I plan to have miso based ramen but settled with their shoyu which was essentially the same as what ive ordered. But it taste too salty. The truffle taste was too pronounce, extra chasu didnt make much of a factor in terms of volume. Chasu taste.different. im gonna settle for 3 but since i didnt get to finish my bowl its a 2 star for now.

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Christian C.
3.0 Stars

This is not my typical good ramen

Be open minded and set aside all your expectations and standard because they are a whole new flavour

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

A marriage of Filipino flavors and the tradition of Japanese tantanmen.  Rich, nutty, spicy delicious.  A bowl full of umami. Only 50 served per day. Chef Yuki’s Philippine Original Series.

I really enjoyed this one. Broth is very clean tasting. Not as thick as what MR has but it’s still very delicious for me. The experience is different.

Tried the truffle ramen again too and I love it even more. Must order the Rosu Char Siu - roasted pork char Sui with butter sauce. It’s sooo good.

Sponsored invite c/o Tsuta. Thank you EJ B & Peanut D for the invites 100841008410084

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Charlzz C.
3.0 Stars

Nowadays the word "Michelin" starred restaurant brand especially here in our country means "exceptionally good" without knowing the mechanics of how the ratings are being classified maybe because of the rise of food culture phenomenon and the increasing numbers of celebrity chefs.Its either throng will gather outside the establishment or raves in social media.

Now the "Michelin" rated ramen flew in from the "land of the bushido", Tsuta .A small joint in Tokyo that earned the coveted one star Michelin grade three years ago, a first in the world in the noodle category.Having awarded such accolade Tsuta rose to fame and had expanded by having branches internationally and now the Philippines.

Sunday morning ,we went there at the opening hour .

The place is chic ,classy ,the bar type stools and table is a charm. Lighting made it cozy.

Service is fast and efficient.The price within the usual ramen pricing around the metropolis.

Asked the staff of what type of ramen was awarded the Michelin grade? She told me ,the **shoyu soba**.So we went in for that and ordered another food item.

127836shoyu soba-char siu,bamboo shoot,leek and green olive pureed in truffle oil.This is the usually murky,rich flavored ramen bowl we're accustomed to.I like the clear and lightness of the broth.There's a lot of flavors going on in each bowl ,flavors of meat,herbs,veggies and seafood collides thus umami flavor stands out.I say I like the broth but my girlfriend is not a fan she like the usual dusky stock.

🥣niku meshi- diced roasted pork on rice with onion sauce.As a fan of the blow torched charred meat I must have and try one.Love the doneness of pork the onion sauce brought some caramelized sweetness and the Japanese rice was spot on.And with a Php200 price tag it is very reasonable .

I like to be back in this place especially for the rice toppings,their ramen may not be the usual style that the other brands offer.For my taste is good, I like it but not exceptional.

If you will ask me if is it worth being.a Michelin graded ramen?
My answer is,first Im not a michelin reviewer,there would have been many criterias before they arrived with that conclusion.But the bottom line is " everyone has their own and different preferences when it comes to food and taste".128522128522128522

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

I’ve finally got a chance to try this Michelin Starred Ramen of Tsuta. Chef Yuki Onishi ensures that he uses fresh ingredients and I love that they do not use any MSG. But now, I’d like to focus on their new flavoured Ramen. Chef Yuki created a special Ramen for us, Filipinos. The San La Tan Tan Soba Ramen has a texture that of Kare-Kare, the creamy, peanuty-sauce and minced crispy pork which for us is Sisig. That’s topped with crispy chicharon. Truly very Filipino. My first sip was sour, that came from the white cane vinegar in it. There’s mild spiciness too but eventually as you sip, you’d taste some sweetness as well. This bowl truly holds a lot of flavours. It’s best paired with Ro-Su Char Siu and Aburi Niku. Both meat were tasty but what stands most to me is the Ro-Su Char Siu. Right now, they offer San La Tan Tan Soba only 50 bowls a day.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

YAAASSS to second chances I swore would never take again... And to taking risks!!!! 🤗

Tried the SHOYU SOBA again and surprisingly enjoyed it!!! 127836 It is still not my favorite ramen but at least, goodbye bitterness and beef mami memories! 128123

I’m happy that I am no longer a Tsuta hater! 128514 Now, I can confidently say that the SHOYU RAMEN is good. I can now smell and taste the truffle, no weird after taste anymore and the EGG, the best talaga!!!!! 💯💯💯

If you had a “not so good” experience before, you may want to try them again and give Tsuta a second chance? 🤗128521

Side note: I really hope that they are more CONSISTENT NOW and this good experience is not only because the “CHEF” was here. 🤞🏼


We were also able to sample their new special ramen — SANG LA TAN TAN SOBA. It’s only available here in the Philippines and was made to “fit” the Filipino palate. Inspired by our very own Kare Kare (which Chef Yuki is a fan, btw). Since this is a special limited ramen, only 50 bowls will be served daily.

It was nutty... very very nutty!! There’s a spicy kick but super super slight lang. If you like spicy, you’ll find the spiciness bitin and waley. 🙄 They topped it with sisig for that extra Pinoy touch.

Supposedly, there should also be a sour taste (because they added cane vinegar) but sadly, we were not able to taste that. 128528 And also, the broth (or sauce?? Haha) was too rich and thick that it felt like we’re eating real kare-kare with noodles and egg. If only the sauce, I mean the soup, be a little less thick and heavy. 128529🤔

Was it good? Is it worth the try? HMMMMMMM, maybe? 🤷🏻‍♀️ If you like trying unique dishes and you are an adventurous foodie, try this ramen!

PS: the hot tea is good!! Super enjoyed asking for refillsssssss!!! 128523

Will I return again? Yuuuup!! Though, I’ll wait for the other dishes to be available before going back (i.e., gyoza, karaage, and green tea pudding!!).

Thanks, looloo!!! Pam L Peanut D!!! And for the tshirt na walang paper bag!!! Roegan T hahahaha! 128153128153

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Ojie D.
4.0 Stars

Chef Yuki Onishi's Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba made such an impression on me , I cant help but google all facts I can gather about the esteemed Chef and Tsuta if only to satisfy my inner fan-girling-foodie

Fun Facts from google and from Tsuta website

*Chef Yuki Onishi is 38-39 years old

*Chef Yuki opened his first Tsuta in Sugamo north of Tokyo in January 2012

**Tsuta opens at 11 am but people line up as early as 6 am.

**Tsuta only serve 150 bowls a day

* What does TSUTA mean ? Per their website, "the name originated from his thought, "Ramen is the noodles of which Japan can boast to the world. "

* All Tsuta's ingredients are sourced from Japan and are natural. They do not use MSG.

* Tsuta's Soba noodles are hand made

* Tsuta's soy sauce in the Shoyu (soy-based) are made from soy beans matured for 2 years.

* Tsuta is the First Ramen Shop in the World to be awarded the Michelin star in 2015

* Tsuta was Awarded another Michelin Star in 2016


Definitely not the usual tonkotsu broth ( boiled pork bone soup), I am used to. It was my first time in Tsuta and I was ready to keep an open mind given some less than positive feedbacks I heard from some friends about reviews claiming the broth was bland.

Tsuta's Shoyu Soba is the classic bestseller and therefore a must order for fellow first-timers

The moment of truth. After a few seconds of appreciating the presentation of the broth and inhaling its aroma, I had my first slurp . Tasted the richness of the combinations of different proteins almost immediately . The last note was that of the leek and truffle pureed with truffle oil. Umami goodness was defnitely achieved with the scrumptous brew of clams, chicken and 3 types of soy.

This is one scrumptious broth I would not mind having on a regular basis.

If the more popular tonkotsu is made out of boiled pork bone simmered for several hours, Tsuta's flavor is derived from dashi, chicken, asari clams and three types of soy made from soy beans matured for two years. Indeed the artisanal soy gives Tsuta's broth a distinctive character which makes it unique and therefore quite interesting.

Three words .

Nothing beats noodles made from scratch. The noodles were perfectly hard giving one the opportunity to slurp the loudest possible to show appreciation to the Chef. I loved that they were flavorful as well from the shoyu

One can order 4 slices of char siu and and ajitama (marinated flavoured egg) to go with one's Shoyu Soba. Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba is P620. Char siu were melt-in-your-mouth. Ajitama was sexily silky. Trust me when I tell you , you get what you pay for. I normally can not finish a bowl of Ramen all by my lonesome. But Tsuta proved me wrong huhuhu

Chef Yuki Onishi paid homage to our 3 classic and iconic dishes in his new ramen he called SANG LA TAN TAN SOBA. Imagine kare-kare, sinigang and sisig in a ramen bowl. It had the nutty taste (kare kare), a hint of the sourness from the vinegar (sinigang) and the crispy minced pork with a bit of a kick (sisig) .Chef Yuki is a genius! The balance of flavors was amazing. Dont take my word for it. Check it out and find out first hand how you like it. Would love to know what you think.


Indeed Chef Yuki proved that to everyone. It didnt hurt that Tsuta was awarded a Michelin star in 2015 and 2016 . His belief in using natural ingredients, his quest for excellence and perfection, his continuing desire to innovate and to improve all served to make Tsuta the first ever Michelin Starred Ramen Shop in the world.

In the meantime. Chef Yuki puts a creative spin on Japanese staples with his YUKI ORIGINALS. First week saw the traditional gyoza 'yukified' with the inclusion of tengaiten salt, silken tofu, shiso leaves.

Karaage follows this week. I cant wait to find out what Chef Yuki's version would be for this well loved popular Japanese dish.

Tsuta was brought to the Philippines from Japan by the Foodee Global Concepts of the Tim Ho Wan, Todd English Food Hall , Pound, fame.

Thank you for having us Tsuta and for the invite @teamkaladkarin and @johnbunag

Tsuta is located at C3 Bonifacio High Street Central 7th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is open daily from 1130 am to 10 pm. Please call 02 6254678 for reservations.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Ramen is a favorite in our small family. We love the rich and creamy type - tonkotsu, hakata, paitan (forgive me ramen gods if I'm not too specific or made a mistake with this statement LOL). It's a sort of comfort food for us especially after long hours of lurking in a mall. So, when Tsuta came in, we were intrigued. Michelin Star Ramen from Japan - this must be mind blowing! With mixed reviews from trusted foodie friends, it took me a while to try Tsuta.

On a fine weekday night, we found ourselves in BGC. As we were looking for a place to eat, I thought of Tsuta. The place was almost full and since they have an open kitchen where you'll see how they prepare each bowl, the kids opted to dine by the bar. Shoyu, Shio and Miso - we tried them all and opted for the bowl with Ajitama.

While we were waiting for out orders, we also tried their Aburi Niku for 130Php. hmmm... nothing special lol.

Onto the ramen...

| Ajitama Shoyu Soba for 440Php - this was hubby's pick. Bamboo shoots, leek and truffle pureed in truffle oil and a slice of Char Siu. You have to mix the black puree into the soup to enjoy this. The soup was super light and had a clean finish. The leek and truffle flavors were very light as well, adding charm to the broth. The flavors do not linger long in your palate and it was as if you're chasing the flavors each time you take a sip. I'm actually amazed that ramen broth can be as clean tasting with all the flavors popping out. Not bad at all.

| Shio Soba for 390Php - my daughter went for this. Bamboo shoots, leek and green olives pureed in truffle oil and a lice of Char Siu - this was also served with freshly chopped red onions and mint leaves. Again, the broth was really light with a minty finish. The truffle wasn't as evident here but there was an evident bitterness from the green olives.

| Ajitama Miso Soba for 450Php - this was my choice. I've read reviews that this was the tastiest of them all if you're used to the rich and creamy types of ramen. Red onions, corn, bean sprouts, hot sauce, porcini mushroom oil, watercress and a slice of Char Siu - this was supposed to be spicy but it wasn't spicy enough. This had the "thickest" and most flavorful broth of the three. I liked that the broth had a good "earthy" flavor with the mushroom profile highly evident. I enjoyed this one.

The noodles, being soba, were a little thicker than the usual ramen. All three variants had just the right saltiness. One thing that I LOVED was the Ajitama. It had the perfect runny yolk!

I would say that it was a different kind of ramen experience and I enjoyed the clean, light broth and how the flavors popped out but it's not the kind of ramen for me and the family. We all got tired of our bowls after a while and everything became cloying. Everyone had left overs too.

Definitely not your usual kind of ramen but we are all different so give it a try.

P.S. I think the bar area has the BEST SEATS in the resto. You'll get to see how they prep your bowl, from the noodles to the pipping hot broth.

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