TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie

2/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie
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Most Recent Reviews

Aldwin D.
4.0 Stars

Cool nice interior. Comfy place. Good service. Food taste great. Love the pork bun.

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Larah L.
5.0 Stars

So underrated but so good

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Shellah Marie R.
4.0 Stars


Full of posh chandeliers.


Crispy Noodles : Wasn't able to try this but as per my uncle, it was good. He was able to finish it all so I guess it was really good. Haha

Chicken teriyaki-ish : Not sure what's really called. But it taste like a normal chicken teriyaki for me. It was good but you can definitely get something better than this at a cheaper price like Teriyaki Boy's chicken teriyaki.

Spareribs something - Forgot what its called also. It actually taste good. However, it seems like the ratio of bone to the meat is not good tho.

Pork Buns : Tim Ho Wan and Boon Tong Kee's pork buns is definitely much better than this.

Beef Curry : It was good but I wish there could be more beef on it.


Friendly and accommodating staff.


Overpriced. As my Aunt says it "Chandelier ang binabayaran mo dito eh" (You're paying for the chandeliers)


Did I enjoy it? - Maybe
Will I recommend it? - Maybe but No for the pork buns
Will I come back? - No

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

This is the first time i dined at Tuan Tuan, i kid you not. The other visits was mainly for takeaway at their Megamall Branch.

I picked Tuan Tuan for dinner for one reason. The Salted Egg Buns! Ive been meaning to try this for the longest time. I tried but failed a couple of times. Dem buns are in demand (the salted egg craze is real). Swing by around 3pm and your heart will be broken into tiny pieces.

I had my fingers crossed when I asked one of the servers if it is available. Lo and behold! It is! Whuuuut! *happy dance*

Btw, we got one of the set meals.

Salted Egg Snow Buns. These babies are divine. I prefer theirs over TMH due to the milky taste. Now, the salted egg custard! Wow! This is insanely good! The custard tastes like legit salted egg and is not overly sweet.

Other components of the set meal

Beef Curry
Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
Fried Black and White Milk Bread

The curry is delicious, smooth and creamy with hints of coconut milk and lemon grass. What is noticeable is the light flavor (yes, not a "in your face" as Indian curry)

Chicken is mediocre. Grams liked it thought. This is expected because she likes chicken too much.

On to the milk bread... who among you is familiar with butchi? Well, this is butchi 2.0! Crispy cubes of milk bread deep fried then sprinkled with sugar. Man, the texture is pillowy, soft and cloud-like. Best eaten when dipped with ze condensed milk.

I gotta say...Tuan Tuan made an impression. I am definitely coming back for the salted egg buns!!!

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Giovan T.
5.0 Stars

A Must Dine! 

I went over budget from the anticipation of the deliciousness I've heard from friends, which was heightened by our 2 and half hour trip from BGC that would normally take less than 30 minutes, but Fridays in Manila can never be easy, so I ordered a hefty spread for 2.

Solid line-up!

Seafood Curry Fried Rice (260 PHP)
Okay, their food is packed with flavour so plain rice could have done well enough, but I do think this lightly seasoned platter of rice made the already great meal slightly tastier.

Crispy Minced Duck Snow Buns (188 PHP)
I had to had some snow buns and after the first bite, I realise I prefer their buns over "Tim Ho Wan" which is also so good, but there's always someone better. The bun is crispy enough and is coated with less sugar. The minced duck inside was just a savoury treat that transported our senses to Hong Kong, which might as well be with the horrendous travel time we endured.

Steamed Halibut Belly with Light Soy Sauce (388 PHP) #REYcommended
This where plain rice makes the most sense. The soy base is amazingly good, addictive even, and the gooey smooth halibut pieces is likewise a hit, but just be careful with the boney parts. A recommended order.

Honey Garlic Spareribs (298 PHP)
We love honey and this is just swimming in honey with a hint of garlic in the mix, savoury bites of spare ribs generously coated and surprisingly remained stable and not overly done.

Hong Style Cold Coffee (98 PHP)
Best serve cold! A slight sweet coffee drink with a milky base that's refreshing.

Fried "Black and White" Milk Bread (168 PHP) #REYcommended
This is a dreamy dessert that will surely fill you up with creamy goodness. crispy cubes of milk bread and adequate serving of "Black and White" condensed milk. Do yourself a favour and have an order, it's good for sharing with for 4 or more people.

They got you covered, water refills, and quick serving time, all with a smile.

It's a mix of French design with hints of the Chinese culture. A bright and vibrant place, come early for a quieter time.

Available in-store, handicap friendly, and periodically cleaned.

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Maureen S.
5.0 Stars

Oops forgot to take pictures but food is great as always! I couldn't get enough of their curry 128561
It's so yummy and must be eaten with rice!

Their Crispy Baby Squid with aoili sauce was also a pleasant discovery, along with the Cantonese fried noodles 128515

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Kaye A.
3.0 Stars

Meh. We ordered this just to try it since the Custard snow buns aren't available. Pineapple buns, just ok.

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Kaye A.
4.0 Stars

Comparing their pork buns with Tim Ho Wan's, it's almost similar. But definitely try their Custard Buns! Light, creamy, and awesome!

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Last few days left for the 88 promo of TuanTuan and we took the opportunity to grab this superb deal. We got three sets of their 88 promo deal.

First up was the House Trio and the 88php seafood panfried noodles. The house trio is the fave of my sister. This baked rice is so good I love the white fish and the green pesto mushroom portion. The panfried noodle was also good. A crispy seafood noodle that is rich in shrimp and squid. 128077

Next pair was the Prawn curry and Honey spareribs. The curry of Tuantuan is one of the item that I always order when I visit them. I usually order the beef curry but this time we went for the prawn variety. Curry sauce was top notch! The prawn was a little bit bitin for the 5 of us. The Honey spareribs was sweet yummy. If you are a fan of sweet savory this is a good choice. For me this is the best pair flavorwise. 128522

Last pair was the Baked porkchop rice with tomato bacon sauce and the 88 partner was the Pan fried turnip cake with XO sauce. The baled porkchop was like a parmesan with a hint of bacon flavor. I also love this dish. The pan fried turnip is another fave on our group. The spicy XO sauce and the hot turnip cake was delicious!

Overall this is a great deal that is really worth it. Promo is till Aug 31. 128522

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Howard G.
5.0 Stars

We had duck buns, pork buns, and some soup my kids designed with me.
The soup was okay, but the buns were amazing.
So amazing that my picky daughter said it was so good it made her so hungry (mental note: explain appetizing to her). She gobbled everything down with her brother that, for the first time, I had none of their leftovers to eat. They finished their shares and I was left with my measly portion (other mental note: order more for myself next time).

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Wennifer C.
4.0 Stars

So happy this opened in Rockwell! Love their halibut soup and snow buns (pork). Nai cha is sooo good too! Pricey but ok!!

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Jackie S.
3.0 Stars

If there's one thing that Tuan Tuan restaurant got right, it would be their Crispy Barbecued Pork Snow Buns!

The combination of the savory pork barbecue filling and the sweet, crispy soft bun will definitely make you ask for more.

Just order a glass of ice cold cola and you're good to go.

It is priced at P128 for 3 buns, and believe me when I say you can finish a tray all by yourself.

There are only a few items on their menu that I tried, namely, their Chicken Fillet Curry and the Macau Style Cajun Chicken fillet on rice. Sadly, I didn't like both.

The curry lacked flavor and spice, while the Macau Style Cajun Chicken was just plain disappointing.

I am undecided whether or not I should give this place another shot or maybe I should just stick with their buns. #50KSummerGiveaway

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Wennifer C.
4.0 Stars

Very good food; though I felt so old after dining here. Practically all the diners are senior citizens :)

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Benj O.
1.0 Stars

We arrived at tuan tuan at 5pm and the place was half-filled at best. We ordered 2 entrees and waited 45 minutes before we made three follow ups only to find out that our order has not been entered into their system.

What was also disappointing is that the waitress who took the order claimed she did not take our order. The staff were not sorry and did not apologize so we just left.

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Laine V.
3.0 Stars

The last time I ate at TuanTuan was when they first opened at the SM Mega Fashion Hall. I liked it but I haven't had the chance to go back since.

Wanted to go to The Dessert Kitchen again, so I thought it'd be good to go to the TuanTuan beside it. I planned to get the Prawn Curry and the BBQ Pork Snow Buns.

There was a bit of a wait but the staff was efficient in managing the queue. The host allowed me to order ahead so my food arrived shortly after I was seated. Pork buns were good but not hot, it wasn't even warm. It was more room temp. The Prawn Curry was ok, but I did not like that the prawns were not fresh, they were frozen IQF ones. For me, they lack the taste and the flavor of fresh prawns. I got disappointed, as I did not expect to get frozen prawns for a P500+ dish. Also, the curry was not even spicy. It was creamy though.

I like the interiors, the ambiance and the service. Maybe next time I'll just get something else.

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