Turk's Shawarma

2/F SM City Santa Rosa, National Rd., Santa Rosa, Laguna

Turk's Shawarma
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Middle Eastern
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₱45 - ₱70

Most Recent Reviews

Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

I went to the mall last Thursday to prep up for my Vietnam trip. I bought a couple of shirts, had a facial treatment, haircut and made my eye brows on fleek!128514

Now that the biggest loser challenge at the office is done (I won btw yay!) I can indulge myself again for a doner from Turks. I bought two pieces for lunch and it was awesome! This turkish cuisine for me is perfectly made. Truly, Turks adapted to the Filipino tastebuds.

This is so good that I'm willing to get a franchise! If only I have the budget for it..128517

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Note: This is for their stall at ATC. Can't find it in the database 128512

Now that I'm thinking about the stuff that transpired yesterday,  i firmly believe that it is odd that i had to go to Alabang to eat Shawarma.  And it's none other than Turks.  Yes,  i believe they have branches in Makati.

ATC didn't have a lot of options for pigging out.  Well,  i saw a couple of familiar restaurants but it seems odd dine at a joint that has branches in my turf.  The goal is to try restaurants that are only available in the area,  so i wouldn't feel shortchanged for braving thr concrete jungle just to get to Alabang.

Anyway,  first time to see and try Turks.  Shawarma it is for lunch.  Got the all meat with cheese,  generous servings of their hot sauce.  Sat down on one of the kitkat benches and took a bite. 

First.   The hot sauce isn't spicy.  No hint of chili at all.  That's my only beef with Turks.  The Shawarma is filing and flavorful.   It won't break the bank,  this baby only costs php 70, not bad eh?

And oh,  I ain't gonna go to ATC for Turks,  it is high time to use Google for their nearest  stall in my city.

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Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

I've been seeing Turk's Shawarma in different SM malls but It was only late last year when I discovered my addiction to their Pita Doner.

Turk's modest stall is strategically located at the second floor near food court and SM department store entrance. I'm not into lasang bumbay kind of food but people are always lining up!

It made me curious. I have to find out what the commotion is all about!

One day, I approached their area. Each order only costs 60 pesos. I told myself it's worth a try.

Pita doner is made up of vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes and onion), seasoned chicken or beef meat wrapped in flat bread made in a shape of an upside-down cone. A usual fast food item in middle eastern countries. Here, you have the option to go all meat or veggies. Available sauce options are garlic, cheese and chili.

For my first order, I went with beef and veggies . I paid 10 pesos more for a slice of cheddar cheese. Their a bit skimpy on meat but I guess it is expected due to the low price.

I loved the seasoned meat! I was amazed to find out it doesn't have the lasang bumbay. Sweet with a little salty taste. Similar to asado meat found in siopao.

The sauce combination together with the cheddar cheese made pita doner more savory. It's a tad oily and has a tendency to be cloying. When that happens, the vegetables will play their part of cutting the richness and adding a refreshing taste to the whole dish.

Happiness rules on every bite! Pleasant-tasting, affordable and easy to make. I loved everything about it. 128524

My only problem now is I can't resist them whenever I passed by their stall. It's a hard habit to break.

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