Turtles Family KTV

Visayas Ave., Visayas, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Turtles Family KTV
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Karaoke Bar
Business Hours
Reopens: 4:00p - 2:00a


  • Sunday
    • 4:00p - 2:00a
  • Monday
    • 4:00p - 2:00a
  • Tuesday
    • 4:00p - 2:00a
  • Wednesday
    • 4:00p - 2:00a
  • Thursday
    • 4:00p - 2:00a
  • Friday
    • 4:00p - 3:00a
  • Saturday
    • 4:00p - 3:00a

Payment Options


Price Range

₱50 - ₱6,000

Most Recent Reviews

Steffhanie S.
3.0 Stars

When it's a Saturday night and all your plans are over and done, when you're left with nothing else to do with your GFF, BFF and BFF's BF, you get to decide to just look for a KTV stop and make the most out of the weekend, yes! This is what happened to us last Saturday. From Cubao, we went all the way to Turtles KTV Bar, West Avenue and had the time of our lives!

This Turtles branch is actually a whole lot bigger compared to the one I experienced at Marikina. You'll instantly see it with its spacious parking lot and huge signage. More than that, it's also my first time to see a branch with nice and appealing exteriors. There were life sized music artists' posters painted on the walls, lighted with bulbs that could actually catch one's attention. The designs were simple and usual but these gave the place its rightful character.

Upon entering the door, almost everyone from the staff greeted us and welcomed us. We were initially assisted with the package that we want to get as there were a lot of offers but by the time we were there, only one was already available as their package with Lechon Manok was already off as it's already past 12. Their partner, Baliwag Lechon, was closed by that time too, the reason why.

We decided to go with the per head cost and that's 50 pesos per hour. We also got attracted with their Tanduay Ice Beer Tower that came along with a plateful of Prawn Crackers, priced at 400 pesos. My best friend, as always, ordered their Fiesta Fish Ball Plate which was forever her favorite. On top of the menu cost of the items, there's a service charge to be added on top of the bill.

We entered our room and man it was so cold! With its very old school looking, mini air condition, I didn't expect that cooling power that it has. There came a point that we actually opened the door, not to flaunt our voices, but to make the coolness go out haha! We realized that we can lower the temperature when we were almost done.

There were two microphones but only one was working well booo. We tried to have it changed but I guess there's no more extra available by that time. Good thing the working one worked well for us. I just expected more new songs in their song book and it was a bit old and dirty looking already so better enhance on that too.

The food and drinks served were OK. They all came together so we were able to enjoy the drinks with the pica-pica at the same time. The prawn crackers were the group's favorite, with its crispness and fresh from the pan taste. The fish ball platter was good too, the sauce made them even yummier. The tower, woah, we weren't able to finish it but we were able to enjoy it and its vibe.

Overall, this Turtles branch was OK. I do hope they'll update their song book, equipment and give more life to the rooms by adding interior decors. Still, always a safe place to enjoy with happy people!

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Pauie P.
4.0 Stars

KTV at around 2am does no good to my voice. Hehehe. Cannot even sing well especially when you feel cold and sleepy. Their rooms though is good enough for 5- 8 pax and does not require package to use the facilities.

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Gayla b.
4.0 Stars

Very affordable place for Videoke jammin' 127908128535 Beer is cheap as well! Food, I'm not so sure. For we usually go here already drunk. So we no longer order food, just more alcohol for more intoxication, lol. 128513 We normally go here pass 1am. lol. That's maybe the reason why service here is crap. Maybe they don't like us. ahahaha 128517

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Jett R.
2.0 Stars

Food isn't that great. The pork sisig we've tried was a bit dry and bland. Service is kinda crappy as well - we were there up until closing and the staffs at that time were a bit rude, calling every minute to remind us that it's already time, informing us that they will charge us for one more hour if we do not leave within 15 minutes despite the fact that they've already shut down our machine. They even turned off the lights in the room even though we haven't left yet and are still clearing up our stuff and finishing our food.

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Gerald T.
3.0 Stars

Bang for your buck at only 80 bucks per hour per person! Plus they got new songs like Coldplay's Magic! Beer is cheap too a bucket of 6 is 350 with free pulutan na

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Marqui S.
5.0 Stars

This is our 2nd time Going to a ktv just the two of us. Sometimes you just want to sing and sing and sing...

I love this place. 200php per hour. The room we were given was small but very much enough for 2-3 people

The tv could have been bigger but it was not a problem.

I love their song book. It was full of songs that were nice and familiar to us. Just hope they organize it and remove the mtvs and put them on the back part kasi pagnagkamali nakakadisappoint hehe

The food we ordered was so perfect for pika pika we had the dimsum platter 185php pero squidball pala ito saka kikiam and chicken ball haha pro masarap!

We had french fries. Masarap siya para sakin, kasi crispy and di naman super oily. Saka madami naman. 85php

I had wengweng long drink tasted okay but was not enough to get me tipsy. Shouldve gotten the pitcher.

Im so happy i just love the experience. All in all 800+ nagastos namin. Mga 11pm- 1am+

Oh and i forgot glad that the videos playing on each song were not ladies in their bikinis and dresses fluttering around. HAha mga korean videos ata pero swak naman ang toming sa kanta.

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Livi B.
2.0 Stars

Ups: really affordable compared to other ktv places. 50 per head per hour. They also have barkada packages, eg, 1114 for 5 pax, 2 hours, 10 beers with liempo and fries. They also have updated songs, airconditioned rooms (smoking in the room is a yes). Food is also good. They serve Baliwag products. They are open til 2am and 3am during weekends.

Down: I brought with me an e-coupon for a free "pulutan". I showed it in the frontdesk BUT what they told me is that it isnt allowed. Why post it in their facebook account if it is not valid? Their reason is that everyone can do that because of their free wifi. That's stupid because how can I access their wifi if its password protected and the password will be given once you're inside the ktv room already? Better not implement a promo if your staff cant handle these kinds of issues.

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