Tutti Frutti

UG/F Robinsons Place Metro East, Marcos Highway, Santolan, Pasig, Metro Manila

Tutti Frutti
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Frozen Yogurt
Business Hours
Reopens: 10:00a - 9:00p


  • Sunday
    • 10:00a - 9:00p
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    • 10:00a - 9:00p
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    • 10:00a - 9:00p
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    • 10:00a - 9:00p
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    • 10:00a - 9:00p

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Most Recent Reviews

Fritz G.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Annabel A.
5.0 Stars

I craved for frozen yogurt while I'm doing my research for our Sagada trip. There is a very popular place in Sagada that's called the yogurt house. Been reading a lot about this place that made me wanna have yogurt ASAP!! Dropped by Robinson metroeast on my way home. I LOVE their yogurt!!! I tried the the strawberry banana yogurt I put kiwi, peach and cherry on top!!! It's the best! Just the right amount of flavor, I like it better than White Hat!

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Jeremiah M.
2.0 Stars

Their yogurt was just eh. I was here yesterday with my friends and treated them for a yogurt because they haven't tried it yet & we needed a place to tambay. So as we finished creating our masterpieces and sat down to eat the yogurt I was disappointed because the yogurt was very runny and didn't have that much flavor,
I was starting to feel embarrassed because i wanted my friends to have a good time eating the yogurt, but they didn't so we just let them melt and didn't touch it again. But other than that I really like their loft area to have a good talk and do some catching up with some friends.

If you want some REAL yogurt go to PINKBERRY its way better than this place.

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Theresa L.
4.0 Stars

What I hate when eating yogurt is when the moment you consume the goodies on top, the buttom part will be plain yogurt already. So yesterday, twa's my first time of doing such thing:

• Get the cup
• Put one swirl on the cup
• Put my fave toppings (almonds, choco chips, chocolate coating and oreo crumbs)
• Another swirl of yogurt
• Put my fave toppings again
• And do it until the cup is full!

Tendency is, you can enjoy those goodies layer per layer of swirls having your fave toppings! Sharing lang! Hahaha! 128525128525128525128525128525

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