Twin Lagoons

Coron, Palawan

Twin Lagoons
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Khaimah B.
5.0 Stars

At first, the water temperature at Twin Lagoon is (freezing) cold, then it suddenly became warm. It’s not what you think- nobody peed! This majestic lagoon simply has a thermocline. 🤓

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars


11088️Another main attraction of the boat tours is Twin Lagoon. Some would call it Hidden Lagoon because you would have to wait for the low tide for the underwater passageway to reveal itself so you can cross over to either side of the two lagoons. Judging by the number of boats on the other side of the lagoon, I would say we were just on the prime time of this trip.

‼️TIP: This is going to be a swimming activity through and through. NO tables and dry places to leave your belongings. So better take only your waterproof gear and gadget floaters if you must because if you drop it in the water, chances are it's gone forever. 128522

There two ways to approach the twin lagoons, and you can do it from either side and vice versa. Our boat docked at the farther side of the lagoon. A number of boats are docked as well but noticably lesser than those on the other side.

127946A long swim from the boat indeed but the view on the way is well worth it. The water is weird as it is usually warm when a sudden surge of cold water comes your way. "Pakikiligin ka lang" then it becomes warm again.

After few hundred meters of swimming, the lagoon presents itself. A wide area of dark emerald green water. A mix of warm water underneath and cold on top. Water here is clear as well but not too much sunlight peers through the water, making it a darker shade of emerald.

At the end is a tall rocky wall with the infamous hidden passage to the other lagoon.

128529I would say I wasn't impressed much about passing under a short cave to the other side wearing vests. I would've preferred if it were submerged and I would have to dive underneath with a flashlight.

⛑But yeah, safety first and all. Lots of sharp rocky formations around, one wrong move without a vest and it's gonna be big trouble.

Upon reaching the other side, we were met with a barrage of boats and hordes of tourists approaching the cave to the other side.

🛥1286769973️Boats were too close and the water felt dirty.128548

We knew we had to turn back.127946128168

Turns out we came from the better side of the lagoon. And we stayed there for the better part of the day.127749

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Coron has been famous to travelers because of all the natural wonders that we can only see on the island. I, myself, fell inlove when I saw the amazing beauty of Coron with my own eyes and one of the attractions that caught my attention is the Twin Lagoon.

If you could still remember this viral video that people need to pass through small hole to reach the lagoon, that’s the popular Twin Lagoon. This tour is part of what they called Coron Ultimate Tour (P1,500) together with other five major attractions of the island. We booked this at JY Travel and Tours, one of the accommodating agencies on the island.

As we approached the place, we saw the beautiful rock formations surrounded on the ocean. Photo taking is mandatory because we didn’t want to miss the chance to have a decent photo with the majestic background. After minutes of traveling, we finally reached the entrance of the lagoon.

There are two options to go inside: first one is by swimming underneath the big rock and the second one is by climbing on stiff and slippery stairs. Of course, I chose the later which was easier for me. The pathway was not really easy considering there’s a wood ladder already. You have to be careful because you might bump on the sharp stones or fall on the rocks. But after conquering some obstacles, I reached Twin Lagoon with a happy self.

Twin Lagoon are two lagoons enclosed with rock formation. We only went on one side since there is a separate pay for the other side. The water was clear and I could see the rock underneath. It was scary and amazing at the same time. I appreciated that nature really did a great job building this kind of wonders.

The water is calm and not too salty. I had to wear my lifevest because it is now mandatory to wear it all the time, even on the other attractions. The color is greener like leaves, I guess because of its reflection to the trees around.

Twin Lagoon is a must visit place when in Coron just like Kayangan Lake. Palawan is indeed paradise in heaven and so much bless with everything!

128204Friendly Tips:
1. Use dry bag for your things that you don’t want to get wet especially your phone and other gadgets.
2. You can leave your other stuff (with lock) on the boat since this activity requires swimming. You don’t need to bring them inside.
3. Get ready with lots of energy because this tour is tiring. Eat your lunch before going.
4. Aquashoes are also required to wear. You can rent on the tour guide for P150.
5. Use gopro or underwater camera with dome if you want to capture an over-under scene.
6. Enjoy and appreciate God’s wonderful creation.

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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

Palawan is famous for its lagoons and limestones. El Nido has small lagoon, big lagoon, and secret lagoon to name a few. While in Coron, the most popular is Twin Lagoon. The name says it all. There are two lagoons separated by a small limestone in the middle. It’s fascinating how the limestone in the middle has a hole underneath, big enough for people to pass through. Although do be careful because the rocks are sharp and can easily injure people.
Upon entering the inner lagoon, I was captivated with its exquisite beauty 128525 I wish I could buy the place and just swim around every day. Amidst the intense heat from the afternoon sun is a cool lagoon. This was due to the towering limestones that brought about a unique scenery. It was very relaxing to just swim and float around the lagoon. I felt tranquil, something I rarely feel when I’m in the city.
Upon reaching the farther portion of the lagoon, I felt a mix of cold and hot water. The lagoon water is actually 60% fresh water and 40% salt water. How is that you may ask? Well, the salt water comes from the ocean which is slightly blocked by the limestone fence while the fresh water comes from the spring below. This causes the temperature from the two sources to mix and thus the mingling of cool and hot water. I found it really fascinating.
P.S. Do wear your life vest as the lagoon is very deep, around 30 meters if I remember correctly. Also, there’s not much to see down below since there are only a few fishes and no jellyfishes.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I have been avoiding the sun for decades but ever since I got together with R, I turned from vampire to a sun loving individual (sort of but still not quite). He dragged me to beaches and all these sunny places I try to avoid. And surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad (or painful to the skin). Seeing the pristine water and the wonderful rock formations of Coron was worth the darker and uneven skin complexion.

R’s friends made all the arrangements during our Coron trip and all we had to do was pay our share. For the boat rental, we gave about PHP1,000 per head and there were about 20 of us. The boat rental includes our lunch and afternoon snack. We also went to a total of 6 islands but since it started drizzling on our fourth stop, we decided to just pass by the remaining two stops.

The Twin Lagoon is one of the popular spots in Coron. It sure is beautiful and picturesque. I always confuse it though with the rocks in El Nido. They look pretty much the same.

We took a quick dip around the lagoon and entered a small opening. Since I couldn’t swim, I let the tour guide pull my life vest. He warned me not to move my legs or kick as the rocks are very sharp and that I could injure myself. But my body’s lack of coordination with my brain was such a show off and I involuntarily made a small kick and hit a sharp rock. Thankfully, it only left a bruise and not a cut.

We spent about an hour there. There were not a lot of fishes around compared to the snorkelling area which was our first stop.

The most memorable part of that stop though was not the rock formations but our tour guide’s awesome diving skills.

One of our friends accidentally dropped her new GoPro and started screaming for help. Three of our guys, including R, and our tour guide went down to get it. Our friends had to go up earlier saying that the GoPro was already at least 10 meters deep and that it’s hard to retrieve it. But nothing seems impossible to our tour guide as after being under for over 2 minutes, he was able to get it. Woohoo! 128518

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

Towering rock formations and 2 lagoons divided. Nature truly has it own thing to give and have us bewildered with it's star struck beauty 127796128524

Coron just gave me another reason to love it. 10084

As our boat sailed around the first lagoon, our boatman was telling us that because of how the rock formations are seen scattered around the island, it saved them from typhoon Yolanda when it passed by. If it weren't for the serrated rocks, probably by now, the beauty of the island might have been lost. Going around the two lagoons, left our group just filled with awe 128522 -- sobrang ganda talaga! 10084

We swam at one of the lagoon. It was a very long stretch to swim. If you know how to swim, best to do some exercise strokes. Or if you get tired, hang on to a life vest and float your way around 128524 Very relaxing atmosphere as well. Water below is bit cloudy or blurry due to the mixture of salt and fresh water. Also the temperature of the water is in between cold and warm. 128166

Not a lot of fish to see around, mostly big rocks on the floor. No jellyfish as well. 128521

There is not much to see here except to wade around in the water, float back and forth in the lagoon and hang out with your friends. 128524 To reach the whole stretch of the lagoon, (towards the end where you climb over or swim under to reach the second lagoon), and to swim back to where the boats are dock is already an achievement for me 127946🏼 #anghabaniya kaya, kakapagod! 128517 kakagutom din. 128514


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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

Probably one of the best highlights of our second day tour in Coron!!! 128526128526128526

Twin Lagoons is one of the stunning pieces of beauty you can find in Coron. Like most reviews mentioned, no photo could ever do justice how beautiful it is. Two bodies of water separated by limestone regions and sheer cliffs with surreal beauty. We had quite a number of photos but the photo I posted here was the best one, imo.

Our boat stopped at the outer lagoon and so we can swim our way inside the lagoon with our life vests on. The water is very clear and you could see how deep it is with shiny and edgy rocks under. Our boatmen told us to use the man-made stairs instead of diving into the little hole to get in. It was high tide when we get there, so the hole was not visible and like a meter or two under. There were also quite a number of jellyfish around so better be careful not to be stung. I almost got stung by it actually, so everyone should be really cautious.

Upon entering the lagoon, you'll get to see the wide stretch of waters inside the towering karst. It's amazingly beauty left our jaw dropped into the ground...water, rather! 128513 We were in awe just by looking around while swimming. We took pictures and had fun while dipping into the fresh waters of the lagoon!

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Maureen L.
5.0 Stars

No underwater photo :( but good area for snorkeling

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Ice V.
5.0 Stars

Last stop!

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

Another Coron Island Adventure favorite! The limestone cliffs were just stunning. I don't think any picture of any of the islands of Coron will ever do justice to its true beauty. 128064 You just really have to go there to appreciate it and be thankful that Coron is just a 40-minute flight away from Manila! That means you're just 40 minutes (and maybe another hour for land and sea travel hehe) away from paradise. 10084

Anyway, you have to be a little bit careful when you head to the "hidden" lagoon because our guide got stung by a boxer jellyfish (probably the same species that attacked Anne Curtis in another part of Coron). You can go up to the man-made bridge if you don't feel safe swimming 2-3 meters underneath a rock (lower right picture) going to the hidden lake.

The hidden lake was of course, amazing. Our guide even showed us a "cathedral" under the lake. My dad jokingly asked "may pari ba diyan??" #DadJokes. I couldn't go under 'cause our guide insisted we keep our life vests on so I told him to take my gopro with him while it was recording so I could see it. I'll post the stunning video soon. I probably never would've been able to fit myself in between those boulders without panicking underwater had our guide let us take our vests off. 128514

It truly is more fun in the Philippines! 10084

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Mikko F.
5.0 Stars

After banol beach, we go straight here. We were amazed by the water temperature. The lower portion of the lagoon is warm while the top portion is cold. We also had great time swimming through a hole for us to enter the inner lagoon. The place is very serene. Good for relaxation. It is also breath taking. Amazing place.

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Lito L.
5.0 Stars

the lagoon on the inside is much more exciting. known for its changing temperatures at varying depths (thermocline), this vast and deep lagoon is home to lots of fishes and a lone 'balsa' made of bamboo. if you're lucky and there aren't much people, you can use the balsa to go around the lagoon.

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