Ubuntu All Day Breakfast

51 Victoria Ave., New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ubuntu All Day Breakfast
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Open: 8:00a - 9:00p


  • Sunday
    • 8:00a - 9:00p
  • Monday
    • 8:00a - 9:00p
  • Tuesday
    • 8:00a - 9:00p
  • Wednesday
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  • Friday
    • 8:00a - 9:00p
  • Saturday
    • 8:00a - 9:00p

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Most Recent Reviews

3.0 Stars

‪Good morning! We had an appointment with the owner of Ubuntu All Day Breakfast last Saturday. Unfortunately, he cannot meet us for some reason. Luckily, the staff of Ubuntu greeted and welcomed us during our visit.‬

‪There's no customer around 9AM on that day and we grab the opportunity to own the place. We got waffles and tapsilog, served with coffee but we upgraded the other drink into milkshakes (we just add Php30.00)‬

127859 2 pcs Crispy Waffles for Php88.00 served with butter, maple syrup and coffee - 110881108811088️ 3/5‬
‪"The waffles were good and crispy, I'm just bothered with the butter, I don't know if "luma na", but I can say that the price is very affordable for Php88.00"‬

127859 Beef Tapa for Php188.00 (Red rice, 2 eggs, corned beef and onion with mixed vegetables) served with coffee - 110881108811088️ 3/5‬
‪"The red rice cooked well but I find the beef tapa was too salty"‬

127859 Choco Milkshake - 110881108811088️ 3/5‬
‪"An ordinary Milkshake, nothing special.‬
‪ ‬
‪Yes, the price of their dishes were cheap and affordable.‬

‪The staff-in-charge provided good service. He was very supportive in making our photos great by providing props and other materials.‬

‪Ubuntu All Day Breakfast is located at #51 Victoria Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City.‬

‪#ilovetoeat 12851510084️‬

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I spent one of my weekends exploring QC.  It is the St Lukes Area this time around,  nope...I aint sick or something. FoodSocietyPh got an invite at Ubuntu All Day Breakfast and i was one of the brave tributes. 

Fun Fact:  Did you know that Ubuntu is a South African word for being selfless.  This got me excited as i have a thing with words,  i even have some tattooed on my forearm.

Our generous host,  Stan (the owner) welcomed us and gave a lil bit of insider information about the restaurant.  And he graciously offered some of the items on their menu.

| Pumpkin Soup
| Waffles

It would be an understatement if i call their waffles crispy.  Why,  you ask....i can hear the crunch from the other table.  I kid you not!  I like the fact that it is not too sweet,  diners can control the glucose level by adding some maple syrup.  The pumpkin soup is delicious as well.  I taste slight sweetness from the pumpkin.  Well-balanced flavor.

Carbs (All rice meals are served with red rice,  veggies and *eggs)

| Corned Beef
| Beef Salpicao
| Beef Tapa
| Lucban Longanisa

I was hungry enough to try all of 'em!  For some odd reason,  i liked the red rice.  I try to stay away from red as the taste reminds me of paper mache.  Not that I've eaten a lot of paper in my life.  I guess the taste has something to do with the preparation.  The standouts are the Lucban Lonnganisa and Tapa.   The beef salpicao needs a lil tweaking as the meat is a bit tough for my liking.


| 4 Cheese Grilled Sandwich
| Clubhouse Sandwich

I am in love with the clubhouse!  Four pieces of toasted bread with hefty amounts of ham,  bacon,  lettuce and tomatoes!  I loved every single bite.  This is a steal for Php 178!


| Chicken Pesto
| Classic Meatball Spaghetti

Who doesn't like a good old fashioned spag and meatballs...this is the quintessential comfort food.   The pasta is delicious!  Flavorful sauce and meatballs.   The pesto needs a lil more seasoning though.  It lacks the nutty,  basil-ish flavor i was looking for.  The chicken though is cooked well,  moist and flavorful.

Brunch at Ubuntu is satisfying.  They offer delicious meals at a very affordable price. If i were to pick between an popular coffee/breakfast joint an Ubuntu,  id pivk the latter as they deliver in the taste department without burning a hole in my pocket. 

Hats off to the generous peeps of Ubuntu.

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