Ubuntu All Day Breakfast

51 Victoria Ave., New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ubuntu All Day Breakfast
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

A cafe showing up in a relatively quiet area is just one of many signs that the restaurant industry is really booming. Owners are usually former employees who are trying out a new industry. The place was a week old when we arrived and is owned by a young entrepreneur.

The name is of African descent which means a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity. It can also refer to human kindness. The wait staff exudes this and warmly accommodated us the whole time. The chef even gave us complimentary Tablea hot chocolate.

Being really new, our expectations were less but we still got impressed. There are certainly points for improvement like a wider array of coffee being a breakfast place and a dessert menu. They can also use unique and more creative approach to certain dishes.

Must order is their Crispy Waffle (just Php 88). It was unbelievably crispy. Expect this encounter to be loud in every bite and memorable for its simplicity yet satisfying taste. Their maple syrup with butter does provide boost, but without it’s still good.

It was raining and a bowl of their Pumpkin Soup (Php 75) was perfect. The thickness manifests how much real pumpkin it had. It was seasoned well enough to bring out the sweet pumpkin taste.

Another favorite was their rendition of Chicken Pesto. I am a fan of both main ingredients and now am a fan of their combination of the two. It wasn’t oily yet pesto rich, chicken tasty and noodles al dente.

Don’t leave without going for their signature Omelette with Hash Browns and Coffee (Php 158). It’s kind of difficult to master the egg. Theirs was seamless- it was fluffy and inside a touch of over easy. The vegetables tasted real fresh and cheese made all the flavors come out. Hash Browns are normally a mess with so much oil. Ubuntu’s version wasn’t and it had a nice crunch to it.

The only dish that failed at least for me was the Salmon. It was bland and lifeless. The red rice provided character but overall needs much improvement.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Ubuntu All Day Breakfast, located near St. Luke's Hospital - Q.C., is one of the new restaurants that we were able to visit late last year.

Here are the dishes I liked:

🔹 Crispy Waffles.
🔹 Clubhouse Sandwich.
🔹 Classic Spaghetti
🔹 Strawberry Pannacotta

Everything was good and affordable as well.128077

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Sounds like an OS brand right?
But referring back to Reich T review, the name came from South Africa which means being selfless.

It was a Sunday morning when i visited and according to the restaurant that was confirmed by Midz S they open around 6:30am! I arrived at around 8:30am and there were three of us customers. I immediately sat near the wall where the sunlight easily penetrates the room through the glass door.

The ambience is good, the brightness makes the place warm. The background music plays pop music. How about a Versace in the Floor on a Sunday morning mood??

128204 corned beef @178PhP
Not your ordinary canned corned beef because it was served as a beef slab. The protein was a little tough, tbh. If i'd throw it on the floor, it would bounce back a little. The table would rock a little bit so i'd support the table by placing my foot over the foot of the table. The taste is not so stellar.
Oh good they use red rice. Homey for me cause this is the same rice that my mom cooks.
The mixed veggies is composed of tomato and cucumber. The eggs (which i prefer sunny side) were normally good.
The coffee is refillable!!

128204 mushroom soup @65PhP
Okay. I initially called for a pumpkin soup, went to the CR and ate half of my breakfast and then arrived the MUSHROOM soup. Okay. I did not complain because i knew it would take time if they make my real order. It was good, above average, and 10PhP less than the pumpkin soup.

Their ventilation is bad. There were only three customers serving, but i ended up smelling fried egg. I knew this when i entered the car and people at church smelled something different when i pass by. Maybe bring extra clothes?

This maybe a not so likable experience of mine but the ambience made it to .5 fir the bright ambience. Luckily i like breakfast.

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

This breakfast place has been all over my instagram wall for the past few months and it made me so curious. So, when we had a series of invites at Quezon City, we decided to drop by this place as well.

This small yet spacious restaurant has a simple and lovely ambiance. Parking also wasn't a problem, and the airconditioning was so cold. You can really relax while having coffee and breakfast in this place.

We were told that their best sellers are the corned beef, the beef tapa and the crispy waffles. But since there were only two of us, we just ordered their beef tapa and crispy waffles.

128046 Beef Tapa P188
Their beef tapa came with red rice and two sunny side up eggs. The beef was a little salty, but you can tell that it's delicious and it's a different kind of marinade. You must also try this with their special homemade vinegar!

127859 2pcs Crispy Waffles P88
The waffles were indeed crispy. I haven't tried any other waffle this crispy before, although I found it a little bland. Perhaps I was just used to sweeter waffles. The butter was also a let down since it's as if it's been inside the refrigerator for a long time.

127851 Chocolate Milkshake P78
Their milkshake is so cute with the little marshmallows and sprinkles on top. I kinda have an idea as to what ice cream they used in making this one 128523

The service was excellent. Their staff was very friendly and accommodating.

Restaurant Schedule:
Tuesdays-Fridays 11am-9pm
Saturdays and Sundays 6:30am-9pm
Mondays closed

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3.0 Stars

‪Good morning! We had an appointment with the owner of Ubuntu All Day Breakfast last Saturday. Unfortunately, he cannot meet us for some reason. Luckily, the staff of Ubuntu greeted and welcomed us during our visit.‬

‪There's no customer around 9AM on that day and we grab the opportunity to own the place. We got waffles and tapsilog, served with coffee but we upgraded the other drink into milkshakes (we just add Php30.00)‬

127859 2 pcs Crispy Waffles for Php88.00 served with butter, maple syrup and coffee - 110881108811088️ 3/5‬
‪"The waffles were good and crispy, I'm just bothered with the butter, I don't know if "luma na", but I can say that the price is very affordable for Php88.00"‬

127859 Beef Tapa for Php188.00 (Red rice, 2 eggs, corned beef and onion with mixed vegetables) served with coffee - 110881108811088️ 3/5‬
‪"The red rice cooked well but I find the beef tapa was too salty"‬

127859 Choco Milkshake - 110881108811088️ 3/5‬
‪"An ordinary Milkshake, nothing special.‬
‪ ‬
‪Yes, the price of their dishes were cheap and affordable.‬

‪The staff-in-charge provided good service. He was very supportive in making our photos great by providing props and other materials.‬

‪Ubuntu All Day Breakfast is located at #51 Victoria Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City.‬

‪#ilovetoeat 12851510084️‬

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I spent one of my weekends exploring QC.  It is the St Lukes Area this time around,  nope...I aint sick or something. FoodSocietyPh got an invite at Ubuntu All Day Breakfast and i was one of the brave tributes. 

Fun Fact:  Did you know that Ubuntu is a South African word for being selfless.  This got me excited as i have a thing with words,  i even have some tattooed on my forearm.

Our generous host,  Stan (the owner) welcomed us and gave a lil bit of insider information about the restaurant.  And he graciously offered some of the items on their menu.

| Pumpkin Soup
| Waffles

It would be an understatement if i call their waffles crispy.  Why,  you ask....i can hear the crunch from the other table.  I kid you not!  I like the fact that it is not too sweet,  diners can control the glucose level by adding some maple syrup.  The pumpkin soup is delicious as well.  I taste slight sweetness from the pumpkin.  Well-balanced flavor.

Carbs (All rice meals are served with red rice,  veggies and *eggs)

| Corned Beef
| Beef Salpicao
| Beef Tapa
| Lucban Longanisa

I was hungry enough to try all of 'em!  For some odd reason,  i liked the red rice.  I try to stay away from red as the taste reminds me of paper mache.  Not that I've eaten a lot of paper in my life.  I guess the taste has something to do with the preparation.  The standouts are the Lucban Lonnganisa and Tapa.   The beef salpicao needs a lil tweaking as the meat is a bit tough for my liking.


| 4 Cheese Grilled Sandwich
| Clubhouse Sandwich

I am in love with the clubhouse!  Four pieces of toasted bread with hefty amounts of ham,  bacon,  lettuce and tomatoes!  I loved every single bite.  This is a steal for Php 178!


| Chicken Pesto
| Classic Meatball Spaghetti

Who doesn't like a good old fashioned spag and meatballs...this is the quintessential comfort food.   The pasta is delicious!  Flavorful sauce and meatballs.   The pesto needs a lil more seasoning though.  It lacks the nutty,  basil-ish flavor i was looking for.  The chicken though is cooked well,  moist and flavorful.

Brunch at Ubuntu is satisfying.  They offer delicious meals at a very affordable price. If i were to pick between an popular coffee/breakfast joint an Ubuntu,  id pivk the latter as they deliver in the taste department without burning a hole in my pocket. 

Hats off to the generous peeps of Ubuntu.

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