Ugong Rock

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Ugong Rock
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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

We spend our New Year Eve Dinner at Ugong Rock Grill and Seafood Bar in Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

It was our 2nd day in Puerto Princesa in Palawan when we had our Underground River tour and we got back at that hotel around 5pm then we took a rest after an hour as we were so tired than around 6pm I convinced my family to go out for early New Years Eve dinner as I felt that they celebrate New Year's Eve their peacefully and my concern is that all the restaurants might be close.

I was right , Kinabuchs and Kalui were closed. Almost every restaurant near our hotel was close and the only resto that was opened was Ugong Rock Grill and Seafood Bar.

This restaurant is a typical bar and grill feel with open air seating and even a few live performances from singers,

We walked so far when we reached this as we don't want to ride a tricycle that time and want to explore the place. Puerto Princesa was a safe place.

We're lucky there was not much people when we arrived. You can choose your protein from their display trays (crabs, prawns , lobster, etc). Glad that there were tv near the bar where we were all seated so we had something to do whirl waiting for the food.

We got their crispy Pata and it was so crispy and so good! We also have calamares, nilagang baka, kare-kare etc. it's like a feast. What I like about this seafood grill is that it's really cheap compare to the restaurant in Baywok and has generous serving .

So happy to celebrate our NYE dinner here with fam. We were so full that night. After we left foreigners came in groups and the resto was full!

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Anthony Paul U.
5.0 Stars

We had Crispy Pata and Crocowali.
Crispy Pata was good just like most places
Crocowali taste like fish chicken but tougher. Its Crocodile meat thats a given.
For drinks we tried Banana Chocolate and Yakult Shakes
Banana Chocolate was good but Jonas of Boracay is better.
Yakult was great

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Charmaine Beatrice V.
4.0 Stars

Caving and spelunking

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Jazz J.
5.0 Stars

Ugong Rock is part of the diversion tour going to the Underground River. Activities to do here are caving, spelunking and ziplining. I'm an adventure junkie so this really got me excited.

It wasn't what I expected though. The caving is mostly walking while the spelunking is just a very short climb. Their zipline is boasted as the fastest zipline in the country but it isn't that high. BUT!! Even though the whole experience is not that challenging, I LOVED IT HERE! The caves are just exquisite and the rocks that produce sound are amazingly beautiful. And the view at the top and going down thru the zipline are truly breathtaking! 128524

One minor bummer is the waiting time because of the spelunking. There were a lot of people so a long line has already built up when we arrived. After a while, it didn't bother me because I was able to appreciate the rock formations more. 128077

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Joyce C.
4.0 Stars

Instead of taking the commuter van going back and forth the Underground River, we chose to ride in pairs with motorcycles. On our wayback home, decided to detour and see Ugong Rock. I have experienced spelunking in Sagada, so the trek and spelunking in Ugong Rock wasn't that extreme. But the crew and staff were all very friendly and accomodating. Very informative too with the tour inside their small cavings. First zipline experience and the view on top was really nice. :)

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Kristella D.
4.0 Stars

Spelunking is the name of the game at Ugong Rock.

The management rents out safety gear to adventurers. A tour guide will then assist you along the trek.

The trek going up the hill made of rock is quite challenging. It gets steeper and narrower along the way. You have to climb your way in and out of the rock. But beyond the challenge, you see amazing rock formations along the way. There are even rocks with a glitter-like surface!

Once at the top, you see a great view of the St. Paul Mountain Range where the Underground River is located. St. Paul's "face" is carved out of the top of the mountain range.

To get back to the ground, you ride a zipline that connects the two hills. It's just a short distance so there isn't much to the zipline. Once you're at the end, you can instantly buy the photos they took while you were riding the zipline.

Great place for adventure seekers!

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Lea A.
5.0 Stars

Adrenaline & adventure junkies shouldn't miss this in Palawan!

It's called Ugong Rock because the rocks produce sound when tapped. Meaning it's hollow.

Activities like caving, spelunking & ziplining is available here. For P450, you can enjoy (!?) all 3 activities.

The experience is a bit similar to spelunking & caving in Sagada. Ugong Rock's course is less challenging and there's also no water w/c is a big plus. Our guides are mostly HS students. They do this on vacations to earn extra money.

After roughly 30mins. of hiking to the top, you may take a rest before ziplining. It's 65 feet high & 350 meters long. It'll only take 21 seconds to reach the other end of the zipline. It was awesome! 128074128170128077

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Oliver E.
3.0 Stars

Spelunking and zipline combo, not bad.

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