Ukokkei Japan

LG/F Mega A, SM Megamall, EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Ukokkei Japan
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Most Recent Reviews

Jah P.
1.0 Stars

We were craving for ramen so we tried Ukokkei.

It is not so legit but just right to satisfy our in dire need for ramen with my boyfriend. We ordered Hakata and Tokyo (I forgot the whole name) We enjoyed it! Then we added Gyoza (No photo because I was too excited to eat) on our meal and it was like 128541 Horrible taste! I wonder how did that become a Gyoza. I cant explain the taste but I was very disappointed and pissed. 128544128545 We left Ukkokei VERY unhappy because of that Gyoza.

Few minutes after we left, my boyfriend felt something weird in his stomach. So, he did it... After a few hours, I did it also. And so on, and so forth. We ended up with Diarrhea. Im pretty sure its either because of the ramen or the gyoza because those are the only food that we ate together and made us suffer right after. Boo, Ukokkei! 128544128533128547128565

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Aileen L.
3.0 Stars

Went to SM Megamall with my daughter last June 1 to buy her school supplies then around lunch time we meet mom. Mom loves Japanese so we decided to meet at Ukkokei Japan at ground floor of SM Megamall.

It's our first time here, my daughter and I had lunch already so we just ordered 2 ala carte of gyoza, mom loves gyoza. They have promo that if you reach 300 worth of bill you will received free California mami and we did. Too bad it's complimentary and not for sale.

Their best seller is ramen and mostly food was into package, example ramen plus gyoza will cost 250 pesos,it would be cheaper if you get the combo but we did not so its a bit expensive on our side, willing to back next time for the ramen but find them pricey.

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Jade S.
2.0 Stars

The ramen is too salty.. their gyoza has this weird taste, maybe it's in the way they fried it or something. Their ramen is cheaper compared to other ramen houses and they have big servings as well. Overall tho, I think we only tried Ukokkei Japan out of curiosity, but I can say that it's not really something you would want the second time around.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

Came here cause a friend suggested it was pretty good.

We got one of their best sellers. I really forgot the name of the ramen but I know it was at the center of the Menu! Haha. Sometimes these kinds of places have difficult names and because you are sooooo and just soooo hungry, you tend to forget! But, I was pretty sure that it had the recommended symbol on it!

So we got that ramen and their curry rice with it. Php 380 for those two orders. Pretty affordable !

Rice and Ramen works. Philippines is such a rice eating country that even if you had a bowl of noodles, you still feel like something is missing! Yes, I am like all of you wherein a meal isn't complete without a bowl of rice! Haha so the set menu they have here is just perfect!

The serving size is good for 2. I shared the orders with my friend and we were both filled up! Also, orders came super quick!

The ramen was pretty flavorful! Love the black pepper sauce ! Mmmm ! This is second best for me, next to my number 1 Ramen Nagi! I wished their noodle had a bite to it. Kinda too soft for me. Also, the meat in the noodle! Super few! One slice i think? 128545

I liked the curry rice. Did not at all look like curry! Look at the picture hahaha! Super shocking. But, it was pretty good! Yummy! Flavorful!

I wished they had wifi hahaah! 128513128513128513

PS hahha after reading the other reviews. Now I know the name of the ramen we ordered. We got the Kumamoto Mau! Hahaha!

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Hosea I.
4.0 Stars

We ate dinner here after our Field Trip in Cavite. I ordered Kumamoto Mau Ramen, their bestseller. It was my first time eating Ramen. So far, so good.

I'd still like to try other Ramen Restaurants in Megamall since it's like my tambayan and 2nd home and my bf said there are better Ramen than this one 128514128514128514

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Justine Enide L.
3.0 Stars

I was feeling cold and empty since the stormy weekend but this bowl of happiness didn't fail to give me the warm i've been longing for.

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

not the same with the ukokkei ramen ron. the name of this resto is "ukokkei japan". they claim this is the original while the one in makati and manila is a franchise.

anyway, i ordered the hakata tonkatsu 128077128077128077128077 and the gyoza 128077128077128077128077128077

different but still good

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Kate R.
2.0 Stars

Tried this new cheap ramen house in Sm Megamall.

We ordered two of their best sellers, Kumamoto Mau Ramen, thick soup made with pork bone and garlic oil and Hakata Tonkatsu Takana Ramen, combination of mild soup made with pork bone and spicy Takana.

We also ordered gyoza, which we didn't like at all. 128531

My sister and I find their ramen too salty! We didn't enjoyed our dinner tonight 128557128555

They have a lot of crew but it looks like they aren't attentive at all. 128529

  • No. of Comments: 6