Uma Uma Ramen

2/F S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Uma Uma Ramen
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Most Recent Reviews

Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

My sister's been wanting to try Uma Uma for a while so when we eventually ended up in SM Mall of Asia for our Sunday errands, she suggested we head over to S Maison at Conrad.

I got a bit curious as to where Uma Uma came from, so I googled it and it comes from Hakata, a district in Fukuoka, Japan. Their ramen is characterized by rich and milky tonkotsu broth with thin and non-curly noodles.

Upon googling, I also found that the name "Uma Uma" is a play on the Japanese word "umai" which means "tasty".

We ordered 3 different kinds of ramen: Uma Uma Ramen, Garlic Ramen and Spicy Chashu Ramen

127836 Uma Uma Ramen - Php 360
I really liked the ramen! It was definitely what the Hakata ramen description said it would be. They topped the ramen with some spicy miso paste but you can ask them not to include it if you're not into spicy food. I tried the broth before mixing in the spicy miso and it was rich and creamy! My sister, A, said it tasted like eggs! 128514 For me, the broth was a winner because it was rich, creamy but it wasn't very salty! Other ramen places I've tried have super rich broth but can eventually become salty and makes me crave for water. Uma Uma prides itself by achieving umami with no MSG!

127836 Spicy Chashu Ramen - Php 390
I only tried the broth for this one from Bernisse C. At first it was alright, but I tried the broth again when she was done eating and it felt like drinking soup with so much chili oil! 128514 They were perspiring while eating their bowl of ramen!! 128541

128055 One-bite Gyoza - Php 140
10 pieces of one-bite gyoza! The gyoza was really small and it really fits into your mouth in just one bite. Their gyoza comes with some spicy chili flakes which you can put in the gyoza sauce. I liked the gyoza but in a way I prefer biting into my gyoza rather than putting the whole thing in my mouth. 128517 Cute idea though.

The service was quite good. They were attentive and kept refilling our water. They don't have service tea though, which is quite disappointing. For quite a medium sized restaurant, they sure had a lot of crew. I think I counted 8 chefs in the kitchen.

They also have a Japanese chef overlooking the service. He was also friendly enough to smile and acknowledge my two sisters attempting to speak in Nihonggo (after practicing with me). 128514

Problem though with the payment as of the moment, their credit card was offline so they can only accept cash payments.

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

100% MSG-Free pure umami! This is Uma Uma's statement. Many establishments nowadays are diving into the healthier cooking alternatives as health has becoming a big issue for most people. It's a continuous challenge to most chefs and I think it's great that they choose to be a part of the world's initiative to live healthier lives.

I've heard mixed reviews about this place and I've been wanting to try it out for myself. Dad also wanted to try something new so here we are. Finally!!!

There are only six kinds of ramen to choose from: Uma Uma, Mazesoba, Spciy Chasiu, Tonkotsu, Garlic and Tantanmen. For side dishes, gyoza, maki tamago, karaage and yaki chasiu are available.

We ordered the following:
UMA UMA RAMEN [P360] 11088110881108811088
Chasiu • Spring Onions • Black Fungus • Spicy Miso • Egg
I usually look for 3 things when I eat ramen: broth, noodles, and meat. For their uma uma ramen, it got the noodles and meat perfect. Noodles were aldente and meat was very tender and juicy. However, I didn't like the broth that much because it had an overwhelming egg flavor. Although the broth was very creamy and thick that I liked.

SPICY CHASIU RAMEN [P390] 11088110881108811088
Chasiu with spicy marinade • Chili Oil • Spring Onions • Black Fungus • Egg
This had a better broth than the uma uma ramen in my opinion. Even if both ramen had tamago in it, this one didn't have that overwhelming egg flavor. Again, noodles and meat were perfect.

GARLIC RAMEN [P360] 110881108811088
Chasiu • Garlic • Garlic Oil • White Onion • Beansprouts • Fried Shallots • Egg
Same comment for the noodles and meat but the broth was super garlicky for me. Well, it is Garlic Ramen 128514 Maybe garlic flavored dishes are just not for me.

ONE BITE GYOZA [P140] 1108811088110881108811088
It really is just the perfect bite-sized gyoza! It tasted like normal gyoza but I liked how they made it so easy to eat. Sometimes it's a hassle to bite a bit then put down the other half again. So yay! Loved this one.

Service was okay. Water was free but you need to pay for tea unlike other Japanese restaurants. Also, they don't accept credit card at the moment because the machine is not functioning. But overall, it was a good visit. Mendokoro Rameba is still the best I've tried here so far.

  • No. of Comments: 9
Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

The next place we went to was Uma Uma Ramen. 128568 J and I got so intrigued on this place what with all the online shebang in the past. We wanted to see what they did about it now. 128569

We ordered the Uma Uma Ramen (Php 360) and it tasted kinda weird for me. 128569 It wasn't the ramen taste I was expecting. It was on the milky or creamy side. Maybe I'm not used to the natural umami flavoring. I might just be the type who likes seasoning and stuff. 128569 Still we enjoyed the noodles because they were nice and firm. The chasiu was nice and tender and had a nice savory flavor. I liked that you could still bite into it, but it was very soft and light. The egg was really nice too! I don't know what they did but it seems like they soft boiled the egg in water with some sort of salty soy-based sauce. I'm really not sure about it, but it felt like that just cause the egg had a nice sweet-salty taste. I really liked it. It improved on the creamy broth for me. We asked for the spicy level to be kept mild but it still made me cough a but and sweat a bit. I think I just don't have enough tolerance for spicy food. 128569

We also ordered the One Bite Gyoza (Php 140) and I found it just ok. May it was because we just came from the Japanese restaurant next door where I loved the same pork dumpling. I just felt theirs was just regular tasting. As in the whole time I kept on thinking, "I've had better." I'd still go for Osaka Ohsho's or Ramen Yushoken's gyoza. It was a nice pair to the ramen though. 128568

I'd still come back, but probably to share a bowl with J. I wanna try anither flavor next time, and I want to try another side dish. Their Chicken Karaage was actually speaking to me to come back soon, so I look forward to that! 128568

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Adrian L.
3.0 Stars

Yet another ramen joint in Manila, Uma Uma sets itself apart from the rest by offering MSG-free tonkotsu ramen (aside from the peculiar name which is one letter away from the local word for, well, fed up!) But taste-wise, it's hard to distinguish the flavor of the broth from other well-known establishments. Perhaps Uma Uma entered the simmering ramen scene in Manila a little too late because by now, most people already have their favorites.

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Tina B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Uma Uma Ramen is one of the very few restaurants in S'Maison that opened as soon as the mall started its operations. I'm only writing this review now but I've actually been here a couple of months ago. Thrice. In one week. 128517

Here are the items I've tried:
🔹One-Bite Gyoza
🔹Tonkotsu Ramen
🔹Garlic Ramen
🔹Chasiu Don

I won't be describing their taste in detail because (1) the other reviews have got that covered and (2) I don't really have the skill and talent to do that. 128514 But seriously, they were all good. What I liked the most was the not-so-thick consistency of their ramen soup base. Oh and the Chasiu Don, loved it!128076

Service was great and consistent. I should know because I went there for 3 days straight at different times - before, during, and after peak/lunch hour. 128517 Orders get served quickly and their servers are very polite.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Mama's 59th Pre-Bday dinner celebration at Uma Uma S''Maison Conrad Hotel Manila.

It's my mom Elaine P birthday staycation at Conrad Hotel last Sept 3, we decided to have dinner at the new mall S'Maison mall which is connected to our hotel so very convenient. There were high end shops and resto so it's now that crowded. Mom loves Japanese so we try Uma Uma. We waited for 10 mins as there were many diners that night.

Finally we got seats after 10mins. Got their best seller Uma Uma Ramen. Made of Chasiu, spring onions, black fungus, spicy miso, and egg for 360 then we got gyoza too which is good combination for their yummy ramen.

Service was fast, the serving was generous, it can feed two people, served hot and broth was good, it's worth the wait, mapapa Uma ka sa sarap127836

  • No. of Comments: 2
Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Wow lotsa healthy reviews here in looloo for UMA UMA Ramen as MSG-free...which, in our growing health-conscious society, is not bad...

Whew! Finally got to have tried it!!!128512

Though with my recent, spontaneous visit mind was kinda looking for the heavy and flavorful soup base, with tiny bits of fats... which I find as the Real Deal 128522 Yes, I tried out the recommended UMA UMA Ramen, everything was light especially the soup base, it wasn't too salty, less milky and I find it kinda saturated....and kinda seafood tasting...the egg looked dark and a bit dried compared to other ramen shops which looks more
appetizing, orangey and moist...I don't like to be harsh by saying there's better ramen more than this but considering that it is MSG-free makes it more understandable :) So I guess, this would be recommended for the calorie counting peeps :)12852210084128077🏻

But I did love the gesture that they gave extra bowls assuming that it could be for sharing :) also the water refill was attentive as well 12852210084128077🏻

I also crossed over to the Tantanmen Ramen which is a newbie in their menu 12852210084128077🏻 they reallly had a twist in this one since their version was not the usual Tantanmen just drowning in red hot chili soup base, this one had a moist, saucy blend with the ground meat onions... Quite deconstructed, but truly delicious 12852210084128077🏻
Nice to know also that you could adjust/request the level of spicyness for your ramen 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

Also tried the Bite Sized Gyoza's, tasty with the kind of chili sauce and well cooked.... although hey, I think I could also gobble a regular sized-gyoza in one bite, hehehe...maybe I would call this Guiltless Gyoza's, hehehe128522128077🏻10084128518

Got the Tamago but was a ho-hum for me literally tasted like compressed scrambled eggs 128522 was looking for the sweety taste and spongy texture of this meal....could the MSG free thing affect its texture?

Overall, wow so this is how msg-free ramen would be, cheers for enjoying good food with a bit of health advocacy 128522128077🏻10084

  • No. of Comments: 2
Chrisalyn T.
4.0 Stars

I actually know that a lot of restaurants haven’t opened yet since this place is still relatively new. I was told that by September all of the stores and restaurants will be open already. So i decided to just look around anyway, even if I know I wouldn’t have a lot of restaurants to choose from or stores to really check out.

Since it was raining that night. I was craving for something warm, so my date and i decided to just grab a bite here.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this restaurant. Because looking at their food pictures, what came to mind was it’s just another ordinary ramen place. Plus I think it was franchised from Singapore, so i didn’t expect it to taste like authentic Japanese ramen at all. Don’t get me wrong I love Singaporean dishes too, but I think you’d get what i mean by “authentic”.

Anyway, what i decided to order that night was the GARLIC RAMEN (Php 360), It’s composed of pork bone soup, garlic oil, white onions, garlic, bean sprouts, fried shallots, egg and of course the ramen. I actually ordered an add on also, which is the MENMA/ BAMBOO SHOOT (Php 50.00). What i like about this dish is that it was MSG-free, I didn’t feel thirsty right after finishing this dish. Plus the seasoning was just right, it wasn’t salty and you can really taste the flavours of the soup. My ramen was also cooked just right, well it wasn’t too soft or too firm, just the way i like it.

My date ordered something different though, but he was able to taste my order and he said that he liked the soup base.

We also ordered the ONE BITE GYOZA (Php 140 ), a pc. is literally good for 1 bite. This tiny potstickers may look ordinary, but when you get to taste it. You’ll really get to taste the ginger and meaty flavour. It has chilli powder on the side that you can add to your sauce too, make sure not to add everything in if you’re not into spicy food. I got too excited that i added everything, so it was kinda spicy. It was tolerable for me though, since I'm quite used to eating spicy food.

Overall, I wasn’t expecting that food will be that good, but i actually ended up loving it. It’s quite hard for most restaurants to provide MSG-free food that will taste flavorful and still make it affordable for their customers. However, they got to execute it well and i’m glad they did.

I strongly suggest this restaurant if you’re not into heavy flavoured ramen soup. I mean there are days that you’d just like to grab a bite of something simple right?!:)

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Bel S.
4.0 Stars

My gauge of a good ramen place is if I don't feel umay in the middle and able to actually finish the whole bowl. It's either I haven't had ramen in a while or this one tops the best (Yushoken). I ordered the tan tan men but my hubby wasn't able to finish off the house specialty. Siya naman naumay! The bite size gyoza is just the right size and is a must order, so is the chicken karaage. Four orders of ramen plus gyoza and karaage all for Php1,500+.

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Shelly R.
4.0 Stars

Trying out this new ramen joint. I had their Uma Uma ramen while my hubbby ordered tonkotsu ramen. Both ramen were yummy and flavorful. For dessert, we had green and black sesame ice cream. Both were yunmy as well.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Marc David M.
4.0 Stars

Spicy Chasiu! Ito na ang favorite ko sa Ramen choices nila. It is spicy but with a hint of sweetness. The umami is still there but is a bit masked so hindi nakaka-umay agad.

And what better way to end a spicy meal than a scoop or two of Matcha Ice Cream. Just perfect. 128525

  • No. of Comments: 9
Lorraine A.
3.0 Stars

Contrary to what the rest is saying, food and service for me was so-so.

Ordered Mazesoba (someone pls correct me if Im wrong) since it's their signature dish (aside from the typical ramen). It's like glorified pancit canton 128534 with a kick. I ordered it with Chashu and soup on the side. The soup was good ( it could be the same soup for the ramen)

We were famished when we went there but I didn't finish my food.

They do not have house tea. Funny. 128529

No ambience, it was kinda cute but not comparable to Ippudo's or Ramen Nagi's. They had a sink right by our table with plastic jugs etc. for a supposed nice resto in a supposedly high end mall, this definitely does not fit the description. Needs improvement.

Will I come back or recommend it to friends? Hmmmm, i've seen the menu and there's really not much to come back for. :) Nothing special here.

  • No. of Comments: 0
Sandy V.
3.0 Stars

service was good, food was okay

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Read several reviews about this new ramen place situated at the upscale conrad smaison mall. So one afternoon i got nothing much todo so i accompany my friend to nearby exhibit centers, 2 exhibit visit while my agenda was to try this one out 128522

After a tiring shopping at the moa sale, we found ourselves here. As expected it was full except the bar area, but i didnt expect the bar place to be cozy dim light as compare to an actual ramen bar.

Went for uma uma ramen, its the usual tonkotsu but abit salty, i like the tamago which is a soft boiled marinated one, im not really sure if the chasu was grilled but i like yushokens better.

Sorry, i havent got to taste the spicy one, was only able to take a snap from my friend since were both really hungry that time, its just click click then slurp. 128522

Bite size dumplings was just okay.

The place that we got was bar room dark, while the one at front was much brighter.

It was all a nice experience except at one point i had to tell the bartender to stop cleaning glasses with soap at our front coz its just inches away from our ramen.

  • No. of Comments: 9
Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Uma Uma Ramen is one of the newest ramen joints in Manila. The neighboring Asian countries should have felt our growing love for these savory thick noodle soup from Japan that they import more and more of these in our food scene. Not complaining, at all!

Being such a big ramen fan, I won’t deny being excited about this one. Since it is located somewhere near Mall of Asia and I go to church in the area, it was already set that I will visit them when I’m in MOA. So here it is. They’re in this new mall-hotel complex, named Conrad Hotel. S Maison is their dining and retail area. Really nice interiors for this mall but since they have just opened last month, less than half of the stores are open. Some book stores and dining establishments are already open for business.

I went straight inside Uma Uma to have a taste of their ramen. Got seated really fast. The Singaporean dudes, owners i think, manned the reception and waitlist part. They had this heavy Chinese English accent so I did not have a doubt. Did not use my Mandarin that time, tinamad ako makipag-socialize. LOL.

I ordered their signature Uma Uma Ramen and their Bitesize Gyoza dumplings. these were both served after 5-10 minutes, and after some photo capturing, the slurping began.

I really liked their ramen! Their original shop is at Fukuoka in Japan, thus their call for good hakata ramen. I heard that this franchise is from Singapore. Confusing but I don’t care that much about origins. Haha.

The ramen… again, I liked it. It’s a spicy miso-based ramen broth with two good chunks of chasiu, black fungus, aji tamago, and a huge amount of chopped spring onions. The spring onions is not that usual in what I use to see in my ramen. Not that I don’t like them, but my imagination got me assuming maybe it’s an SG twist, being influenced with Chinese cuisine and all thus the many spring onion (?). or just my imagination. haha! Soup was not as thick as other bowls I tried, and I think it’s nakakaumay if it were thick so not thick is good! Chasiu was tasty and the aji tamago was cooked just the way I liked it.

The gyozas were good but they were really small. Bite-sized really. Not the best but not bad, in my opinion.

Definitely coming back to try their other offerings! Happy their first branch is somewhere near me. Heard they are soon branching out in BGC. Good news to south peeps!

  • No. of Comments: 8
Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Enjoyed their best seller UMA UMA RAMEN, the noodle was just right, not too soft, the white soup was tasty, fragrant and not too salty. Chasiu was soft, tender and not too much fat. It comes with spring onions, black fungus, and egg. The egg looked sad as it was over cooked and a bit dry. The one-bite gyoza was really one bite, but was very tasty. Chicken karaage was very tasty, crunchy. There is no free house tea. The Japanese tea cost. Php 35 each, refillable

  • No. of Comments: 5
Serena M.
4.0 Stars

Last week, I was invited by our oh so friendly ambassador Jayson J and Christina R to try Uma Uma but unfortunately, my tummy didn't cooperate with me so I have to stay home and wait for their reviews... 128543

After reading all the nice reviews by our experts here in looloo, I was so excited to explore them right away! As in super! Even if it's far from our place, even if it's raining cats and dogs, and even if it's traffic going there.. Tuloy parin ang visit! Dba Jayson J wink wink* 128518

Since we seldom visit this place, sinulit na namin and tried 4 restos in 1 afternoon/night 128513

First stop...

Uma Uma 127836127836127836127836127836

We ordered their signature Ramen which is the Uma Uma Ramen, Mazesoba and One-bite Gyoza.

I like the soup of Uma Uma Ramen! It's rich in flavor and has the malinamnam taste! Mapapa"yUUUMMMMM" ka sa sarap!! You can taste it's UMami flavor!! The chasiu is tender and tasty! The eggs.. 128035 their perfect! Love the black fungus in it too!

What i like in Mazesoba is it's spiciness!! Love spicy foods!!! Mazesoba is dry noodles with poached egg, bamboo shoots, beansprout, chili oil, sesame seeds and spring onions. 128156

I'm glad that their gyoza is just bite size! Para d mabusog agad! 128523

So far so good! 128077🏻 We love everything in here even if limited lang choices of foods here! 128525


  • No. of Comments: 6
Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

So it was kinda true that there's a healthy ramen after all, but still i cannot believe it. We all know ramen uses a lot of MSG, but uma uma, also confirmed by its japanese chef (who i undauntedly spoke in tagalog at first 128518). The chef told us that their ramen uses the umami taste (the 5th basic taste) to bring out the savory taste. The chef did not specify though the ingredient that they use because you know, it's the top secret!!

We shared orders in hoping we could get to go food hopping. Well then, here's what i found:

128204uma uma ramen @360php
THis ramen contains chasu, spring onions, black fungus, egg, and spicy miso. I was afraid to order this but then it is a must to try their basic or signature ramen. Originally it's spicy but then we only asked fir the mildest. So their mildest spice level is harmless. I find the base of the soup really savory. But not so thick. It has some residue of flavorful secret spices.

128204garlic ramen @360php
This is like the signature ramen. Only less spicy and mote garlicky. The black fungus was replaced by bean sprout. I like tge garlic taste. I would reco this more than the uma uma ramen.

128204128525 mazesoba @360php
But i would recommend this the most. This is like umami style pancit canton. Lol. I love the egg in it. So flavorful. Believe na ako sa umami style ng uma uma

128204 chicken karaage @160php
Small pieces unlike yoshuken's winning gigantic pieces. Tastes so-so. Mabalat siya.

128204one-bite gyouza @140php
These gyouza were rather cute. 10 pcs. bitesize. I Could finish in 15 seconds wasn't so amazing too.

The place has the tendency to be crowded especially around 8pm. They close early as well. They have high chairs for kids and a drinking lounge that's overlooking sunset in the afternoon. The service was fast. We were served within 10 minutes. The servers were warm as well i don't see any tinge of bad air here. All iz well. 128538 all waz well siguro.

  • No. of Comments: 5
Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Uma uma serves hakata style ramen which has a light milky broth. Their signature dish is the Uma-Uma Ramen: pork bone soup; al dente noodles; and chasyu, aji tamago, bamboo, and green onions. I really enjoyed this.

The other things we were able to try were the chicken karaage, mazesoba, one bite gyoza, and the rolled tamago.

The chicken karaage was a little dry. Tasted like any other fried chicken out there. The mazesoba (dry noodles) was okay-it really didnt stand out from the bunch.

The gyoza was cooked well. The ingredients used were fresh and premium but at the same time, its just still like any other gyoza. For what its worth, it wasnt oily at all.

Service here is great! Even on a busy friday night, the servers were cheerful, polite, and efficient.

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