Umenoya Japanese Restaurant

Brentville Subdiv,, W Side St., Biñan, Laguna

Umenoya Japanese Restaurant
3.5 Stars

4 Reviewers

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Stacy C.
4.0 Stars

Been here twice and the experience was nice. For my first time, I had the chicken teriyaki don. For the second, I had Shake-Chicken Tempura Bento. The serving was huge; all are very filling. We didn't have a bad experience with the service too (but maybe because we were in the enclosed areas? I hope not, or at least not just because of that).

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Rosanna T.
1.0 Stars

we went there around 5pm... the store just opened bec when we came in, (a group of 7), the wait staff just grabbed her apron and wrapped it around her waist... i will let it slide bec we were too early i guess... we ordered Maki. but the waitstaff refused and told us they cant make one bec allegedly, the "maki chef" will come it ar 530pm... so we ordered. the food we ordered were hot meals but it was served already at room temp and katsukare is starting to solidify bec of the oil present in the ingredient... it was served at that temperature... so we asked for the food to be "take out" and the first one was served inside a plastic bag but its in a paper bag so its okay. but the second one was just served in a plastic bag, in a very unappetiZiing manner... also, they have waitstaff that will never smile or be polite or even courteous... its the worst japanese reataurant ive been to...

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Jezziekha Blest A.
4.0 Stars

Just rated them to 4 since the food was great :) really, Prices are worth it because you get to have a huge serving especially when it comes to their Ramen, you may have 3 persons to share it with you and still manage to be full. I've no problem with the food EXCEPT I didn't like how the servers were. They wouldn't even welcome you when they see you in, they're not so polite, I guess. Great food must come with enthusiastic servers or you won't enjoy your meal. So I give it a 4 star.

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Ed C.
4.0 Stars

It was on a birthday of a good friend when she invited her closest friends, including me of course for a lunch out.

Since it was a weekday and we only had an hour for her treat, we opted for the nearest resto, it so happened that one of the nearest was Umenoya Japaneses Restaurant.

For the foods, nothing so significant since almost all Japanese Restos offer the same menu. What's great about this one is its location. Since it is located inside an exclusive muliti-national community, where the great Manny Pacquiao has his own mansion, the place is not crowded. Most customers would come from within the community.

While enjoying the foods, you can clearly chat with your friends. Even if there are other customers around, they know how to control voices. I mean even if all the customers are chatting simultaneously, the place is not that noisy.

Staff and crew are very hospitable also. They would welcome you sincerely upon entrance. You can also ask them to take your pictures, what's best is - they would recommend how or where to have your pictures taken.

So if you are just around the area and you prefer a quiet and enjoyable place to dine in, this one is recommended.

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