Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake

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Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake
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Dianne C.
3.0 Stars

Liked the cheese filling but the tart was quite hard 1285149996🏻

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

I would like to think I’ve tried all types of cheesecake. You may have an idea how many ways you can put them together.

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese version has its plus and minuses. Plus includes melt in your mouth for its light and fluffiness. Minus is its lack of sweetness and too dry.

The price point is affordable at a big size. Its just Php 99. It also comes with sticks and chocolate which more or less follows the same dynamics.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Another super late review. 128586128584

Right after dinner at Papa John's aka the "nagpapalit po kami ng menu every year" rendezvoos, we went straight here for dessert. And Uncle Testu was generous enough to let us try almost everything!! Yayyyyy!!!!

I have read a lot of not so good reviews about UT before so I never considered trying them when they used to have a branch in ATC and Podium. Even when they were offering free samples, I never bothered getting and trying it.

So I was surprised that the CHEESE TART and JAPANESE CHEESE CAKE were both pretty good. I loved the flaky tart, the smooth and not too sweet cheese of the cheese tart, and the fluffiness of the cheesecake. The MINI OREO CHEESE TART was also good. Medyo bitin lang. 128517

Another favorite was the APPLE CINNAMON ROLL. I am a fan of all things cinnamon so I liked this one. It may look dry and too sad, but for me, it's not sad! Nope! 128541 This kind of reminds me of SB's cinnamon roll. Though not as good, pwede na. I like this more than Red Ribbon's or Goldilock's cinnamon bread. 128541 And oh, trivia!! This is only available here in the Philippines.

I know late but thank you UNCLE TETSU!! 128518128521128522

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Jonathan R.
5.0 Stars

I just love this Apple Cinnamon Roll... 10084

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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

Bought 2 boxes for mom 'cause she love uncle tetsu's cheesecake.

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Kevinross B.
4.0 Stars

For the second stop of our 2-part rendezvoos, we headed over to Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake. First thing I noticed, was it was only a take out shop. They didn't have seats and tables so we had to go to the food court and eat there. Honestly, it was quite challenging to take pictures, since the food court tables were just plain tables. Haha! It's all good though.

Uncle Tetsu's one and only branch is located at the Upper Ground floor Mega - A, as you might have noticed in the description. They opened a few years back but in my opinion, they didn't have that much exposure in social media. To be honest, when Peanut D. invited me, I had no idea about the place. Good thing she provided us with a link about their right up for Uncle Tetsu.! You can check it out here - http://insights.looloo.com/uncle-tetsu-cheese-tarts/ :)

These are what we tried:

Japanese Cheesecake - Sorry, I am not really a fan of it, coz it makes my mouth dry. haha! BUT! Since Charles and Mitzy from Uncle Tetsu's marketing, who we met and chatted with, gave each one of us a whole cake of Japanese Cheesecake, I gave to my gf and she loved it! Even here siblings did! So it must be really good. Hehe

Cheesetart - This one, I really loved! This was my top pick out of all their products that we tried. The flaky crust was a plus! There's also an oreo version, but i prefer the plain one

Japanese Cream Cake Roll - As fluffy as the Japanese Cheesecake, but it has cream that is so light that it matches the texture of the cake! I loved this one too!

Cinnamon Roll - I like my cinnamon rolls fluffy, just like Cinnabon. Uncle Tetsu's was thin that it made it the bread hard. I didn't like it too much. Anyway, I don't plan to buy Cinnamon rolls in a Japanese Cheesecake shop. So, no issues.

Pastry Puff - I expected this to be flaky, but it was just soft. Charles told me that it could be heated to get that flaky texture back. The custard filling was just too much for me. Medyo nakakaumay.

Thank you Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake for sponsoring this event! Really love the Cheesetarts and Japanese cream cake roll! I hope you open more branches to make it more accessible. It's too traffic to go to Megamall! haha! But if I'm around, I'll come back for more!

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Uncle Tetsu has been in the Philippines even before other Japanese brands came in but, I never thought of having it in my Must-try list. Main reason is the lukewarm reviews I’ve read and heard. So, during last week’s 2-part rendezvoos (#doubleOforlooloobranding), I was actually looking forward to finally prove or disprove the “rumors.”

We met Charles and Mitzy from Uncle Tetsu PH and they shared with us a little background of the brand and the products that are offered here in the Philippines. The brand name Uncle Tetsu actually comes from its baker- and pastry chef-founder's name, Mr. Tetsushi Mizokami. Since its foundation in Japan in the 1980’s, it now has branches around the world including Canada, Taiwan, and Australia.

Here are the items that we were able to try:

🔹 Japanese Cheesecake. This is Uncle Tetsu’s signature, world-famous product. Charles explained that this Japanese Cheesecake is really different from the Western cheesecake that most people are familiar with. The texture of a Japanese-style cheesecake is actually cottony-soft, fluffy, airy, or soufflé-ish, while the taste is light and not overly sweet. These facts were enlightening and so the “rumors” going around actually made sense. In my opinion, it’s probably just about expectations but anyway, I liked this and it’s something I would like to try again.

🔹 Apple Cinnamon Roll. This was okay but a little too sweet.

🔹 Cheese Tart. Since I’ve discovered Bake in Japan, it has been my “bukambibig” and my benchmark of a good cheese tart. It’s still the best for me but Uncle Tetsu’s version was good too. Their regular cheese tart is the same size as Pablo’s (which I still haven’t tried).

🔹 Oreo Cheese Tart (mini). They have mini cheese tarts and we were able to try the version with Oreo crumbs at the bottom. It was okay but Clarissa was right, it was too shallow.

🔹 Pastry Puff. This was good and flaky.

🔹 Japanese Cream Cake Roll. Just like their cheesecake, this was also fluffy. It took time before we were able to try it because we were taking a lot of photos, so I wasn’t able to fully appreciate it. I’m pretty sure though that this is best served chilled.

Thank you Uncle Tetsu for sponsoring this event and thanks to Charles and Mitzy for being so accommodating! Thanks, looloo, for inviting us! As usual, it was fun spending time with you and the other looloo reviewers!

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Nievs G.
3.0 Stars

🇯🇵 Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake was the second and final stop of our double Looloo Rendezvoos last Thursday at SM Megamall. I was with fellow Looloo peeps EJ B, Jonathan R , Sheena D , Ruth D , Ruth S , Clarissa P , Norman Lester T and Kevinross B and last but not the least, Miss Peanut D 128522 (the first part was Papa John's Pizza, also inside the same mall).

Anyway, Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake was founded in Hakata in 1990 by Tetsumi Mizokami (whom the store was named) and Shuntaro Kurakake. Today, it has stores not just around Japan but also in some parts of the world. In 2016 they opened their most recent store in Sydney, Australia.

It was another first for me -- aside from Papa John's Pizza a while ago at that time, it was also my first time at Uncle Tetsu's. 128522

Here in the Philippines, there's only one Uncle Tetsu branch, and that's at SM Megamall. Since the place was purely a shop and there were no tables and chairs for dine-in, we headed to the foodcourt to try Uncle Tetsu's famous cheesecakes and other goodies.

At the food court, we were kind of struggling to get good shots because the place was not so bright. Somehow, we managed to get decent pics.

What we tried:

🔹Original Japanese Cheesecake (110881108811088) - First time to try Uncle Tetsu's signature cheesecake. It was cheesy (duh), soft, fluffy, or "cloudy" if you may describe it in a more imaginative way. As it was low in sugar, it had no sweetness at all. Comparing this to Kissako's cheese cake, the latter is still better for me -- not definitely because it was flavored with matcha, but it was also because of the fuller texture... when talking about Japanese cheesecakes.

But Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake is good if you partner this with a cuppa hot chocolate. (If you defeat the low-sugar purpose hehe 128514)

🔹Signature Cheese Tart (1108811088110881108811088) - It's funny because only about a couple of weeks ago I said to myself that I did not want to try other cheese tarts after having had a so-so first cheese tart experience at Kumori (despite the matcha flavor). But I had to find out much later at Uncle Tetsus Cheese Cake, that not all cheese tarts are made the same.

It turned out, I liked Uncle Tetsu's cheese tarts a helluva lot. It was creamy and had the right amount of sweetness, and unlike Kumori's, the crust of Uncle Tetsu's cheese tarts was more stable. Mas tumatak pa to sakin kaysa sa cheese cake. I'd definitely buy this pag napadaan ako sa Crossing.

🔹Mini cheese tart with Oreo (11088110881108811088) - Surprise! There were Oreo cookie crumbs inside. I loved this.

🔹Japanese Cheese Cake Roll (11088110881108811088) - More like Brazo de Mercedes. I liked the cream -- it didn't kind of gag me. I imagined it being chilled, I might have enjoyed it more.

🔹Pastry Puff (110881108811088) - It was OK. Typical puff pastry with sweet filling. When I reheated this at home, it retained its crunch, which was nice.

🔹Cinnamon roll (110881108811088) - Flaky croissant-type cinnamon roll. It was OK too. Kind of unwieldy to eat though, it was sort of hard. I still prefer the soft and gooey version of the cinnamon roll.

What I liked the most
✅Signature cheese tart
✅Mini Cheese Tart with Oreo
✅Japanese Cheesecake Roll (but I will try the chocolate one).

I would also like to try the other goodies displayed at the store, like the Cheese Cake Toast.

Thank you to Mr. Charles and Ms. Mitzy for sharing Uncle Tetsu's goodies with us as well as infos about the establishment. *bow* 128522

Again thank you Miss Pea for giving me this rare opportunity to enjoy a double Rendezvoos, and it doesn't happen very often! Been an honor and pleasure to be a part of a Looloo double foodtrip, really. #sogbu 128522

Again nice meeting other Looloo reviewers who attended the event. Cheers! 128522

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

The second part of last Thursday’s double |ooloo rendezvoos was at Uncle Tetsu. I’ve never tried this before tbh, but I’ve heard couple of things regarding their cheesecakes.

Uncle Tetsu (UT) doesn’t have a dine-in set-up, thus no tables and chairs in their store. This made the team transferred to SM Food Court for food tasting and photo ops. Charles, UT’s Marketing Head gave us brief introduction regarding the brand. He even told us that currently they have branches in Toronto and Australia. Next he explained to us all their products.

** Original Japanese Cheesecake (299php / 99php for mini)
This low in sugar cheesecake was very light. It was soft, fluffy, and tasty. I’m not a fan of chiffon or mamon, but this one was melt-in-your-mouth. One bite and every ingredient will stick to each other, melt altogether, then their flavors will just explode in your mouth. It was cheesy in a subtle and good way. Charles gave me a whole cheesecake when I left and I shared it to my officemates. They also loved it! I can safely say it’s very sulit for its price. Yummy!!!

** Signature Cheese Tart (400php / 49php for mini)
Okay, allow me to say that this was VERY cheesy. As EJ B put it into words, "kesong-keso." IN A GOOD WAY. I agree with Ruth S regarding the crust, it’s delicious! It can compete with other cheese tarts we have in the market currently. I haven’t tried their mini version though, but I’m assuming it’s as good as the regular one.

** Cheese Tart with Oreo (450php / 59php for mini)
We’ve only tasted the mini version, and to be honest, I didn’t like it. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t as cheesy as their signature tart, and the Oreo cookie is too overwhelming. If you’ll ask me, skip this and get the signature one instead.

**Japanese Cream Cake Roll (250php / 99php for mini)
It’s more like Brazo de Mercedes. I think this is best served chilled because of its filling. This was not too sweet which I liked.

** Pastry Puff (49php)
I tried the one with custard filling and it’s not remarkable. Though I would like to try this reheated in the oven as I think it would enhance the flavor of the filling and it will be easier to eat.

** Apple Cinnamon Roll (49php)
I liked this so much. I love cinnamon rolls in general and I think UT gave justice to their version. The bread is flaky, more of croissant I must say. It’s sweet, but manageable. I may come back for more!

I hope they open more branches again as their cheesecake and cheese tarts are promising. Thank you Uncle Tetsu!

P.S. Uncle Tetsu has only 1 store in the Philippines. Yup, it’s in Megamall.

Thank you again Peanut D and |ooloo for the invitation! Good to see you again EJ B Clarissa P Ruth D Kevinross B Ruth S and nice meeting you Amyxal V Sheena D and Jonathan R. See you around! 128539

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Jonathan R.
4.0 Stars

Uncle Tetsu Sweet Shop

Uncle Tetsu is popular in Japan and they have one branch here in the Philippines located at the Upper Ground Level of SM Megamall, Bldg A. There's no seatings so we went to the food court to try their famous cheese cake and their other products.

🔘 Original Japanese Cheesecake @ 299Php/Mini @ 99Php
The packaging is nice and beautiful. When you open the box it has this cute stamp on the cake. I can't wait to taste it but of course the camera eats first.

It's my first time to have a Japanese Cheesecake and I was surprised of its texture - mushy, soft, spongy, and it melts in your mouth. I super like this! Oishii!

🔘 Signature Cheese Tart @ 400Php/Mini @ 49Php
The first ever cheese tart I tasted was in Kumori. It was divine! Uncle Tetsu's version tasted great. I liked the cheesy creamy filling.

🔘 Cheese Tart baked with Oreo @ 450Php/Mini @ 59Php
This one is just so-so. It was like a cheese tart with crushed oreo as its base. The shell holds the tart well. It doesn't break easily. The signature cheese tart is better.

🔘 Japanese Cream Cake Roll @ 250Php/Mini @ 99Php
This comes in original and chocolate flavor. We had the original. This is not your usual cake roll! The cake was soft and filling is smooth plus it's not too sweet. Bakauma!

🔘 Pastry Puff @ 49Php
Comes in custard, mango and chocolate flavor. I had the custard flavor. It is easy to eat, soft, and flaky plus the custard filling tasted good.

🔘 Apple Cinnamon Roll @ 49Php
This is love! I thought this will taste just like the usual cinnamon roll. Surprisingly, it exceeded my expectation. I think Uncle Tetsu took this cinnamon roll on a different level. It has rich cinnamon flavor but not overwhelming and it has apple tidbits which I loved. This is the winner for me. Bariuma!

Thank you Charles and Mitzy for sharing with us Uncle Tetsu.

Thank you Peanut D for this Looloo Rendezvoos invite. (I got the spelling right this time!)

Thank you awesome looloo peeps. You made my first Looloo Rendezvoos experience unforgettable. Sheena D Norman Lester T EJ B Amyxal V Ruth D Ruth S Clarissa P Kevinross B

This Looloo Rendezvoos was paid and sponsored by Uncle Tetsu.

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Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

I first tried the Uncle Tetsu when I was in Sydney, and absolutely loved it. I had one the day after I came back but was disappointed because it really just not the same. But hello second chances, this was part of the double Looloo rendezvoos, and I was able to try the cheese tart and a lot more of their products.

We first try the Japanese Cream Cake Roll (PhP259 regular/PhP99 for the mini), which was absolute delish. The Original Japanese Cheesecake, which was 100% better when chilled. My teammates enjoyed the cheesecake as well. We also tried the mini oreo cheese tart (PhP59) and found out that I dislike their minis. It's just not enough to enjoy the richness of the cheesy tart. Probably the same reason I was disappointed back when I try the mini signature cheese tart. We had the signature cheese tart (PhP400 regular/PhP49 for the mini), and found this absolutely addicting. Ayoko lang pala ng mini, guys! Uncle Tetsu is back on my list!

The also have other products that you can get, the pastry puff (PhP49) and cinnamon roll (PhP49).

This event was sponsored by Uncle Tetsu Philippines.

Thank you, Peanut D. Hi again, Jonathan R, EJ B, Norman Lester T, Kevinross B, Amyxal V, Ruth D, Ruth S Clarissa P!

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

I've had a not so good experience with Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake when it first came to our local market. It didn't live up to what I have expected and I thought it was too cakey. We even compared it to Red Ribbon's Mamon. Never tried it again after the first time. Until I got the chance to try it again December of last year as Christmas gifts from Uncle Tetsu's Management. I found that it has improved in terms of taste and texture. Never really had the chance to enjoy it because of the overwhelming food that my family received that season. Until ysterday's sponsored |ooloo rendezvoos.

We went to SM Megamall to try the products of Uncle Tetsu through an invite from |ooloo. We got to meet Mitzy (President of Uncle Tetsu PH) and Charles (Marketing Head).

They had us try all of their products ---

| Signature Cheese Tart for 400Php, Mini for 49Php

- This was surprisingly good. The crust was flaky, the cheese filling was smooth. Though it lacked a sharp cheese flavor, it wasn't bland. This wasn't too sweet but what I really liked was how the crust held up even after putting the tart inside the consuming it hours after. It was still a little flaky and it was not soggy. IMO, this is best consumed after sitting inside the ref for a while.

| Signature Japanese Cheesecake for 299Php, Mini for 99Php

This has improved, as I've mentioned above. The "cheese" part was more prominent with a very light and soft texture but a little more tartness will be better, IMO. Though this has more "mamon" like part than other Japanese Cheesecakes, but it's not bad for it's price considering the size.

|Japanese Cream Cake Roll for 250Php, Mini for 99Php

Best served chilled to give it's cream filling a better texture and flavor, this one's good too at room temp. The cake itself was soft and light - more like chiffon. The cream was also very light, not too sweet and not cloying at all. Good snack option.

| Cheese Tart with Oreo for 450Php, Mini for 59Php

This was just okay. I still prefer the Signature Cheese Tart. We tried the Mini one. There was too little cheese here, the tart was too shallow. I'm okay if this was priced a little higher but with more of the cheese filling. The bottom was lined with Oreo and honestly, I'm not a fan of the mix.

We also tried their Pastry Puff, Cinnamon Roll but didn't find them wow - just okay.

Will definitely go back for the Cheese Tart!

Thanks Peanut D for the invite!!!

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5.0 Stars

We headed to Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Cake after dinner. I already noticed the take-out store with luminous red light not far from the escalator of upper ground floor of the mall. The owners, Charles and Mitzy greeted us before we went to SM Food Court to try the famous Japanese Cheesecake and other products of Uncle Tetsu.


🧀 Original Japanese Cheesecake (Php299.00 - Regular/ Php99.00 - Mini) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

🧀 Japanese Cream Cake Roll (Php250.00 - Regular/ Php99.00 - Mini) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

🧀 Signature Cheese Tart (Php400.00 - Regular/ Php49.00 - Mini) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

🧀 Oreo Cheese Tart (Php450.00 - Regular/ Php59.00 - Mini) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

🧀 Pastry Puff (Php49.00) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

🧀 Cinnamon Roll (Php49.00) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

"Of course my favorite is their famous Original Japanese Cheesecake. It's light, soft and fluffy with amazing and addicting flavor. And it's one of the best Japanese Cheesecake I've tried so far with very affordable price. I also love their Signature Japanese Cheese Tart 'coz of creaminess and cheesy-ness of it. I wonder how it taste when it's hot? I only tried the cheese tart in normal temperature and I can say - it's so good. Surprisingly, the Cinnamon Roll also stands out, not your ordinary roll... it was made of croissant and MASARAP!"

127856Fun Facts:
Uncle Tetsu originated from Hakata, Japan and founded by Tetsushi Miyzokami in 1985. The cheesecake store currently expanding in Taiwan, China, Philippines and nearby South Asian countries. The sole branch in the Philippines was located at the Upper Ground Floor, Building A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

This event was paid and sponsored by Uncle Tetsu Philippines. 127881

Thank you Peanut D for another wonderful and fruitful night. 128536

Again, nice meeting you guys! 128153 Clarissa P Ruth D Ruth S Kevinross B Norman Lester T Jonathan R Sheena D Amyxal V

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084 #looloorendezvoos

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Sheena D.
2.0 Stars

When it's all hype, but didn't deliver. I didn't find this special, not at all. Plus the cheesy tart (no photo) was nowhere as good as what I had in Sydney. Sad.

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Alecs R.
4.0 Stars

I have been craving for something so fluffy! I am a fan of chiffon cakes even if their flavour is just butter. I recently saw a video of the original Uncle Tetsu from some place else and I was able to see how they make the cloudy cake. I saw their branch in Megamall and immediately purchased 3 mini cakes.

I was told that storage life is 3 days after purchase, and it must be kept chilled. It is way more convenient to buy the Mini Cakes worth 99 PHP each if you are enjoying the cake by yourself. Since the shelf life is too short for the big cake that's worth 199 PHP its best to buy that size whenever you want to share with a big number of people.

I was able to share the decadent mini cake with my sister and we both enjoyed the small portion. If you are the type pf person that gets satisfied easily, the mini cake does it for me.

The cake is really fluffy and not very sweet. It tastes really creamy and almost melts in your mouth. It tastes best when it is cold so eat it straight from the chiller. They also have other products and a chocolate flavoured cheesecake. Price wise, its fair, quality is great, and packaging is cute!!

This is my first entry after a while and for my.....


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Angelo P.
3.0 Stars

It's like I just ate some clouds because of it's melt-in-your-mouth texture, but I can't taste the cheese considering it's a cheese cake.

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Mari G.
5.0 Stars

1st time to try their cheesecake so I was hesitant to buy a big one, I bought their mini cheesecake and it's buy one take one pa,so got to try their chocolate cheesecake too..
Super sarap, ndi nakakaumay. Super soft and fluffy. Good thing there is a branch here in the south, so It won't be hard for me to buy.

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ferisb L.
2.0 Stars

Cheesecake for me should have a tinge of tangy flavor. But Uncle Tetsu's was lacking in that department. I was not able to finish the one I ordered since I didn't like the taste. The cake was too light and airy for me. I wouldn't go back to buy again.

Review points:
(5 being the highest)

Food 127856127856
Service 127856127856127856
Value for money 127856127856127856
Cleanliness 127856127856127856
Parking/ambiance N/A (mall location)

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2.0 Stars

Just mamon.

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Aimee P.
3.0 Stars

Fluffy and moist. I still like the dense kind of cheesecake.

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