Uniku Taiwanese Restaurant

Banawe St., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Uniku Taiwanese Restaurant
3.5 Stars

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

If you like Taiwanese cuisine, this place is worth a visit...

A row of freezers on one side where they sell all the frozen buns, dumplings and even soya milk, a counter in the middle and a handful of tables make up this cozy & quaint eatery, the Taiwanese owner was there when we went and she was quite the hostess as she helped us choose what to order.

They serve rice toppings, noodles, dumplings/potstickers, mantou etc... All very typical Taiwanese food. Here's what we tried:

- 3 cup Chicken Rice
- Assorted Cold cuts
- Fried Pork and Kutchay dumplings
- Beef Pizza Roll
- Mantou buns

We liked everything we ordered, my favorite being the perfectly fried Mantou 128525 Crisp outside and soft inside, definitely must be eaten immediately whilst hot 128076🏼

Best to be there early if you don't want to wait in line as there are not too many tables available...Prices are reasonable and service was ok.

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

First saw this newly open resto 2 weeks ago, so last weekend when we were looking for a late night resto, we decided to check out this taiwanese place at the far end or start of banawe *depends on where you are coming from*.

Theyre open till 10pm but theyre kind enough to let us in till 11pm++, we try the ff:

1. Taiwanese pork belly with rice at 190. It was just okay though pork would be better if its more juicy and not that hard to chew.

2. 3 cups of chicken with rice at around 170-190. This taste like a home cooked chicken on a sesame sauce.

3. The glutinous rice wtih pork and mushrooms called Machang at 120. Not bad. Though this took a while before being served.

4. Assorted dumplings, pork and kuchay dumplings. These are my fav here. They sold these dumplings frozen for take out.

This newly open taiwanese resto reminds me of feng wei wee + ersao, though the former is better in terms of taste and it mirrors the latter for its inviting vibe, but since they are just on soft opening, i believe there are many avenues for improvement. Though i want to give this a 4 since they are very welcoming to customers beyond their opening hours, i gotta give them 3 for now. 128522

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