Universe Gastrolounge and NightClub

2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

Universe Gastrolounge and NightClub
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Mickey S.
4.0 Stars

I love Electronic Dance Music. So, when Republiq Club had to close its doors to the public, I had to find a new place to get my dance on. 

Enter Universe Gastrolounge and NightClub: They met my expectations, and then some. I could write pages about how much I love my new and future stomping grounds, but I'll just elaborate on three things that totally blew me away:

First, how EXCELLENT the music choice is (a DJ who actually spins songs from the GOOD, old Armin Van Buuren albums. WOW!)

Second, how friendly the people were (No joke! These people treated me as though I were an old friend!)

And lastly, they serve DELICIOUS, restaurant-quality food. I've been doing the bar/club thing for over a decade, and this spot truly did not disappoint.

Universe's music crew mostly stick with House, Techno, and a bit of Trance, but even the non-EDM enthusiasts can get into the party. Some of the city's most masterful spinners set up shop here, like resident DJs Martin Pulgar and Ace Ramos. The door charge and table rates can be a bit pricey but you can sneak on a guest list through the club's various promoters. Just check their Official Facebook Page and Instagram account on the day of your party of choice for discounts and lists.

On with our food experience... We ordered the sushi rolls (Crunchy Caterpillar & Spicy Tuna Sash), Salpicao, Bufflao Chicken Sliders, and the Pizzettas. All were delicious but we most definitely enjoyed the Pizzettas. They're super thin and crispy and the combination of Italian sausage, grilled onions, and roasted garlic were perfect! The serving portion was also huge and every dish on the menu was reasonably-priced.

The inside of the club is enticing with great bartenders that make the most amazing drinks/cocktails. The music was playing through an amazing sound system. The high intensity strobe/LED light is the perfect addition to your ultimate Universe Clubbing experience.

Nice to spend the night if you are looking for a great crowd to party with and fist-pumping glory music that will keep you going all night long. Universe Gastrolounge and Nightclub is absolutely worthy of a night on the town.


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Marjorie S.
4.0 Stars

128165 always a fun night!

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Ocs A.
3.0 Stars

Lousy receptionist. Food was ok. Waiters were attentive and kind. Manager was cool.

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Geelaine M.
4.0 Stars

Backlog. Didn't enjoy the party mich since andaming bawal pag preggy. They let me sign a waiver before I could enter. 128566

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4.0 Stars

Missing Opus? Crowd: Some College Students, Foreigners and Yuppies. Music: EDM, HipHop, House. Food and Drinks: Reasonable.

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Joey S.
3.0 Stars

Post-Opus Era. Oh how I miss the huge chrome metal sculpture.

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Neil R.
4.0 Stars

I have been an occasional club goer at best. And at this age, both interest and motivation have waned significantly. Nowadays, that opportunity only presents itself whenever a certain balikbayan friend comes home.

So it was a bit difficult to review this establishment when there is no or little point of reference.

Lesley Ardelle E would have better insights on these places, I'm sure.

Let me give it a go, just the same.

Throughout the years, I have noticed that owners follow these fairly simple steps on how to run a major club: start a club ➡️ ride the club's hype ➡️ as that hype wanes, close the club ➡️ re-imagine club ➡️ rinse and repeat

The same formula was used with Universe Gastrolounge & Nightclub. Housed at the former site of Opus in Resorts World, the old and the new concept shared not only location but owners as well.

For this post-Opus era, gone was the old blob-shaped mercurial-looking bar. The absence of which now gave patrons and the resident DJs a little more floor area this time around.

The new and more spacious DJ booth was now situated at the end where the bar used to be, framed by a colossal screen with Windows Media Explorer-like effects playing in the background.

The biggest draw of the club, as my lady friend pointed out, were the restrooms -- now more personal rather than communal. Divided into several lengthwise sections, each private cubicle had a toilet, a sink and a mirror -- a girl's dream restroom apparently. And from the looks of it, a druggie's too. #sorrynotsorry

Although their individual nature made them difficult to clean and maintain. Nature called me twice that night and in both instances the trash bins were overflowing with used tissue. Not something that you would expect from such an upscale establishment.

A friend was able to set us up with a standing table where, with alcohol cornered by Diageo, we set ourselves up for the night with bottles of Johnnie Walker and (complimentary) Smirnoff.

I was quite impressed with the service. There was a waiter near our table for most of the evening, mixing and serving us drinks -- even if it just meant pouring some scotch on the rocks.

Spinning that night, by the way, was DJ Marc Naval.

With nearby neighbor Republiq boarded up, Universe was not as packed as I expected it to be on a Saturday night. An effect of the opening of Valkyrie that same weekend perhaps?

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

I thought my clubbing days were over until my director invited me to this place last night. So much fun! There's 10 of us in a circle showing all of our hidden dance moves while the dj was throwing different remixed songs. I even heard Better off Alone by DJ Alice. Lakas maka-ringtone sa nokia 3210! #collegedays lol.

I also got to meet the rapping nurse through my boss. Remember that MMK episode starred by Maxine Magalona? She was really nice and boy she
can dance!

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Alecs R.
3.0 Stars

Embarassing photo but proud of my costume!!

Republiq is still waaaaay better than Universe. Universe has more of a house party lounge-y feel when you enter and then the entrance to the club itself was inside. I ordered a lychee martini and the bartender did a pretty good job at it.

Expect exaggerated pricing. Its a club!

If you're coming, make sure to catch Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda cause the other DJs were not that impressive.

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Gerald T.
3.0 Stars

The old Opus was still way way way better, lotsa kids here

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Lesley Ardelle V.
5.0 Stars

I wasn't a witness to the glory days of clubbing, but I have heard of some pretty wild battle stories from the original party soldier, Ton V. Haha. Embassy was the original, of course, but according to him, Republiq was another one of the good ones.

Opus and Republiq have recently closed down, but party people of the world, don't fret, because the party scene in Manila seems to be as strong as ever, with new clubs popping up here and there (mostly in Newport City & BGC).

Although Republiq is forever closed, the group that created it are not resting on their laurels: they have rebranded its neighbor, Opus, into "Universe Gastrolounge & Nightclub." 128588128588128588

Still the same set-up as Opus where there's a bar/restaurant at the front (which you have to walk-through) and a club at the back. The look of the place is a lot more modern, though. Opus' theme was luxe, posh and bit snooty; Universe is more gritty and down-to-earth but with out-of this-world sounds and lighting effects.

There's a big LED display upfront with the DJ table displayed prominently on a raised platform, kinda like the set-up in Republiq. It was like a mini-Republiq, actually, but without the dancing platform in the middle. For me, the smaller size is a good thing, because honestly, Republiq's large floor area intimidated me a bit. It wasn't as teeny tiny as Privé, though, and the ceiling is pretty high, so it doesn't feel cramped.

We were here last night for our annual Halloween revelry. I wasn't really a big Halloween fan until I met Ton, and since then, we have been celebrating Halloween very diligently. Haha. Our group, The Entourage, also has an agreed-upon theme for costumes every year. More visual impact if you enter as a costumed group, right?

▶️Halloween 2012 - Republiq / X-Men (Ton & I went as Gambit & Rogue)
▶️Halloween 2013 - Haze / Disney characters (Ton & I went as John Smith & Pocahontas)
▶️Halloween 2014 - Universe / no theme (Ton went home to the province so I had no partner. 128546 I went as a "gangster." LOL).

Our group's costumes this year weren't as extravagant or as meticulously planned as previous years' costumes, maybe because a lot were missing last night, so parang walang gana yung iba. But nevertheless, it was still a fun night.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching people stream in with their costumes. A lot of people came dressed as police officers, there was an MMDA officer, 4 Maleficents, a sumo wrestler, and lots of catwomen. I got to take pictures with a couple of astronauts, and a very blonde, very tall Thor. 128522

Oh, and I came upon someone dressed as a nerd, with a "Kick Me" signed taped to his back.
So I kicked him! He turned around and I saw that it was Marc Nelson. Hahaha. Sorry. 9996️At least I got to take a picture with him & Rovilson (who was dressed as a koala).

Another crazy Halloween. Such fun. 128522 I wonder where we will be celebrating it next year? I will be sure to think of a better costume next time! 128522

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Sinful B.
3.0 Stars

So i went club hopping for the past weeks just to check out the scene after hibernating for awhile from all the partying activities haha..

This is the newest among them. Universe club! Super packed on a Friday night. Hmmm it's the old Opus turned mini Republiq kind if a place. The music is the usual but the crowd..sorry to say but downgraded version of the old Republiq crowd. If you're expecting to people watching on some beautiful ones..not in here haha! Sorry not sorry 128518128518 or maybe they have a better crowd on weekdays..i'll give it another shot!

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