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Denise A.
3.0 Stars

The new Urameshi-Ya Yakiniku is located along Magallanes in Makati and has already moved out from their original branch in Little Tokyo.

Their rates used to be competitive but they already increased their Unli Wagyu & Seafood Grill rate to P600 per person. This is not inclusive of the P60 service charge yet, so all in all you'll be paying for P660 for this Unli Meal. Boo!

The new branch does not excite me anymore tbh. It's definitely bigger and can accommodate twice the size as before. One major change that happened would be the griller for cooking 128546 it used to be a charcoal grill but they changed it to an electric grill and everything gets affected from this point on.

The P600 Unli Meal comes with Unli Miso Soup and Salad on the side. The dressing of the salad is Kewpie's roasted sesame which I really love. No unli beverage included.
Unli: Wagyu Cubes, Scallops, Oysters, Shrimp, Beef, Pork, Skewed Meat (Many Variants), Marinated Meat, Different Types of Fish, Sausages and so forth.

- We went on a Thursday night so there were few people dining, thus the servers were really attentive to our needs
- They still serve quality and fresh seafood
- The beef and pork were above average. Meat tastes good and tender but nothing was special about it.
- The electric griller cooks our food faster than charcoal

- They shouldn't have removed the charcoal griller cause it affects the overall taste of the food especially the wagyu. I used to go gaga over the wagyu cubes especially when its burnt a little cause its crispy on the sides but juicy and tender on the inside. Cooking this on a normal griller doesn't give it a smokey taste and exciting texture.
- The overall taste of the food is not so bad but not so good either. Wala ng unique about it. 128532 So disappointing.
- The P660 price point is not worth it. I will not come back here anymore.
- Not sure if they also changed the dipping sauces but they weren't as good anymore and it's already watered down.

I am a little disappointed with the New Urameshi-Ya Yakiniku. I used to line up for hours just for the unli Wagyu Cubes and it just doesn't taste special anymore.

Ps. No leftovers!

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

My siblings and I have been coming to Urameshi-Ya for dinner ever since we learned about their unlimited yakiniku offer. Back then, I didn't have the interest to blog about it because taking photos in its old location seemed impossible, so here I am now.

For those who didn't know, Urameshi-Ya closed down their tiny restaurant at Little Tokyo this year, and we missed it so bad. But just last month, we learned that our favorite Yakiniku has reopened at a new location, and so we went to visit an old friend.

Urameshi-Ya is now located along Pasong Tamo Extension, and I am happy to reveal that they have a bigger area now. Say goodbye to the long lines, and a near 2-hour wait!

They still offer their unlimited yakiniku, but is now priced at P600 per person. The offer is also available for lunch and dinner daily, compared to the old Monday to Wednesday, dinner only offer.

The offer gets you 45 mins of unlimited yakiniku, with unlimited salad, soup, rice, and dessert (yes, they have dessert now, too).

So here's the gist: you get to choose all the items you want to grill for 45mins, but you get to order one last time 15 minutes before your time runs out (so technically you can only order what you want for a span of 30 mins).

There are a lot to choose from - they have oysters, shrimps, scallops (which ran out during our visit), yakitori, wagyu cubes, and several other marinated meats (chicken, pork, fish).

Now that I've mentioned all the rules and mechanics, I'm ready to share what I think about the experience. Is it still the same, good old Urameshi-Ya? My answer would be - no.

We didn't enjoy it as much as we did back then. The wagyu cubes, which is the reason why we keep coming back, looked and tasted different. We thought that the shift from charcoal to electric grill may have played a huge factor.

Did I just expect too much out of my excitement? I highly doubt it. Nevertheless, this won't be my last visit to this yakiniku restaurant. I simply refuse to believe that everything has changed. I'll try it again the next time I crave for wagyu cubes.

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Foodcrawl P.
4.0 Stars

Seafood and wagyu cubes feast for Php550. Eat until you drop with a limit of 45 minutes.

Reservations are not accepted and it is advisable to arrive earlier. The first time we went here was around 8:00pm. It took us an hour waiting time and there were no more scallops. We decided to move to Izakaya Kikufuji and we waited further as we’re 15th on the list. I can say that this country have an affinity for authentic Japanese food.

Driving to QC to Makati is a pain unless it is a holiday. Visited again on a no-work monday and we arrived shortly before 5:00pm, just in time to be called first in line. FINALLY.

It was just the opening hour but tables are full. Service is prompt in the beginning. We are immediately provided with a grill set and salad.

They serve as you order. Prawn, oyster, and wagyu are prime choices but a variety of options is available at the meat counter. It took us a while to cook. Seafood is fresh and tender. Service gets dry as we start to grill. We asked for an additional meat and waited for a long while for it to be served. Good thing they do not count minute by minute and it actually took us an hour to finish everything. Food is great but, boo the filthy CR. 128532

Unlimited yakiniku runs from Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 12am. Parking is also available at Makati Cinema Square across Little Tokyo.

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Louie D.
4.0 Stars

If you want a unique way to eat, try this place. You can order as much as you want (Wagyu cubes, shrimp, oyesters, beef, sausage and pork).
The Catch: You need to cook and eat those in FORTY - FIVE minutes. yes, 45!
I suggest to be very picky on what you can eat and how many you can consume. Try the Wagyu cubes (processed), shrimp (really fresh) and oysters.
Price: 550 per head.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

Good news to those who love the unlimited wagyu of Urameshiya! They have updated the days for "Tabehodai" or the buffet. Since May 22, you can go from Sunday to Thursday starting at 5:00PM. Last order will be at 12:00AM.

Still the best value for money would be the wagyu cubes. In most restaurants in Little Tokyo, you get 4 pieces of the wagyu cubes in a stick for Php 125. Here, you pay Php 550 (service charge included) and you get unlimited orders - as long as you can finish everything off in 45 minutes.

Other favorites for me here are their sausages. There's two types - regular and spicy. I like both!

During this visit they didn't have any scallops, which was kind of sad. But do take note that the scallops take a lot of space in the small grill. It would take a while to cook too - but it's a good in-between for wagyu cubes as these fatty cubes can cause the fire to come up the grill. Ask for ice if that happens and try to extinguish those flames before continuing to cook.

Rice, salad and miso soup is included in the meal - miso soup is my weakness, as always.

GO EARLY IF YOU CAN. They do not accept reservations so make sure you try to go as soon as they open because they fill up pretty quickly. Also limit your party to 3-4 people, 5 if you must, but don't go over that because it would be hard to cook, eat and share everything in 45 minutes and be full.


  • No. of Comments: 9
Crichelle F.
4.0 Stars

nice place if you're craving for saikoro steak, only issue for me is, it's super frozen.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Jayr G.
5.0 Stars

What more can i ask for? All you can eat scallops, prawn, crabs, wagyu cube, oysters, etc.. Food quality is great, and fresh. Service is awesome.

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Pam L.
5.0 Stars

It only took me two years to try this. LOL. 128540

My friend and I were doing errands in Makati, which was perfect because we can finally try Urameshiya's tabehodai. We expected to wait in line because we were going to arrive at 7:30 PM so we ate a snack before going there.

We waited for our turn outside and while waiting, we were looking at the meat display and already trying to decide what to get. Being light eaters, we had to be strategic with our choices. So we tried the following meats:

• wagyu cubes
• chicken on a stick
• pork belly marinated with spicy sauce (forgot the name)
• scallops
• prawns
• pork strips

Everything was delicious! My favorite would be the wagyu cubes. They were so tender and delicious. Went really well with their dipping sauce.

Our server was nice enough to grill the meat for us. The meal comes with salad, rice and soup. We skipped the soup because it was really hot and stuffy inside the restaurant.

We were super full, really sweaty and smell like ulam at the end of the night, but the food was really good! Best meal I had in awhile!

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

Because my work mates haven't been able to try the buffet at Urameshi-ya, we decided to book a day and go for dinner. 128055

Unlimited wagyu cubes 128525

We went pretty early to avoid long lines. We arrive a little past 5:30 PM I think128513

Service today was quite good because there weren't a lot of people yet. The servers aren't quite harassed yet so it was a good meal for us.

One issue is having to grill the scallops. They're quite good cos it's huge... but it also takes a while for them to cook. They also take up a lot of space on the grill.

Again, it's best to go in smaller groups. Max of 4-5 people is good. Over that, it'll be too hard to maximize the 45-minute time limit.

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Kayla C.
5.0 Stars

Love this place, who doesn't !? ... unli wagyu and shellfishh! 128525
Down part is that you're only given an hour. #walangforever 128514 lol

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Tanya S.
5.0 Stars

We tried their Php500.00 buffet and it was super sulit! we went there at around 7 pm and we were 12th or 13th in line but before that we tried calling them first for reservation, too bad they don't accept reservations. we were able to get a seat at around 9 pm (worth the wait somehow) what's nice is the ambiance, feels like you're in japan talaga. there will be one staff dedicated to your table to assist you on cooking. we were also surprised that it comes with a salad, rice, soup and tea. wagyu and oysters galore talaga kame. one of the best buffets I had! I just really wish that they'll work on their space para maraming ma-accomodate na customers.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

My friend E and I wanted to meet up before the holidays since it's been a while since we saw each other. A lot of catching up was needed. She was willing to go to Makati and after a lot of different suggestions on where to eat and which day of the week we'll meet, we ended up deciding on Urameshi-ya and chose Monday.

Based on my previous experience on dining here, it's really best to drop by before their opening time because they don't take reservations for the eat all you can promo from Monday to Wednesday. And normally lines get extremely long and crazy. We were there by 5PM and were the 3rd or 4th in line to get a table.

The good thing about visiting during a Monday was that there were still scallops. 128525 Last time we visited on a Wednesday, they didn't have any stock anymore. 128533

HOW MUCH: Php 500, + 10% Service Charge
WHAT'S INCLUDED: (all unlimited)
127834 rice
127807 salad
127858 miso soup
127842 meat, seafood - wagyu cubes, scallops, sausages, pork slices, etc.
THE CATCH: you have to finish cooking everything you ordered within 45 minutes

We did finish cooking within 45 minutes, but since there were only 2 of us, it took a while to eat everything. Hahaha!! 128055 We were actually asked if the they can use the table already. But I asked what'll happen to the food we haven't finished. The waitress told me we can finish the remaining food by the bar counter since there were only 2 of us. I'm not sure if that's also the case for bigger groups, but maybe up to 3.

Though I wouldn't recommend the buffet for groups more than 5 because it would be too hard to cook for so much people in a short span of time.

I loved this visit because the service was pretty good mainly because it was still early and it wasn't crowded. When we left at around 6:15PM, I didn't see a waiting line. I'm not sure if Urameshi-ya has lost its appeal to people but it was pretty surprising not to see lots of people lining up for it. Or maybe because it was still Monday. 128541

So if you're visiting, try to aim for a Monday and go there by 5PM. They supposedly open at 6PM but we got in by 5:45PM. So it wasn't so bad. 128556


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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Unli wagyu for just 500 pesos (+ service charge)!!

A lot may say that the wagyu cubes here are not legit and are just processed meat but honestly, real or not real, I don't care. Haha! As long as my tummy is happy, I am happy. And for 500 pesos, choosy pa? 128541128541

Anyway.. Many many months ago, I invited my friends to go here one Monday night for the grill all you can promo. We went to work early so we can go out early. Oh the things you do for the love of food! 128055


You have the option to eat inside or outside. I personally think that it's better to eat outside because..
1. Open air
2. Lucky you if you're here early while it's still not yet dark because you get to have really nice and bright photos! #Priorities 128518
3. Related to number 1, you'll still smell like grilled meat but not as intense as when you're inside. 128521


Aside from the wide variety of meat and seafood choices, you also get to enjoy unlimited salad and soup. Not sure if the rice is free. The salad was pretty good. The veggies weren't as fresh but the dressing was yummy! Can't go wrong with the roasted sesame dressing!! 128149

For the meat and seafood, of course the main reason why most are going here are the glorious wagyu cubes, scallops, shrimps, crab legs, and other awesome goodness. The choices are not fixed, some may or may not be available. During our visit, we weren't able to spot the crabs! 128531 So it's better go here on a Monday to ensure that there are more meat/seafood options.

We tried the following:
- jumbo shrimps
- scallops (not bad)
- sausages (they have different types of sausages but I was ony able to try the spicy version and it was pretty good!)
- marinated chicken skin
- marinated tuna (too salty 128531)
- marinated beef (this was good, the beef was tender and tasty)
- marinated pork ribs (tasty but was so hard to eat)
- WAGYU CUBES!! (We didn't have to add any salt, pepper or sou sauce to enjoy these cubes!! Masarap na siya!! 128077🏼)

Can't remember how each tasted anymore but we were very satisfied and super full after. Sobrang not bad for 500 pesos. Very sulit and the whole experience was super fun. 128513


Service is not that good since there's a lot of customers. You must be patient when asking for more wagyu, more salad or for asking anything. Either you wait or you follow up. But do it nicely para safe! 128517

And oh, last and most important tip, it may look fun to grill your own meat but it's so much better if you let them grill it for you. 128521

  • No. of Comments: 7
Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Wow. I think this is the 4th time I've been to Urameshi in just 4 months. That alone sort of tells you on how much we love this place.

It was the 31st of October. Prior to visiting the place, we called to inquire if they were open. We were thrilled when they answered, although they also informed us that there were about 20 groups waiting in line. We waited a little later and called again to ask for a status of the line before traveling to the place.

When we arrived at 9:30pm, we were the 13th on their wait list, but luckily, half of those groups have disappeared. We were able to enter the restaurant at 10:45pm.

I believe the waiting time is longer for the customers now since they are no longer allowed to grill outside the restaurant, so there are less tables available.

As usual, I was happy about my visit. Food was delicious! The salad had a lot of dressing but that's okay since I like the taste of it anyway. Their food is more complete now compared to my other visits. I don't recall seeing crab legs back then, although we didn't get them this time as well since the legs were thin. We didn't think we would enjoy it. Plus, it'll be such a hassle. I also noticed the large shrimps in their display and it looked good so we also got some. I'm usually lazy when it comes to removing the shrimps' shell, but I'm glad I was willing to do it this time. I enjoyed them 128525 And oh, the wagyu cubes are superb! We normally season them first before grilling. However, we didn't find the salt and pepper on our table. We ignored this and went on with the grilling and the resulting wagyu cubes are still heavenly.

Service was splendid, like always.

I don't know what I'm going to do if they suddenly discontinue their unlimited promo. This restaurant is irreplaceable.

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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

Right after work on a Monday night, my friend and I went directly to Urameshiya for their UNLIMITED WAGYU BUFFET for only P500+SC. Upon arriving at Little Tokyo, the first thing that came to my mind was how the place resembled the restaurant strips in Japan. The place just yells “Japan!” 🇯🇵 Urameshiya was located at the end of the hall. Most restaurants here offer both indoor and outdoor dining.
Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll see a bar 🍾 right at the entrance. Because we were already a bit late, we did have to wait a while. The place does not accept reservations for the buffet so be there as early as possible. Anyway, we used the time to take a glimpse of what they offered. Just outside their entrance, a variety of different types of meat and seafood were displayed. The first thing I saw of course, were the beautiful 128046 Wagyu Beef Cubes. Then my eyes diverted to the fresh seafood which includes fresh oysters, prawns, and scallops. Sausages, meatballs, chicken skin, and diverse marinated meat were also available.
Since the place was packed, we agreed to be seated outside. I didn’t mind since I did love the exteriors. Upon seated, salad will be served as the staff takes your order. The waitress would remind you that you have to cook everything in 45 minutes and finish everything 15 minutes after the cooking time limit. Time starts once the first round of orders is placed on your table. At first, we thought that the time limit was too short so we cooked and ate fast (plus we were really hungry already). Wagyu beef cubes and scallops were our most ordered dishes just in case you were wondering. I was really SURPRISED that we were done in 50 minutes! Done meaning bloated that another bite would make you puke already (not because it wasn't good but because we were too full). Although I suppose our hunger level did have an influence on how fast we consumed everything 128517
Review on the food:
128046 WAGYU BEEF CUBES – To be honest, I don’t know how this unlimited wagyu buffet costs only P500+ SC per person. To be fair though, it did taste authentic and melts in your mouth. I do need to comment that they were a bit bland. You need to season them yourself for that extra kick of flavor. Also, be sure to dip it into the yakiniku sauce once its cooked before eating for more flavor.

127754 SCALLOPS/ OYSTERS/ SEAFOOD – The scallops and shrimps are fresh and good but it took too long to cook so I guess I have mixed feelings about it. Do try it first then after tasting it, decide if it’s worth the long cooking time.

127842 SAUSAGES and other meat – These were good too but of course, we focused on the wagyu beef since these are available elsewhere. I do need to comment that I loved their sausages too.
1. Do come early as there are no reservations for buffet diners and the crowd grows fast. Buffet opens at 5pm and closes at 1am.
2. Indulge and pair the meat with rice. Japanese food is meant to be enjoyed with great quality rice 127834
3. Aside from the unlimited meat, rice, soup, salad, and house tea are unlimited as well.
4. Visit on a Monday or Tuesday as the Wagyu Beef and Oysters run out fast!
5. Scallops take too long to cook so scrape off the scallop from its shell and place 2-3 scallop meat on one shell so the grill does not get too crowded.

Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely come back to enjoy more Wagyu! 128069

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Unlimited Wagyu Beef Cubes for P500?
Sounds like a dream, but dreams do come true Haha!
The catch: You can only order within 45 min.

Uramaeshi-Ya located in Little Tokyo is one of the many authentic Japanese area in the area which serves unlimited grilled beef and seafood.
The place has this vintage dreamy vibe which resembles like an old house in Japan. From the outside, there are different meat to choose from displayed before the entrance. There are also seats outside for the smoking area. The yellow lights and the wooden corridors added more authenticity to the vibe, they even have displayed old soju bottles and Japanese booklets. Amazing!

The store opens at 5pm and closes at 1am.
We were around 10-12 pax when we went here and we arrived at 7pm. Sadly, we were only able start grilling at 9pm. 128528 Good thing I have good company so those two hours were mostly filled with catching up and chismisan.

The place fills up early so better to arrive 2 hours prior to meal time. They don't accept reservations as well so arriving early is recommended! They have a small grill which can be too small if you are cooking for 6 people 128529 So the ideal count per table is 3-4 pax since it takes time to cook one meat.

Anyway, they gave us fans to help make grilling faster. Shoes is required to be taken off prior to seating. When the Wagyu Beef Cubes came in, I was starstruck! I instantly became a fan who wanted to get an autograph from her idol. Lol!
Aside from the Wagyu Beef Cubes we were also able to grill Oysters, Prawns, Crab, Scallops, Fishballs, Sausages, Bbq and Chicken.

Don't make yourself suffer by not ordering rice, give yourself a break from diet cause it's best paired with rice talaga! (2 Bowls for me!)
The oysters were so good but we were only given one plate cause they got zero stocks already 128543

- Im sure it's not 100% wagyu beef cubes but it's as close as it can get. According to my friend who have the tried authentic Wagyu Beef Cubes, it slightly resembles but it doesn't exactly taste like that in terms of texture and oiliness
This version might be processed already.
- BUT YES, it's still delicious. The beef still melts in your mouth 128523
- It taste so much better with the Yakiniku Dipping Sauce mixed with Garlic, since it has this slightly sweet taste which helped to lessen the umay
- After eating around 3 small plates of Wagyu Cubes, I must admit naumay na talaga ako cause I find it too oily na. I liked it but too much of it made me give up on eating already haha!
So I focused on the shrimps and other meats instead.

Note: The P500 excludes the service charge
INSIDER TIP: Oysters get replenished once a week only so better drop by during a Monday.

Service: The waiters were very patient and friendly. Order as many as you can but make sure you can eat everything. 128523 Sa sobrang bait nila we gave them tip talaga! Sobrang patient nila considerig we were 12 and we were ordering raw meats non stop.
This is a really good place for reunions and even casual dates, such a great experience!m


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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Urameshi-Ya, Little Tokyo, Makati

Our visit to Urameshi-Ya was more than a month ago. My super busy corporate friends and I had to take VL on a Monday to make sure we get there early and we won't have to wait. Got there a few minutes before their opening time and, considering the tips from so many reviews, we secured a table outside. Halfway through our meal, people started flocking and by the time we finished, there were already a lot of parties on queue.

So, what's good? Everything, seriously. The wagyu cubes and scallops were my favorites though.

It was a good feast but I kid you not, it was also a battlefield. They say you can ask the servers to grill for you but, with people ordering and asking for refills, they really get super busy.

Overall, very sulit. Soup and salad, also unlimited, are included in the PhP500 buffet fee.

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Pedro J.
5.0 Stars

Super Sarap. Sinong hindi masasarapan sa unli wagyu? Wala? Ay edi matic 5 stars!The resto opens at 5 pm and you can grill wagyu cubes, strips, teriyaki sticks, oysters and shrimps as many as you can in 45 mins. The place is a bit small and hot. The grille is small so if you are going to go on a group I will advice to limit yourselves to 4 persons per table to maximize your experience. Urameshi-ya is great place for wagyu lovers and will make you crave again the day after. 🇯🇵

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

I've been craving for Urameshi for a couple of weeks and last night, I finally gave in! We arrived at around 8:45pm and we were the 9th on the waiting list!!!! But there was only one couple around so we had our fingers crossed that all the others on the list backed out. Good thing they did, because I was getting a bit cranky due to the fact that I'm really starving!!!

We were able to enter the restaurant at 10pm. This time around, the place was colder and brighter than my first try. Meats for grilling started coming in after we were able to settle. The salad and rice (which usually came first), took time to be served. But no big deal, as the waitresses updated us from time to time about why it was taking so long and that they've already followed up, etc.

Wagyu. Wagyu. Wagyu. The highlight of my night. I usually sleep before 10pm, but for this wagyu, I'd gladly give up sleep. Hehe 128522 The first time I tried their wagyu, it wasn't what I was hoping for. But then after adding a little salt and pepper, we realized why people come for it.

The service was outstanding! If I was rich, I'd give their staff a large tip for how they accommodated us last night (but I'm not, but don't worry, we still gave them some tip). They were very attentive, friendly, composed despite all the work at hand.

By the way, beginning August 8, 2016, they changed the availability of their unli yakiniku. Instead of it being available from Monday to Wednesday, it now runs from Monday til Tuesday only.

I'm never gonna stop craving for this.

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Sandra O.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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