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Urban Ashram Manila
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Most Recent Reviews

Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

I availed of the 40-day yoga deal in Deal Grocer. They provide mats, and bolsters. They offer different yoga, and was able to try quite a few, the FNR (Flexibility Not Required), Stress Free Gentle Flow and Restorative. My upper body is really weak that it took a lot of effort for me to do planking and downward facing dog. So yuh, not my favorite kind of yoga, but definitely what I need to improve my strength.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Since my friends are living/working in Makati, we decided to try their branch here.

I think that this branch is better than their Fort branch because it's not as intimidating. Though the staffs are the same, the vibe here is more friendly and light. Maybe because the crowd here is "younger". 128513 But location-wise, fort branch is easier to locate and much much accesible. 128077🏼

Amongst all of the classes we had, this was the most intense -- Strength Class. Our instructor, Lexie, was really nice and fun! She's not so serious and "plain" unlike the "other instructor". 128586 She was very helpful and since there were a lot of us "newbie" in the class, she really explained and demonstrated each so we won't have a hard time following her and doing it. 128513

If FNR's intense already. This one's harder but again, super worth it. There's a lot of planking and warrior poses. There's also a lot of balancing. What I like the most was the Tree pose and when you let your tree grow and dance (you spread and sway your arms while in a tree position). 127796

Aside from running, Yoga is a really nice workout/exercise. It's intense and very tiring and you're body will really hurt the next day but super worth it. It's super relaxing and can I just say, "ang sarap mag stretch ng katawan!". Also, in yoga, you'll appreciate your body and inner self more. You get to feel it in every inhale and exhale. And even just for a while, you get to relax and free your mind from all the stress. 128522128521

Before the class ends, the instructors would let us "rest" where we just lie down and free ourselves. 128517 And then, they will share some insights or quotes about life. I really liked what Lexie said:

"Sometimes it's easy to do things on your own, but sometimes it's better with a friend."

True! It's better when you do things with a friend, like yoga! 128521

Namaste! 9786

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Jennifer N.
3.0 Stars

Now that I've taken a class at Urban Ashram, I see what a lot of people mean when they say that it's very newbie friendly. I took the Vinyasa Open Level class which is supposed to be a step up / more advanced than FNR. The teacher was pretty good as she really focuses on the basic foundation of yoga, but for someone who has been practicing yoga regularly for years, it might seem pretty boring and not challenging (as I did). But for someone who's only been doing yoga for a short time, this class is a good start. (Mind you though, I had my baptism of fire in yoga by starting out with Bikram yoga! No easy introductions to yoga for me - as I always tell others, it's all in the mind; forget about the other regulars in class who make it seem effortless and make you feel like worthless lumps)

The studio itself was quite nice. They have a lovely spacious common area with sofas and chairs where you can hang out. Water is provided free of charge, just bring your own bottle. They also sell LightWater (Php30 a bottle). Yoga mats and other props such as straps and blocks are provided, or you can bring your own. What they don't provide though, which Yoga+ does, are bath towels and mat towels. They can provide you with a bath towel but will entail an additional cost of Php60. For mat towels, your only recourse would be to buy your own or to use a regular bath towel (but this doesn't provide as much grip as a mat towel). I sweat a lot when I do yoga, so mat towels are a must for me. So having to bring my own towels from home (and having to constantly wash them, as I go to class at least 5 times a week) isn't something I'm keen on doing, so sorry, that takes away 1 star from my overall rating for Urban Ashram. :)

The room where they hold class is spacious with bright walls and shiny wood floors. Ample space and shelves are provided outside the room for footwear, as these aren't allowed inside the room. I appreciated that they posted several highly visible signs throughout the studio regarding proper yoga etiquette, including reminding everyone to keep mobile phones OUT of the room, as not everyone seems to be aware of this (or maybe they just don't care?).

The locker room for ladies was big enough, with at least 5 or 6 shower stalls and a few toilet cubicles. I would have liked having more mirror space however. The current setup has limited mirror space, and the mirror is installed where the sinks are - so imagine several girls elbowing each other applying makeup, brushing their hair, washing their hands, etc after a full class... Not ideal. There was also only one hairdryer - thankfully I went on a weekend and most everyone probably took a shower at home so there wasn't a queue to use it, but I wonder how the situation is when it's weekday morning and several ladies all need to rush to get to the office on time? I'd probably bring my own hairdryer in that case, to be on the safe side, rather than wait my turn.

On the plus side, I love the toiletries provided for free in the shower stalls - lemongrass scented shampoo and soap, organic biodegradable stuff from Ritual which is one of my personal favourites. Lockers are also provided, including lock and key.

Overall, UA is quite nice but I'm not sure I'd be switching yoga studios anytime soon. Given that their schedules include a healthy number of FNR and Open Level classes, the more advanced choices (such as Vinyasa Level 2) are a bit limited for my taste, not to mention the fact that I'd have to start bringing towels everyday (fine, I'm a spoilt princess but it's nice not to have to worry about these small things!). But if you're someone looking to try yoga, then this might be the place for you.

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Maye D.
5.0 Stars

Yoga was actually suggested by my dad. I more than welcomed the idea because of the growing number of friends posting Yoga-related photos on instagram. I thought maybe this calming activity ought to be tried by every struggling twenty-something year old to relieve stress and anxiety. So I messaged my former boss who's some kind of a Yoga master (he can do a head stand on a floating surf board I kid you not). I heeded his advice and he referred me to Urban Ashram Manila. He says it's a good yoga studio for starters. I tried out an FNR class which is practically Yoga for beginners and it only took one class to realize how badly disoriented my mind was. I was so relieved (and unexpectedly tired) after my first class. I didn't expect that breaktime could be as short as "two breaths", but I'm elated by how rejuvenated I was right after. An hour of shutting out the world, realizing my body's capabilities and focusing on my breaths. Surreal.

Urban Ashram was a lot more than I expected. They have spotless clean yoga rooms, spacious dressing room (with clean toilets and shower cubicles), very relaxing ambience, and great instructors. You don't need to buy a Yoga mat as it's already provided. Though you may want to bring a Yoga towel to put over the mat to keep yourself from slipping while in practice.

If you're new to Yoga, try the FNR class. It means "Flexibility Not Required" but I'm scowling at that because I swear I did so much bending. I guess Yoga has a different take on being "flexible".

You can check their website for classes and package details:


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