Urban Grind

Fun Ranch, Las Fiestas St. cor. Frontera Drive, Frontera Verde, Pasig, Metro Manila

Urban Grind
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Arlene P.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Kirstine O.
5.0 Stars

Somewhat hidden. Not crowded. Cozy.

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Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

Only got to try the Apple Walnut Muffin and I love this place already! I didn't get to try the coffee yet because it would've been a bad call to have dairy before dance class due to my lactose intolerance. But I will come back for it because my boyfriend said their lounge selections are sweet, which is just my type! Hehe

Aside from the coffee, I will come back for the chill and industrial interior.

I was intimated to enter this place before for some reason but I'm glad I've finally tried it! #coffeestrong

Oh and if you wanted to know, I wore my b|ooloo shirt yesterday for dance class! Forgot to take a pic tho huhu

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Jen L.
4.0 Stars

come late and you have limited food choices - fair enough!

love the ambiance here, masaya pang bonding ;)

downside lang, pag busy sila d na nila naaalagaan ang cr :(

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Cheska G.
3.0 Stars

This is the venue for the calligraphy session/class I registered to.

This place is quite small and you can easily miss it if you're driving along Tiende. There wasn't any noticeable outside. We saw it when we were actually walking na.

Anyway, on to the food.. I only got to try their tuna sandwich and brewed coffee. The sandwich was served with some chips on the side and it's quite big. Taste is okay and a bit on the salty side. It would be much better if they can toast the bread a bit more. 128522 I find their brewed coffee matabang too. Maybe I am just used to the coffee that hubby makes. 128513

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Emjay M.
4.0 Stars

Hot Choco :)

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Abby C.
4.0 Stars

Coffee lovers!!! I found a new cafe in Tiendesitas. I always see this whenever I visit the church and tonight I finally got to visit this with Christopher M. He knew I always wanted to visit the place and before our badminton session, he told me that we can try one of their drinks. We asked the barista what can she recommend. She told us that we can try their Irish Cream. She explained that it has vodka-baileys shots. When I tasted it, the alcohol flavor is easily distinguishable. It was sweet but there was a weird texture in your tongue brought by the alcohol 128541. Honestly, I did not enjoy it that much. I told Chris that we should have ordered their Choco Peppermint drink instead. There's always a next time hahhaa.

I glanced at their pastries and I think that they're from Purple Oven (or not haha). They have revel and lemon bars, tuna turnover, cream puffs, and cakes. I wanted to test if they're from my fave Purple Oven but I was so full from our early dinner.

Now to the place...if you're looking for a place to study or read a book, this is the perfect place for you. It is not so crowded unlike ALL starbucks and the interior is so cute (nakakahiya nga makipagtawanan kasi lahat ng tao tahimik) haha. Btw, the baristas are also friendly like our fave Starbucks baristas. Also, their deinks range from 100-150 pesos (not bad ryt?)

This is surely a must-visit in Tiendesitas 9749

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France T.
4.0 Stars

Found a new place to chill out 128526

It's not crowded.
The ambiance is great.
Service is good.
Their Triple Mushroom Pasta is filling and delish! 127837
I ordered Mocha Latte 9749️, it made me happy.
Prices are reasonable.
The only problem is their parking 128513

I find peace and comfort in this place.
Will be back! 128582

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Paula K.
5.0 Stars

This coffee joint serves very affordable and tasty drinks. I swear by their Irish Cream and Dark Choco Chip Frappe. 128077128079128077

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