Urban Street Food

Lilac Bldg., 10 Lilac St., Concepcion Dos, Marikina, Metro Manila

Urban Street Food
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

For a restaurant that serves value for money dishes, their interior is impressive. Among all the dishes what stood out was the complimentary chili con carne. The owner gave us when we mentioned our common friends. He’s name is Jeff Capulong. The salted caramel is wow. It is at a big rich portion at a Php 110. Am so willing to pay 220 for it or more. The chicken was serves 6 pieces at Php 140. It’s a steal! For street food, it’s clean and way presentable. Good idea for a hang out place.

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Angel O.
4.0 Stars

Hey you guys! You have to try urban street food in lilac marikina city. Lilac is like a small version of Maginhawa and there is a lot of restaurant to choose from. Urban street food is one of them, so lets start. We ordered the typical street food which is tusok tusok which consist kikiam, fish balls and squid balls (kinda pricey it is 75php for small serving). They have tapsilog as well and crispy bacon. I didn't have the chance to taste it (umay na kasi sa bacon), but anyway I guess its the same bacon as we all know. Then there is chicken isaw for 35php per stick and it's a long one, but I tell you this one taste so good. On the other hand we have kwek kwek, caramel salted cheesecake and churros. Well I must say churros taste fine, it is my first time to taste it. So I can't compare it with other churros, since it's my first time. I'am amazed that the outer layer was crispy and when you bite into it, its very soft. While caramel cheesecake, not a fan I can't explain further hahaha. Come and visit to see for yourself na lang. :)

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Ian V.
5.0 Stars

25 June 2016

Taking a stroll along Lilac St. makes me a little bit proud of this once small-town place. It used to be all laundry stores and sari-sari stores and just houses. But what once was a quiet street is now full of life with these restaurants that seem to be popping out of nowhere in Lilac St. and the streets near it.

Tonight's winner for the To Try restaurant is Urban Street Food.

Let me take a minute to gush about the aesthetics of the place. I love everything. From the stickers on the window, the minimalist mural on white wall, the imperfect wall with small wood bricks jutting out in places, the "laugh, travel, eat" sign, the amazing lights that make you feel like you're walking on the streets of some amazing place, to the menu board on the yero.

It looks absolutely amazing.

As for the food, we ordered the Bacon Overload (because I'm a total bacon lover and it's been a while) and Asian Grilled Platter.

The Bacon Overload comes with a generous amount of amazing, yummy bacon and a generous amount of bacon rice topped with crispy garlic. Ugh. Just writing about it is making me crave. 128557

The Asian Grilled Platter comes with 2 sticks of yakitori (your choice if chicken or pork; we got pork), 2 sticks of satay (your choice if chicken or pork; we got chicken), 1 Singaporean chicken, and again a generous amount of rice. The yakitori is good. Not very tender but it's okay. It's very juicy and not dry unlike how other yakitoris are (ehem Sumosam ehem). Plus I like the sauce, which I have no idea what it is about but I like it. Hoho. Not a fan of satay (anywhere). Theirs is okay but still did not make me love the dish. The Singaporean chicken was, for me, the highlight of the dish. I love the sauce. It's like there's an explosion of flavor in my mouth. The one piece was definitely bitin. 128546

Overall, great restaurant! For isaw lovers, you'll find isaw here. There's also kikiam, fishballs, etc. Hope they can expand their menu to include other street food from other places in the world. Shawarma please? Haha.

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Janine R.
4.0 Stars

It's been almost 2 years since we've moved to the East, but I haven't explored that much in Marikina yet. Lucky enough, one weekend, I got to try this one place in Lilac Street. Fyi, Lilac in Marikina is what Maginhawa is in Quezon City. Although the latter has more restos and food joints to date.

For this visit, we tried the ff:
Thai pok pok chicken wings: a single serving consists of 6 pcs. I think this is the star of the place, there is no need for dips, masarap na siya as is. Well seasoned!

Isaw: quite pricey for Php35 per piece; not rubbery. I wanted more but I don't wanna spoil my tummy too much, baka magloko tiyan ko. Btw, winner yung suka!

Churros: softer than La Lola's; nothing extraordinary though

Thai iced tea: something new to me; loved it.

Overall score is 4/5. Loved their interiors and the service of the crew and owners. However they seem to have a problem with their ventilation. Mausok, they have to open the doors from time to time for that. Owner said they're on the process of coming up with a solution for that.

Will go back and try something new next time!

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Emjay M.
5.0 Stars

Thai pok pok chicken wings for 140 php only is to die for.
Not oily and no need for dips. The kwek kwek also taste good 5 pcs for 45php.
Chili con quezo dip and nachos is also love. I also recommend salted caramel with himalayan salt and isaw. Super sulit and affordable.

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Gelyn C.
4.0 Stars

Well, well.. We like the small and hip character of this place. Located along Marikina food strip, our visit here is satisfying.

We ordered a lot, ha ha, we're just glutinous with street food maybe..

We ordered the classics -- isaw, kwek kwek and pork barbecue and it was just okay.

The thai pokpok wings is a killer -- we love it much, not your typical buffalo wings. This one is really asian! Kudos!

And of course for dessert, the churros is fantastic. :)

This is my second visit and looking forward for more...

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Kat P.
5.0 Stars

Yummy food + reasonable price = worth coming back!!! 128523128523128523
Hubby and I love their salted caramel cheesecake... It's so heavenly!!! I just forgot to take a pic of that.... Hhhmmm.... Maybe next visit I won't forget anymore.. I will definitely have it again on my next visit... 128536

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

This sossy street food place caught our attention that day we had merienda at Leon's Bistro. They were packed then and we didn't feel like waiting. Hubby and i went back one early evening and snagged a table.

On the table
🔹isaw - it felt clean and not so rubbery. I took a tiny bite but this still isn't for me. Hubby loved it enough to order another stick.
🔹kwek-kwek - cute size served with vinegar and fish balls (?) sauce in tiny shot glasses.
🔹thai pok pok chicken wings - the last one to arrive. Good thing i didn't feel like getting my hands dirty. When i cut the chicken up, the part near the bones had some blood thus hilaw pa. Returned it to the kitchen and the same result. They were very nice about the whole thing but we still paid for the chicken. We ate the other pieces rin nga naman.
🔹yakitori chicken fillet - some pieces were a bit tough but ok overall. The sauce tasted like the usual japanese sauces
🔹chili con carne with crackers - sooo good and not that spicy. The best dish of the night. I can eat this with rice too!

The aircon wasn't cold, not even comfortably cool. Even if they left their door open we still smelled like inihaw. Oh and don't come hungry, food was served one at a time.

I think i'll be back after a few months for the chili con carne and maybe by that time they would have perfected their chicken.

*there were i think 5 parking slots in front of the building that housed 3 more restaurants. Be ready to park along the street and walk a bit

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Argee E.
4.0 Stars

Oh yeah im back! Looloo on Android!

Now for my review.

The ultimate experience of street food eats in an air conditioned place. Ambiance is cool, contemporary - modern style of chairs and tables. The owners are very nice. Enjoyed the kwek-kwek (quail eggs covered with flour) while dipping them in sweet sauce. Also tried their Thai Iced tea.

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

Well you guessed it, we had street foods! This qas our first stop in our Marikina food crawl.

We had the follwing:
1. Chicken Isaw - it was good and no funky taste. One stick is big enough.
2. Thai PokPok Wings - not too spicy, deep fried just like buffalo wings.
3. Grilled Singapore Wings - grilled wings with chili sauce for dipping. Some of the wings got burnt skin.
3. Yakitori Chicken Skewers - tender and we liked the yakitori sauce.
4. Thai Iced Tea - my friends said it wasnt good.
5. House Blend Iced Tea - home brewed iced tea.

Service was fast and friendly.

What we didnt like is that it had poor ventilation. We ended up smelling like bbq and smoke! 128078🏻And after awhile the smoke irritates our eyes.

Hope they improve this.

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Anch B.
4.0 Stars

When you want a nice and cozy place to sit down and enjoy your isaw.. This is the place to go to! The place is quite small, which frustrates me because the place gets packed easily, especially in the afternoon. But all is well naman when you get seated na 128129🏻

1 ISAW costs P35 which i think is too pricey. Pero mahaba naman pala yung stick, kaya ganun. So parang nakadalawang isaw ka na rin! Yum yum yum.

My favorite is their POK POK CHICKEN! Oh-my. Chick-heaven. When i go here, i usually get this with and additional order of rice and ofcourse isaw!!! 128586128149 (This is for sharing by the way. Unless you can consume 6 pcs of chicken in one sitting... Well if you can.. then go for it 127881)

NACHOS were pretty good! I think people who likes salsa and anything red sauce, will like it! Also, di sila matipid sa cheese which i like so yay!!! 127881127881127881127881

MILO DINO was average. Liked the presentation though! 128129🏻

SIOMAI ordinary

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Camille P.
5.0 Stars

The modern street-food128525

We loved the isaw!its generous for a P35. We tried the isaw,kwek-kwek,churros with chocolate dip,milo dinosaur and their house iced tea.128525

After this set we kinda ordered 2 more isaw and 1 more kwek-kwek.haha plus their staff are really welcoming and they know their resto well.128077🏼

Good job to Urban Street for their soft opening.128079🏼

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Ciox L.
3.0 Stars

Ang galing ng concept for this restaurant--World's Best Street Food. Simple but quite interesting. We tried the isaw, kwek-kwek and Pizza. When we got there, it was already late, kaya ubos na karamihan sa menu (soft opening palang sila at that time).

The isaw was, for P35, sulit naman. It was long and tastes close to that famous isaw place in UP (Mang Larry's), which is a really good thing. The others we tried were pretty much OK.

I think they have to add more to their menu eventually. I have to singularly give the design of the place 5 stars (if I could rate it separately) because it was well-designed and had a very young, artsy vibe to it.

Definitely going back to try the others in their menu.

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