Urbiz Garden Plage

McArthur Highway, San Juan, La Union

Urbiz Garden Plage
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TheMitch M.
5.0 Stars

Urbiz Garden Resort is the less hipster place to go to when you're in LU.

It's right beside the "cool" Flotsam which is in my opinion a bit over rated.

We called ahead for a reservation. They let us book a room for 3 even though there were 4 of us and a doggo. So obviously, they are a pet friendly place.

We arrived way too early (about a couple of hours) and our room was still occupied. They graciously let us park (unlike other places, their parking space can accommodate up to 10 cars and a few motorcycles).

Photos cannot do the place justice.

It's an old house with a big beach front property. They have photos of all their family members in the main dining hall.

I forget the name of the manager (let's just call her Tita), but she was the sweetest!

Giving us water, asking if we were ok. Telling us where to go (although, Titang tita yung mga suggestions niya).

They converted the house into a hotel. Lots of rooma in the main house. Old furniture made of even older wood.

The other parts of the property they turned into villas.

That's where we stayed.

It was very secluded in the villas because you're surrounded by tree high nipa walls. Feeling mo soli mo yung lugar.

The villa is made of glass and wood. With an outdoor toilet and an outdoor bathtub and shower.

Remember the name of the place, Urbiz Garden. So that means there were a lot of garden type variety creatures around.

I was going to take a dip in the tub (no hot water) after I had filled it but a frog had beaten me to it. Who was I to disturb him? Baka kailangan ni Kermit ng RnR.

Complimentary breakfast was for 3 because yun lang nakalagay sa room. But Tita cooked extra batches of dried fish and made sure no one was hungry.

Room was 2.8K plus 400 for the extra mattress.

Buy Tita's chilli sauce. Lasts forever (I still have it in the fridge) and hella hot!

The kitchen can also whip up any dish you like. We had special halo-halo for merienda at 100 each.

The staff are very kind and there are a lot of outdoor cabanas for hanging out in.

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Mei O.
4.0 Stars

We went to La Union earlier this week for my sister's prenuptial shoot. We stayed at the Urbiz Garden place where they frequent. (Yay for free lodging because my sister loves me.)

It's an old house in a huge lot that they converted for rentals and they have a lovely garden area where the flowers and greenery offer a fresh addition to the beachfront view you drove 4 hours for.

The food here is good and aplenty. My sister just ordered two servings of all their ulam for her photo/vid team but you can also request something you like that is not in their menu - such as my garlic buttered shrimp. It's sulit and well, it's a lot. You might over order but it's okay since you can request your leftovers to be served again for dinner or something.

There are huts and other open areas at the resort. You can walk around and not get sunburned that much because the trees and plants offer canopies for your recovering skin.

Wifi is fast. Signal is strongest at their open area which houses their long table, daybeds, and birthing chairs to unleash the lazy ass in you.

Price is 1k/person/night if you book their 4-pax room and it has complimentary breakfast already. Not sure why you would go rent 680-780 a night on a dorm-style bed when you have 1k for aircon, own bathroom, and food (not just cereals or bread) here?

Additional notes:
- They have a credit card terminal but it has a Php175 terminal fee. Quite okay but better total all your expenses first to have just one fee.
- Why 4 stars? The shower can get a facelift but if you are into aged bathrooms, no problem for you. :)
- The movie I'm Drunk, I Love You was apparently filmed here. So ayun, doon ako natulog sa kama ni Paulo Avelino because why the hell not?!?! And who the heck won't?!?!

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