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Urbiztondo Beach
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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Dubbed as “The Surfing Capital of the North”, there’s just something about Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan, La Union that makes people going back to her again and again. 127754

We visited this place on a VERY jampacked weekend, people were just everywhere! But the massive crowd still didn’t stop me from enjoying my favorite beach!

Urbiztondo Beach is the perfect surfing spot for beginners and pros alike. There are also quite a number of surf schools that offer surfing lessons, and affordable at that too! For non-surfers, don’t fret! The overall area of Urbiztondo is brimming with different food spots one can surely enjoy. But if food trippin’ isn’t your thing, you could just sit by the beach with a bottle of beer in hand and just people watch while waiting for the beautiful sunset. See you next visit? 1285149728

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

I don’t know why but this beach will always have a place in my heart, sounds corny but it’s true. Everytime I go here, I gain a lot of good, fun and epic memories. In here, you would just want to spend the day by the beach, wait for the sunrise, catch and listen to the waves and chase the sunset, why not add a cold beer to make it even perfect. It’s really an escape from the toxic city.

Elyu is a great spot to catch waves but you need to check the surf forecast before you go. They offer different surf schools – Elyu Classics & San Juan Surf School and I tried both. The instructors were very friendly and funny at the same time!

You can also find different restaurants near the beach: Sea Nymph Surf Café, Kahuna Restaurant, Coast Call Kitchen & Bar which offers different cuisine. We would normally hangout and eat at Sea Nymph because they offer variety of food, from breakfast to lunch and snacks for a very affordable price.

It’s great to witness the growth of this surf town in La Union.

I’m planning to go back again, real soon.

Guess I’ll never stop coming back, ELYU! 12775410084


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Karyl Hannah V.
4.0 Stars

Urbiztondo beach aka “Elyu”, as what this generation calls it, isn’t the beach that you’d automatically think of when you hear the words “pristine”, “clean” and “white”

I didn’t quite get the hullabaloo over Urbiztondo and why my co-millenials would always schedule a weekend to travel 5 hours to and from this place until I finally had a taste of it; it’s the charm of Urbiztondo that makes this place almost at par with Boracay’s white sand beaches. 🏖

To be all honest, aesthetically speaking, there isn’t anything pleasing about this beach aside from the waves you get to ride when it’s the peak season (otherwise, visit Baler instead for waves that never die, regardless of what season 127754).

I’ve been to all sorts of beaches — from the rocky shores of Pagudpud to the scorching hot sand of Palawan’s coast, but I’ve never encountered a beach that was this basic but is part of my Top 5 💯 Why? Because Urbiztondo will teach you how not to judge a book by its cover; it will teach you the importance of character vs. looks, as what mom and dad would say. 9757🏼

Urbiztondo is very much alive because of the neighboring establishments and the people that make up what is known as Elyu today. Despite the coarse sand on your feet and unswimmable water (cos it’s murky and every area you step on opens your life to a new danger that is feet aches and skin peels, care of the rocks and lost branches underneath HAHAHA), Urbiztondo is one of the North’s mainstream hidden gems. 128142

If you plan on going to Elyu for the first time, don’t forget to bring with you extra pocket money for food trips and booze, and your ‘tropa’, the people you know that you could #NetflixAndChill with, at the same time let loose in Valkyrie with cos this “extra luggage” is what will make you see the charm that is Urbiztondo. 10084

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Foodcrawl P.
5.0 Stars

Drove for 5 hours to San Juan, La Union for a weekend beach trip.

Urbiztondo is the surfing capital of North Luzon. The beach is alluring with consistent waves suitable from beginners to surfing experts. There are different accommodation options for every budget.

The Circle

Uniquely affordable hostel in La Union. This is not for you if extreme comfort is your priority. There is a common bath and shower and sari-sari store for every essential. Power supply for charging is also available at the lodge area for guests. Take your pick between bunk beds and hammocks. We arrived at 6am and bunk beds are already full. Sleeping on a hammock is not that bad for P300 per night. Bring a padlock and secure your valuables in the locker area. Note that Circle is not located at the beach front but everything is accessible and just a walk away. I was asked how I tolerated being in the same bunk with complete strangers. It is not everyday that you do something beyond the daily routine.

There are numerous surfing lessons available along the shoreline. Book a 1hr of session for a minimum of P400 inclusive of board and instructor. Surfing board rental starts at P200 per hour.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Quaint bed and breakfast but an overnight stay is a little higher compared to other hotels in the area. The place is decorated with eccentric details making it one of the most photographed in Elyu.

Kitchen Bar is the main dining lounge of the hotel. Went here at around 4pm for a beer and a Margherita pizza. We are billed P500 for a bottle of 4 and a pie.

Ended the day slouching on bean bags with an acoustic session while watching the sun setting down.

El Union
Started the the 2nd day in La Union with a cup of real coffee and s'mores. A plate of tempting torched mallows and chocolates is shareable for a group of 2-3.

The couple who owns the Cafe are former residents of Manila who decided to move to La Union for a more peaceful life. I get the similar experience at least for this weekend. There are days when all we need is a walk in the beach and a sip of fine blended coffee in the morning.

For our final meal in La Union, we took a quick stop in a diner that serves grilled classics. Ordered the Grilled Blue Marlin for P179. Fresh fish cooked in buttered garlic with vegetables on the side. Good value for money and generous servings.

You can take a Florida, Partas, or Dominion bus bound to Vigan or Laoag and drop-off at Urbiztondo for P400+. Bus stations is located at Cubao, Sampaloc, or Pasay. This is also accessible through buses leading to San Fernando, La Union. There are jeeps and tricycles available from the town proper of San Fernando.

You can take a side trip to La Union if you’re heading to Ilocos Sur. Experience the crashing waves, amazing food scene, and the warm welcome of the locals. The zest community of Urbiztondo is one of the may reasons why backpackers flock here all-year round.

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Cherilyn I.
5.0 Stars

pak na pak na dagat #littleadventure

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

La Union is said to be the Surfing Capital of the North. That is because of the growing popularity of surfing specifically in San Juan.

Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan LU is all about surfing. In the stretch of fine brown sand, you'll see a lot of signages for surfing lessons and board rentals. Turning your head 180 degrees, you'll see a lot of surfers, beginners and pros alike, enjoying the waves.

I arrived at La Union around 3pm from Baguio. Since it was already late, after check in at Flotsam and Jetsam, I just decided to try the restaurants around Urbiztondo. Although surfing is life here, I felt contented watching the sunset while sitting in the sand with my pen and notebook. With that scenic view, sound of waves, and sand on my feet, I wrote about my thoughts about my solo trip and plans for my future travels. I also planned to try surfing the next day. I just stayed overnight here.

My stay was short but sweet. I know that 1 day in LU is not enough with all the things you can do, and all the restaurants you can try. I promised myself that I'll be back. Soon. Very soon. Even I go solo again. That's the good thing about Elyu, I went here alone but I never felt like I was.

P.S. To go to Urbiztondo Beach via Baguio, just ride any bus going to Laoag or Vigan. I know Fariñas and Partas bus lines have this route. You can also ride the same bus lines from Manila. Partas has terminals in Cubao and Pasay. Just tell the driver that you'll go to Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan La Union. The beach-front resorts are just along the highway, so you may be dropped off next to their gates / doors. You're welcome. 128517127754

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

We did the trekking and swimming in Tangadan Falls on our first day in San Juan and did the surfing on the second day. San Juan is really famous for their waves. One of the best beaches for noob surfers like us to go to, aside from Baler, here in Luzon. I heard the waves in Siargao are crazy and they're professional surfer levels. Malulunod lang ako doon, I swear! 128514128514

Flotsam Jetsam's manager offered us to contact surfing instructors to accommodate us for around 300-400 bucks eacj, i think.. The lazy us were game right away!

We waited for a few minutes for the lady instructors to arrive. Took them quite a long time. 128517

The package included surf board rental, one-on-one lecture on how to surf, and one-on-one supervised surfing.. 127940🏻127940🏻127940🏻

Surfing was fun, even though it made my body feel very tired one to two days after! I had very much anticipated to have a lot of difficulty balancing on the board because of my weak core muscles and for my height. The latter affirmed by my instructor so it made me less pressure from not falling. You know, you just let yourself fall at times, but make sure to never get hurt? okay? #hugot? Okay i must be sleepy. 128514128514128514

After several minutes, I finally got to stand LONGER during my last few waves. Made me realize surfing is really not an easy sport! But even though I kept falling even when I try not to, you just keep on trying again, fall again, and try again. Hopefully not until you get drowned dahil pagod na pagod ka na. #hugotbaulit? #ParangPagibigLang 128514128514

Bitin. That's the best word to describe my first surfing experience. This made me want to visit Siargao! 128516

And LOL Isha S, I have no other photo so I'll use the same photo Nikki took! 128514128514

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

For our last afternoon at La Union, we all decided to go surfing! So we all donned our rash guards and informed the hostel reception (at Flotsam and Jetsam) of our plan.

We were informed that surfing with an instructor would cost us 400 pesos each for an hour. If you just wanted to rent a surfboard, it would just be 200 pesos each. Since none of us were experts, and it was even some of my friends' first times to surf, we all opted to have instructors.

We walked for a bit until we came to this beach. The waves weren't that strong when we went, but they were good enough to carry you to shore. The sand here is fine and the beach was clean. Instructors were nice and gave us good tips and pointers to improve our surfing game, including proper positioning, stance, when to "catch a wave", how to wipe out safely, etc. etc. At the time we went, a surfing competition was also going on. Pwede na kami sumali next time 127940 haha jk practice pa!

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Iyah A.
5.0 Stars

White sand, en the beach is clean. Just wait for the waves..this whole place is for surfing. Locals offer to teach surfing for like 350per he with boards already. Plus the people are rele friendly128076

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Lady L.
5.0 Stars

Eat, chill, surf and be a nignig. Hahaha.

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Janine S.
5.0 Stars

When I realized I booked a room in April, I got worried that the ocean will be completely flat. So imagine my thrill when I set eyes on those strong waves! 127754127754127754 Well, so strong that I had to ask for a break from my instructor on my second hour of surfing. 128514 I was literally dizzy and felt like knocking out on my surfboard! 128565

What I love about LU is that it gives you the local surfers' vibe. 5-star accommodations don't even matter for most people who go here. What's important is catching some good waves. So don't expect white sands or clear blue water because this place is for surfing. 127940 Although, blogs claim that LU is perfect for beginner surfers, I still think Baler's shallow ocean bed is more safe. Also, you have to be careful with the jellyfish. We've been warned that they are everywhere! 128561 Good thing we didn't encounter any - but I was paranoid as hell! 128560

Will I comeback? Of course! I have yet to try those local restaurants 128523

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Zai M.
5.0 Stars

Surf. Eat. Chill. Repeat. 1280771277549728127940127860127829

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Samer na! (Summer) 1277969728

Had the chance to escape the crazy urban jungle of Metro Manila. We decided to check out La Union, which is one of the known provinces for surfing.

One of my friends have a nice rest house in Bauang, La Union, which is just 15 min. away from San Juan. So yeah, didn't spend money for accommodation! #blessed #lucky #thankyou

San Juan, La Union is around 4 hours away from Manila. With no stopovers, the trip should only be less than 4 hours if you're taking TPLEX all the way to Urdaneta, Pangasinan.

The surf spot in San Juan (Urbiztondo Beach), is actually not that big. My friends and I were lucky enough to enjoy the beach since there weren't too many people this past weekend.

We parked our car in Sebay Surf Resort and chose Elyu Classic Surf School to be our tambayan. We stayed in one of their Quiksilver canopies to protect our smooth and silky skin from the sun.

It normally costs P400 for the board rental + instructor. But we were able to bring it down to P350 because of our charm.

The surf lesson includes tips such as how to stand on the board, how to properly wipeout, and the do's and dont's of the water sport.

The waves were small when we went there this past Saturday afternoon. But the waves were inconsistent, which made it hard for us to catch good waves.

But when we went this past Sunday morning, the waves were crazy. Getting back to the spot where we started to catch the wave took some time since the waves pushed us back near the shore. It was like the beach didn't want us there. lol 128514

On our second day, we decided to just rent the board for P200 per hour. It was tough. Aside from the waves, I had a hard time catching great waves. Out of the 20 waves I could've ridden, I was only able to catch 4. 128514

The resorts in San Juan also offer other water sports such as kayaking and SUP. Awesome activities if you ever get tired of surfing. But who gets tired of surfing? The sport is awesome!

Overall, it was a great experience. The travel was quite long for me. But if it was only 2 hours away from Manila, I'd definitely surf twice a week! 127940

#havecameramusttravel 128514

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Kathlyn D.
5.0 Stars

It's my first time to surf, and we really loved this surfing spot! I'll definitely go back here soon! ;)

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Katherine B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Marky B.
4.0 Stars

Urbiztondo restaurant, la union : I'm a surfer and I love eating here for the Laing. It's nice and spicy. I'm picky with Laing because if u eat a bad one your throat would hurt but the Laing here is tasty and worth trying. The place is simple but the food is reasonably priced (unlike other dining places in the san fernando area) and I highly recommend the place if ur a surfer, road trip traveler, or a foodie lost in la union..

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