Vapor Hookah Lounge

G1 Center, 98 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Vapor Hookah Lounge
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Reopens: 6:00p - 2:00a


  • Sunday
    • 12:00a - 2:00a
  • Monday
    • 6:00p - 12:00a
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00p - 2:00a
  • Wednesday
    • 6:00p - 2:00a
  • Thursday
    • 6:00p - 2:00a
  • Friday
    • 6:00p - 2:00a
  • Saturday
    • 6:00p - 2:00a

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Most Recent Reviews

Jacqui T.
4.0 Stars

Before I leave PH, it was a fun night for me every weekend. Sisha and drink with my friends and we feel like we don’t belong in that place. LOL!

The place became crowded with teenagers and the servers were confused with the orders. They took time to serve our orders, especially if you’re going to request another charcoal for your sisha. Their shawarma pizza is a must try here, BTW. 128077128077128077

Sisha, sheesha or hookah is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco or cannabis, called shisha, whose vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin—often glass-based—before inhalation. ***source Wikipedia

It was a good experience for my friends who haven’t tried sisha yet and we all enjoyed the night.

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It's Emified B.
5.0 Stars

Very chill and relaxing. Their drinks and snacks are really great too. I wish their staff is more attentive though. It's hard to call for their attention.

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Raisa Z.
5.0 Stars

After having dinner at Charbroiled Burger (which I cannot find in Looloo) & dessert at Larcy's. We went straight to Vapor. Gooood shit. I like the ambiance and environment of the place. Even better than Tomas Morato.

Me and my blockmates tried their best seller cocktail which is the Cosmo + It was my first time to try Shisha. Not bad.

Perfect and Chill Sem-ender!!!!! 128293

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DarkstarM D.
4.0 Stars

Hookah and food was affordable and the ambiance was perfect for a saturdate with my favorite boys.

However the service was a bit and slow and sisig and potato wedges were ordinary for me but the ultinate cosmo crossed my blood brain barrier together with the shisha and I loved it!

It's been a while since I had this feeling and it was oh so good! The waiter was also kind enough to add extra shots on our cocktail tower which added the extra kick! The experience was great!

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Vinia V.
4.0 Stars

Thinking of a simple get together with friends and a quick game of Beer Pong on a thirsty Thursday? This place would make a great venue for such. 128522128077

Hung out in Vapor last Thursday with boyfie, his siblings and his close friends. Place ain't cramped, it has a high ceiling, well airconditioned but not too cold inside, and they have a lot of chairs and tables.

The crowd was fine that night, not overly hyped up or noisy. Friendly too. Some of the guys from my group played beer pong, Vapor had put in an area at the side specially for it, and another group of kids in the lounge invited them to one game round. Just for fun. 128522

Their food is good too. We ordered their
🔸Nachos 128077
🔸Cheese Jalapeño (hot and tasty)128077
🔸Sisig (I didn't get to taste it but boyfie did and said its good too)
🔸Fish Fritters 128525128076(yummy and not too oily, dip was good)
🔸Spicy sizzling hotdog 128077 (wasn't spicy enough for me, I had just finished a whole jalapeño when I took a bite of it so I kind of didn't feel it burn my tongue)

For drinks the guys had buckets of beer127867, and I tried their Mint Mojito and Mango Mojito. I loved both mojitos! 10084127864

We tried their Mango flavored shisha/hookah. I'm not a smoker, but I took several puffs. It was tasty. It wasn't too strong and I could really taste the mango flavor. Like I mentioned earlier, the place had a high ceiling, so even if most of the tables there were smoking shisha too, it didn't get too stinky or smoky inside.

The ladies room was ok. It was clean, well lit and not too small.

Parking infront was a little cramped, though.

I would definitely go back there and hang out again. 128522128077
Cheers! 127867127864

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Trixia C.
3.0 Stars

I'm doing this review while having some smoke in my nose, oh nose shisha it is. :))

Some old folks texted me to have some catching up with them and have some drinks.

Plan A was tides bf but omg too early to get packed. Gosh!

Plan B central or armada but it was full of teenagers and jej. :(

Plan C Tavern but it the beerpong is occupied until later.

And Kenji asked us if we wanna try the new opened Vapor.

So yeah, we went here. Place is not that occupied unlike the others and the ambiance is cool.

Drinks is good. The alcohol taste in every drink is not that strong.

We tried 5 out 71 flavored shishas. And yeah, that's the reason why is it called "vapor hookah"

If you just want to have some catching up and a little drinks plus shisha, Vapor is the perfect place. :)

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Phoebe R.
2.0 Stars

Not so sure if this address is already updated. But they already moved to a location just nearby from the original, like a 3 min walk maybe.

Anyway, we visited the new vapor a while ago, and were kinda excited because we were regulars of the old place. It was a perfect chill place to relax and maybe do some shisha. The crowd and music werent too noisy and u can still talk with ur friends.

However as we stepped into the new vapor.. I was really disappointed - the music got too loud, party party na ang peg and so crowded with younger peeps (no offense, though i even saw some highschool kids smoking outside). I didnt find it as appealing as before anymore. Would rather chill sa tides or le souk.

The look from the outside was impressive but when u go in, medyo bare pa with some tables And chairs. Reminds me of them hole in the wall inumans sa la salle. There were a few couches but yeah...

Would consider visiting again if its a like weekday or something - pag di sya mashado in demand.

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