VFW Post 2485

381 Santol Rd. cor. Pinatubo St., Angeles, Pampanga

VFW Post 2485
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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Went to Clark last Saturday for a quick day trip. After shopping and roaming around, we decided to look for our main agenda: lunch @ VFW. Thanks to waze, place is justfew mins away right after exit of Clark.

V.F.W. Stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars. It is noticeable, as most diners are retired foreigners. The place has spacious dining area. They also have a bar and function area. Nothing spectacular about the ambiance, but so far its okay to me since is clean.

As soon as we are seated, the server handed their menu (its heavy) and they got variety of dishes from all day breakfast, american and filipino dishes. Serving time takes 10-15 mins. upon ordering.

I got the Black Peppered Cajun Shrimp (P395) served bread & butter, and 2 side dishes of my choice. I got the mashed potatoes and french beans. - 10 pcs tasty grilled shrimps! Big serving side dishes. I also loved the french beans.

My date got his Porterhouse Steak, king cut (P695) which is also served with bread & butter, and 2 side dishes: mashed potatoes & corn- their steak is quite tough, nothing spectacular.

Verdict: i was quite lucky that I enjoyed my meal. Its a good choice, since i’ve been craving for shrimp that time. However their steak.. its ok but quite tough.

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Bernie M.
5.0 Stars

Ate here with the family after going to the hot air balloon festival. The place used to be an office but the ambience is that of a quiet bistro. Ordered several 3/4" grilled pork chops and the shrimp linguini. They were exquisite. This place was recommended by a friend who works inside the former Clark Airbase. Would definitely recommend.

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Anne Of A.
4.0 Stars

I learned about this restaurant from a TV show and got the food that the host recommended and I was not let down. The CHICKEN FRIED STEAK, not a chicken at all, was actually a deep fried (similar to how chicken is cooked hence the name) beef cutlet served with a yummy gravy on top (gravy was white and not brown). My BBQ RIBS was tender and moist and sweet and everything my taste buds never had before---it's now my favorite bbq dish. The meals we had came in with side dishes that you could choose, we had the hush puppies, mashed potato, potato salad and coleslaw. Our son was not with us but he was able to experice this American dish because we had to bring home my left overs---the serving was unbelievably humongous!

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Tinapie P.
4.0 Stars

Complete meal/breakfast will last you until lunch!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Frennie B.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Edwin R.
2.0 Stars

Good food, service sucks!

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