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Vice Coffee & Ink
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Reich T.
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Pins and Needles.

December 25, 2007.  I got my first brush with the needle.  I got my birth sign inked on my nape. 

Time Space Warp to present.  Now i have 10 tattoos.  Getting inked is addicting,  from time to time you crave for the pins and needles.  And skin art is self-expression.  Being true to yourself, imaginative and a lil rebellious. 

No,  i am convincing you get a tattoo.  This post is about a night of boredom and a review of Vice Coffee and Ink.

One of those days wherein you get extremely bored and had a spur of the moment decision.  That's what traspired when i had my 9th tattoo. 

When it comes to ink,  preferences vary.  Some dig oriental designs,  some like portait tattoos to commemorate an event,  some like traditional design.  As for me,  i like words.  (Lagolepsy - a love affair with words)

Tacenda.  (noun)  Things better left unsaid.  Matters to be passed over in silence.

Vice Coffee and Ink is the closest to my flat.  I decided to have Tacenda inked on my forearm.  I like the word and i am aiming for symmetry ("my gravity" is inked on my right forearm)

Messaged the shop and told them im coving over in 15.  I got lucky,  no previous appointments booked on that day.  Vice is located on the third floor of BPI along Makati Avenue.

The parlor is the typical tattoo joint you  see.  The walls are decorated with accolades of the artists.  Tattoo magazines on the coffee table.

The space where you get inked is hygenic, the place is DOH Certified after all.  The artist is also a Philtag member and tattooed some celebrities. 

My 9th was finished in about 20 minutes,  pretty fast huh?  Didn't feel a thing,  the artist used 7 needles and the vibration of the machine helps in easing the sting.  I was happy with the results,  lines are perfect and he spelled the word right. 128522

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